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Music Video: Mundy’s Bay (alt-punk) – “Hope You’re Fine”

Montreal alternative-punk band Mundy’s Bay have released a brand new music video for their song “Hope You’re Fine.” The tune comes hot off of their debut self-titled EP, which has come crafted over time from 5 people of varying tastes and experiences within Montreal’s hardcore scene. When a multitude of talents and attitudes come together, they make Mundy’s Bay.

You can check the video out below.

Mundy’s Bay released their EP on June 3rd, 2016.

Ex-Cobra Skulls members start new band Boys On The Wall, release debut album

Cobra Skulls threw in the towel back in 2013, but apparently all 3 members of the band have started a new project called Boys On The Wall. They’ve already released an album, and will be playing a few shows this summer.

You can listen to (most of) the band’s self-titled debut LP and find more info on their upcoming shows below. If you like what you hear, grab a digital copy of the album on Bandcamp.

Look Mexico stream new track “You’re Lucky You Didn’t Lose An Arm” off upcoming album “Uniola”

Tallahassee rockers Look Mexico are streaming their new song “You’re Lucky You Didn’t Lose An Arm” off of their upcoming LP “Uniola” and you can listen to it here.

“Uniola” is due out June 24th through Tiny Engines. It will be the band’s first album in 5 years, serving as a follow-up to 2011′s “Real Americans Spear It”.

EP Review: Henrietta – “Paper Wings”

Finding familiarity in new music can either work well or be a complete bust. Influence and originality sometimes fit best between paying homage and being paralyzed in the past. There’s a respectable nostalgia to “this artist and I have similar tastes” when it’s not total emulation or a mediocre copy of something done before. This is the most respectable kind of music in my opinion – artists that learn from predecessors but expand on what they did by combining different musical tastes, tools, and talents to create a product that looks different than the original ingredients first brought to the table. That said, Henrietta is somewhat of an indie rock melting pot.

When I first put on Paper Wings, I heard aspects of other artists I love – Copeland and Further Seems Forever most heavily (as Substream previously pointed out), but also Mae and Moneen at times. And while all those bands were based in similar scenes (most of them are broken up or rarely active), they were all distinctively different. In proper form, Henrietta is distinctively from their peers and influences as well.

Beginning with the title track, Henrietta showcases their solid mix of pretty, American Football-esque guitar parts and heavy-for-emphasis climactic moments from the get go. The song is a good introduction to the rest of the EP and folds right into the next track, “Departures” which lays on the heavier side of their instrumentation, but without feeling dark. But Henrietta’s sound isn’t only limited to the heavier and lighter side of this. Each song is unique: “Black & Blue” is a poppier track, while “Arrows” is a gloomy slow jam. “In the Backyard” almost meets between math and punk, while “Opposite Ways” is a sad closer track that tells the story of a relationship’s end in a more closure-focused way than a “currently dealing with it” kind of way. The release concludes with vocalist Manny Urdaneta singing “Just leave me under this bridge, let my body float in the water” as the band carries you away with an acoustic guitar-led track titled “Few Friends”.

My only complaint about Paper Wings is pretty small: I wish there were a few more catchy moments in this album. I don’t mean the kind of “hooks” that radio executives talk about to attract their general audience. Rather, I mean that while the guys in Henrietta are very talented and pretty good songwriters, it’d be great to hear a lyric or a melody or a guitar part or something in each that summarizes the overall feel or point of some songs a little more clearly. I think of it as a musical punchline, and while there’s no proper way to do this or not do it, I think it would serve Henrietta well if they were able to write them in without compromising the intricate instrumentation and border pushing that makes them who they are (To be fair, I think the song “Opposite Ways” does a good job of this from the get go).

All that said, Henrietta gets a 4.5/5 for Paper Wings. Keep on the lookout for this band! They deserve your attention and by the looks of it, they’ll have it fast.

4.5/5 Stars

Album Review: Drunk Couples – “Blasted!”

Crashing right through the gates of Bob Records comes the debut LP release of Drunk CouplesBlasted!. Formed in 2014, this is their second release right after their 2015 EP Cruisin’. When this showed up in my inbox, the grim reaper riding a dragon that was breathing fire on a cruise liner gave me just enough of a hint as to what I should expect.

The album’s first track “Dick Swingin’ Contest” takes only a second before the insanity kicks in, and from there it’s just awesome riffs, hollering vocals, and drum thrashing. If anything, this feels like it’s leaning towards a hard rock album, tossing in elements of punk. Coming in around thirty minutes in whole, each song has its own nature of aggressive, and never attempts to slow down. The tracks are loaded with drums clashing and guitar work that leads the way in melody and speed. Lyrically you’ll find a mix of hangin’ with the buddies, tearing up the town, boozin’, and headbangin’  in all night long rushes. There’s a strong “party rock/punk” vibe with this album, ever-present in tracks like “Wrecked” and “Raisin’ Hell In The Holy City”. The speed and thrash of such an energy is so strong, that as the album continues it feels like all your senses are being tapped; that smell of beer in the air and taste of nicotine in your mouth, as sweat runs down your neck, watching the band tear it up on stage.

Blasted! does stick heavily to this mentality, both instrumentally and vocally, and while not really switching it up, it never gets monotonous (and more importantly, never boring). To put it bluntly: the album is far too much fun. These South Carolina natives embody the nature of punk/hard rock club energy: alive, off the walls, and in your face. Blasted! is an album that after listening to it, you can only imagine how fun and crazy it would be to see this band live. I can already see the pits to “Raisin’ Hell In The Holy City” and “Carcass”. Drunk Couples has done one hell of a job for a debut album, which will be released June 17. So don’t miss out on this, it’s going to be one hell of a party.

4/5 Stars

Dog Party announce new album, “Til You’re Mine”

Sacramento duo Dog Party have announced that they will release a new album called Til You’re Mine on August 5th via Asian Man Records.

Dog Party most recently released Vol. 4 last June.

The Capital (Members of Failsafe) announce debut EP, release music video

UK rock act The Capital (featuring ex-members of Failsafe) are getting ready to release their debut EP Hummingbird.  They have also released a video for the title track, which you can check out below.

Hummingbird is set to be released on June 13th.

Young Guns (rock/punk) stream new single “Bulletproof” off upcoming album

UK rockers Young Guns are streaming a brand new song called “Bulletproof.” This tune is the title track of their upcoming album, which is scheduled for release in August. If you are looking for the soundtrack to your summer, look no further because we have it right here for you. You can give it a listen below.

Bulletproof will serve as a follow-up to their 2015 album Ones and Zeros. 

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes stream new song “Snake Eyes”

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (ft. ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter) have released a new song titled “Snake Eyes.” Check it out below, and join their mailing list to download it for free.

The band’s debut album Blossom was released in August of 2015.

EP Review: Nervous Dater – “A Hundred Beers”

Nervous Dater released their self-titled debut EP last May. They waited a full year to release its follow up “A Hundred Beers”, and the wait was well worth it. Stylistically similar, “A Hundred Beers” features a polished indie rock sound with a punk ethos that is undeniably refreshing and addictive. The first riff on “Abba Zabba, You My Only Friend” demands attention. It is raw, and is immediately followed by guitarist Rachel Lightner’s unique vocal delivery.

A hilarious tale of a tinder date gone wrong, “Scabs”. Lightner explains “we were biking to see Cheap Girls in Rockaway for our first date….” According to the lyrics, it did not go as intended, but is accompanied by campy “woahs” and a whimsical toy piano. “Kelly Said” is marked by a controlled aggression and sing along “fuck you”s… literally. A high-energy song, it stands out on the record and showcases Nervous Dater’s smart songwriting abilities and knack for catchy harmonies. The album closes out with “5th Floor Walkup”, driven by bass and the constant plea of “Is this everything you hoped for?”. While it starts off somber, it works its way into a frenzy towards the middle, a welcome release.

“A Hundred Beers” is a fun and introspective sophomore effort that likens Nervous Dater to Cayetana and Thin Lips. It balances out somber lyrics with fun hooks.

Recorded at The Headroom in Philadelphia “A Hundred Beers” was released May 13th, you can give it a listen below.

4/5 stars

Hunter Burgan teases new AFI music

AFI bassist Hunter Burgan posted a picture of a handwritten music sheet on his Instagram account, which indicates that the band is now working on new material for their next album, which will be their first since 2013′s Burials.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on new music from AFI come to light. The band went on hiatus last summer, but the band members have since discussed their plans to return with a new album this year.

Western Daughter stream new acoustic EP ‘Wild at Heart’

Boise’s Western Daughter have released an acoustic EP titled Wild at Heart. You can stream it below. It’s also available to purchase as a Name-Your-Price download here.

Western Daughter last released  As the Sun Went Down in December 2015.

Asian Man Records announces ‘Asian Man Music for Asian Man People Vol. 2′

Asian Man Records have announced a new compilation album titled Asian Man Music for Asian Man People Vol. 2. The collection is a sequel to the 2013 compilation Asian Man Music for Asian Man People, which saw 14 Asian Man-signed bands covering other bands also signed to Asian Man. This new album, due out on June 8, 2016, will follow the same format.

You can check out the album’s tracklist below.

Look Mexico premiere new track “Well, Kansas Ain’t What it Used to Be”

Tallahasee rockers Look Mexico are streaming a new song from their upcoming album Uniola. Check out “Well, Kansas Ain’t What it Used to Be” below.

Uniola is due out June 24th through Tiny Engines. It will be the band’s first album in 5 years, serving as a follow-up to 2011′s Real Americans Spear It.

Video Premier: Continental – “Home On The Range”

Brand new video from Boston-are rockers Continental to kick off your work week. The video from the Rick Barton (ex-Dropkick Murphys) and son fronted four-piece is for the track “Home On The Range,” the  title track from their upcoming full-length release. Check out the debut of the video below.

“Home On The Range” is due out next month on the band’s new label home, Rusty Knuckles Records. Four songs will be available tomorrow (May 24th) on iTunes. Check out the band’s upcoming concert schedule down below the video, and stay tuned for “Home On The Range” pre-order info!