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Telethon steaming entire 90 minute punk rock opera “The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told in Five Acts” before release

The world is terrible and is slowly eating away at my faith in humanity, but this news staves off the awful for a good while. A few weeks ago, a certain handsome gentleman deserving of your respect and admiration wrote about a new video from Telethon’s upcoming album. That album, “The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told in Five Acts,” is unleashed on this Friday, September 29th.

Unlike the beer, these guys are definitely Milwaukee’s Best (along with Direct Hit! and if you disagree I’ll knife-fight you behind a poorly lit Kwik-Trip parking lot and sacrifice your lifeless body to Quesobratza, the upper-midwestern god of cheese curds and sausage).

In the meantime, Telethon has been kindly enough to spread the good love of their opus. Check out the interview at Billboard, and do yourself a favor and listen to the album below.

Telethon premiere newest video for single off their upcoming album, “The Grand Spontanean”

Milwaukee’s Telethon continue their march toward their new album, “The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told in Five Acts,” with a video for their latest single, “Succinct, the Optimist.”

As we covered in July, the thirty-track concept album will feature guests such as Roger Lima of Less Than Jake and Chris Farren, among others.

Check out the new video below and prepare yourself for a rad pit-stained keyboard solo.

Telethon announce 30-track concept album ft. Roger Lima, Chris Farren & more

It’s not every day that you hear about punk band releasing a 30-track concept album, but Milwaukee’s Telethon are doing just that. Blending elements of punk rock, power pop and rock ‘n’ roll, The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told In Five Acts is ambitious, to say the least.

Set to release on September 29th, the album will feature a variety of guest appearances from Roger Lima of Less Than JakeChris Farren, and Franz Nicolay, among others.

Listen to two songs from the record below, and head over here to get your pre-orders in.