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Pulling Punches streaming new song “With Stolen Words”

Philadelphia-based melodic hardcore band Pulling Punches are streaming a new song “With Stolen Words” off their upcoming EP The “Old Colors Are Dead.”

You can check out the song here.

The Old Colors Are Dead, will be released on February 9, 2016 through Creep Records. It is the follow up to their latest EP, Lighten Up, Burn It Down, was released in September 2014.

Pulling Punches stream new song “On Architects and Archetypes”

Pulling Punches are streaming a new song called “On Architects and Archetypes” over at New Noise. You can listen to it here.

“On Architects and Archetypes” will appear on the band’s upcoming EP, The Old Colors Are Dead, which will be released on February 9, 2016 through Creep Records. It is the follow up to their latest EP, Lighten Up, Burn It Down, was released in September 2014.

Strike Anywhere announce German shows with Authority Zero & Idle Class

Virginia hardcore punks Strike Anywhere have announced they will be playing two shows in Germany this summer. Authority Zero and Germany’s own Idle Class will provide support.

More info on these shows can be found below.

Strike Anywhere haven’t put out a studio album since 2009′s Iron Front, while Authority Zero released The Tipping Point in 2013 on Hardline Entertainment. Idle Class’ new LP Of Glass and Paper came out in September, 2015 through Uncle M Music.

Sun Heights streaming “Farewell” EP

Brisbane melodic hardcore act Sun Heights are streaming their appropriately named final EP “Farewell” in full.

You can check out the EP below

“Farewell” was released January 29, 2016 through Pee Records.

Music Video: Giants – “Against the Grain”

British melodic hardcore five-piece Giants have premiered a music video for their song ”Against the Grain”. You can check it out below.

“Against the Grain” is taken from Giants’ upcoming album Break the Cycle, which is due for release on April 1st through Holy Roar.

Capsize releases video for “The Angst in My Veins”

Southern California post-hardcore act Capsize is in the studio working on a new album, but they took some time out to put out a video for “The Angst in My Veins,” the title track of their debut album.  You can check out the video below.

Capsize is planning to release their newest album in the summer of 2016.

Outlier streams new single, “Sequoia”

California melodic hardcore outfit Outlier have just released a stream of their brand new single “Sequoia”. The song is fast, moody and heavy on the screaming. The single also comes with the track “Mecca”, and you can check it out below.

“Sequoia” marks the band’s first release since “Sleep Patterns” back in May, 2015. It’s available on the group’s Bandcamp page for a price of your choosing.

The Playbook (melodic-punk, Aus) release new EP

Aussie pop-punkers The Playbook have released a self-titled EP to coincide with the end of 2015. Led for the first time on record by new vocalist Laura D’Ubarno, the release marks a slight change in direction for the group, breaking away from the emotional pop-punk sound of their previous release in favor of a more classic melodic-hardcore style. “The Playbook” features three tracks showcasing the band’s new outlook along with Laura’s vocal abilities and is certainly one for fans of Heart Sounds and Hot Water Music.

You can enjoy “The Playbook” for free below.

Such Gold announce 2016 tour dates in Germany

New York melodic hardcore band Such Gold have announced some tour dates that will take place in July 2016 in Germany.  They will be joined by The Static Age, No Fun, and The Uprising.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

Such Gold most recently released The New Sidewalk in November 2014 through Razor & Tie Records.

Giants (UK, hardcore) sign to Holy Roar records and stream new video for free.

UK, posi-hardcore five-piece Giants have signed to indie label Holy Roar.

As part of their countdown to Christmas, the company have posted a free download for their latest signing’s new single, ‘Break The Cycle’ which will be available via their bandcamp for twenty four hours only.

The band will also be playing a string of seven dates across the UK in January.

You can check out the dates and the video below.

Album Review: The Faux – First Order Derivative

Southampton, UK band The Faux introduce themselves with the bombastic “First Order Derivative,” a short sonic assault that puts them firmly in the footsteps of their punk forefathers. The band’s vocals are a shattering drone, reminiscent of early Davey Havok in front of some of the more dynamic melodic-punk music that always just escaped AFI’s grasp. The band’s technicality rivals some of punk’s best, but instead of beating technicality to death, the band infuses thrash heavily into their sound. Add shoutalong vocals to tracks like the cleverly titled “Tim Robbins Was Great in The Shawshank Redemption,” and you’ve got a recipe for huge growth. If The Faux manage to break out in the United States the way they will in the UK, you’ll be hearing a lot more of this band.

The breakout track on this record has got to be the one with the longest name, and the highest ratio of thrash to noodle, “We Tried to Plant a Seed in Matt Farmiloe’s Mind… And Succeeded.” This 5 ½ minute track appears to be the band’s magnum opus, rivaling in length both the half of the album before it and the half after. The track weaves through some interesting places, with some great technical guitar riffs, before finally breaking (beautifully) into a slow, angry, droning interlude track, before the assault continues on “Russ Hillier vs. The Abominable Snowman.” If I were to give The Faux any piece of advice, it would be to focus on crafting tracks similar to “We Tried to Plant a Seed…” to round out their thrashy sound and truly differentiate themselves from any of the sea of bands who wish to possess the talent that they do, but don’t.

3.5/5 Stars

Music Video: Mighty Midgets – “Thoughts on Article 19″

Danish melodic hardcore act Mighty Midgets have premiered a music video for their song “Thoughts on Article 19″. You can watch the video below.

The video was released coincide with the reissue of their 2010 album Raising Ruins for the Future, which was recently reissued. You can pick up a copy of that reissue here.

Condolences (melodic hardcore) streaming new EP – ‘Hope Is A Mistake’

Scottish melodic hardcore band Condolences are now streaming their new EP, Hope Is A Mistake. You can listen to the entire thing below.

You can also buy a copy of the four-track release for super cheap (about 75 cents cheap), and it’s due out on other formats early next year.

Condolences last released Fears, Doubts & Self Loathing on January 29, 2015. You can also get that one for cheap on the band’s Bandcamp page right here.

Years Asleep (melodic hardcore) releases video for “Reflections,” offers free download

Slovakian melodic hardcore band Years Asleep is making their debut in the U.S. with a video for their powerful new song, “Reflections.”  You can watch the video below, and download a free copy of the song here.

The band is working on a full-length album to be released in 2016.

Capsize (post-hardcore) release new song, “Enough for Me”

Southern California post-hardcore act Capsize just released a new track called “Enough for Me,” and you can check it out below.  The song is being released as a single, although the band does have plans to go into the studio in 2016 to record an album.

Vocalist Daniel Ward had this to say about the new song:

“Everyone in the band is growing together and we’re very proud of the natural progression that’s happened since The Angst in My Veins came out.  We accomplished everything we initially wanted to when we first made the band…now we’re setting new goals and getting back in touch with influences that made us want to make music in the first place, not just what inspired the band’s creation. Just like the 7″ we put out when we first got signed, this is another very important stage in the band’s transition. Every day we are letting ourselves be more of just that – ourselves, and I think that’s a defining factor of creating longevity in what we’re doing.”

Capsize is currently on a tour of the U.S. with  Senses Fail and Silverstein.