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Chris Farren streaming ‘Least Embarrassing Demos’

Florida singer/songwriter and Fake Problems frontman Chris Farren has released a stream of his recent demo collection, Least Embarrassing Demos: 2008-2014. Farren has also made it available to download for however much you want to pay. You can listen to it below, or you can purchase it here.

Least Embarrassing Demos: 2008 -2014 was originally released in July 2015 on cassette through Business Casual. Farren released a solo EP, Where U Are on April 7, 2015, as well as Leavin’ La Vida Loca with Jeff Rosenstock (as Antarctigo Vespucci) on July 24, 2015, and the Strange Emotions 7-inch (with Fake Problems) on August 7, 2015.

Sam Russo streams new song “Eye Candy”

UK-based singer/songwriter Sam Russo is streaming a new song titled “Eye Candy.” The song will appear on Russo’s upcoming album Greyhound Dreams and you can give it a listen below.

Greyhound Dreams is slated for release on October 9, 2015 via Red Scare Industries. Pre-orders are available here (US) and here (UK).

Tour: Yotam announces European “California Sounds” dates

Fresh on the heels of publishing his episode of the Dying Scene Sessions, the great Yotam is taking his act on the road in support of his upcoming full-length, “California Sounds.” Unfortunately for those of us in the Western Hemisphere, the presently-announced tour dates are all across the pond.

The European “California Sounds” run kicks off October 29th in Belgium and runs through November 20th in Lyon, France. Check out the full rundown below. Check out Yotam’s Dying Scene Session right here while you’re at it.

“California Sounds” is due out October 30th via Hardline Entertainment.

Album Review: Joey Cape – “Stitch Puppy”

Stitch-PuppyJoey Cape needs no introduction around these parts. Countless tours, eight Lagwagon albums and contributions to groups like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and Scorpios have secured Cape’s permanent position as punk rock royalty. Those more familiar with his Lagwagon credentials may be off-put by the raw, largely acoustic sound of his newest solo album, Stitch Puppy, which also happens to be the most brooding of his career. It’s personal, emotional and the perfect record to usher in the unforgiving bite of the post-summer months.

Taking a cue from his One Week record label, whose groups record their albums in seven days, Cape and frequent collaborator Brian Wahlstrom recorded Stitch Puppy over the course of two weeks. Cape stated on our podcast that he wanted to write and record without being “precious” about the end product, inherently leading to the minimalist sound echoed across the album. Cape is an exceptional lyricist and Stitch Puppy contains some of his finest, and darkest, work to date. Touching on topics ranging from murder to the loss of an old friend to suicide, there are few moments of hope or happiness to be found here.

Opener “Me the Witness” sets the somber mood as Cape intones, “All that I know is the sense of a gun in my face.” From there the album traverses his feelings on society, life and friendship, occasionally picking up the tempo or incorporating piano yet always relying on the foundation of Cape’s acoustic guitar and pointed lyrics. The songs flow so well that it’s difficult to define standout moments, though upbeat tracks “This Life is Strange,” “Cope” and “Spill My Guts” (the latter of which features guest vocals from The Flatliner’s Chris Cresswell) provide a welcome sonic dichotomy to their brooding lyricism, while “Gone Baby Gone” offers the catchiest chorus found on the album. Ultimately, the poignancy is brought to a head on closer “Tracks” with Cape repeating the line, “He would lay down on tracks for you,” softly strumming his guitar, until the scene fades to black.

As Cape noted while discussing Stitch Puppy, “the train of despair doesn’t seem to stop rolling through my life.” The record in turn serves as the perfect vessel for channeling those complex, and often painful, moments in his life. It’s not an easy or fun listen, but Stitch Puppy will make you think and it will make you feel. It’s hard to ask for much more from an album.

4.5 / 5 – Listen below.

Dying Scene Session: Yotam performs title track and “Days Of Living” from upcoming solo album “California Sounds”

Now that the calendar has flipped to the page marked “October,” we can bring you another excellent installment of the Dying Scene Sessions!

For today’s Session, we’re privileged to bring you a couple stripped down acoustic songs from the great Yotam, who probably needs no introduction but whom you probably recognize from his “day job” in Useless ID. Yotam’s got a new solo album, California Sounds, due out on October 30th via Hardline Entertainment. We caught up with Yotam on a rooftop in Hollywood and got to witness him performing the title track from the new album, as well as another brand new track called “Days Of Living.” Check out the videos below!

CD and vinyl pre-sales for Yotam’s album are available right here; get it!

Sam Russo streams new song “Western Union”

UK-based singer/songwriter Sam Russo is streaming a new song titled “Western Union.” The song will appear on Russo’s upcoming album Greyhound Dreams and you can give it a listen here.

Greyhound Dreams is slated for release on October 9, 2015 via Red Scare Industries. Pre-orders are available here (US) and here (UK).

Allison Weiss streams new album ‘New Love’

Pop punk singer/songwriter Allison Weiss has released a full stream of her new album New Love. You can give it a listen here.

New Love will be released on October 2, 2015 via SideOneDummy Records. It is the follow up to their 2013 album, Say What You Mean, released on No Sleep Records.

Allison Weiss releases music video, plus a set of UK tour dates

Punk singer/songwriter Allison Weiss has just released a new music video for her track “Who We Are”. The video plays out like a sports training montage, and shows a young girl training to play football with some other boys her age. Along with the video, she’s also announced a set of tour dates that will see her traveling the UK throughout the month of February. You can check out both the video and the dates below.

Both these announces coincide with the lead-up to her new album, “New Love”, which will be released on October 2nd, via SideOneDummy Records.

Billy Liar (folk punk) releases new album “Lies Lied Live”

Edinburgh, Scotland solo folk punk act Billy Liar has just released a new album Lies Lied Live and you can check it out below.  The download is available for purchase on Billy’s bandcamp page, and there are limited edition, hand-numbered physical copies that you can pick up as well.

Billy Liar is on tour in the UK right now with Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire and you can find those dates below.  He will also be in the US in October with some TBA dates, as well as FEST in Gainesville, Florida.

Sam Russo premieres new song “Runaway” off upcoming full-length “Greyhound Dreams”

Last week, UK-based singer/songwriter Sam Russo detailed his upcoming full-length album entitled “Greyhound Dreams”.

Today, Russo has released the first track from the new work, entitled “Runaways”, and you can have a listen to it below.

“Greyhound Dreams” is slated for release on October 9th courtesy of the good folks at Red Scare Industries. Pre-orders for the US version are available right here. Live in the UK? You can pre-order your own copy of “Greyhound Dreams” by clicking here.

“Greyhound Dreams” marks the follow-up to Russo’s 2012 Red Scare debut, “Storm”. He’s also put out a couple of split releases through the label, most recently 2014′s “Split The Tip” 7-inch that also featured Brendan Kelley.

Allison Weiss streams new song “Back to Me”

Pop punk singer-songwriter Allison Weiss has released a new song titled “Back to Me”. The song is the second single from her upcoming record, New Love. You can check out the song below.

Weiss will release New Love on October 2, 2015 through SideOneDummy Records. You can pre-order the album here.

Sam Russo announces upcoming full-length, “Greyhound Dreams”

UK-based singer/songwriter Sam Russo has announced plans for his latest full-length album!

It’s called “Greyhound Dreams,” and it’s slated for release on October 9th courtesy of the good folks at Red Scare Industries. Pre-orders for the US version are available right here. Live in the UK? You can pre-order your own copy of “Greyhound Dreams” by clicking here.

“Greyhound Dreams” marks the follow-up to Russo’s 2012 Red Scare debut, “Storm.” He’s also put out a couple of split releases through the label, most recently 2014′s “Split The Tip” 7-inch that also featured Brendan Kelley.

Joey Cape chats with The Bobs on this new episode of Dying Scene Radio!

This week on Dying Scene RadioBob Noxious and Bobby Pickles connect with Joey Cape live from his van. The three discuss Joey’s new solo record, Stitch Puppy,  the story behind the song, “Tracks”, and what it was like to record his latest acoustic album using a similar formula to that of his label, One Week Records.  Bobby uses his “Wop Dar” to uncover the Italian roots of the Lagwagon frontman, insinuates that, like most musicians, Joey is inherently lazy, and then asks Mr. Cape a very pretentious question, which Joey has not the authority to answer adequately, given that the punk rock ethos transcends ideas and is really a part of one’s DNA. But, Joey agrees with Bob’s ethos, being a 46 year old man who lives his life like a 17 year old boy.

SYNOPSIS OF BANTER: Jason 3D of The Jasons designed a FAT ENZO t-shirt depicting The Bobs getting killed by The Jasons. Lou Koller, frontman of NYHC greats, Sick Of It All, speaks with ten year old Elliott of Little Punk People, and Bobby wants to make him a DSR war correspondent because he’s interviewed many of the same people as Bob and he’s a much more talented interviewer. The Bobs discuss their impending full-coverage of FEST 14 in Gainesville and Pre-FEST in Tampa. Bobby doesn’t know who Mikey Erg or Ronnie James Dio is. The Svetlanas are from “Mother Russia” just as PigPen are comprised of more bacon than Bob puts down during breakfast. Why does EVERYBODY think the iconic Motörhead frontman, Lemmy Kilmister, is going to die? Bob says if Lemmy isn’t really afraid to die, he’d have played a fourth song in Austin. Bob thinks he might need to go back to the dark liquors. Bob says, “Lemmy will live forever and what kind of world are we going to leave for Lemmy?”

AND VIGNETTES BY: Elliott Fullam of Little Punk PeopleJ. Prozac of Doubtfire, Todd Dulawan of Distorted Signals, Dylan Flynn of Pass The Bass, and Mike Hansen of Pentimento.

Episode 28’s recurring theme: bad/spot-on accents, artists who’ve recorded records in one-week’s time, and Bobby’s three keys to success – Persistence, Arrogance, and Stupidity, with major emphasis on the latter. 

Hear all the incessant blathering, plus this week’s new music and headlines, below.

Night Birds – 8 Inch Betsy
PMX – Pull The Trigger
8 Inch Betty – Mean Days
Svetlanas – Siberia
PEARS – Snowflake
Guilty By Association – Coming Home
Doubtfire – California
The Mahones – Fuck You
Joey Cape Interview
Joey Cape – Spill My Guts
Lagwagon – Made Of Broken Pieces
Pentimento – Sink Or Swim

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Ace Enders (The Early November, I Can Make a Mess) releases new solo album ‘#HIRAETH’

Ace Enders, frontman of The Early November and I Can Make A Mess, has released a new solo album titled #HIRAETH. You can stream the album below, or purchase it via Bandcamp here.

#HIRAETH was released on September 2, 2015.

Joey Cape streams new album ‘Stitch Puppy’

The one and only Joey Cape is streaming his new album, Stitch Puppy in full. You can give it a listen here.

Stitch Puppy is Cape’s first solo album in nearly 5 years, and will be released tomorrow, September 4, 2015 through Fat Wreck Chords.