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Hot Mass (punk) streaming song, “Repeat,” off debut LP, ‘Nervous Tensions’

Swansea, UK punk band Hot Mass are streaming a track off their upcoming debut LP, Nervous Tensions. Give a listen to “Repeat” below.

The band is made up of members from UK punk bands you might or might not have heard of (The Arteries, Dividers, 33). As for the song, here’s what vocalist Jenks had to say:

“I’m coming to the end of my PhD and the song is about kinda losing the motivation for what I’ve been doing for the past four years. With deadlines, and the expectation to do well favouring repetitiveness over creativity. I think that imbalance applies to a lot of other things too.”

Nervous Tensions is due out this month (May) via Brassneck Records, All In Vinyl, and Waterslide Records.

Swiss Army sign to A-F Records, announce self-titled EP

Pittsburgh solo-act-turned-full-band Swiss Army have become the newest band to join the A-F Records family. The band’s debut for the label will be a self-titled EP and will be released on June 3, 2016.

The EP was produced by Eric Downs (Allison Weiss) and Chris#2 (Anti-Flag), and will be available in both physical and digital formats, which can pre-ordered here or here, respectively.

A Lovely Crisis sign to A-F Records, announce new album “Where Do You Stand?”

Pittsburgh punk rockers A Lovely Crisis just recently inked a deal with A-F Records, and announced that they will release their debut for the label Where Do You Stand? on June 3rd. The artwork can be viewed on the left, while the track listing can be found below.

Where Do You Stand? was recorded and produced by Chris #2 from Anti-Flag, and you can pre-order your copy of it here.

White Lung stream new album, “Paradise”

Good news for White Lung fans. The Vancouver band are streaming their upcoming full-length, “Paradise,” in its entirety. You can check it out here.

“Paradise” is due out in a couple days (May 6th, to be exact) on Domino Recording Company. Pre-orders in digital, cassette, and LP format are available right here.

CJ Ramone recording new album

Former Ramones bassist CJ Ramone has returned to the studio and is currently recording a new album. According to a recent post on his Facebook page, the backing band on this LP will consist of Steve Soto and Dan Root of The Adolescents, and Street Dogs drummer Pete Sosa.

The same post indicates that Ramone is once again working with producer/engineer Paul Miner, who has also worked on releases by Agnostic Front, Death By Stereo, New Found Glory, etc.

That’s all the info we’ve got for you right now, but we’ll keep you posted as more details on the album come to light. CJ Ramone’s latest record Last Chance to Dance was released in 2014 on Fat Wreck Chords.

Lockjaw Records announces charity comp ft. The Decline, Belvedere, Gnarwolves & more

The fine people at UK punk label Lockjaw Records have announced they will be releasing a charity compilation titled No Guts No Glory: A Tribute to Kicking Crohn’s and Colitis’ Ass. All proceeds will be donated to Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

The comp, which releases on May 9th, features 26 songs from great bands like The Decline, Belvedere, Gnarwolves, A Wilhelm Scream, and many others.

Check out No Guts No Glory‘s full tracklist below, and head over to the label’s webstore to pre-order it for the price of your choosing.

Your Loss (members of Elway & Chumped) stream debut album in its entirety

Your Loss, a new band featuring Tim Browne and Brian Van Proyen of Elway and Drew Johnson of Chumped, have made their debut full-length Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation available to stream.

If you’re a fan of the bands these guys have played in, I recommend giving the album it a listen below.

Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation releases this Friday, May 6th on Anchorless Records. Head over here to pre-order.

Toxic Holocaust announce European tour dates

Oregon crossover thrash veterans Toxic Holocaust are gearing up to head to Europe thissummer for some tour dates.

Check out all the dates and locations below, as well as some previously announced US dates.

Toxic Holocaust’s latest album “Chemistry of Consciousness” was released on October 29th, 2013 through Relapse Records.

Tartar Control announce summer tour dates

Tartar Control, a pretty hilarious hardcore-punk rock band consisting of two Mormon missionaries and a robot, are going on tour this summer to spread their message of love and tooth care.

Check out all the dates and locations below.

Tartar Control last released We Forgive You on April 6th 2015.

Music Video: Happening – “Like A Noise”

French melodic-hardcore/punk act Happening have released a music video for a new song, “Like A Noise.”

Check it out below.

“Like A Noise” comes from the bands latest album, In The Middle of the Seas, which was released on September 30th, 2015.

Music Video: D.O.A. – “Fucked Up Donald”

Canadian punk legends D.O.A. have updated their classic song “Fucked Up Ronnie,” and have released a video of the new version, “Fucked Up Donald.”

Check it out below.

D.O.A.’s latest album Hard Rain Falling was released in August of 2015 through frontman Joey Keithley’s Sudden Death Records.

Throwing Rocks (Oakland Punk) stream debut self-titled album

Oakland punk act Throwing Rocks have just released their debut self-titled album, and you can listen to the whole thing now.

Give it a listen below.

Throwing Rocks was released on April 27th via Get Better! Records.

Bankrupt release music video for “Birthday”

Once again Budapest old-school pop punkers Bankrupt are combining pop-punk with well endowed bikini clad females to convince you to watch their most recent music video. This one is for the track “Birthday” and you can check it out below.

“Birthday” appears on the band’s most recent album “Outsiders” released in March.

Recommended Free Download: The Gap Year (pop-punk) – “Under Your Tongue”

Looking for some new free punk tunes but overwhelmed by the vast sea of shitty to mediocre acts that are clogging the the Internet tubes these days? Let us filter out the noise for you and recommend you check out “Under Your Tongue”, a new 2 song EP from Brazilian pop-punk act The Gap Year. It’s good. And it’s free. Stream it below. You’re welcome.

Album Review: Medictation – “Warm Places”

I never got into the Sainte Catherines, they were always on my radar but they never quite sunk my battleship. In recent years though, I have become a big ‘ol obnoxious fan of gruff-palm-muted-punk heroes Leatherface. They are one of those rare mergings of interesting music, hooks, and lyricism that turns you to a zealot. Medictation reached my ears by virtue of being the last project of the late Leatherface guitarist Dickie Hammond, who, joined with members of the Sainte Catherines form the lineup for this one-off supergroup.

Warm Places serves as a wonderful, but perhaps unintended tribute to Hammond, because, by virtue of its overall similarities to the Sainte Catherines sound, his guitar playing is the sole, and soul, takeaway. Its the contrast that makes this a new entity. Otherwise, it is a pretty standard tread through modern punk territory, without songwriting that is distinguished enough to make it rise above what the rest of the genre has to offer.

The album begins with “Memories of Youth,” which is actually one of the best songs on Warm Places. It has a cool discordant riff that opens it up before alternating into chugs and arpeggios. The music itself is one of the strongest elements of the album, with plenty of dynamic changes. It very rarely feels like a trek through samey verses and choruses. “Fishing” is another cool song, with another cool riff coupled with jittery energy.

If it was all sonics, Warm Places could be a lifetime favorite. Of anything I’ve heard recently, the sound is immediately interesting and makes a receptive listener out of even the most passive music fan. Fantastic arrangements and great playing throughout aren’t enough in the face of lifeless melodies. Perhaps necessarily, the fretwork is the only element of this album that really pops.

Warm Places is one of those albums that is going to be purely for fans, for others it’ll be curio, or a prominent goodbye to a great punk musician. Those who love it will love the Sainte Catherines as much as Leatherface, and effortlessly put in the time for the hooks to come alive and the words to assume meaning. For others, it’ll be a good album that didn’t have the nerve to be great.