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DS Exclusive: Hateful Monday (Skate Punk) Premieres “As Far As I Can Remember” From Upcoming Album

Throughout their nineteen year career, this terrific trio from Geneva, Switzerland, has been recognized for their aggressive style of skate punk both in their home country as well as abroad. Their newest album, Unfrightened which is due out on September 15th, reinforces this signature sound with blazing, metal inspired guitar riffs and drums that sound like a chain gun. Prior to the album’s release, the sensational Swedes wanted to give us an exclusive, first listen to prepare us for the onslaught which is to come so, the least you could do is give it a listen! Check out the World premiere of the debut single, “As Far As I Can Remember” below!

Hateful Monday’s last album was Must Be Somewhere which was released in 2013.

SLED (skate punk, FL) stream new song “Wasting Away” and launch pre-orders for album

Skate punk meets desert rock band SLED (formerly Pinhole Down) are streaming another track from their debut record under the new moniker. “Wasting Away” is the third song from the band’s premier full-length album, A Better You, which will be released on September 15, 2017 via guitarist Garrett Wadford’s own label Bird Attack Records.

Check out “Wasting Away” below and if you like it, why not pre-order the full album today over at Bandcamp.

Double Negative (Skate-Punk) stream new single “Alien” from upcoming album “The Day The Dark Won”

UK skate-punk act Double Negative are streaming a new single from their upcoming album “The Day The Dark Won’. The track is called “Alien” and you can give it a listen below.

The album is almost complete and will be released on Felony Records.

The band’s last release was “When We’re Gone” back in August 2016.

Poison Alley (Hungarian skatepunk) stream new EP

Fans of melodic hardcore, today is your lucky day: Poison Alley, out of Hungary, have released their 3rd EP Flowers of Evil. Check out a stream here.

4 tracks of chunky, harsh Peavey 5150 thickness, with melody and heaviness to boot.

The band’s last release, Break Away, Cast Away, Fade Away was released last August. 

Introducing A Thousand Times (Brazil, skatepunk)

From the mean streets of Brazil, and seemingly from an alternate reality Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack, come Brazilian skatepunks A Thousand Times. Check out a stream of their new album below.

The music is tight, aggressive and fun…with obvious nods to 90’s hardcore influences like Pennywise and Ten Foot Poll/Pulley. Standout tracks for me were “All In One” and “Stage Invaders”, songs that feel contemporary while still sounding as though they would be at home in an obscure 90’s skateboard video.

The self-titled release is the band’s first LP; with a digital EP released through the band’s Bandcamp page. Download a copy and get a t shirt featuring the absolutely bitching album art here.

DS Exclusive: Sombulance (UK Skate Punk) Premieres New EP, Lifers

After a seven year hiatus, legendary UK skate punkers, Sombulance have returned with a brand new EP! The album, entitled Lifer, is due out on August 4th via heavyweight punk label Lockjaw Records but we got our hands on it a day early and it rips! When asked about the release, founding member and guitarist, Ant Harrison explained “We’re excited and relieved to finally be releasing new music, and doing so through our friend’s label Lockjaw Records. We’ve actually been sitting on this EP for a while because it was written in the context of full length but it made sense to record our six strongest songs to release for our Punk Rock Holiday appearance.” Well lucky reader, today you’re the direct beneficiary of that decision because we’re premiering all six, strong songs exclusively here at Dying Scene! So, enough reading, get to streamin’, below!

The quartet’s last release was 2010’s debut full length, A Cynic’s Response.

Gibberish (Skate-Punk) stream two new songs “Vans and Floors” and “Apathy”

Italian/Japanese/American skate punk band Gibberish are streaming two new songs: “Vans and Floors” and “Apathy”. You can listen to them below.

The songs are from an upcoming album but as of yet there are no details on when it will be released or what the album title will be.

Sombulance stream track “Downfall” from upcoming EP

South Coast UK skate punks Sombulance are currently streaming “Downfall,” the newest track from their upcoming EP. You can listen to it below.

The EP, titled Lifer, is set to be released on August 4. Lifer is the band’s first release since their 2010 debut full length, A Cynic’s Response.

Introducing Feed The Cat (skate punk)

Skate punk lives on and strong, in France. Feed The Cat, a 4 piece rapid-fire skate punk band from Toulouse are streaming their song, “Ghosts On Our Way”, off of their record Never Press Rewind, ExceptCheck out the song below.

Sombulance (UK punk) stream new single “Lifer”

Hailing from Portsmouth, UK skate punkers Sombulance create dark, melodic punk rock anthems you can skate to, plan the downfall of the state or relax with a fine red wine and contemplate your day. Check out the stream of the title track off of their upcoming LP “Lifer” below

The Human Project release new track “What We Always Do”

UK technical melodic hardcore quartet The Human Project have released a new track on Bandcamp. “What We Always Do” came out last week – the first new track since 2013’s full length “Origins”.

You can listen to “What We Always Do” below.

Sombulance to release new EP “Lifer”

South Coast UK skate punks Sombulance return with the release of their forthcoming EP “Lifer” this Friday (Aug 4th). It’s the first new music the band has released since their 2010 debut full length, ‘A Cynic’s Response’. The EP is out on Lockjaw Records.

“We’re excited and relieved to finally be releasing new music, and doing so through our friends label Lockjaw Records” exclaimed founding member and guitarist, Ant Harrison. “We’ve actually been sitting on this EP for a while because it was written in the context of full length, but it made sense to record our six strongest songs to release for our Punk Rock Holiday appearance.”

EP details – and accompanying tour dates – below.

SLED (melodic hardcore) streaming two new songs off upcoming album “A Better You”

Florida melodic hardcore punk band SLED have released two songs off of their upcoming record, A Better You. The two songs, “Connect the Network” and “Wrong”, are part of the band’s upcoming 10-track full-length. The album will be the band’s first, despite playing tours and festivals around the world. The band has a fluctuating lineup, with the main members being Garrett Wadford (guitar), Micheal Fitzgerald (Fitzy) on Vocals, Matt Phillips (guitar), Lane Pittman (bass) and Kyle Helm (drums). Fill in members include Justin VanWestbroek of Guttermouth, Will Frazier of Whole Wheat Bread, Luis Martinez of La Armada and Simo Perini of Guttermouth/This Is A Standoff.

You can listen to the songs below.

Carrusel (skate punk) stream new EP “Posterity Now!”

San Jose, Costa Rica skate punks Carrusel are now streaming their new EP, “Posterity Now!”

According to drummer Benjamin Gerry, the EP is “a more mature EP due to it’s process which wasn’t as straightforward as the Departure Lounge. We wanted to make the riffs tighter; keeping the same line with the lyrics, but without losing the quick and aggressive style that characterizes us. The art was pretty different since we worked all together in the collage with old magazines; it was fun. It also has an emotive aspect as it came out just a year after the first EP and it motivates us to keep on making new music and have a good time.” 

The EP is a follow up to their first EP, the Departure Lounge.

Check out “Posterity Now!” below.

Sled (Formerly Pinhole Down) stream new single “Wrong” from upcoming album “A Better You”

Jacksonville skate-punks Sled are streaming a new song from their upcoming album “A Better You”. The track is called “Wrong” and you can check it out below.

The LP will be released on September 15th via Bird Attack Records and will be the band’s first full length album. You can pre-order your copy on July 28th from their bandcamp page.