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Dave Hause announces February tour

Following the announcement of new album “Bury Me In Philly”, Dave Hause has announced that he will do a small run of U.S. club dates to coincide with the album’s February 3rd release.

Various pre-order packages are also available now.

The list of dates is below.

Dave Hause announces new solo album “Bury Me In Philly,” streams lead single “With You”

Dave Hause has announced he will be releasing his third solo album Bury Me In Philly on February 3rd, 2017 through Rise Records. He has also premiered the lead single “With You,” and announced a European tour in support of the LP.

You can give the new song a listen and find more details on the album and tour below.

Bury Me In Philly will serve as the follow-up to Hause’s 2013 full-length Devour. Head over here to get your pre-orders in for the album.

DS Show Review & Photo Gallery: Bad Religion, Against Me! & Dave Hause – St. Petersburg, FL

As you may have already heard, California punk legends Bad Religion are currently touring the US with Against Me! and Dave Hause. When the tour was announced and I found out it would be stopping in my back yard, at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, FL, I knew I had to be there.

Fast forward a few months and the day of the show, Wednesday, October 12th, finally arrived. I packed up my camera gear and made my way down to Downtown St. Pete. After battling rush hour traffic, I got to the venue just as Dave Hause was taking the stage. Being a fan of The Loved Ones who had never seen Dave live before, I was excited to see him play.

Hause played a 45-ish minute set, featuring a mix of solo material and Loved Ones songs. Though a fair portion of the crowd didn’t seem all that familiar with him, heads were bobbing, feet were tapping, and hands were clapping all throughout his energetic performance.

Finishing the set on a high note, Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley and Against Me! drummer Atom Willard joined Hause in playing a handful of songs, including fan-favorite “We Could Be Kings.”

Next up was Against Me!. It had been something like 5 years since I last saw them (I think it was Warped Tour 2011), so I had no clue what to expect. When the band took the stage, the entire crowd let out an ear-piercing shriek akin to something you’d hear at a One Direction concert. I had never heard anything like it a punk show before, but a few seconds into Against Me!’s performance I understood why the crowd was so damn excited.

I thought Against Me! sounded good on their new records, but they are a whole different animal live. Every song they played was injected with energy and intensity, and the crowd never stopped jumping around and singing along for the full hour-long set. What surprised me the most was how many fans knew all the band’s new music. It’s not often that you see a sea of people who know every single word to songs off an album that was just released. I think that definitely shows how good Against Me!’s new music is.

Now, the grand finale, Bad Religion. As always, BR’s set was a mixed bag consisting of a little bit of everything from their extensive discography (16 full-length albums!). The band played classics like “I Want to Conquer the World,” “Against the Grain,” and “Generator,” as well as songs from their latest record True North. They even played random songs like “New America,” which I don’t think I had never seen live before.

What has always amazed me about Bad Religion’s live show is that, despite the fact that they’ve been doing this for more than three decades, they still look like they’re having the time of their lives on stage. Every time see them live, Jay Bentley’s running all over the place, Brian Baker is shredding on guitar, and Greg Graffin’s got a big smile on his face. It’s extremely admirable for a band that’s been around 35 years.

Recent additions Mike Dimkich and Jamie Miller do Bad Religion’s material justice as well. Dimkich, who joined the band after longtime guitarist Greg Hetson’s departure in 2013, seemed to fit in better than he did when I saw BR on the Summer Nationals tour in 2014. Miller, who took Brooks Wackerman’s place earlier this year, was fast and furious on the drums.

Needless to say, this was an awesome show and this tour is a must-see. Check out the tour dates here to see if Bad Religion, Against Me!, and Dave Hause are playing a city near you.

You can check out the full gallery of photos from the show I went to below.

Fifteen Years of Raising Hell – Part Two: Frank Turner, Dave Hause and more on the impact of Lucero

Toward the end of May, Dying Scene published a feature piece marking the fifteenth anniversary of Lucero‘s self-titled debut album. You can read it here if you haven’t done so already. In the course of digging around on the band’s history, however, it dawned on us pretty quickly that any sort of retrospective on Lucero was going to have to dive much deeper than just reexamining their first album. Because, to paraphrase the first couple of paragraphs of that last story, Lucero are, for a great number of people and due to an equally great number of reasons, one of those bands. A band that has a way of not only writing music and lyrics that strike you right in the emotional core, but fundamentally changing

When I started this project a few months ago, I had visions of turning it into a 5,000 word ode to Lucero in my own words. As you’ve probably established, they’re one of those bands for me. The mark of a good storyteller and songwriter is that you are able to paint a picture and strike a nerve that’s so poignant that you put the listener in your shoes, making them feel as though you’re not only singing to them but about them. For myself, like most Lucero fans, the list of songs penned in Ben Nichols’ trademark tone that were probably written precisely about me is at least a couple dozen deep, primarly because the band’s canon is part heartbreaking, part self-deprecating, part cathartic good-time anthem and filled with ever-evolving sonic differences. But let’s be honest; one part-time pseudo-music blogger’s opinion on what he thinks is one of the most important bands in the foundation of this scene isn’t, well…it isn’t that interesting. I mean who do I think I am, Dan Ozzi?

Anyway, with that latter sentiment in mind, we sent out feelers to a couple friends of the scene that we know share our admiration for the ever-changing band of misfits from Memphis, Tennessee. What follows below is, we think, a pretty compelling look at just what makes Lucero Lucero, and what it means to be a fan of the band and of Ben Nichols penchant for songwriting (never that good with words anyway my ass). There are stories of personal encounters (wrapping Christmas presents…drunken tour bus hijinks…etc), there are comparisons to bands like Slayer and NOFX…equal parts entertaining and enlightening and, thanks to the guys we talked to, incredibly thoughtful read. Many thanks to Frank Turner, Dave Hause, and Rebuilder‘s Sal Medrano for the assists! You can head here to scope out Lucero’s upcoming run of US tour dates, which kicks off next weekend (September 24th) in Boston.


Fifteen Years of Raising Hell: Part I – Revisiting “Lucero”

We’ve all got those bands. Bands that not only have a way of writing songs that strike us right in our respective emotional cores, but have a fundamental way in altering how we listen to music. Hell, if you’ve been actively listening to music long enough (and let’s be honest, if you’re reading a story about a band like Lucero on a site like Dying Scene, you’re probably an active music listener), you’ve undoubtedly got a metric ton of those bands. The band that first made you fall for punk rock. The band that first broke you from your childhood love of manufactured pop music. The band whose style you copied and adopted as your own. The band that wrote songs that made you realize that music could be intense and personal and still make you laugh your ass off. The band that first got you to care about politics/social causes or made you break out the thesaurus/dictionary/Google search bar. The band that first wrote songs that made you understand…like, really understand…pain and loss and heartache.

Which brings us to Lucero. The genre-bending Memphis band just rounded the corner on fifteen years since the launch of their self-titled debut full-length. Released May 22, 2001 (MadJack Records), Lucero marked the result of three years of cutting their collective teeth as songwriters and, perhaps most notably, one of the hardest-drinking, hardest-working bands in the game. The album dropped with relatively little fanfare, at least by today’s standards; looking back, there was never really a clear moment when the band burst on the national stage or took the scene by comparative storm. What the album’s release did do, however, was put an official time and date stamp on the beginning of what would become a slow build of a career rooted in earnestness and authenticity that would find them a home in myriad genres. Or, perhaps more accurately, eschewing labels and creating their very own genre.

To honor the occasion, Dying Scene decided to revisit Lucero’s self-titled debut album. From there, the project took off, thus the reason this particular installment is labelled “Part I.” You see, over the course of the last decade-and-a-half, Lucero the band has taken on a level of importance that long since eclipsed the relative importance of Lucero, the album. So what happened as this story developed was a shift in ideas, from a story celebrating Lucero as an album, to a story celebrating Lucero as a band and all of the things that that entails; their continually evolving sound, their devoutly loyal fanbase, their rightful place at the flash point of some rather sizable changes in the punk rock landscape. To do Lucero justice, it’s certainly not enough to hear the long-winded ravings of a Dying Scene editor and Lucero fanboy (don’t you worry, though, there will still be plenty of that in the space below). Throughout the process, however, we called on some singer/songwriter friends to have them chime in on what sets Lucero, the band and the album, apart from the rest of the field.  So grab a whiskey and head below to view our revisit of Lucero (with a little help from Dave Hause and Sal Medrano), and stay tuned later in the week for a longer, entertaining piece on the band at large!

Rocky Votolato announces co-headlining tour with Dave Hause and support by Chris Farren (Fake Problems)

Rocky Votolato has announced a co-headlining North American tour with Dave Hause and support from Chris Farren of Fake Problems.

You can check out the dates and locations below.

Rocky’s new album Hospital Handshakes came out April 21, 2015 via No Sleep Records. Make sure you check out our Dying Scene Session and interview with him.

New Music: Jenn Lombari (Lucky United) streams “Welcome Home (11:11)” from self-titled solo debut

More new music for your Hump Day evening.

Tonight, we bring you the first track off the solo debut from Jenn Lombari, whom you probably know best from her role in Rhode Island punk band Lucky United. Her self-produced and self-titled freshman release is due out this Friday on Port Of Providence Records. To whet your appettite, she’s streaming the track “Welcome Home (11:11)” — check it out below.

Like what you hear? Lombari will be opening for Dave Hause in Providence this Friday, and Lucky United will be playing the following night in Newport, Rhode Island. They’re also hard at work recording a full length album, which they hope to have out later this spring. Stay tuned!

The best punk-related releases of Record Store Day 2015 (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Social Distortion, Dave Hause, OFF! and more)

As you’re probably aware given the recent barrage of Record Store Day release posts here on the pages of Dying Scene, April 18th marks the eighth annual installment of every music lover’s favorite holiday!

The official US list of Record Store Day releases have officially been published. While 2014 was, in my opinion,  bit of a down year comparatively, 2015 seems to be anything but. As always, your friendly Dying Scene staffers took the time to highlight the best of this year’s punk-related releases so you don’t have to (though I stress to you that “punk-related” is applied a bit liberally here). We’ve got everything from new Dave Hause material to reissues of a classic 101ers album (featuring Joe Strummer) and Social Distortion’s self-titled album and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Question The Answers to Cory Branan covering the one-and-only Prince to live sessions from OFF! and Cobra Skulls. Check out our list below, and chime in on the comment section to let us know what you’re most looking forward to.

If you care to peruse the full, official Record Store Day release list, you can do so right here.

Dave Hause announces “Home Alone” 7-inch for Record Store Day

Dave Hause has announced that he will be releasing a four song 7-inch titled Home Alone for this year’s Record Store Day (April 18, 2015, for those of you who didn’t know). The tri-colored single will feature two brand new songs, as well as two demo versions of songs that were on his latest full length, Devour. You can check out an image of the artwork and 7-inch itself below.

Hause last released Devour on October 8, 2013 through Rise Records.

Dave Hause announces new US/Canada tour dates

Photo credit: Jen Maler Photography

Another Wednesday brings with it another announcement from the Dave Hause camp. The Philly-by-way-of-California songwriter announced another batch of tour dates that’ll find him staying busy on the road for most of the month of April. Head below for the full rundown, including previously announced shows in Colorado and the greater New England area,and a special one-off fundraiser event that’ll feature his old band getting back together. No, not The Loved Ones…The Curse!

Hause’s last album, Devour, was released on Rise Records in October 2013, and was the favorite album of the year for a couple of your friendly neighborhood Dying Scene old-timers, myself included.

Watch: Dave Hause on “Last Call with Carson Daly”

Photo credit: Jen Maler Photography

If you can remember as far back as a week ago, you’ll recall us keeping you posted that in addition to playing the SideOneDummy Storytellers show in LA last night, Dave Hause was slated to appear on “Last Call With Carson Daly.” Forgot? Couldn’t stay up that late? DVR was already recording “Vanderpump Rules” and “Cougar Town” reruns? You’re in luck; check out the whole appearance below. I’ve gotta say, I think it’s cool that it wasn’t just Dave performing on a soundstage (though that would have been the best episode of “Last Call…” ever too).

Dave Hause is in Los Angeles working on the follow-up to his sophomore solo album, “Devour,” released back in 2013 on Rise Records.

Dave Hause announces new tour dates, appearance on “Last Call with Carson Daly”

Photo credit: Jen Maler Photography

After a bit of a quiet spell, we’ve got a handful of Dave Hause news stories all wrapped up with a nice little bow tonight.

First and foremost, Dave will be appearing next Tuesday (2/24/15) as part of SideOneDummy Records Storytellers series. The theme for the night, fittingly perhaps, is break-up stories, and also features stand up from former SNLer Brooks Whelan, SideOneDummy grand pooba Joe Sib and more. If you want in to the limited space available, email S1DSTORYTELLERS@GMAIL.COM for info.

Next up comes word that Hause will be appearing on “Last Call with Carson Daly,” which is still on TV. It’s the one after “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” Anyway, check your local listings, but it should air late next Tuesday night (technically about 1:30AM on Wednesday morning).

And, saving the best for last….Dave announced a short run of tour dates that’ll kick off March 18th in Fort Collins, Colorado, (alongside the inimitable Jon Snodgrass) and winding down ten days later in the quaint Western Massachusetts hamlet of Northampton. Check out the full rundown below.

Hause’s last album, Devour, was released on Rise Records in October 2013, and was the favorite album of the year for a couple of your friendly neighborhood Dying Scene old-timers, myself included.

Dave Hause premieres music video for “Same Disease”

Dave Hause has premiered the official music video for the track “Same Disease” from last year’s stellar album “Devour”.

Check it out below.

“Devour” was released last October through Rise Records.

New Music: Dave Hause – “Seasons Greetings From Ferguson”

Photo credit: Jen Maler Photography

In response to the recent goings-on in Ferguson, Missouri, and the even more-recent goings-on in New York City, Dave Hause wrote and recorded a brand new track called “Seasons Greetings From Ferguson.” Pretty compelling song: check it out in handwritten lyric video format right here.

Hause’s last release, his sophomore album Devour, was released by Rise Records just over a year ago (and is still my favorite album of this year).


Music Video: Dave Hause – “We Could Be Kings”

Dave Hause has premiered the official music video for the track “We Could Be Kings” from last year’s stellar album “Devour”.

Check it out below.

“Devour” was released last October through Rise Records.