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Guttermouth announce new EP “New Car Smell,” stream title track

After going a decade without releasing new music (aside from a split 7″), Guttermouth have announced their second EP of 2016. The new release titled New Car Smell is due out on November 25th through Bird Attack and Rude Records.

You can check out the title track below, and pre-order the EP here.

New Car Smell follows July 15th’s Got it Made. Guttermouth’s latest full-length album Shave the Planet was released in 2006 through Volcom Entertainment.

Anti-Flag announce “For Blood and Empire” 10th anniversary Australian tour

Pittsburgh punk veterans Anti-Flag have announced an Australian tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of their fifth album For Blood and Empire. They will play the album in its entirety each night of the tour, and they’ll be supported by former ALL singer Scott Reynolds.

The band’s full touring schedule, which includes shows in the US and Asia, can be found below.

Anti-Flag released their ninth LP American Spring in 2015 through Spinefarm Records. Later in the year, they released a compilation album titled Cease Fires through their own A-F Records.

Antillectual release music video for “Europe, This Is Your Final Countdown”

Dutch melodic punks Antillectual have released a music video for their song “Europe, This Is Your Final Countdown.” The video and track feature Strike Anywhere frontman Thomas Barnett.

You can check the music video out below.

This song is taken from Antillectual’s latest album Engage!, which was released in July through Bird Attack Records. Grab a copy here.

Fableway (melodic punk) stream 2 songs from upcoming album “Medical Tourism”

Canadian melodic punks Fableway have premiered 2 songs from their upcoming album Medical Tourism. You can listen to “Left, Right and Crazy” and “Candle” below.

Medical Tourism is set to release on October 25th. You can pre-order the album here.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes announce new album “Modern Ruin,” stream single

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have announced they will be releasing a new album titled Modern Ruin on January 27th, 2017. The band’s also streaming a single called “Lullaby.”

You can check out the new song, as well as the album’s cover art and tracklist, below.

Modern Ruin will be Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ second full-length album, serving as the follow-up to their 2015 debut Blossom.

Pulley sign to Cyber Tracks, releasing new album

SoCal punk veterans Pulley just announced they have signed to Cyber Tracks, and will be releasing a new album! Here’s what label owner El Hefe had to say about the signing:

“I’m stoked to be part of their upcoming album on their 20th anniversary. The coolest part about signing Pulley is that they are very easy to work with, they have great attitudes, and they are very appreciative.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the new Pulley album are revealed. It will be the band’s first full-length in over a decade, serving as the follow-up to 2004′s Matters.

Rancid announce 2017 South American tour

Bay Area punk veterans Rancid have announced they will be touring South America in early 2017. The tour will see the band playing festival shows in Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, and Chile.

Check out the tour dates below to see if they’re stopping near you.

Rancid’s latest album Honor Is All We Know was released in 2014 through Hellcat Records. Rumor has it the band’s got a new record in the works.

MakeWar release video for new song “Sallie”

Brooklyn’s MakeWar (formerly Sad and French) have released a music video for “Sallie,” a new song from their upcoming album Developing a Theory of Integrity. You can check it out below.

Developing a Theory of Integrity is set to release on October 7th through Red Scare Industries.

Out In Style (Melodic Punk) stream new song “At The Sanatorium”

Canadian/Brazilian melodic punk band Out In Style are streaming a new song, titled “At The Sanatorium.” You can listen and download for free below.

The track was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Bombshelter Recording Studio by Dan Wleklinski of 88 Fingers Louie, and it also features vocals from Dan Alfonsi of Still Alive.

The Hunx (Melodic Punk) release debut self-titled EP

Liverpool, England based melodic punk act The Hunx are streaming their debut self-titled EP through Bandcamp. The 5 song EP can be listened to, and downloaded for pay-what-you-want, below.

Pennycocks (punk) premiere music video for “C’mon Gipsy” off new album “Fake Gold & Broken Teeth”

Barcelona punk act Pennycocks released their latest album “Fake Gold and Broken Teeth” 2 weeks ago and to properly put it on your radar we’re stoked to premiere a music video for it’s single “C’mon Gipsy” below. Think Pop-Punk meets 77′punk mixed meets soul punk… or just watch the damn video!

“Fake Gold and Broken Teeth” was put out as a co-production between Contra Records (Germany), Bcore Disc (Spain) and Longshot Music (US).

Youth Man release claymation music video for “Look/Wait”

Birmingham art-punk band Youth Man have released a really creepy claymation music video for their song “Look/Wait”; check it out below.

The song comes off of their EP “Wax” which was released back in July via Venn Records.

Album Review: Wolvves – “Paradox Valley”

Wolvves’ latest record Paradox Valley has been a long time coming: it was released nearly two years after the Phoenix-based afro-grunge act’s last record Whatever. But it has been well worth the wait. Stellar frontman and lead songwriter Aydin Immortal seems to have finally hit the right notes to produce a punk sound that is distinctly hip-hop and filled with all kinds of attitude.

The evolution of Wolvves from their beginnings back in 2012 to where they are today has been an adventure to say the least. But one thing that has never suffered through all four records, innumerable membership turnovers, controversy, announced breakups, and bravado has been the songwriting. And each record has shown a blatantly obvious musical maturation in the band’s only constant member, Immortal.

Paradox Valley is different enough from Wolvves’ previous work that it delivers a taste of something fresh while still remaining faithful to the sound that longtime Wolvves fans have become accustomed to. There is garage rock, surf rock, hip-hop, and grunge — all molded into an aesthetic that is still completely punk.

Immortal has always had a penchant for rhyme in his lyrics, always in an undeniably hip-hop cadence, but with this new record the brazen performer seems to abandon a lot of pretense he held onto in Whatever and Go Demon or Go Home and go balls out with the hip-hop overtones.

The album’s third track “With My Niggas” and sixth track “Into It” are great examples of how the band is going in a more hip-hop direction. They have done rap-style tracks (like “Sage” off of Whatever) in the past. But never has the group really released a straight up hip-hop song until Paradox Valley. Never fear, punk purists: there are still plenty of guitars on those tracks.

Tracks like “Ivory Drive,” “Bouquet of Lightning,” and “Harriets” do heavily resemble what the band seemed to have been going for on Whatever. They possess a dreamy, almost psychedelic, retro quality that the group had in spades on their 2014 release. But the lyrics and rhythms are coming in just a little more clearly than they did last time around.

Track 7 “Gasoline” and the album’s final track “Billie Holiday” are the two songs that give the album that signature Wolvves edge and harken back to their first release, the EP Live Forever. Both tracks hit hard and fast and make you just want to get in the mosh pit and feel the music punch you in the gut.

But “Gasoline” comes with a bridge unlike anything Wolvves has done before. It’s got to be the most emotionally evocative tracks the group has ever made, with Immortal laying bare many of his more complex emotions before letting it all break down in a blazing guitar solo.

The album is altogether amazing for a band like Wolvves who are just starting to really fight their way into the national music spotlight. The record is concise, easy to listen to all the way through, and just dripping with the same attitude that has made all of their music so engrossing. Perhaps they have reached their final form as a raucous 3-piece, or maybe Aydin Immortal still has plans to revamp his band’s sound. But either way, they are definitely heading in the right direction with Paradox Valley.

Wolvves is currently on tour and coming up fast on their first ever trip to New York City. They will play The Cake Shop on September 27th and Aviv on September 28th.

4.5 / 5 Stars

BarCreeps streaming new single “Calico”

BarCreeps is a new punk band from London that is reportedly a super group. The only thing is, no one knows who’s in the band. Promo material only shows the lovely faces you see to the left, and live shots on their Facebook are all obscured and blurry. Someone might be able to figure out some of the members from those photos though. Who’s up for a little sleuthing?

We do know the band members have played with or alongside Fugazi, Amy Winehouse, The Pipettes, a Ramones tribute act, The Young Playthings, The Beastie Boys and have even had a song covered by Mark Ronson.

The band is currently streaming a new single “Calico”, which is set to be released on September 30th. You can give it a listen here.

If you’re a fan you can buy the track for whatever price you’d like through the Little Rocket Recordsbandcamp, along with the band’s previously released B-side “Troll”.

Off With Their Heads stream acoustic version of “Clear The Air”

Off With Their Heads have announced more details on their acoustic album and are sharing one of the tracks.  The album will be called Won’t Be Missed and will include acoustics versions of previously released Off With Their Heads songs.  It is set to be released on October 25th via Anxious And Angry.

The band is streaming the first track, “Clear The Air,” which you can check out here.

Off With Their Heads’ latest full-length album Home was released in 2013 through Epitaph Records.