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New Music: Frank Turner – “The Sand In The Gears”

New music from the great Frank Turner on the first full day of the Chester Cheeto administration. It’s an apropos rallying-cry song called “The Sand In The Gears,” and it was recorded live in concert at Turner’s show in Silver Springs, Maryland, the other night.

You can give the track a listen below.

Turner is currently in the early stages of a big North American tour that wraps up February 18th in Boston. Check out the full tour itinerary here.

New Music: Cory Branan streams new track “Imogene” from upcoming album “Adios”

Assuming we haven’t been swallowed up by the fiery hellscape of damnation by the first week of April, we’ll have a new Cory Branan album to look forward to!

It’s called Adios, and it’s billed as “Cory’s death album.” If you saw him out on the road with the likes of Chuck Ragan or Brian Fallon or Lucero last year, you got a taste of what’s to come by way of a song called “The Vow,” penned as an ode to his late father. It’s heart-breaking but razor-sharp, which is pretty much Branan’s wheelhouse.

Adios is due out April 7th on Branan’s longtime label home, Bloodshot Records. Pre-orders of the album, including limited-edition pink vinyl (which yours truly just did — apropos on a day like today) are available here. In the meantime, you can stream the album’s lead single, “Imogene,” right here, and check out Branan’s upcoming tour dates here. Stay tuned for more on Adios in the coming months.

Branan’s last album, “The No Hit Wonder,” was released back in 2014 on Bloodshot Records,

Serenity Now! stream new song “I’ve Seen The World And I’m Tired”

Toronto pop-punkers Serenity Now!, are streaming a brand new song called “I’ve Seen The World And I’m Tired.” The track is one off of their upcoming EP, Views From The 666, which is a two-track teaser EP to their upcoming full-length album. The band also announced that they have signed with Montreal based label, Fireworks Collective to release the album – due out this spring. You can check the new song out below.

Serenity Now! last released Facsimile in 2015.

Davey Dynamite (Dying Scene Records) talks new album, new sound and new plans

There’s a moment in a short school project film about the Chicago folk punk scene where Davey Dynamite stands, legs apart, a battered guitar around his neck, locking eyes with a bearded man less than a meter away as he sings his heart out for all he’s worth. The man bellows the lyrics back with the same amount of intensity and gusto, as if the lyrics mean as much to him as to the young man who wrote them. Rather surprisingly, that bearded man turns out to be a professor of Anthropology which seems to be a fitting summary of Davey Dynamite the artist. He is a singer with that rare ability to connect with his audience on their level no matter who they are or where they come from. He has that uncanny ability to frame instantly relatable lyrics around passionate and powerful punk songs.

Davey grew up in and around Chicago and has been playing as “Davey Dynamite” since 2010 when he discovered the city’s thriving and nurturing punk scene. After a number of solo acoustic albums sprinkled with a handful of “plugged-in” tunes, his new album “Holy Shit” finds him supported by a full band on every track. It is without doubt one of the most inspiring, raw and dynamic releases of the last 12 months. 11 taut, anthemic punk songs replete with irresistible hooks and seismic choruses that sit somewhere between Frank Turner and Against Me! Just like those artists he has an exceptional ability to write lyrics that describe the human condition in new and interesting ways. Below, Davey tells us more about the recording of “Holy Shit”, his influences and what inspires him to write songs that rally against injustice and intolerance in contemporary society.

DS Exclusive: Nathan Leigh Premieres New LP “Ordinary Eternal Machinery”

A few weeks back we premiered the supremely good single “The Slumlord’s Kids” from folk punk, Nathan Leigh. Well, you guys loved it so much Mr. Leigh said that when the new album was released, he’d let you guys get a hold of it first! Well, the day of it’s release is upon us and he made good on his promise and sent Ordinary Eternal Machinery over for us to stream, exclusively for your precious little ears! Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, you’ll want to give this one a go. Sure, it has overtly anti-political lyrics and songs of solidarity as you would expect but it also has sensational music composition that goes far beyond the traditional confines of the trusty acoustic guitar that reminded us of the versatile and ageless Paul Simon. Listen to all eighteen incredible tracks, below!

Music Video: Escape From The Zoo (members of Days N Daze) – “Don’t Blink”

Houston folk punk act Escape From The Zoo (featuring Jesse Sandejas of Days N Daze) have released a music video for their song “Don’t Blink.”

You can check it out below.

Escape From The Zoo last released The Wasted Years EP on February 13th, 2015.

Cory Branan announces Spring 2017 US Tour Dates

Criminally underrated Nashville-based singer-songwriter (and personal favorite of yours truly) Cory Branan has announced a couple months worth of tour dates that’ll find him on tour throughout the States for most of March and April 2017. The run kicks off March 2nd in Birmingham, Alabama, and runs through April 29th in West Columbia. Check out the full tour itinerary below.

Cory Branan’s last album, “The No Hit Wonder,” was released back in 2014 on Bloodshot Records, but his new full-length is in the bag; stay tuned for details in the very near future.

Music Video: THE RODEOS – “Noisy Majority”

Musashino, Japan based folk-punk outfit THE RODEOS have premiered a music video for their new track “Noisy Majority.” You can give it a watch below.

“Noisy Majority” comes from the band’s upcoming full-length, titled “UNCHAINED,” which is set to release on February 8 via Diwphalanx Records. You can find the album art and tracklist below the video.

Harley Poe (Horror Folk Punk) announce details on upcoming album “lost and losing it”

Horror infused folk punk act out of Kokomo, Indiana Harley Poe have announced details on an upcoming album, titled “lost and losing it.” The album will be available digitally through CDBaby within the next few weeks, before becoming available through other online retailers. “lost and losing it” is set to be released on Valentines Day, February 14. Harley Poe has also released the tracklist, which you can find below.

Harley Poe frontman Joseph Whiteford had this to say in regards to the upcoming album: Hey all, the new #Harleypoe album is so close to being finished. It will be getting mixed and mastered within the next couple weeks and will be available digitally through cdbaby, followed by all online outlets. December 30th, forever changing my life, was supposed to be the release of #lostandlosingit, but due to the busy holiday season and schedules not always lining up, the release date has been changed to Valentine’s Day. I really hope you guys dig these new songs, but more than that I hope they help others who have gone through hard times and have had trouble finding their way out. These songs aren’t about fictional monsters, but are based on my own reality within this last year. I will begin 2017 a stronger person having dealt with a divorce I didn’t want and the letting go of past beliefs about God, love, and purpose. Some people take counseling in a private room to deal with their demons. I write songs for everyone to hear. This album has been my therapy.

Ramshackle Glory stream final album, “One Last Big Job”

Tucson folk punk outfit Ramshackle Glory is streaming their new, and final, album titled “One Last Big Job” via the band’s Bandcamp page. You can listen in full below.

“One Last Big Job” was released on December 30, 2016, and marks the final release of the band. Pre-orders for the cassette of the album can be found here, whilst the physical CD is available for pre-order through the band’s Bandcamp page here.

Music Video: Stick And Poke – “I Don’t Even Smoke”

Toronto folk punk act Stick And Poke recently released a music video for their song “I Don’t Even Smoke.”

You can check it out below.

“I Don’t Even Smoke” comes from the bands’ latest album, Never Going Back, which was released on December 4th, 2016.

Music Video: Days N Daze – “Damaged Goods”

Houston folk punk act Days N Daze have just released a music video for their song “Damaged Goods.”

You can check it out below.

“Damaged Goods ” is off the band’s split with fellow folk punkers Broken Bow and Brando Chemtrails.  The bands last release was a split with New Zealand ska punk band Night Gaunts in April 2015.

Music Video: The Manx – “Shimmering Ancient Wisdom”

Los Angeles folk-punks The Manx have released a video for their song “Shimmering Ancient Wisdom.”

You can check it out below.

“Shimmering Ancient Wisdom” comes from the bands’ latest album Voyage In Bad Taste, which was released on July 1st, 2016.

Ramshackle Glory stream new track “War On Christmas”

Tucson folk punk outfit Ramshackle Glory is streaming a new track, titled “War On Christmas,” via the band’s Bandcamp page. You can listen below.

The track comes from their upcoming album, titled “One Last Big Job,” which is set to be released December 30. Pre-orders for the cassette of the album can be found here, whilst the digital download or a physical CD is available for pre-order through the band’s Bandcamp page here.

Free Album Download: Davey Dynamite (DS Records / Folk-Punk) – “Holy Shit”

Christmas comes early, punk fans! Chicago folk-punk artist Davey Dynamite has just released his first fully plugged-in album “Holy Shit” on Dying Scene Records and I’ve officially certified it as the 3rd best punk release of 2016. Think old-school Against Me meets Frank Turner or better yet, stream that sucker in its entirety below. If you dig it, guess what? You can download it for free!



The folks at Don’t Panic Records & Distro are handling vinyl so if you’re a wax collector pre-order “Holy Shit” on vinyl here.