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Scott Sorry (punk) streams “Carry On” from upcoming solo album “When We Were Kings”

New England one-man punk band Scott Sorry is set to release his debut solo album in early 2016, and you can stream “Carry On”, the fist track from that album, below.

The tune chronicles a pivotal moment in Scott’s life. He writes:

“A few years ago I found myself in a pretty bad situation. Estranged from my wife and kid, living on my friends floor, as far from sober as I could be, watching and letting my entire life fall to pieces. It was a pretty dark period. I took a long hard look in the mirror and realized I had 2 choices.. get your act together..or just give up. I chose to get my act together and took every step necessary to do so. No pity parties. Man Up. That’s what I did.

A couple years later I was in the house I grew up in visiting my folks with my wife and kids. I started reflecting on a lot of stuff. Thinking about how life would be different if I hadn’t made that choice. I have a lot of friends I miss dearly ’cause they made a different one.

This song just started pouring out. I brought it to the band..and we wrote Carry On.”

“Carry On” is taken from Scott Sorry’s forthcoming album “When We Were Kings”.

Coma Commander (gruff punk) stream new album “Council Of The Jackalope” (FFO: Latterman and RVIVR)

Belgian punk act Coma Commander are streaming their new EP, “Council Of The Jackalope”, in its entirety and can check it out below.

“Council Of The Jackalope” is the gruff punk act’s sophomore release and its slated for release November 27 via Bearded Punk Records.

For those of you in Belgium, the band is playing a release show tomorrow with Cornflames. Get the deets here.

November’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

John Player Specials

Howdy gang! Now that Autumn is in full swing and the nights have cooled down and started infringing on the waning hours of the once warm and sunny afternoons, there’s only one thing we can think of to cure the ever present depression caused by a lack of Vitamin D. Some good ol’ fashioned Vitamin P…..for punk. C’mon guys, keep up. So, to show our thanks to our venerated readers in this, the  season of showing gratitude, we have spent endless hours rifling through hundreds of bands over at Bandcamp and have once again discovered a multitude of superb bands that we’re betting you haven’t heard of. We’ve got it all this month! We’ve got new, up and comers, we have lesser known veteran acts from home and abroad, we have Hardcore, we have Crust, we have Mariachi! Wait….what? You’ll just have to read to see! Check out the seven best November finds from Bandcamp below!

Dearly Divided release Video for “Circuits”

California melodic punks Dearly Divided have released a new video for their song “Circuits,” and you can check it out below.

The band’s debut self-titled album was released in July, 2014. It’s available to stream and purchase on their Bandcamp page.

Greg Barnett (Menzingers) & Bobby Barnett (Captain, We’re Sinking) announce UK tour

Greg Barnett of The Menzingers and Captain We’re Sinking‘s Bobby Barnett have announced they will be touring the UK together in early 2016. Dates and locations can be found below.

The Menzingers’ latest album Rented World released in 2013 through Epitaph Records. Captain, We’re Sinking released a self-titled compilation album earlier this year on Bandcamp.

Music Video: Boss’ Daughter – “Drink About Someone”

Reno punks Boss’ Daughter have premiered a music video for their song “Drink About Someone”. You can watch the video below.

“Drink About Someone” is taken from Boss’ Daughter’s latest album Songs Are Songs, which was released last month on Cocksmoker Chunk Records.

Western Settings and Gentlemen Prefer Blood West Coast dates

Southern California punks Western Settings and Gentlemen Prefer Blood announced tour dates for their upcoming west coast winter tour. Both bands have albums available for streaming, download, and physical purchase. Western Settings Yes It Is available here  through La Escalara/Dying Scene Records and Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Used Books and Guns available here through La Escalara. Make sure to catch both bands at one of the dates below.

World War IX releases video for title track “If One Of These Bottles Should Happen To Fall”

NYC punk band World War IX has just released a new music video for the title track of their most recent album, “If One Of These Bottles Should Happen To Fall”, which you can check out below.

Additionally, rhythm guitarist Justin Melkmann has released a comic book to coincide with the album/video, which you can have a look at here.

“If One Of These Bottles Should Fall” was released back in May through Grady Core Records.

Live Video: The Frights – “You Are Going To Hate This”

San Diego surf punkers The Frights have just released a live video for their new single “You Are Going To Hate This.”

Check it out here.

The group’s latest release was a split EP with LA’s Death Lens in 2014.

DS Photo Gallery: H2O, Angel Du$t and Give at the Middle East, Cambridge, MA

In support of their latest (and arguably their greatest) album, Use Your Voice, NYC hardcore vets H2O rolled through frontman Toby Morse’s birth state of Massachusetts to play before a sold-out crowd in the notoriously hot, sweaty confines of the upstairs music hall at the legendary Middle East nightclub in Cambridge. Now in their third decade as a band, and composed of some different parts than previous touring incarnations of the band, Morse and company continue to prove themselves as one of the tightest, most inspiring acts in the game.

The band’s lineup on the Use Your Voice tour is equal parts old and new, with founding members Morse and Rusty Pistachio (guitar) and longtime bassist Adam Blake joined by touring guitarist Colin McGinnis (None More Black) and special guest drummer Branden Steineckert (Rancid). Perhaps understandably, then, the band’s encore-less set was a tad on the short side (my incredibly unofficial count tallied 17 songs, though one was a cover of half of the Rancid classic “Journey To The End Of The East Bay”), but still paid a great deal of respect to classic tracks (“Guilty By Association,” “Family Tree,” “FTTW,” etc) and new songs (“Black Sheep,” “Skate!,” “True Romance”) alike.

While admittedly never the world’s largest hardcore fan, I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan of H2O over the last two decades, particularly because I’ve long felt that they fit right in at the more aggressive end of the mid-90′s punk music scene, and got short-changed in the process. I understand full well that I’m wading deep into hyperbole-infested waters here, but I can say without question that this particular Wednesday night was the best, tightest, and most positively inspiring set I’ve seen the various incarnations of H2O play over the last eighteen years, a show history that includes a mix of festival dates (Warped Tour) alongside opening slots for bands like Rancid and Face To Face. They’ve been a bit of a musical Haley’s Comet in terms of releasing new music for more than a decade (Use Your Voice marks their first original studio album since 2008′s Nothing To Prove, which itself was their first album since 2001′s Go), and have increasingly managed the second phase of their careers in an admirable fashion, balancing home and personal duties with the decreasingly lucrative field that is life as a “working musician.” Still, the perhaps “smarter-not-harder” approach to touring has given the band the energy and life it needs for sustainability going forward.

Support on this leg of the Use Your Voice tour came from the likes of Angel Du$t and Give. Neither band was familiar to me prior to the show (remember that thing about me not being the world’s biggest hardcore fan), but both definitely left an impression. Angel Du$t, for the uninitiated, are a Baltimore-based five-piece that features members of bands like Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile, and Diamond Youth. Their set was, in a word, ferocious; another showgoer who was also previously unaware of the band commented that he liked how “it seems like they’ve played 30 songs, because each one is like 45 seconds long.” Give, meanwhile, are  a DC-based five-piece who hearken back to the glory days of DC hardcore, if those glory years were crossed with Seattle in 1991. Fun band to watch, though the former band certainly got the crowd more whipped up than the latter did. (Editor’s note: Lowell, MA, bilingual hardcore outfit Los Bungalitos opened the show, though I missed the bulk of their set for traffic-related reasons. I blame Ben Affleck.)

Check out our photo gallery of Give, Angel Du$t and of course, the mighty H2O below.


German punkers The Black Tape stream new song “Downtown Ghetto”

German punk rockers The Black Tape are streaming their new song “Downtown Ghetto” which you can give a listen to here.

The band’s upcoming album Corrupt Philosophy will be released through Away From Life Records on December 4th.

Straightline release music video “Won’t Back Down”

Munich skate-punks Straightline just released a music video for their track “Won’t Back Down”. The video shows the group raising hell in an around a skate park, and you can check it out below. “Won’t Back Down” comes off the band’s album “Final Redemption” which was released back in 2013.

Creeper announce 2016 UK headlining tour

UK goth-punk act Creeper have just released a set of tour dates for early next year. The tour will see them crossing the country through the months of February, March, and April. The group will also be preforming, first with the accompaniment of acts Neck Deep, State Champs and Light Years, before preforming a series of headlining shows, then finally wrapping things up with the assistance of Neck Deep and WSTR. Check out the dates below.

Watch: Pentimento preform “Stuck Forever” at Little Elephant

Those nice folks over at Little Elephant have just released another video. This time, it’s of Buffalo, New York’s Pentimento giving a live performance of their sing “Stuck Forever”. Check it out below.

“Stuck Forever” is the titular track off the band’s most recent EP, which was released via Bad Timing Records earlier this year.

Leftover Crack release full stream of upcomming album “Constructs Of The State”

Anarcho-ska-punk legends Leftover Crack have just released a complete stream of their hotly awaited upcoming album “Constructs Of The State”. If you aren’t already hyped for the album, I honestly don’t know what to tell you. Check it out here.

“Constructs Of The State” is the band’s first full release since “Baby Jesus, Sliced Up In The Major” back in 2006. The album is set to be released through Fat Wreck Chords on November 27.