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Abolitionist premieres song “The Instant”

Abolitionist has just premiered the title track off their upcoming record titled “The Instant”. The record is due out May 1st with pre-orders opening up next month. You can give the track a listen here.

Abolitionist’s last release was “The Pinnacle” EP in 2017.


Reno Divorce premiere new video “She’s In Love With The Avenue”

Denver’s Reno Divorce have announced the release of a music video for “She’s In Love With The Avenue” off their most recent EP “Ship of Fools”. You can check out the video and its backstory below.

“Ship of Fools”, the band’s last release, came out in 2016 through Wolverine Records.

The Lawrence Arms premiere previously unreleased “Black Snow” ahead of upcoming compilation album

The Lawrence Arms have released “Black Snow,” one of five unreleased tracks from the “Oh! Calcutta” sessions. All five will be on their upcoming compilation album, “We Are the Champions of the World.” Check out “Black Snow” below!

Ugly Friend (NY) releases “The Ugliest of Ugly Friend” in preparation of reforming

New York’s Ugly Friend has released a “best of” album consisting of 15 tracks off of three albums – “All Bagged Up,” “Number Two,” and “Grand Uglification Theory.” Original members Mikey O’Shea and Mike Kivel are working on choosing their newest members and intend to reform as a four-piece. The band is already working on new material. O’Shea comments, “The newer stuff is a little different but not too far off of what you’d expect, we grew up…..ok, no we haven’t lol. It’s weird we’ve been gone for 8 years and when I started writing in November 2017 it felt fucking good, I guess that’s all thats matters.”

You can stream “The Ugliest of Ugly Friend” below, and you can buy it for five bucks at bandcamp.

Sweden’s The Guilt to start mostly German tour

Swedish lazerpunks The Guilt have announced a spring tour starting in just a few days. The tour appears to be mostly in Germany with a few dates in Sweden.

You can check out the dates below, and someone say “Hallo, mein apfel ist grun!” to my friends in Aachen for me. They won’t know what you’re talking about, but it’ll make me laugh, and really, that’s the important thing here.

Suicidal Tendencies announce summer AU/New Zealand tour

California thrash/hardcore punk legends Suicidal Tendencies have just announced their summer 2018 AU tour dates!

All our Aussie fans are in luck for this summer to catch this slew of promising live shows where you can pick up tickets to here.

Check out the tour dates below!

CJ Ramone release new video for “Girlfriend in a Graveyard”

Looks like the former Ramones bassist CJ Ramone (Fat Wreck Chords) just released a video for “Girlfriend in a Graveyard.”

CJ’s latest album American Beauty was released in March of 2017.

Check it out below!

Traverse stream new self titled album

Indie punks Traverse are now streaming their new self titled album via Brassneck Records. 

The self titled serves as follow up to their last release of “Winter Songs From Summer Bruises” release in February of 2016. 

Stream the new album below.

Aimless Again stream new album “2020 Future Punks”

NY punks Aimless Again are now streaming their new album “2020 Future Punks.”

Aimless Again last released The North Shore Demo in 2013, and a music video for their track “Scream” which can be found on this album.

Check out this new release below.

The Siknotes (Punk, UK) Announce Album “Welcome to the Party, Pal” and Stream Teaser Track

The UK-based beer swiggers in The Siknotes have announced that they will release their latest album on April 22, 2018. The record is titled Welcome to the Party, Pal and will be available on Morning Wood and Bad Granola Records. The band are currently taking pre-orders for the album over at their bandcamp page.

The Siknotes describe their latest effort as being for fans of “Fat Wreck, partying, and Die Hard.”

As well as the new record, The Siknotes will be hitting the road with German skate punkers Money Left to Burn.

We’ve included the tour poster, as well as a sample from Welcome to the Party, Pal below.

Show Review: Altercation Punk Rock BBQ 2018

“Hello, we are your punk rock breakfast this morning!” shouted the singer for Mutant Love, and with that yet another Altercation Punk Rock BBQ was underway. I admittedly missed last year’s annual shindig, and was apprehensive about the new venue of Kick Butt Coffee, having grown accustomed to the outdoor fun of The Vortex in previous years. But within a few minutes of Mutant Love’s blistering opening set, any fears quickly evaporated.

Kick Butt Coffee in Austin, Texas is far and away one of the best venues I have been to in the Lone Star State, and Altercation’s move made total sense once I witnessed firsthand the new venue. Two stages meant even more bands rocking the notorious free yearly event, with larger capacity to handle the impressively huge crowd, and some of the most pitch-perfect sound I heard all week during SXSW.

After ML wrapped up I caught a relatively new Austin band called Despero, who did a great job at channeling Avail-inspired melodic hardcore. I had heard good things about this four piece after some pals saw them at Fest last year, and they more than lived up to the hype. Steadfast from Houston then delivered some blue-collar punk on the Sausage Stage, followed by the snazzy suit-wearing Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5. Mr. Lewis was all swagger and whiskey, calling to mind Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds on a bender, and by the time they finished their set I decided it was time for some quick sunlight and free brisket outside.

The Altercation BBQ has always been a top draw during the SXSW-fueled March madness, but this year the turnout was downright nuts. Fortunately, the brisket and free beer was in large supply, and a local company called Elgin Screenprinting provided some really cool print-on-demand festival shirts in the parking lot. Returning for seconds on the food meant I missed most of Fat By The Gallon and Memphis power duo HEELS, although if the crowd roar is any indication they definitely were both a favorite. I even heard rumor that Altercation Records co-owner JT hopped onstage to shred vocals for a tune, but can neither confirm nor deny this. I am pretty sure that was him running around as the ‘Devil Chef’ for part of the day though, much to the delight and horror of the younger fans.

Dr. Beardface and the Space Man from Philly had the crowd dancing from note one, and mentioned they will be on some Warped Tour dates this summer, before Blag from the legendary Dwarves showed up for his lone solo set of the weekend. Blag’s banter was hilarious, and the setlist was a Dwarves’ fan dream, ripping through ‘Let Me Show You How It’s Done’, ‘Trailer Trash’ and an assortment of other hits.

Nowherebound, which I’m told features former members of Altercation Records band Born To Lose, had the unenviable position of following Blag, but came out guns blazing. Any fan of working class punk like Darkbuster or Street Dogs would be well to search these guys out, who also had the best looking vinyl I saw all day. The Grizzly Band from Houston channeled Lucero-style country-tinged jams, and while I was unfamiliar with some of the newer songs they played the band was clearly a crowd favorite.

The Fantastic Plastics from Chicago had the most ‘buzz’ I heard all day, and I was honestly wondering what to expect of the guy in the giant white ‘fro wig and the gal in the B-52’s-inspired art-deco dress. Consider me a new FP believer. This duo absolutely owned the stage, complete with a sensory-overload live show of lights and projected images. If you at all like the White Stripes or Devo, the Fantastic Plastics are your new wet dream. Seriously, believe the hype and seek them out.

Punks On Parade, another Austin band I was unfamiliar with, closed out the show with their last set ever (or so it was announced). I was not expecting too much, since the band looked like many of the typical ‘up the punx’ mohawk outfits that seem to be everywhere these days. Shame on me, because it quickly became apparent that Punks On Parade were the real deal. Think ‘Let’s Go’-era Rancid songwriting, with a bass player and drummer that were unbelievably tight considering the lightning speed of the street anthems. The pit truly opened up for these Punks, giving them a proper sendoff and making me feel both sad and lucky to have seen their final show. All in all yet another epic year. How Altercation will top it in 2019 is anyone’s guess, but I know I’ll do my best to never miss another year going forward.

– Chloe Garcia

Pandemix (punk rock) stream new single “Rank & File / Second Opinion”

Pandemix formed in 2016 with the intention of being a peace punk band. While the end result was something harder to pin to a specific sub-genre, the musical and visual aesthetic of the band references foundational punk bands while speaking to something more contemporary and vital. The music sounds paranoid while the lyrics explore the anxieties and vulnerabilities of living in modern society.

This 7”, put out through Dirt Cult Records, includes songs recorded at the same session as the band’s “Scale Models of Atrocities” 12” released last year on Boss Tunage Record. Set-list mainstay “Rank & File” finally makes an appearance, taking white silence and complicity in racialized police violence to task while offering some of ‘Demix’s darkest, catchiest songwriting yet. “Second Opinion” takes the listener to many different musical vistas, all anchored by an indelible, intense chorus and a pervading sense of paranoia. This single can function as a stunning companion piece to the 12″, or a perfect entry-point for the uninitiated.

Give both tracks a listen below.

The Disgracefuls (punk) return from 15 year hiatus with new single “Castaway”

The Disgracefuls started playing together in 2001 and bumped around the Illinois punk scene playing shows until late 2004, at which point everyone graduated college and moved away, thus ending the band. Fast forward about 14 years and the band has suddenly emerged with a new single titled “Castaway” which you can stream below.

We’ll keep you posted if this leads to more activity from the band.

Note To Amy (melodic punk) stream new single “Loved Ones” (FFO: Flatfoot 56, Bad Religion)

Dutch melodic punks Note to Amy have released their first new music in over three years. It comes to us in the form of a single titled “Loved Ones” and its giving me some serious Bad Religion + Flatfoot 56 vibes in the best way possible. Give it a listen below.

“Loved Ones” is being put out by the good folks at White Russian Records.

The Dead Sparrows (punk) stream new song “I Want A Revolution” off upcoming EP “Failed In Canada”

Ontario punk act The Dead Sparrows will be releasing a new EP titled “Failed In Canada” on May 25th and to get you fired up they’re streaming the new track “I Want A Revolution” below.

This is the band’s first new release since the 2017 EP “No Core.”