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Cookie Break (Polish Pop Punk) stream debut EP “Going Nuts”

Polish female-fronted pop-punk band Cookie Break are streaming their debut EP titled “Going Nuts” through Bandcamp. You can listen below.

The Deadnotes (Pop-Punk) release video for new track “All Tied Up” (feat. Ben Kotin of Such Gold)

German indie/pop-punk band The Deadnotes have released a live session of their new song “All Tied Up” featuring Ben Kotin of Such Gold. You can check the video out below.

“All Tied Up” comes from the band’s upcoming debut album, I’ll Kiss All Fears Out of Your Face, which is set to be released on October 7th via KROD Records. You can find a 3 song preview on the band’s Bandcamp page. The band will also be touring through Germany, you can find tour dates and locations below.

The Wonder Years announce UK/EU tour with PUP and Tiny Moving Parts

The Wonder Years have announced a tour across the UK and Europe, with PUP and Tiny Moving Parts in support. PUP will be in support from January 31st to February 5th, and Tiny Moving Parts will play all dates.

See if there’s a show near you below.

The band’s latest album No Closer To Heaven was released in September, 2015 through Hopeless Records.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong to appear in episode of Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”

I know, right?!

Billie Joe Armstrong will be portraying Charlie Chaplin in an episode of “Drunk History” on Wednesday, October 4th at 10:30 pm E.T. The episode is entitled “Legends”.

To be honest, I think he looks a lot like him, but tell us what you think!

Green Day is dropping a new album this October called “Revolution Radio” through Reprise Records.

If you haven’t done it yet, check out some of the songs off of the new record. You can watch the music  video for “Bang, Bang” here, listen to the title track “Revolution Radio” here, and listen to their third song off the album “Still Breathing” here.

“Revolution Radio” will be their first record in 4 years, serving as a follow-up to 2012′s “¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!” trilogy.

Music Video: Hang Tight (New Jersey Pop Punk) – “Digital Age”

New Jersey pop punk act Hang Tight have released a video for their song “Digital Age.”

You can check it out below.

“Digital Age” is the bands’ debut single that was released on September 23rd, 2016.

Music Video: Six Time Champion – “Down”

Brighton pop punks Six Time Champion have released a video for their song “Down.”

Check it out below.

“Down” comes from the bands’ upcoming EP More Than Me, which is set to be released on October 14th.

The Overjoyed (pop-punk, Greece) release new music video for “Sharp Teeth”

The Overjoyed have released a new music video for their track “Sharp Teeth”. The tune comes from the Greek pop-punk group’s latest release “Boomdoggle” which is out on Cannonball Records.

You can check the video out below.

Gloomy Glimmers (punk) release music video for “Stay Away”

French pop punk act Gloomy Glimmers have released an intense music video for their song “Stay Away” and you can check it out below.

The song is the first track off the band’s new EP “Stay Away From This Place” released on July 12th.

Green Day stream “Still Breathing” from upcoming album “Revolution Radio”

Another track from Green Day‘s upcoming album Revolution Radio has premiered. The song is titled “Still Breathing,” and you can give it a listen below.

Revolution Radio comes out on October 7th through Reprise Records. The band recently announced tours of North America and Europe in support of the album’s release.

Almost People release video for “Bored With Booze” from upcoming full-length album

North Carolina pop-punks Almost People have released a music video for “Bored with Booze,” which is taken from their upcoming LP Songs for Best Friends. You can check it out below.

Songs for Best Friends is set to release on October 14th through Anchorless Records. It will be Almost People’s first full-length album. Pre-orders are available here.

Dan Cribb & The Isolated stream new songs, cover Mouse Rat’s “5,000 Candles in the Wind”

Dan Cribb & The Isolated are streaming 3 new songs.

Two of the tracks are b-sides from their latest album As We Drift Apart, and the third is a cover of Parks & Recreation band Mouse Rat’s ”5,000 Candles in the Wind.”

You can give all 3 tracks a listen below, and buy them on Bandcamp.

Album Review: Great Apes – “California Heart”

Great Apes are a band unafraid to tackle a meaty concept on their releases. Their last EP Playland dealt with the homogenization and subsequent loss of identity of frontman Brian Moss’s native San Francisco. This, the band’s second full length release, uses the fictional story of a disaffected adolescent to explore a range of subjects including mental illness, isolation, marriage, suburban living, drugs, bullying and more. Although the narrator is fictional, the issues that are discussed are easily relatable for anyone who has ever felt alienated or alone. All of this might suggest that this is a very downbeat album. Not at all. This album bursts with life and vitality.

Opener California Heart places our (anti) hero in a cul-de-sac in Fresno. It’s immediately clear that all is not well in their world. The song captures the protagonists feelings of impotence as they struggle to live up to society’s expectations. Although this might sound like a dark opener, the music is a bright and energetic pop-punk affair. It would be just as easy to just crank this up loud on a carefree sunny day. “The Last Days Of Tranquility” has the character finding sanctuary in nature and escaping from an uncaring world. It’s a powerful song with Moss’s voice bearing a striking resemblance to a less political but equally as erudite Conor Oberst. “Saint Brasher” has the central figure discovering the power of literature. Moss cleverly inserts names of landmark novels that deal with isolation and alienation into the lyrics.

The cathartic nature of the subject matter belies the variety of music on offer. This is true bay area pop punk to the core. The choruses are catchy and memorable and there are some suitably raucous shout along moments. While the band are adept at tweaking the boundaries of Pop punk, there are no 6 minute epics or wistful acoustic numbers. “Brown dots” and “Regarding You in Me” tear along with hints of Jawbreaker’s ear for melodic hardcore hooks.. “Chuckchansi’s Complacency for Beginners” slows the pace a little with a more early 90s Pearl Jam feel. “Prom Com” highlights the central characters disgust at the shallowness and narcissism of the people around them. It contains all the gutsy fire of an Avail song but with more searching introspection.

The album ends with two songs that documents the character’s feelings of despondence and abandonment. “Shut In with the Burden” deals with the agony of their depression and continued social isolation. It contains the powerful lyric “These days are the pages I don’t want to read”. Album finale, “The Escapist”, sees the central character resigned to their perceived fate. It’s testament to the band that that these themes come across as even handed full stops to the album. In that way they recall some of J Church’s most heartfelt moments.

This album deals with some often dark and complex subject matter but follows the melodic and catchy precepts of pop punk. It is a clever juxtaposition of the two that succeeds thanks to the bands adherence to the concept. Musically, it is tight and cohesive with all fat cut away. This is a multifaceted and accomplished album that rewards repeat listens. A sunny album with a troubled heart.

4/5 Stars

The Murderburgers (Pop-Punk) Release Music Video For “Lung Capacity”

Glasgow, Scotland based pop-punk act The Murderburgers have released a music video for their song “Lung Capacity.” Check it out below.

The song comes from their upcoming album “The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People,” which will be released October 14th, 2016 through Asian Man Records.

The Overjoyed (Pop-Punk) Stream New Album “Boomdoggle”

Greek pop-punks The Overjoyed have released their new album “Boomdoggle” via Cannonball Records. The album is also available to stream through the band’s Bandcamp page, check it out below.

“Boomdoggle” is the band’s first release since 2011′s “32″ EP.

Mr T Experience release lyric video for new song “Cynthya (with a Y)”

The Mr T Experience has released a lyric video for their song “Cinthya (with a y).” The song is the first single from the band’s long-awaited new album, King Dork Approximately: The Album, their first album in 12 years. Check it out along with the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

The album will be available Oct 4 as a free download for people who purchase the paperback edition of MTX frontman “Dr. Frank” Portman’s YA novel of the same name.