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Cook Bag streaming new EP

A few months ago, we did a Band Spotlight on an up-and-coming punk band from Boston called Cook Bag. Well, they’re back, and they just released a brand new 5-song EP.

If you enjoyed the band’s single “June 4th”, I recommend checking out EP II below. And be sure to head over to their bandcamp page to grab a copy if you like what you hear.

Introducing Melodic Punk Band: Cook Bag (Free Music)

Checking my email is one of my least favorite parts of my daily routine. Half of my inbox is spam and the other half is spam about boner pills. Sifting through the Dying Scene inbox, on the other hand, is awesome. Sure, we get a lot of junk sent our way, but there always seems to be a diamond in the rough. Cook Bag is one of those diamonds. They sent us a link to their new single “June 4th”, and a few seconds into my first listen I knew this melodic punk band from Boston was something special. There’s something so familiar about their sound, but I can’t put my finger on it. I highly recommend checking out the track on bandcamp (it’s free to download as well).