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Wild Moth offers entire catalogue for free download

Bay Area progressive punks Wild Moth have partnered with Brooklyn based indie label Iron Pier to host and release their entire musical catalogue for free streaming and download on Bandcamp. This includes the group’s Asian Man Records full-length Over, Again, Wild Moth/Creative Adults split, their single Mirrors (released on Iron Pier), and their early releases Morning Glow and Wild Moth. This offer will only be available for the next two weeks so head over to the group’s Bandcamp and check out all that they have to offer.

Wild Moth’s sophomore album Inhibitor will be released August 28th via Iron Pier.

You Blew It! streaming “Punker Than Thou” off upcoming A.V. Club singles series

Florida progressive/emo/whatever band You Blew It! is streaming a new track entitled “Punker Than Thou”.

The song is previously unreleased, and will premiere on A.V. Club’s latest “Singles Club #6″ 7-inch series.

Have a listen below.

Additionally, the band will be heading out on tour with Sorority Noise and Microwave around the Southeast and East Coast of the US, dates and locations of which can be seen here.

You Blew It!’s last release was EP “Pioneer of Nothing” which came out this past January on Jade Tree Records.

Album Review: Self Defense Family – “Heaven Is Earth”

Self Defense Family is more of a collective than a band, and their releases can be seen as artistic expressions rather than just albums.  Yet on their newest release Heaven Is Earth, they show that they still put out some of the tightest post-punk/post-hardcore today.  While the musical experimentation and poetic lyrics are as prominent as ever, the band is able wrap everything up in nice little song structures that make this an eclectic but cohesive listen.

The album comes across very light in tone musically, with airy and reverb heavy guitar throughout, but vocalist Patrick Kindlon has enough angst behind his voice to make the whole thing still come across as aggressive.  Songs like “In My Defense Self Defend Me” and “Basic Skills” feature a multitude of instruments playing seemingly simple lines that give the songs complexity in how they come together.  The guitar riffs and drum parts may be looping over and over in some parts, but the arrangement and how each part is built on top of each other demonstrates how strong this group of musicians is at crafting songs.

Heaven Is Earth also sees Self Defense Family trying out some new styles and giving more prominence to things they’ve hinted at in the past.  “Talia” comes off with a very strong folk vibe with its western sounding guitar and lots of harmonica.  “Prison Ring” and “Dave Sim,” with their dark and spacey tones, are great examples of the band showing off more of a post-punk vibe on this album.

Kindlon’s vocals and lyrics are as emotional and haunting as ever, but what really struck me while listening is how they are so well mixed in with the rest of the music.  It feels more like another instrument to serve in the wall of sound they create, rather than the leading force of the songs.  I really like how at times it can be hard to hear the vocals, as they are low and kind of mixed in the background, and other times they are more prominent.  This always seems to match the feel of the songs.

I’ll admit I’m relatively new to Self Defense Family, and what drew me to check them out was my growing personal appreciation of and interest in post-punk.  What I found here is something more though.  The band celebrates experimentation and complexity built on top of simplicity, and it’s all done in a very captivating way.  Longtime fans of the band are sure to love this one, and if you are new to the band like me, take it for a spin and bask in its chilled out glory.

4/5 Stars

Viva Death (feat. Scott Shiflett of Face To Face) working on new studio album

After a fairly lengthy dormant period, there have been recent signs of life in the Viva Death camp!

If you’re not familiar, Viva Death started as the baritone-guitar-driven side project of Face To Face’s Scott Shiflett and Trever Keith. The duo teamed up with Shiflett’s brother Chris (Foo Fighters, ex-No Use For A Name), Josh Freese (most bands ever) and Chad Blinman for their self-titled 2002 Vagrant Records release as well as their 2006 follow-up, “One Percent Panic.”

Shiflett and Blinman went it alone for 2010′s eclectic “Curse The Darkness,” and then the project closed up shop for a few years. However, a series of snippet videos posted to their Facebook page have revealed that Shiflett and Blinman are hard at work at the latter’s Eye Socket Studio. The band’s fourth full-length is still untitled, but stay tuned for some more Viva Death info on these very pages in the not-too-distant future!

Escapist Records will re-release Reverse the Curse’s debut album

Escapist Records announced today that they will be re-releasing the debut album from Ohio indie rockers Reverse the Curse on July 13th.  If you don’t remember it, Reverse the Curse released Hither & Yon back in 2011.  Can’t wait to get your hands on a hard copy?  You can buy the digital version here.

Reverse the Curse will play a 10-year anniversary show on August 14th at The Foundry in Lakewood, Ohio.  They will be supported by Light Years , Foxfires, and My Mouth is the Speaker.

Wild Moth stream “Buried” off upcoming album “Inhibitor”

Bay Area progressive punks Wild Moth have premiered “Buried”, the second single off their forthcoming album, Inhibitor.

You can give it a listen over at Brooklyn Vegan.

Inhibitor will be released August 28th via Iron Pie.

Coheed and Cambria stream new track “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid”

Coheed and Cambria are now streaming their new song “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid” and you can check it out below. The track is off the group’s upcoming album “The Color Before the Sun” which is set for release October 9th of this year.

Coheed and Cambria will be making their way across to various festivals later this summer and you can get more details about the shows they’re playing below.

EP Review: Fucked Up – “Year of the Hare”

The series of EPs that make up Fucked Up’s ongoing Zodiac project are some of the most interesting punk rock experiments around. That’s not to say they’re always good, or even enjoyable, but they inspire a sort of awe about them. There’s always something on the line, it’s audacious and beautiful and raucous and for me at least, every bit as important as their full length releases. Year of the Hare is Fucked Up’s latest experiment, and on it they continue pushing the boundaries of punk and hardcore into unknown territory.

The title track is one of their longest yet, clocking in at about twenty-one and a half minutes. It starts with feedback that could be strings and a piano that’s slightly out of tune, every so often a blast of static harshes the mellow, as if “Year of the Hare” was the pirate radio broadcast of an avant garde DJ . The song is all about building though. It introduces its elements and grows over time, exploding into the hardcore we all know and love before subtracting its elements again and retracting into silence. This all happens by the halfway mark. When the music comes back, it is a sort of ethereal indie rock led by melodic female vocals. Once again, the music builds, and as soon as it reaches a crescendo it falls apart in a detuned deconstruction, it all happens in an instance and it resurrects as a fast and melodic, typically Fucked Up barrage.

And then again. It stops. The broken piano comes back and suddenly the guitars rev up and vocalist Damian Abraham is screaming in my face. “Year of the Hare” is all about starts and stops, explosions and meditations. Its unhindered creativity, pushing itself as far as notes can take it.

“California Cold” is merely ten minutes long, and experiments in a different way. It is less about texture and structure than it is an excursion into new genre territory. There’s a certain heartland rock feel to the song that comes through despite Abraham’s growls. It has a more bluesy feel than a lot of Fucked Up’s work, while never completely losing the band’s cold and distinctive tone. It becomes a jam, an un-punk concept that Fucked Up has embraced and made sublime over the years, filled with feedback and synth and pulsing noise.

Fucked Up is a difficult band to assign anything of numeric value to. They are bizarre boundary pushers; rooted in punk rock but obsessed with dismantling it. They remind be of the musical equivalent of Jean-Luc Godard, the French New Wave director who loved American gangster films but whose perspective was so unique and unwavering and contemptuous of the rules of cinematic art, that whatever he utilized of that influence was transformed into something only recognizable as a Godard film. Fucked Up is similar in that regard. Year of the Hare is an interesting new installment in the Zodiac series, and it’s made all the better by its grandiose, albeit inaccessible vision.


Free Album Download: Yearbooks – “Inside”


Oakland, CA hardcore outfit Yearbooks are not only streaming their brand-new album, “Inside,” but they’ve also made it available for free download. Check it out right here; it’s worth it for the cover art alone!

“Inside” was released today (July 1st) and follows up their 2014 “See You Next Year” EP.

Self Defense Family stream new album “Heaven Is Earth”

New York post hardcore band Self Defense Family just released their new album Heaven Is Earth today on Deathwish Inc. and are streaming the whole thing on their bandcamp.

Give it a listen below.

Heaven Is Earth serves as a follow up to the Duets EP that came out in September 2014.

Brand New will possibly release new music this year

Brand New front man Jesse Lacey recently sat down with Spanish magazine Rockzone, and based on translations of the interview, it looks like fans of the band can expect a new EP or LP sometime this year:

“Yes, I have no problem talking about this with you. You’re the first person with whom I have an interview in a while. We have a new album to get. There is no secret. The thing is that it is not ready, so to speak. Hopefully it out this year, at least that is our aim. We do not know whether it will be an EP of seven songs or so, or the traditional LP of 14 songs. We have many songs that we’ve been working, but hey, I guess sometimes you have to face what you have steeping a little, as I said before. Is something that we have to adapt, one day seems that we will get and the next we were a little farther out.”

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more details on this new release surface.  The band released their fourth studio album, Daisy, in 2009.

Coheed and Cambria release song about Justice Scalia on Funny or Die

Coheed and Cambria recorded a satirical song for Funny or Die this weekend in response to Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s dissenting opinions to both same-sex marriage and the Affordable Care Act in a legendary week for SCOTUS decisions.

Check out the song below.

Coheed and Cambria last released The Afterman albums Ascension and Descension in October 2012 and February 2013, respectively.

Downtown Boys announce month-long North American tour

Providence, Rhode Island’s Downtown Boys have announced a lengthy North American tour that’ll keep them on the road for the duration of the month of July. It includes stops in Canada and Mexico too, for all you international fans. Check out the rundown below.

Downtown Boys are touring in support of their recent album “Full Communism,” released back on May 5th via Don Giovanni Records.

Tool, Primus and Coheed & Cambria announce Halloween show

It has been announced that both Tool and Primus will be on stage with Coheed and Cambria at the Monster Mash Music Fest at Tempe Beach Park in Tempe, Arizona on Halloween (October 31st). Special guests are to be announced, and tickets on sale this Friday.

Coheed and Cambria last released The Afterman albums Ascension and Descension in October 2012 and February 2013, respectively. Primus last released the Willy Wonka-themed album Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble in October 2014, while Tool have been working on a follow-up to 2006′s 10,000 Days.

Enter Shikari and The Wonder Years announce UK shows in 2016

UK post-hardcore act Enter Shikari have announced a run of UK dates at the start of 2016. Joining the band for these shows will be The Wonder Years. You can check out the dates and locations below.

Enter Shikari released their latest album, The Mindsweep, on January 19, 2015 via Hopeless Records. The Wonder Years have recently wrapped up recording their newest album.