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Caliban release video for “brOKen”

German metallers Caliban have released a video for new single “brOKen” (careful with the caps lock on that one). The track is taken from last year’s “Gravity” full length, out on Century Media.

You can watch the video below.

Groezrock 2016 makes final lineup additions

Groezrock 2016 is just two weeks away, and the final lineup has been locked in. The last three bands added to the bill for this year’s edition of the Belgian punk festival are No Use For A Name & Friends, WE’REWOLVES, and Caliban.

Festival organizers had this to say about what attendees can expect from No Use & Friends:

“Tony Sly made the greatest songs. His band, No Use For A Name, was a punk rock powerhouse we unfortunately had over only once in the history of GROEZROCK. Tony was also an extremely nice and lovable guy and when he suddenly passed away, he left behind a beautiful family, a great musical legacy and a lot of friends! These friends are now teaming up with former No Use musicians Matt, Rory, Dave and Scott, to bring you this unique and exclusive show. All the best No Use songs, played by No Use, sung by Tony’s friends, and you! It’s not going to get more special than this.”

These bands join an already awesome lineup, featuring names like RancidDillinger FourSum 41Dag NastyMe First And The Gimme GimmesThe Bennies, and many others. More info on Greozrock 2016, as well as tickets, can be found here.

Music Video: Caliban – “Paralyzed” off upcoming “Gravity”

German metal band Caliban have posted a video for their song “Paralyzed”.

Check it out below.

“Paralyzed” is off the band’s upcoming album “Gravity” which is set to be released March 25th on Century Media.

Bands announced for Impericon Festivals

This year’s lineup for Impericon Festivals is starting to materialize, and the lineup includes metal and screamo acts HatebreedCaliban,  EmmureBury Tomorrow,  Blessthefall,  Chelsea Grin, Nortlane, and Devil in Me.  The festivals, which take place in 9 cities in 6 countries, will be held in April and May of 2016.

The lineup was chosen in part by a survey of 10,000 fans who were able to suggest the bands they want to see in the lineup.  You can find more info on the schedule here.

Music Video: Caliban (metal) – “Devil’s Night”

German metal band Caliban have posted a video for their song “Devil’s Night.”

Check it out below.

“Devil’s Night” is off Caliban’s upcoming album “Ghost Empire” which is set to be released February 4th on Century Media.

Video: Caliban – “No One Is Safe”

century-media2Caliban have posted a video for their song No One Is Safe off the album Say Hello To Tragedy. You can check it out here.

Caliban released Say Hello To Tragedy this past August on Century Media.

Germans invade The US: Caliban TV – episode 8

century-mediaGerman metal band Caliban comes to the United States in this episode of Caliban TV.  It’s got subtitles so you know it’s classy.  Check it out here.

The band released their last album, Say Hello To Tragedy, on Century Media in August.

Vote for the setlist you want Caliban to play on Beastfest Tour 2009

votingCaliban wants you to vote for your three favorite songs that you would like to hear on the Beastfest Tour 2009. All you have to do is click right here, submit your vote, and head to the show. Check the Dying Scene Shows page for details.

They released, Say Hello To Tragedy, on Century Media in August.

Beast Fest European Tour lineup and dates announced

beastfestThe lineup and dates have been announced for the Beast Fest European Tour.  Caliban will be headlining and playing with Suicide Silence, Maroon, Emmure, and After the Burial.

You can check out the dates and locations on the Dying Scene Shows page.

Caliban video interview

century-media2Okay folks, I have two Caliban Interviews (actually its one long interview cut into two videos) for you to watch so you can learn more about their new album “Say Hello To Tragedy” and the guys’ influences, inspirations, touring, recordings, rehersals and much more. So if you’re not doing anything cool for the next 18 minutes, or if you don’t mind watching an interview spoken entirely in German (dont worry though, there are subtitles) OR you just really really really love Caliban, then click here to watch.

Caliban is currently touring the US! Check out their Dying Scene Shows page to see if they’ll be stopping by your area. Caliban’s new album “Say Hello To Tragedy” comes out August 25th via Century Media.

Stream Caliban’s upcoming album “Say Hello To Tragedy”

century-media1Germany’s modern metal outfit Caliban is releasing their latest full-length “Say Hello To Tragedy” August 25th on Century Media.  If you can’t wait that long, or if you’re unfamiliar with the band, head over to their MySpace page where the upcoming album is streaming in its entirety.  WARNING: This band is scary.

Caliban released their last album “Awakening” on Century Media in 2007.