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Ottawa pop-punk act, Bearings, are offering their new EP “Higher Ground” for “name your price download” through Bandcamp.

You can give it a listen as well as view their upcoming tour dates below.

The EP was released on January 21, 2015.

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Bloated Kat Records just released a new split 7″ from Oakland pop-punk act Jabber and New York’s Science Police (ft. Garth Madden and Ace of House Boat), and they have made it available for streaming!

You can give the 4-song split a listen below, and grab the 7″ from the label’s webstore.

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Earlier today, The Queers announced via Facebook that founding bassist/drummer Scott Gildersleeve (who fans of the band know as Tulu) has passed away. Here’s what frontman Joe Queer had to say about Gildersleeve’s passing:

“Scott Gildersleeve aka Tulu passed away a few days ago everybody. Go to Wimpy’s page for more info. Looks like natural causes but we’re not sure. Sucks cos not many of our fans knew him at all. Truly one of the funniest motherfuckers I ever met in my life which is saying something. RIP Tulu.”

And former frontman Wimpy Rutherford made a post of his own, in which he stated that he and Scott recently finished collaborating in the recording of a new album titled Tulu and Wimpy Fly Like a Cucumber and that he still plans on releasing it:

“As many of you now know , my closest friend of my life, and fellow musician Scott Gildersleeve, known to many of you as Tulu, or John Truth, has recently passed away. A huge piece of my soul has been ripped away from me. We had just completed an album together called Tulu and Wimpy Fly Like a Cucumber, and were getting it ready for release. I promise you all that I will make sure that happens soon, as Scott would have wanted me to. I love you Brother! Rest in peace my good friend……And may you stay….Forever Young…”

We’re very sorry for the loss Joe, Wimpy, and all of Tulu’s friends and family have suffered. Stay strong, guys!

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Live Acoustic Video: Semiotics – “M. Connolly”

Posted by Bizarro Dustin on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 11:15 AM (PST)

New Brunswick pop punk/emo act Semiotics have released a live acoustic video for a new track titled “M. Connolly”. The track will appear on the band’s appropriately titled upcoming EP,  Live at the Banana Stand. You can check out the video below.

Semiotics plan release Live at the Banana Stand later this year. In the meantime, you can catch up on the band’s previous releases, The Simple Requests EP and the Bobby Pins demo (both of which are available as name-your-price downloads) via Semiotics’ Bandcamp page.

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Music Video: Set the Score – “Decay”

Posted by ChrisDude on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 6:24 PM (PST)

Australian pop punk act Set the Score have premiered a music video for their song ”Decay”. You can watch the video below.

“Decay” is taken from Set the Score’s upcoming EP Render Me Useless, which is expected to be released later this month.

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It’s Warped Tour Wednesday again! Today’s announcement brings with it the lineup for the Acoustic Basement. Not sure if it’s the whole Acoustic Basement yet, but the lineup is as follows: Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties, American Opera, Brian Marquis, Buttons, Grey Gordon, Koji, Meghann Wright, Onward, etc., PVRIS (Dates TBD), SayWeCanFly, Speak Low If You Speak Love (7/9-7/14), and Transit.

Check out the full, up-to-date Warped Tour 2015 roster below.

Tickets for Warped Tour 2015 went on sale last month (December 12th). Get yours online here. The 2015 Warped Tour kicks off June 17th in Anchorage, Alaska, and runs through August 8th in Auburn, Washington.

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I recently caught up Maryland pop punk act BraceFace. In the interview discussed the pressures of recording album, the limitless potential of punk and what’s next for the band.

You can read the interview below.

The band released their self-titled album in 2014.

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In a recent interview with Alternative Nation, Travis barker commented on Tom DeLonge’s departure from Blink 182 and his replacement, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio.

As far as I’m concerned, no bad blood from me. I wish him the best in everything he does. I think the right thing for him to do would just man up and quit the band instead of telling people he didn’t quit and just be real with the fans… I think for Tom, he doesn’t like punk music and it was a phase for him…

Regarding Skiba:

We are two weeks in to practice and he’s killing it. There’s harmonies that have never been sung. He’s actually playing the guitar instead of just Pro Tools.

For more information on the Blink 182 drama leading up to this point, you can check out our other articles following the subject here: Tom quits,  claims he didn’t quit, Mark and Travis confirm that he did quit, Tom releases a statement.

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Album Review: Science Club – “Day Job”

Posted by Bizarro Dustin on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 9:58 AM (PST)

Growing up kind of sucks. Philadelphia’s Science Club understands that. The pressure to be successful and not disappoint everyone around you can be a lot to handle, especially when you begin to realize that “you can do anything you want with your life” really means “you’ll be good at two or three things, and those things still might not make you happy”. Day Job, the band’s sophomore album, is an eleven track ode to coming to terms with being an adult, even if it’s not entirely clear what being an adult means.

Right off the bat, Science Club makes it clear that they don’t know how to achieve adulthood, and that there’s a pain to realizing that. In the chorus of the opening track, “Another Cruddup Juggernaut”, vocalist/guitarist Nate Adams recalls being surrounded by friends who are all doing great, while he’s still plagued by the endless and exhaustive online job searches and the reassurances that “everything will be better”. Later on the album, during the acoustic “A Suit for Weddings and Funerals”, bassist Nick Elmer shares his dissatisfaction with aging; feeling left behind while his friends and peers settle down to start families, and worrying about how the inability to “mature” (whatever that may mean) will affect relationships with everyone. Day Job isn’t exactly a concept album per se, but the anxiety that comes with not fitting into the idea of what being a grown up is like does come up often.

Musically speaking, Science Club blends pop hooks with the treble-heavy guitars and wordy melodies often found in folk punk. It’s a combination that works well, and the Day Job is filled with plenty of infectious tunes. From the instant sing-along choruses of “Another Cruddup Juggernaut”, “Marathon” and “RPGs”, to the almost Against Me!-like “Feelings: The Song” to the ‘I didn’t even know it was possible to fit so many syllables into a single meter’ “Bad at Parties”, Day Job is an enjoyable listen for anyone who likes their music to be even remotely melodic.

Science Club doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but what Day Job lacks in innovation, it makes up in catchy, heartfelt, and easy-to-relate pop songs, Growing up kind of sucks, yeah, but it sucks a little less with albums like this one.

4 / 5 – Stream it below.

RIYL: The Ergs!, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Hi Ho Silver, Away!

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Light Years announce spring tour with Bonfires and Dryjacket

Posted by Shawn-Ray Dalinsky on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 3:26 PM (PST)

Ohio pop-punk act Light Years have announced an upcoming two-week Spring tour this April with Chicago’s Bonfires (alternative/emo) and New Jersey’s Dryjacket (indie rock). Check out the dates below.

The band’s most recent EP, Temporary, was released in September 2014 through Animal Style Records.

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Albany, NY pop-punk act Northern Faces is gearing up to release their upcoming self-titled full-length album this April.

The band has just premiered the opening track from the album entitled “Cops Come”, which you can listen to below.

Additionally, you can view artwork above and have a look at the track list below.

“Northern Faces” is set to be released April 21st through Equal Vision Records, and is a follow up to the band’s 2014 EP “Southern Places”, also released through Equal Vision.

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Top Bunk streaming debut self-titled EP in entirety

Posted by milhouse on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 1:04 PM (PST)

Top Bunk (new band featuring vocalist Garth Madden and Ace from House Boat) is currently streaming their debut self-titled EP in its entirety.

The 6-track 7″ was just released today through Round Dog Records / Bloated Kat Records / Dyslexic Werewolf Records and soon as a cassette through Lost Youth Records in Europe.

As a little thank you gift, purchases and downloads of the album include 3 additional bonus tracks.

You can stream the new work below.

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Bowling For Soup announce summer tour dates

Posted by The Torchbearer on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 11:18 AM (PST)

Bowling for Soup have announced some US summer tour dates in celebration of their 21st birthday.  They will be joined by The Dollyrots and Ivory Tribes.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

Bowling for Soup’s last album Lunch. Drunk. Love., was released September 10, 2013.

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Bayside announce UK tour dates in May

Posted by The Torchbearer on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 10:51 AM (PST)

Yesterday we told you about some upcoming Europan tour dates from New York pop-punk act Bayside.  It looks like before those dates in June, the band will be playing shows in the UK in May.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

Bayside released their last album, Cult, in 2014 on Hopeless Records.  The band will be releasing a deluxe version of the album, now dubbed Cult: White Edition, on March 3, 2015.  Pre-orders for the deluxe release are available here.

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Lyric Video: Ghouls – “Being Me”

Posted by The Torchbearer on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 10:34 AM (PST)

London’s pop punk/ska act Ghouls have released a lyric video for their song “Being Me.”

Check it out below.

“Being Me” comes from the bands’ latest EP, Great Expectations, which was released in October 2014.

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