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Tim Barry streams new album “High On 95”, announces US tour dates

Tim Barry has made his new album High On 95 available stream, and has announced US tour dates in support of the release. You can give the track a listen and check out the dates below.

High On 95 came out today, September 8th through Chunksaah Records. Head over here to grab your copy of the album.

New Video: Tim Barry – “High on 95” (w/camera work from his 4-year-old daughter, Lela Jane)

Tim Barry has unveiled the latest video from his forthcoming full-length album, and this one’s pretty damn special.

It’s for the title track to High On 95, and it was shot almost entirely by Barry’s four-and-a-half year-old daughter, Lela Jane, on an old VHS camcorder. If you’ve followed Barry’s career as a solo artist, you’ve no doubt gotten the chance to watch Lela and her little sister, Coralee, grow up in front of the camera lens via Instagram, so it’s a unique — and heart-warming — thing to see her on the other side of the camera pointing it at her old man.

Check out Lela’s video-making debut below. High on 95 is due out this coming Friday (September 8th) via Chunksaah Records. Some pre-order options are available here; others will be up on Barry’s website in a couple days! And happy early birthday, Lela Jane!

Tiger Army and Murder By Death announce upcoming tour

Los Angeles psychobilly punks Tiger Army has announced that they will be touring with Murder By Death along with Tim Barry starting in June.

Check out tour dates and locations for the upcoming tour below.

The band released their last album, ‘V •••–’, via Rise Records on May 20, 2016.

Against Me! add Tim Barry to upcoming North American tour

Former Avail frontman-turned-solo artist Tim Barry has been announced as a support act for Against Me!‘s North American tour with Texan punk band Fea. You can find more info on when and where they’ll be playing below below.

Barry’s latest album Lost & Rootless was released in 2014 through Chunksaah Records. Against Me! released a live album titled 23 Live Sex Acts last year on Total Treble Records, and according to a press release we recently received, details on their follow-up to Transgender Dysphoria Blues are coming soon.

Initial lineup for Fest 15 announced (Propagandhi, Less Than Jake, OWTH and more)

Well well well…one of the more anticipated news days of the spring is finally upon us, and it’s a damn good one!

The initial lineup for the 15th installment of annual Gainesville-based gathering of the punks known as Fest has been announced!

Today’s announcement revealed the likes of Propagandhi, Less Than Jake, Off With Their Heads, Tim Barry, Braid, The Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream, Samiam, Small Brown Bike, PEARS, toyGuitar, AJJ, and a crapload more. Check out the full, up-to-the-minute lineup here, and stay tuned for more details, slated to be announced on May 13th.

Fest 15 takes place October 28-30 in, you guessed it, Gainesville, Florida.

Bouncing Souls announce lineup for Home For The Holidays 9

New Jersey legends The Bouncing Souls have announced the lineup for their 9th annual Home For The Holidays festival.

This year will feature bands like The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Tim Barry, The Loved Ones, and more.  You can get all the details here.

The Bouncing Souls last released “Comet” in 2012 via Rise Records & Chunksaah Records.

Tim Barry releases music video for “Solid Gone”

Former Avail frontman and current folk-rocker Tim Barry has just released a music video for the song “Solid Gone”. The track appears on his latest album, Lost & Rootless, which was released last November through Chunksaah Records.

Check out the video as well as his upcoming tour dates (including those with Two Cow Garage, Northcote and Allison Weiss) below.

Tim Barry (Avail) releases lyric video for “No News From North”

Former Avail frontman and current folk-rocker Tim Barry has just released a lyric video for the song “No News From North”. The track appears on his latest album, Lost & Rootless, which was released last November through Chunksaah Records.

Check out the video as well as his upcoming tour dates (including those with Northcote and Allison Weiss) below.

Tim Barry announces Northeast US/Canada tour dates with Northcote & Allison Weiss

RVA-based singer-songwriter-asskicker Tim Barry recently completed a quick run of  Northeastern US/Canada tour dates for this coming June. The jaunt kicks off June 18th in Philly and runs through June 27th in Tim’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia, playing places like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cambridge and Montreal along the way. Support on this run comes from Northcote and Allison Weiss. Check out the full, up-to-date rundown of Tim Barry tour dates to find out where you can catch him on the road!

Tim Barry is presently touring in support of Lost & Rootless, released in November 2014 on Chunksaah Records. Here’s our interview with him about the making of that album!

Tim Barry releases music video for “The James” off latest album “Lost & Rootless”

Former Avail frontman and current folk-rocker Tim Barry has just released a new music video for his song “The James”. The track appears on his latest album “Lost & Rootless”, which was released last November through Chunksaah Records.

Check it out below.

Additionally, Barry is getting ready to head to the UK next month before heading to the West Coast of the US for a run of tour dates. You can check out the full list of dates and locations here.

DS Staff Picks – Jay Stone’s Top However-many Albums of 2014

Hey gang!

This is the fourth year I’ve done one of these lists at Dying Scene, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that it was the hardest year yet to come up with some sort of a “Top Ten” list. I’ve spent a long time looking at my list, and realizing that it’s not just that I have more than ten albums that I really dig, but that any of the top baker’s dozen albums are almost interchangeable depending on mood. That’s the best thing about music, really.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with for a list. Last year I included non-Dying Scene albums, but this year we’re back to sticking to the script. As such, you won’t see Teeth Dreams by The Hold Steady, Rocco Deluca’s self-titled masterpiece, Joshua Black Wilkins’ best album yet (Settling The Dust), Bob Mould’s stellar Beauty & Ruin, Cymbals Eat Guitars’ Lose or the latest, greatest Tom Petty album.  As usual, I don’t include 7-inches, live albums and EPs, because there’d be just too many to list. But if you’re interested, the Street Dogs‘ split with Noi!se is a pretty great one, as is the long-awaited (by me, anyway) new one from The Reveling.

Check out my list below.

Tim Barry streams “Solid Gone” ahead of Friday’s album release

If you’re like me, then you just can’t wait to hear some new Tim Barry.  The good news is, he just released a new track called “Solid Gone,” which you can check out here.

The new album, Lost and Rootless, is out on Friday via Chunksaah Records.


DS Interview: Tim Barry on being “Lost and Rootless”

Tim Barry has a well-earned, albeit Chuck Ragan-esque larger than life reputation of being a bit of a vagabond, the living embodiment of a character from a Tom Waits song. Hell, his last studio album, 2012’s 40 Miler (Chunksaah Records), is a tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating nod to his pastime of riding the rails.

Dying Scene caught up with Barry in early November to chat about Lost & Rootless, and it seems unquestionable that a lot has changed in the years since 40 Miler. Barry’s assumed new roles as a husband and a father; his wife, Sarah, and now-two-year-old daughter Lela Jane appear on the cover of his upcoming release, Lost & Rootless (due November 28th on Chunksaah), and a second daughter, Coralee, was born two weeks ago (editor’s note: Tim and I talked two days before Coralee was born, hence a couple of the references in the conversation below). If there were a time in his professional life where Barry should feel anything but lost and rootless, at least on paper, that time should be now, no?

“I don’t know where I stand. Like, voting day was yesterday. Who the fuck do I vote for? You know what I mean?” Barry asks rhetorically. “In so many aspects of contemporary life in the United States or life in music, who are my peers? I have very close road friends, but I’m lost and rootless. I don’t know…what genre of music do I play? In what group of train riders do I fit with? In what group of workers in Richmond do I fit?”

Those questions are at the core of a number of tracks on Lost & Rootless. This time around, though, the story songs and the scorched-earth vitriol that are part-and-parcel of much of Barry’s traditional work are replaced by what can only be referred to as lighter, happier fare. Marriage and fatherhood will do that to a man, and songs like “Older and Poorer” and “Lela Days” are prime examples of that. Still, it’s not all joy in Mudville: “While I was just on tour, we lost our fucking health insurance,” Barry tells me.  “We have a baby due in two weeks. So what the fuck do we do? We’ve got a two-year-old, an insulin-dependent diabetic family member, which will bankrupt a family right there, and then you have a baby on the way with all the risks involved. And then someone presents to you this unrealistic fucking charge of $1850 a month for insurance? That’s why people lose their fucking insurance. That’s why people start hustling. That’s why you start doing anything you can to get by.”

Better than perhaps most songwriters going nowadays, Barry has an ability to tap directly into the vein that provides depth and feeling to any situation, and many examples of that abound throughout our conversation. Check out the full text of our interview below. It’s a long one, but it may well be the most candid, compelling read to appear on the pages of Dying Scene.


Tim Barry announces west coast tour dates

Former Avail frontman and current folk-rocker Tim Barry has just announced a run of west coast dates. The tour will be taking place in March of 2015 and will feature support from Cory Branan and Jenny Owens Young. If this lineup seems to be relevant to your interests, check out the full list of dates below.

Tim Barry will be releasing Lost & Rootless on November 28, 2014 via Chunksaah Records.

Full Set Video: Tim Barry live in Brooklyn (10/26/14)

Though he’s presently down in Gainesville (along with 2/3 of everybody else ever) for a few Fest appearances, RVA-based singer-songwriter-asskicker Tim Barry recently completed a quick run of dates opening for Boysetsfire. For those of you who are like me and couldn’t make it out to any of the shows, consider this your lucky day.

The folks at Unartig captured high quality video of Barry’s full set at Brooklyn’s St. Vitus. Check it out below.

After Gainesville, Barry will next hit the road overseas along with Cory Branan and Sam Russo – details are here. He’ll be touring in support of his upcoming album, Lost and Rootless, due out November 28th via Chunksaah Records. It’ll be his first studio album since 2012′s “40 Miler.”