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DS Photo Gallery & Show Review: All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, Neck Deep, ONE OK ROCK 11/10/2015

Ben Barlow, vocalist for Neck Deep.

Because of rush hour traffic my sister and I were almost late to the Indiana Farmers Coliseum, but we just made it, practically running in as ONE OK ROCK started their first song.  I had my camera around my neck already and I headed to the pit, and I was so thankful for the good view my press pass got me because those guys were amazing.  The Japanese four piece just recently released their first U.S. album 35xxxv, and it drew a lot of attention.  There were multiple signs meant for them in the crowd, and so many people singing along.  Admittedly I had never listened to them before that night, but I definitely have since.  Their vocalist Takahiro Moriuchi has an insane voice with great range, and the perfect mix of mostly clean (monstrous and versatile) vocals with a few uncleans thrown in there makes for a haunting sound.  Bassist Ryota Kohama rocked a five string with blinking red lights on the frets and seeing him playing through the smoke and dim lighting was enchanting.

After ONE OK ROCK cleared the stage, it was only a few minutes before Neck Deep came out.  Of the four bands playing, I have to admit I was most excited to see them.  I’d seen them during the summer at Warped Tour, but it was before Life’s Not Out to Get You had come out and I couldn’t wait to hear them play more of the album.  Their music means a lot to me because of the lyrics alone, and their style is unique in the pop punk scene.  They’re a little harder than some of the other bands in the genre, and if you listen to Crucial Dudes, you can definitely hear how they were influenced by that band.  They started with “Threat Level Midnight” and instantly got everyone in the audience caught up in their energy.  Vocalist Ben Barlow never stops moving and delivers each song with power and emotion.  Ben, bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans, guitarist Matt West, drummer Dani Washington, and stand-in guitarist Sam Bowden jump around and put so much into it that you feel bad if you’re not moving too.  The most memorable song of the night for me was definitely “Serpents” because it’s kind of a slow, deep, down tone song, but live they made it something totally different.  Dani’s drumming added an energy to it that I didn’t know it had and Ben’s head banging bumped it up to a new level.  You could tell everyone in the room was affected.

Sleeping With Sirens came on next, and I know they get a lot of flack from anyone who isn’t a teenage or young adult girl, but the truth is they’re great musicians and they know how to put on a live show.  Insult them all you want, but five successful albums and a world tour is big for a band that actually plays guitars these days.  Their set was mostly songs from their newest release Madness, but they did play a few older hits like “Fly” and “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn.”  Vocalist Kellin Quinn really got to shine on the acoustic songs though.  The band played an acoustic version of “With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear,” and Kellin hit some notes that most people wouldn’t try live.  His narration between songs is a little cheesy and cringey sometimes, but he means well, and if you love the music you might find it kind of endearing.  SWS closed out their set with one of their most popular songs, “If You Can’t Hang,” and the room went crazy.  Almost everyone was singing along and there were tons of crowd surfers.  This bands been around for a few years, but they’re still as popular as ever and it’s their solid fanbase that will keep them around for more albums.

The set change between Sleeping With Sirens and All Time Low was long, but they had good music playing so it wasn’t too bad.  I’m twenty-four now and I’ve liked All Time Low since I was a freshman in high school so having the chance to photograph them five feet from the stage was a surreal experience for me.  I’ve seen them live once before, but I was standing in the back and seeing them up close was almost like seeing fictional characters come to life.  Of course there were a lot of dick jokes and “your mom” jokes between songs and they even did an impromptu (and surprisingly good) cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.’”

Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat take most of the attention when it comes to All Time Low.  Alex’s charisma and little bit of frontman cockiness and Jack’s goofy antics and energy on stage are what drive their show.  Drummer Rian Dawson and bassist Zack Merrick are the more quiet side of the band, but their talent is essential to All Time Low’s sound and overall draw with the audience.  The four of them have been friends since high school and you can tell.  You almost feel like you’re watching your own friends up there.  But all of that aside, the music is what we were there for and they didn’t disappoint.  They opened with “Satellite,” a song from their newest album Future Hearts and they played a majority of the rest of the tracks from it.  “Dancing With A Wolf” is one of my sister and my favorites from Future Hearts, and we didn’t think they would play it but they did.  It was great to dance and sing along to that one and to go crazy to old favorites like “Backseat Serenade” and “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t).”  Alex also did an acoustic version of “Therapy,” and that emotion and serious moment was kind of cool to see in the middle of all the laughs.

The encore was “Kids In The Dark” and then “Dear Maria,” which everyone knew and as confetti and smoke sprayed out over the audience I had to smile because they’ve really made it.  So much success has come to them, and they deserve it.  They’ve grown so much, but they’re still the same.  All Time Low is one of those bands that’s kept the goofy charm they had at the beginning and they could still be your brothers or your friends playing in your garage or your basement.  Their songs perfectly capture what it’s like to be young and dumb and happy and sad and in love and heartbroken and that’s why everyone loves them.

You can check out the full photo gallery from the show below!

Northbound announce acoustic tour dates; re-worked debut full-length

Pop-punk group Northbound has announced some solo acoustic dates in December in the southeast. In addition to this they’re going to re-release their debut Death Of A Slug with half of the original album re-recorded as full band (as opposed to original acoustic versions) as well as adding two new tracks.

You can check out the tour dates and stream the re-worked record below.

The Winter Passing announce UK tour with Losing Sleep

Irish pop-punk/indie-rockers The Winter Passing are hitting the road in the UK in January with Losing Sleep, you can check out the dates below.

The Winter Passing last released A Different Space of Mind in September through 6131 Records.

The Murderburgers and Rational Anthem stream split

Scottish scoundrels The Murderburgers and American pop punk champs Rational Anthem stream their split Make a Deal and Do Cool Shit. Basically these two groups of dudes decided to do just that. Make a deal and do cool shit after a tour in the states. This here is the proof that the deal went through. The record is available to download now with CD’s available December 27th and an eventual 7 inch through Round Dog Records.

Stream the split below.

The Adicts announce European Tour dates

Legendary U.K. punks The Adicts have announced a run of European tour dates over the next few weeks that will be their last shows of the year.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

The Adicts last released All the Young Droogs in 2012 through DC-Jam Records.

Aussie surf punk band Braves release new single “Dropout”

Hailing from Perth, Australia, surf indie group Braves are sharing their brand new single “Dropout” and you can give it a listen here.

The Australian quartet have released the new single as part of a digital double single package (along with “Get it Right”) which is due out December 4th.

Knuckle Puck announce UK tour dates

Chicago pop-punks Knuckle Puck have just announced a slew of UK tour dates for early 2016. The tour will see the group preforming across the country throughout the months of March and April, marking the band’s first European excursion since the release of their latest album “Copacetic” earlier this year. Check out the dates below.

Gentlemen Prefer Blood release music video for “Diets for the Dying”

Los Angeles pop-punks Gentlemen Prefer Blood have released the music video for their song “Diets for the Dying.”

You can watch it below.

“Used Books and Guns” was released earlier this year through La Escalera Records.

The Low Ends (pop-punk) stream new EP “Already Gone” (free download)

South Texas pop-punk act The Low Ends have quietly released a brand new EP titled “Already Gone” and its a fantastic little gem of an album.  Fans of the singer’s previous band Baseborn will probably connect with “Already Gone” a little more than The Low End’s debut EP which came out in March of 2014.

Give “Already Gone” a listen below and if you dig what you hear you can download it for free on bandcamp.

Music Video: Lychee Camp – “Roms”

Florida-based indie pop-punk act Lychee Camp have premiered a music video for their song “Roms”. You can watch the video below.

“Roms” is taken from Lychee Camp’s self-titled EP, which was released last September, and is available for streaming on their Bandcamp page.

With the Punches reunite, announce first show in three years

After going on hiatus back in 2013With the Punches have announced that they are back together, and will play their first show in three years at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey on January 23rd, 2016. That show is a celebration of the 7th anniversary of Panic State Records, where Catch 22 will headline and perform their 2000 album Alone in a Crowd in its entirety. Tickets are available here.

With the Punches currently have no plans for any more shows or to release any new material, but we’ll keep you posted as more details on their reunion come to light. The band’s only proper album Seams & Stitches was released in 2012 on Doghouse Records.

4th n’ Goal (pop-punk) sign to Sliptrick Records

Italian pop-punks 4th ‘N Goal has just signed a record deal with Sliptrick Records, and plans to re-release a “supreme” edition of their most recent EP release, Turn Out the Light.

The deluxe edition of the EP will include 3 new tracks, including the single “Fingers Crossed.”  You can find the EP for sale on November 27th.

Bowling for Soup’s Jared Reddick to hold StageIt concert tonight

Bowling for Soup frontman Jared Reddick is holding a live concert on StageIt tonight.  You can check out the ticket info (only about $3!) here.  The show, which will be broadcast from the UK, will start at 5:15 p.m. EST.  Jared will be playing some Bowling for Soup favorites, as well as tunes from his other projects People on Vacation and Jarinus.

Jared and the band will be touring with The Dollyrots this fall, and heading to the UK over the winter. You can find more details on that tour here.

Grayscale release video for new song “Palette”

Philly pop punk act Grayscale have released a music video for their new single, “Palette.” The song will appear on the band’s upcoming album, What We’re Missing, and you can watch the video here.

Grayscale will release What We’re Missing on February 12, 2016 through Anchor Eighty-Four Records.

Motion City Soundtrack and The Wonder Years stream split 7-inch

Motion City Soundtrack and The Wonder Years have released a stream of their tour exclusive split 7-inch. The split was released to commemorate their current tour together, and sees the band trading songs from their new albums and having their frontmen write new lyrics and melodies.

Instead of trying to explain it anymore, you can just give a listen to “(Sort of) A Song for Patsy Cline” by Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack) and “It’s (Sort of) a Pleasure to Meet You” by Dan Campbell (The Wonder Years) below.

The Wonder Years released their new album, No Closer To Heaven, on September 4, 2015 on Hopeless Records, while Motion City Soundtrack released Panic Stations on September 18, 2015 through Epitaph Records.