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DS Photo Gallery: Riot Fest Chicago – Day One (Nine Inch Nails, X, Buzzcocks and more)

The weekend of September 15-17 saw the annual return of Riot Fest. Riot Fest 2017 was held for the 12th consecutive year in Chicago and for the third consecutive year in Douglas Park. Riot Fest saw an eclectic crowd turn out, including multiple generations of families. There were too many young punk fans, some just a few months old with mohawks and iconic band tees, to count. 

Day 1, held on September 15th, saw, per usual, a wide variety of acts. As with every previous year, legends and veterans gained the headlining spots and the most attention. In this case, the top billed act for Day 1 of Riot Fest, was Nine Inch Nails

NIN also remains relevant for the prolific film and television scoring work that lead singer Trent Reznor and his collaborator Atticus Ross outside of the group. The duo won the 2011 Oscar for the Score for the film The Social Network. Their work for the currently being broadcast and critically acclaimed 10 part PBS documentary by Ken Burns/Lynn Novick “The Vietnam War” is receiving equal acclaim to the reception of the documentary itself.

The NIN set also demonstrated that the group is as electric as ever. Classics such as “Closer” and “Head Like a Hole” had the large crowd at a fever pitch. However, capping the set; and the night out with  “Hurt” was an emotional gut punch. It has always been a powerful song, but as covered by Johnny Cash, that emotional shot to the heart was upgraded several notches, especially as performed in the video accompanying it. Johnny would lose his beloved June Carter Cash just three months after the filming of the video, and he followed her 4 months later.  It seemed on this night that NIN was not merely playing one of their own best tunes, but rather, they were also singing it in tribute to one of our most beloved, acclaimed and greatest singer-songwriters. Again, an absolute emotional gut punch and shot to the heart. Not something many people would immediately associate with or expect from what started out as a punk rock festival, at least those with little knowledge of this music.

Also, per usual, several veteran acts played one of their albums in full. On day 1, X did the honors with their classic album, “Los Angeles.”  Singer Exene Cervanka wore a black t-shirt emblazoned with her surname on the back and the Los Angeles Dodger log on the front. But a good portion of the crowd (made up of both citizens of the Chicago area, as well as fans who traveled in from other states and other nations) surely appreciated it when she donned a black baseball cap (with a slightly altered color-wise version of) the iconic 4 stars from the City of Chicago flag. X also proved they still have the chops and the songs are still highly adored by their fans. 

One of the most powerful sets was that of Saul Williams. He repeatedly challenged the crowd to face truths about the turbulent times brought on in large part by the current occupiers of the White House and Congressional majority party. He made it known, though perhaps not stated outright, that he was about speaking truth to power; and that words of condemnation are not enough,. His message remains that music is meant to spark change. Williams also repeatedly sent out calls to action with his oft-repeated refrain of “Your punk ain’t punk if you don’t smash Fascists.”

Other day 1 acts demonstrated quite the contrary to Riot Fest’s official and self-deprecating motto “Riot Fest Sucks,”  They included legends such as Buzzcocks and Ministry; and newer groups: The Hotelier, Death From Above; and The Story So Far.

It may be popular to hate on musical fests, including Riot Fest; something as noted above, at which the organizers playful wink. However, perhaps the only thing that truly sucked about day 1 was the blazing heat. It reached into the at least the mid to high 80’s but felt even hotter for those making their ways from stage to stage and the carnival areas. Head below to see our full photo gallery from Day 1 of Riot Fest Chicago, and stay tuned for coverage from Days 2 and 3 soon!

Show Review: ‘The Real Will Wood and the Tapeworms’ (Live Album/Concert Film Recording Event)

Dunellen, NJ- Before attending the show at Roxy & Dukes this past Friday, I actually contacted Will Wood to ask if there was anything that I should do to prepare for my first (LIVE) Will Wood and the Tapeworms experience. His response: “That’s like saying meet me at the playground at 3 o’clock, we’re gonna fight, bring brass knuckles. I wouldn’t want to arm my enemies. I wouldn’t want to give you any information that would allow you to be prepared or allow you to be able to defend yourself once the proverbial fan is hit.  It’s not gonna be anything you’ve ever seen before, I promise you that.”

He wasn’t kidding, it was a show experience unlike any other.

Imagine trapeze-artists dropping from the ceiling like spiders dangling from a web, fans that paint their faces with a third eye on their forehead and a diverse crowd made up of “ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, neithers, boths and inbetweens”; that my friend is just the surface of what you will witness at a WWATT show.

THE REAL WILL WOOD AND THE TAPEWORMS PART TWO’ (Live Album/Concert Film Recording Event) with special guests Bella’s Bartok literally sold out in days and I assure you that everyone who was there realized just how lucky we were to have been in attendance at this intimate concert. A TV crew came around and asked fans “who is the real Will Wood?” and by the end of the show I think we discovered that the real Will Wood was now a part of all of us. If that makes sense, does it? I can’t explain it any other way.

Stand out songs/crowd pleasers: (Not necessarily in this order, I drank bunch of PBR at $4 a pop for a 16 oz. can and my memory got away from me) “Mr. Capgras Encounters a Secondhand Vanity,” “Chemical Overreaction/Compound Fracture,” “Hand Me My Shovel, I’m Going In!,” and “White Knuckle Jerk (Where Do You Get Off?).”All of these songs were sing-alongs as the 90% of the crowd seemed to know all of the lyrics. I expected these songs to be played but it was the encore song that surprised the hell out of me. After the band cleared the stage Will Wood came out by himself and sat down before his keyboard. As he began to play I immediately realized what song it was even with the extended intro but I feel like the crowd was 10 secs behind me as they began to scream in amazement. The song was “Love Me Normally” which I have only seen or heard on a public access TV show appearance and from my understanding it’s not on any albums that I am aware of. This song is a gem and a rarity and it meant so much to the fans that Will decided to end the show with this song. “The lipstick on the mirror are the lyrics to my obituary…”

This show will forever go down in history, not just in our memories but it was recorded and will be released on CD/online in the near future and Will Wood has vowed to give everyone that purchased a ticket to The Real WWATT Show a FREE Copy. There will also be video/film footage in an undetermined format that eventually will be released as well.

To give you some kind of idea of the experience that concert- goers had at The Real Will Wood and the Tapeworms show, I’ve included their latest music video below. The song is entitled Hand Me My Shovel, I’m Going In!” and it’s a very similar feel to the live show. Make-up, sweat, confetti, and Blood.

Wax Bottles (ex-Polar Bear Club) stream debut songs

Wax Bottles, the new project from Jimmy Stadt and Nate Morris of Polar Bear Club, are streaming their first tracks. “Beethoven in Sweatpants” and “Private Likeness” are up on the band’s Soundcloud now.

You can listen to the tracks below.

Elliott Smith tribute comp to feature Smoking Popes, Franz Nicolay and many more

A tribute compilation for Elliott Smith titled “A Brief Smile – A Tribute To Elliott Smith” will feature nineteen covers, including Smoking Popes‘ take on “Let’s Get Lost” and Franz Nicolay‘s cover of “Everything Reminds Me of Her.”

The comp will be released on May 19th, and proceeds from the comp will go to the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund.

Check out the full tracklist below.

DS Photo Galley: Mariachi El Bronx and Tigerman WOAH at Copenhagen Beer Celebration (Boston, MA)

While the focus of last weekend’s day-and-a-half-long Copenhagen Beer Celebration event was obviously beer (as evidenced by the somewhat awkward setup at the barren, soulless hellscape that is Boston’s City Hall Plaza), there was a constant musical accompaniment that was actually quite enjoyable for those who actually pulled themselves away from the beer lines for long enough to pay attention. The second part of our coverage of that event actually rewinds the tape a tad to prior to the first post. As we’ve established, Lucero closed out the entire festival, and with good reason. As we said in that story, the musical mix at the festival was a tad eclectic, and didn’t all necessarily meet the benchmarks that we apply for coverage at Dying Scene (I mean, Yo La Tango is good and all, but…), but there were still a few other performances to draw your attention to.

Tigerman WOAH opened up the Saturday afternoon portion of the festivities, taking the stage as the gates to the event grounds were being thrown open for the day. For the uninitiated, Tigerman WOAH are a four-piece outfit from nearby Lynn, Massachusetts, and if you’re familiar at all with Lynn, Massachusetts, you’re no doubt familiar with the entirely accurate singsong little ditty about the band’s hometown (“Lynn, Lynn, the City of Sin/You never go out the way you came in”). With that in mind, Tigerman WOAH are about as eclectic a mix as you’ll find: the band play an intense version of genuine folk music paired with a working-class, pro-Union, socially conscious, DIY punk rock mindset. You had to walk by the stage area in order to get from the festival gates to the beer, but Tigerman WOAH play in such a way that leaves it all on the stage, and forced all but the most dedicated beer snobs to stop and pay attention.

Mariachi El Bronx closed out the Saturday afternoon session, a seemingly painfully few hours after their punk rock alter egos The Bronx played a punk rock show to a capacity crowd across town. An outdoor show on a cloudless late-Summer day may not be the ideal hangover cure for a late night punk rock show, but the lower key, mariachi stylings sure helped the band ease into their set rather than having to explode into it. While the crowd was on the small side (again, it was a craft beer festival with a musical side stage, not the other way around), there weer a great number of people in attendance seemingly solely for MEB, and hung on every word and horn blast from Matt Caughtran and the gang.

Check out our full photo gallery from the event down below!

Episode 51 | Dying Scene Radio – Feat. Terminally Ill

This week on Dying Scene RadioBobby Pickles and his ragtag crew of misfits (i.e. Piazzo The Clown and the illustrious Ben Coletti) kidnap Chris Fox (on tour in Floridumb) and hold him hostage under the John’s Pass bridge where they encourage him to perform for the locals by gunpoint. Elena Venetia is much too busy with her modeling career to podcast this week.

BAND SPOTLIGHT: TERMINALLY ILL – Ryan Risetter, Steffen Buratti, and Cody Snowden of the L.A. punk-rap (Post-Crunk-Rock/Nü Pünk) act co-hosts the show along with Piazza, Pickles, Chis Fox and Coletti, and errybody gets Salt Faced!

Terminally Ill – Act Sick
Against Me! – 333
Ten Foot Pole – Scars
The Offspring – Sharknado
Microwave – Lighterless
The Bouncing Souls – Bees
WIZO – Verwesung
Get Dead – Dyin’ Is Thirsty Work
Friends With The Enemy – Fat Mike’s House
NOFX – Six Years on Dope
Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra – Monkey Ska
Terminally Ill – Hit Me Up When You’re 18
ANTILLECTUAL – The Players & The Game (feat. Nathan Gray of BOYSETSFIRE)
Every Time I Die – Glitches
White Lung – Dead Weight
Billy Talent – Afraid of Heights
Joe McMahon – It All Went Black
The Split Seconds – If I Was You
The Windermeres – Libertarian Value System
Implants – The System
Gibberish – Milo
Descendents – Comeback Kid
The Bruce Lee Band – AGH!!!
The Murderburgers – 8am Headlights
Terminally Ill – Homie Cypher Track
Terminally Ill – (Bonus Track)
Chris Fox – The Decline (John’s Pass Super Secret Bonus Track)

Hear all the incessant blathering, latest headlines and music BELOW!

Punk-Rap act Terminally Ill release new music video “It’s Hard to Get Fucked Up (When No One’s Down To Kick It)” and announce west coast tour

Directed and edited by Sean Hart of Tartar Control, L.A. Punk-Rap (Post-Crunk-Rock / Nü Pünk) act Terminally Ill has just released a new video for their song “It’s Hard to Get Fucked Up (When No One’s Down To Kick It),” which comes off the band’s upcoming debut full length album, Giving Up. No exact date on the album’s release yet, but their album release party will be held in Yorba Linda, CA on August 19th.

Check it out the tour dates and new video below.

Adiron releases video for Whiskey Hostel

Long Island’s melodic hardcore band Adiron have released music video for their song “Whiskey Hostel.” The song was featured on their debut EP, Frequency and Pressure, and you can check out the video below.

Adiron released Frequency and Pressure, on April 10, 2015.

Victory Records’ catalogue back on Spotify

You may all recall a few weeks back that Victory Records had their whole catalogue pulled from Spotify for issues with royalties, leading to possible lay-offs for Victory employees. Well it appears that all those issues are cleared up.  Victory is back on Spotify for streaming and the whole threat of layoffs was just a misinterpretation.

You can read the statement from Victory below.

“Nobody’s job was ever in jeopardy. Tony was speaking rhetorically when he was quoted. We’re glad to have our content back on Spotify, and that we came to a good resolution that works for everybody, ensuring that our fans can listen to the music they love on Spotify and that all of our artists and songwriters are paid for their work.”

Aaron “White Owl” Collins (Skarhead, White Trash, Murphy’s Law) guest hosts Dying Scene Radio, No Redeeming Social Value, NYHC

This week on Dying Scene RadioBob Noxious is on hiatus, attending to his studio renovation, while Bobby Pickles welcomes help from his “business partner” Tone Lo-Ki and NYHC bassist extraordinaire Aaron “White Owl” Collins whose discography includes stints with SkarheadMurphy’s Law, and the early 90s funk-punk band White Trash (Elektra Records). Collins, a gritty, DMS punk rock “lifer” provides a sh!t-ton of interesting commentary. Wait until you hear his Rick Rubin story! Check out the newly released White Trash record titled “Suburban Purgatory”. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Pickles and Lo-Ki speak with Dean (aka D. Thrilla) of the NYHC schtick act No Redeeming Social Value. Episode 26’s recurring theme: Zappa!

Hear all the ridiculous blathering (uttered with a NY-twang) below.

New Video: Mariachi El Bronx – “Wildfires”

Marciahi-punk pioneers Mariachi El Bronx have premiered the official music video for their track “Wildfires.” Check it out below.

“Wildfires” appears on Mariachi El Bronx’s latest album, “III,” which was released last November via ATO Records. The band are presently on the road with Flogging Molly and Gogol Bordello.

Video: Mariachi El Bronx perform “Wildfires” on Conan

Mariachi El Bronx performed their song “Wildfires” on Conan last night, and you can check out the video below.

The group will be headed to the UK in February for a series of tour dates, more information on that is also available below.

Full Album Stream: Mariachi El Bronx – “III”

Mariachi El Bronx, the ‘south-of-the-border’ alter-ego of LA punk outfit The Bronx, are streaming their forthcoming album, III, in its entirety. Check it out here.

III is due out next Tuesday (November 4th) through White Drugs and ATO Records. It will be the band’s first release in 3 years, serving as a follow-up to 2011′s appropriately-titled II.

Fearless Records and Outerloop Management join forces to create Outerloop Records, sign Ice Nine Kills

Looks like Fearless Records and Outerloop Management has just merged into one to create Outerloop Records, which hopes to collaborate the two orginizations. Fearless president Chris Foitle commented on the merger stating:

“We are always looking for new ideas and and strategies to develop and break new artists – we working with one of the most hardworking and innovative management companies in our scene seemed like a perfect fit. We’re looking forward to a bright future with Outerloop Records and to building a strong brand together.”

On it’s first order of business, the label has just signed metal act Ice Nine Kills and will release the bands upcoming album “The Predator Becomes The Prey” on January 21st 2014.


Fearless Records announces “Punk Goes Christmas” compilation

Much to the pleasure of the folks over at Property of Zack (they asked for this, after all) and to the chagrin of everyone else, Fearless Records has announced the next in their on-going Punk Goes… series. This time it will be Punk Goes Christmas.

No details have been released yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Punk Goes… staples such Forever The Sickest KidsWe Came As RomansBreathe Carolina, or Mayday Parade to be names appearing on the track list covering all of your holiday favorites.

We’ll keep you posted on when the release date is so you can tell all of your relatives not to pick you up a copy as a last minute gift that “the nice skinny boy with ironed hair at Hot Topic said would make a wonderful present for any punk rocker”.