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DS Photo Gallery and Show Review: NOFX, Direct Hit!, Mean Jeans, & Bad Cop/Bad Cop (Los Angeles, 4/16/16)

You’ve probably heard that NOFX has a new book out, The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, and that it recently made it on the New York Times’ best seller list. You may have also had the chance to check them out on their current book signing (and show) tour promoting their newest endeavor into combining the literary and punk rock worlds.

I was lucky enough to catch their LA show at the Belasco Theater with support from Direct Hit!, Mean Jeans, and Bad Cop/Bad Cop. This was an unforgettable night of music, friends, and fun as NOFX celebrated their thirty-plus years as a band and the stories they have shared for the world to read.

Bad Cop/Bad Cop opened the show proving why they are one of the strongest new(er) acts on the Fat Wreck roster. The band played a set of songs off their nearly-a-year-old debut full-length, Not Sorry, intermixed with an older song or two. It was a real bonus to see them on the LA date before they headed to Europe for their spring tour, including a spot at Groezrock.

Mean Jeans hit the stage next and I became an new fan. Having not listened to them much before, their Ramones-inspired sound instantly caught my attention and made me dance along. I love still being surprised by music and discovering new artists and look forward to what they will do next.

Direct Hit! came out swinging, ripping through their set to an increasingly excited crowd. This was my first time seeing them in a bigger venue and they really command the stage with their energy and enthusiasm. It’s evident they are excited to be on the Fat Wreck roster and touring with bands like NOFX.

Lastly, the moment the crowd had been waiting for – Fat Mike, El Hefe, Melvin, and Smelly took the stage to celebrate the release of their book and their love of playing music. There was a different air about this show, as if it was finally like they were able to not only share their music, but their experience as a band and as friends. With NOFX, you never know what the night will hold, as they have more than enough music to play a different set every night. The band played old favorites, setlist staples, and a few newer tunes over their hour-plus set. As always, the crowd sang, danced, moshed, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Shooting these bands and shows are always a ton of fun – check out our full gallery below!

PEARS debut new music video for “Green Star”

One of the hottest bands in the hardcore scene right now, New Orleans quartet, PEARS, have a new music video out for their song “Green Star.” In the video, the band take a little road trip, before retiring their tour van in quite the fantastic fashion. See what I mean by checking the video out over at Substream Magazine.

The song is the title track off the band’s first Fat Wreck Chords full-length album. You can order the record here, and read our review of it here.

PEARS previous full-length was their debut album, 2013′s Go To Prison.

Fat Wreck Chords releasing Rise Against’s “The Unraveling” on colored vinyl

In honor of 15 years passing since Rise Against‘s debut album The Unraveling came out, the friendly people at Fat Wreck Chords are releasing the LP on colored vinyl for the first time.

Head over here to get your pre-orders in, and act fast because it’s limited to 500 copies.

The Unraveling is not the first Rise Against album to receive an anniversary reissue from Fat Wreck. In 2013, the label released a 10th anniversary edition of Revolutions Per Minute. Rise Against’s latest album The Black Market came out in July, 2014.

HD Video: Jason Cruz and Fat Mike join Hi-Standard to cover No Use For A Name

So this is pretty cool. A couple days ago a high def video surfaced on the web of a Hi-Standard show in Japan in which Jason Cruz of Strung Out and Fat Mike of NOFX joined the Japanese punk legends on stage to pay homage to Tony Sly in the form of a couple No Use For A Name covers. Jason sang “Soulmate” while Mike did “Justified Black Eye”. The video and audio recording is great but the covers themselves might leave some room for improvement. Either way, it’s cool to watch so check it out below.

NOFX debut new song “Oxy Moronic” in L.A.

Last Saturday, California punk legends NOFX debuted a new song called ”Oxy Moronic” at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles. You can check out a fan-filmed video of the song’s performance below.

“Oxy Moronic” is likely taken from NOFX’s long-awaited new album, which still has no title but is expected for release in June. It will be the band’s first studio album since 2012′s Self-Entitled.

Mean Jeans stream new album “Tight New Dimension”

Portland pop-punks Mean Jeans have made their new album Tight New Dimension available for streaming. You can listen to the entire thing below.

The LP releases this Friday, April 22nd through Fat Wreck Chords. Head over here to get your pre-orders in.

NOFX to release new album in June

photo by Ben Garcia

As you may recall, NOFX just recently finished recording and mixing their long-awaited new album. Following that, they streamed one new song a few days ago (“Hepatitis Bathtub“) and released the 7″ EP Sid and Nancy last Saturday, which was Record Store Day. Now, NOFX frontman Fat Mike has revealed that the still-untitled new album will be released in June:

“Our new album is I think our most personable album yet. For me it was like peeling off my skin. The new album which will come out in June is the first album that I wrote and recorded a lot of while I was using drugs. In the past I have always gone into the studio and recorded sober. What I found while working on this album was that I cared more. After I would do a line I became extremely focused on making whatever song I was working on the best it could be. A lot of this came from not only writing the book but also from when I was working on the “Home Street Home” musical. With a musical you can’t put in one word that’s not needed as you have 2 hours to tell an entire story. You can’t waste a word. You will definitely be able to tell the influences of the book and the musical on this new album.”

Nearly four years have passed since NOFX released their most recent studio album Self-Entitled through Fat Wreck Chords.

Lineup for this year’s Ruhrpott Rodeo announced

Organizers have revealed the lineup for the this year’s Ruhrpott Rodeo festival, which will take place Hünxe/Bottrop, Germany from August 5-7, 2016. Acts confirmed for the festival include NOFX, Descendents, Suicidal Tendencies, Lagwagon, Sick of It All, Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of MedicineFLAG, Henry Rollins, U.K. Subs, The Dwarves, The Casualties, C.J. Ramone, T.S.O.L. and many others.

For more more details (including ticket info) on this year’s Ruhrpott Rodeo, go to the festival’s official website.

NOFX stream new song “Hepatitis Bathtub”

California punk legends NOFX are streaming their brand new song “Hepatitis Bathtub”. It was offered to everyone who pre-ordered their new book “The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories”, which was released earlier this week, and you can listen to it below.

To coincide with Record Store Day, which is today, NOFX released a new 7″ EP called Sid and Nancy. They just recently finished recording and mixing their long-awaited new album, which will be their first since 2012′s Self-Entitled, and is expected to be released later this year.

It’s an all-new episode of Dying Scene Radio! Featuring Roger Lima (Less Than Jake); Sonny of Sunny on the Causeway co-hosts

This week on Dying Scene RadioBobby Pickles goes to the mattresses with Sonny, frontman (and every other instrument) of the Brooklyn-based punk act, Sunny on the Causeway. Chris Fox succumbs to a drunken stupor in Belgium (Berlin). SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Pickles drives out to The Moat House in Gainesville, Florida to interview Roger Lima, bassists/vocalist of Florida ska-punk legends, Less Than Jake.

Special commentary from Arizona glitter-punk band Doll Skin, and Gainesville Funk/Rock/Electro/Dub (or simply FRED) act Morning Fatty.

Rehasher – How to Lose Yourself
Sketchy – Pacemaker (Brandon Carlisle Tribute)
Leftover Crack – Down Under (Men At Work Cover)
Dayglo Abortions – The Dishwasher
Angels and Airwaves – Voyager
Ray Rocket – First Time
Doll Skin – Let’s Be Honest
CardiaC – El Sonido De Una Generación
The Holy Mess – Caught Like This
From Six Till Eight – Shake The Devil’s Hand
Morning Fatty – Laloquezia
Interview w/ Roger Lima
Jenarchy – Boom
Ghost On Tape – Is It A Car Crash We Are Living Now?
Venerea – Going Home
Real Friends – Colder Quicker
Astronautalis – Running Away From God
The Living End – Keep On Running
The Jukebox Romantics – Art of Wrestling with Life
The Maxies – Anne Marie
Hatebreed – A.D.
The Jasons – I Wanna Be An Asshole
Vinnie Caruana – Burn It Down
Sunny on the Causeway – Meets Tony and the Valentines

Check out all the latest music/headlines, along with all the ridiculous blathering below!

Useless ID stream new song “We Don’t Want the Airwaves”

Israeli punk veterans Useless ID are streaming their brand new song ”We Don’t Want the Airwaves”, which pays tribute to The Ramones, and you can listen to it below.

“We Don’t Want the Airwaves” is the title track from Useless ID’s upcoming EP, which due out May 6th via Fat Wreck Chords. It’s also expected to appear on the band’s upcoming album, which is due for release this summer and will be their first one since 2012′s Symptoms.

Groezrock 2016 makes final lineup additions

Groezrock 2016 is just two weeks away, and the final lineup has been locked in. The last three bands added to the bill for this year’s edition of the Belgian punk festival are No Use For A Name & Friends, WE’REWOLVES, and Caliban.

Festival organizers had this to say about what attendees can expect from No Use & Friends:

“Tony Sly made the greatest songs. His band, No Use For A Name, was a punk rock powerhouse we unfortunately had over only once in the history of GROEZROCK. Tony was also an extremely nice and lovable guy and when he suddenly passed away, he left behind a beautiful family, a great musical legacy and a lot of friends! These friends are now teaming up with former No Use musicians Matt, Rory, Dave and Scott, to bring you this unique and exclusive show. All the best No Use songs, played by No Use, sung by Tony’s friends, and you! It’s not going to get more special than this.”

These bands join an already awesome lineup, featuring names like RancidDillinger FourSum 41Dag NastyMe First And The Gimme GimmesThe Bennies, and many others. More info on Greozrock 2016, as well as tickets, can be found here.

Uke-Hunt announce European tour

Uke-Hunt (ft. Spike Slawson of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Joe Raposo of Lagwagon, and more) will be touring Europe this May. Check out the dates and locations below.

The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 2014 through Fat Wreck Chords. If you haven’t heard the album, you can listen to it here.

Album Review: PEARS – “Green Star”

By now everyone knows PEARS (if you don’t, quick! catch up!).  In the span of two years, the band has gone from unknown NOLA upstarts to releasing their newest album Green Star on one of punk’s most well-known record labels, Fat Wreck Chords.  While it has been an impressive two years, it by no means just happened over night.  PEARS are road warriors, having probably spent 90% of their existence on tour; getting their name out by playing with genre greats and of course putting on furious live shows.  But all of this would be for nothing if they didn’t have the songs to back it up.  And PEARS definitely has the songs to back it up.

Talk to anyone that has given the band a listen, and you will surely hear something along the lines of “angry hardcore, but with catchy melodies,” when asked for a description.  Their debut album Go To Prison set the stage for their unique blend, but Green Star takes it to the next level.  For one, the hardcore parts are even heavier.   With blast beats, fast riffs, and throat shredding vocals, “Cumshots” wouldn’t sound out of place on a powerviolence record.  You know, if the chorus wasn’t so damn catchy.  Brian Pretus’ guitar sounds absolutely vicious on this song, and on the whole album really, and Jarrett Nathan is a monster on the drums.

Every song is fast, but the band manages to throw in some heavy breakdowns as well.  You won’t find much hardcore dancing during these parts at shows, but they do provide great sing along opportunities.  In “Anhedonia,” a chorus of “give me death, give me death,” is peppered over some almost metal sounding riffs, before leading into the melodic ending.  While in “Bug Aware,” the band slows down the song while shouting, “No god, no hope.”

Of course, this wouldn’t be PEARS if there were only these heavy moments.  The best part about Green Star is how effortlessly the band combines the hardcore moments with their catchy and melodic parts.  At some points, it’s hard to even tell whether a certain part of a song is heavy or melodic (short answer, it’s both at the same time).  Some songs like “Snowflake,” and the title track tend to emphasize the melody more than others, while some songs seem to go back and forth within matters of seconds.

Take “Cloverleaf.”  It starts off with probably the poppiest sounding intro you could ever think to find on a PEARS record.  This only lasts for about 10 seconds though, as the “poppy section” is broken up with moments of pure rage, before eventually busting into a completely different sounding, fast punk tune.  This song is also a great example of how lead singer Zach Quinn can take his pessimistic and self-deprecating lyrics and turn them into something catchy.  Seriously, who else can make you sing “I wanna wanna die, I wanna wanna die,” with a smile on your face.

One of the more interesting aspects of Green Star are the piano interludes.  That’s right, I said it.  Piano Interludes.  There are two short ones, “Dizzy is Drunk” and “Jump The Fucking Ship,” that do a great job of providing your ears a nice break from the madness.  I honestly enjoy these tunes every time I hear them, and I wouldn’t be opposed to the band playing around with the piano a little more in the future.

All in all, Green Star is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be.  It did take a little longer to grow on me than Go To Prison, but I think that’s just because that album seemed to come out of nowhere, whereas Green Star was built up in my mind with high expectations.  But after multiple listens, there is no doubt in my mind that PEARS has made another fantastic album.

5/5 Stars

Direct Hit! stream new song “Forced to Sleep”

Milwaukee pop-punks Direct Hit! are streaming a brand new song titled “Forced to Sleep”, which is taken from their upcoming album Wasted Mind.

You can listen to the song below.

Wasted Mind releases June 24th on Fat Wreck Chords. The band’s last album Brainless God came out in 2013 on Red Scare Industries.