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Oi Polloi release music video for “Donald Trump, Fuck You”

Scottish anarcho street punks Oi Polloi have released a music video for their single “Donald Trump, Fuck You”. The politically charged video includes footage from recent white nationalist events in the US including footage of the tragic event in Charlottesville which led to the death of an anti-fascist protester. On the up side there’s plenty of footage of Trump replicas getting their heads knocked off as well as the glorious clip of Richard Spencer getting a smack. Check it out below.

For those of you who wanna grab this beauty on vinyl you can get it here in the UK. And here in the US.

Oi Polloi (Street Punk) release music video for “Metal Detector”

Scottish anarcho street punks Oi Polloi have released a music video for their single “Metal Detector”. If you like anti-monarchy songs with videos about beheading the royal family (who doesn’t?) then check it out below!

The track is from the album “Saorsa” which came out in November 2016. The band will soon be releasing their new split with Fatal Blow which you can pre-order here.