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DS Exclusive: The Taxpayers stream 2 songs off upcoming album “Big Delusion Factory”

This summer The Taxpayers will unleash their new album Big Delusion Factory through Secret Pennies Records. Personally I’ve been anxiously awaiting this album since they released Cold Hearted Town three long years ago, which is why I’m so stoked to premiere the album’s first two tracks “Call Me Linda” and “Easy Money” for you guys today.

Give the tunes a listen and read a bit about their inspiration from singer Rob Taxpayer below.

The Homeless Gospel Choir kicks off tour at a Bernie Rally

Well, this is definitely one way to get your stuff out there. Today, Derek Zanetti, the one man folk-punk act known as The Homeless Gospel Choir played a couple of protest songs at the start of a Bernie Sanders Rally. This stands in the wake of a series of tour dates that will see Zanetti playing across the South-West, alongside fellow folk solo-act Frank Turner. Check out the upcoming dates below.

FREE Music: Onward, Etc.’s “Son of Neptune”

South Dakota acoustic-punk act Onward, etc is offering a free download of the song “Son of Neptune,” which is the good news.  The lousy news is that Rosco Wuestewald is taking some much-needed time off from touring, and essentially putting himself on a bit of a hiatus.  The prolifically touring musician has decided to take the summer off, but he reassures fans that the project is “far from over.”

You can read Rosco’s full statement, which appeared today on his Facebook page, below.

The Orphans (Pre-Mischief Brew) release and stream EP of “Lost Songs”

The Orphans, now known as Mischief Brew have dropped an EP of songs they recorded in the 90s as The Orphans. You can stream the EP below.

Mischief Brew’s last release was “Bacchanal N’ Philadelphia.” The Orphans last release was “Raise The Youth.”

Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil’ Happiness streams split with Lutheran Heat

Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil’ Happiness is a new group that features Jesse Thorson of  Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels and Annie Sparrows of The Soviettes.  They are getting ready to release a split EP with fellow Minneapolis punk act Lutheran Heat.

The EP is set to be released on May 27th via Rad Girlfriend Records, but you can listen to the whole thing now.  Check it out below.

Bad Ideas announce break-up, release final album

U.K.-based emo/punk quartet Bad Ideas, who had planned to release their third album over the coming summer, have just announced their break-up. Sam Cook, the group’s vocalist, had this to say;

“As the founding member of Bad Ideas all of five years ago, and the main catalyst in this decision, Ive been nominated to write this- but I will try to speak for us as a collective as much as possible here… Bad Ideas has been a massive part of our lives. We’ve had endless amazing experiences, and met countless wonderful people in many different parts of the world. We’ve had incredible support, understanding, and love from so many of these creative, caring and marvellous individuals, and first and foremost- THANK YOU to you all!”

However, this announcement was accompanied with an early release of their final, self-titled album, which you can check it out below. On the early release, Cook had this to say;

“We made a record last summer that we’ve not managed to release yet. Its something we poured a huge amount of time, love, and energy into, and were immensely proud of it. At this juncture it feels appropriate to finally share it with the wider world- We hope you love it as much as we do!”

The EP is available on the group’s Bandcamp page for $4. They’ve also made their entire discography available for $16.

Mischief Brew release music video for “Squatter Envy”

Mischief Brew have released the music video for their song  “Squatter Envy.”

You can check out the video below.

Mischief Brew released their last album “This Is Not For Children” via Alternative Tentacles last June.

Mohawk (folk-punk) release new music video for song “Birth Error”

France based folk-punk band Mohawk have released a new music video for their song “Birth Error.” The video follows on the heels of the release of their latest album and is the ninth track off of the record. If humans vs animals (with the animals trumping the humans) is your cup of tea then be sure to take a look at this video, the track and visuals will leave you satisfied. You can take a look at it below.

This album is a follow-up to the band’s 2013 self-titled, both of which were released through Thirty Hour Drive Records.

Stoj Snak (acoustic-punk) announces debut album, streaming two new songs

Aalborg based acoustic-punk “screamer-songwriter” Stoj Snak has announced that he will be releasing his very first full-length album titled ScreamerSongwriter. In light of this announcement, he has put two songs off of the upcoming record up for you to listen to as a taste of things to come. “Fuck!” and “Laughter Brings People Together but No One Wants to Fuck the Funny Guy” are laugh-at-danger, raw, and energetic tracks that just scream madness. You can listen to both of these songs below.

ScreamerSongwriter is scheduled for release on June 6th, 2016 on physical and digital mediums. It will serve as a follow-up to his EP Happitalism, which was released in February earlier this year.

The Manx announce debut full length, ‘Voyage in Bad Taste’, stream four new songs

LA folk punk outfit The Manx are gearing up to release their first full length album this summer. Titled Voyage in Bad Taste, the album will contain 12 tracks and will be released on July 1, 2016. The band are also streaming four songs from the album, which you can listen to below. The album can be pre-ordered here.

The band last released Little Slices of Phlegm in 2015.

My Life in Black and White (folk punk) releases new EP

Oregon folk-punk act My Life In Black And White have just released a new EP called The Songs That Matter, and you can stream it below.

The 3-track EP is the band’s first release since 2014′s Columbia.  If you dig it, you can pick it up here.

Jack’s Smirking Revenge offering new EP “Lonesome Corroded West”

Colorado punk act, Jack’s Smirking Revenge, are offering their new EP The “Lonesome Corroded West” for name your price download through Bandcamp.

You can download/stream the EP below.

“The Lonesome Corroded” serves a follow-up to 2015′s “G-G-G-Ghosts!”

New Music: AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad) cover PUP’s “Reservoir”

AJJ, a band comprised completely of former members of Andrew Jackson Jihad, recently covered a track by their SideOneDummy labelmates PUP. Check out AJJ’s rendition of “Reservoir” below.

In its original form, “Reservoir” appears on PUP’s self-titled 2014 full-length.

Bandit Blotter: Days N Daze’s Whitney Flynn on the DIY struggles of losing everything

When a band goes on tour, there’s the potential to see humanity at its greatest. Whether the venues are massive stadiums or tiny basements, there’s the chance to witness people basking in their shared, undying love of music. Unfortunately, there’s also the potential for some rat-bastard to screw everything up. When that happens, there’s nothing left to do but to pick up the pieces, take stock of what went missing, and try to learn some lessons for next time.

Today, on the highly awaited, second installment of Bandit Blotter, I had a chance to talk with Whitney Flynn, Trumpeter and Vocalist of the Houston folk-punk outfit Days N Daze. After a bit of back and fourth, she managed to take time out to talk about their terrible experiences in Cheyenne, as well as their new GoFundMe campaign that will not only let them recover, but break ground in a whole new continent. You can read the interview below, and if you want to help out, check out their GoFundMe here.

Plan-It-X offer entire catalog for $134.96

So this is something a little different. Those fine folks over at Plan-It-X have just put their entire catalog on sale for exactly $134.96. It’s definitely a hefty sum, especially since punk-rockers of the folk variety aren’t exactly known for rolling in disposable income. Than again, this collection does include albums such as The Taxpayer’s “God Forgive These Bastards”, Ramshackle Glory’s “Live The Dream”, and the Ghost Mice/AJJ split, arguably three of the greatest folk-punk albums of all time. So hey, if your wallets feeling a little hefty, and you wanna hugely expand your folk-punk collection, check out the labels Bandcamp page here.