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Lagwagon reveal tracklist for new album “Hang”

Posted by Screeching Bottlerocket on Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 9:37 AM (PST)

California punk veterans Lagwagon have revealed the tracklist for their long-awaited new album Hang. Check it out below, and give the teaser they put up yesterday a listen while you’re at it!

Hang is set to be released on October 28th through Fat Wreck Chords. It will be the band’s first full-length in nearly a decade, serving as a follow-up to 2005′s Resolve.

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Lagwagon post artwork, 15-second teaser for “Hang”

Posted by jaystone on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 3:51 PM (PST)

Rejoice, Lagwagon fans. Then end (of our wait for new material) is nigh!

Today, the fellas unveiled the cover art for their upcoming studio full-length Hang. Check it out above.

Additionally, the band posted another teaser from that very album. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comment sections.

The long-awaited Hang is due out on October 28th through Fat Wreck Chords. It serves as the follow-up to 2005′s Resolve.

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Swingin’ Utters announce new album “Fistful of Hollow”

Posted by Kaylee McNeil on Monday, August 25, 2014 at 4:07 PM (PST)

San Francisco punk group Swingin’ Utters have just announced that they will be releasing their latest album, Fistful of Hollow, on November 11th via Fat Wreck Chords.

On the upcoming release, band member Darius Koski commented:

I think we’ve made a “different” sounding record for us again, and that’s what we’ve been vying for from day one, so we’re going strong right now, full of ideas and just anxious to keep on with it!

We have no more information on the album itself other than it will synthesize classic punk rock with an “eclectic mix of sounds” and it will feature 15 tracks. We will keep you updated as more details come to light. You can view the artwork for the album above.

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Israeli punk outfit Useless ID might be weaving their way through Europe as we speak, but that didn’t stop one-half of the band from catching up with Out Of The Ordinary while in Munich, Germany. For the occasion, the band played an acoustic version of the track “New Misery.” Check it out below.

“New Misery” appears on the band’s latest full-length, “Symptoms,” which was released back in 2012 on Fat Wreck Chords.

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Full Set Video: Me First And The Gimme Gimmes live in Paris w/ Jay Bentley on bass

Posted by bob9746 on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 12:20 PM (PST)

Here’s something for all you Me First And The Gimme Gimmes fans with an hour to kill!

A HD video of the band’s full set from a show they played in Paris back in February with Jay Bentley of Bad Religion on bass has made its way online, and you can check it out below.

Me First’s latest album Are We Not Men? We Are Diva! was released on May 13th through Fat Wreck Chords.

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First wave of bands announced for Soundwave 2015

Posted by ChrisDude on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 9:41 PM (PST)

The organizers of Soundwave have announced the 2015 edition of the touring festival, which will be traveling across Australia from February 21st to March 1st. The lineup includes Faith No More, Soundgarden, Lamb of God, Ministry, former My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way, New Found Glory, Atreyu, The Aquabats, Slipknot, Fall Out Boy, Judas Priest, LagwagonAll Time Low, Tonight Alive, The Swellers and many other bands.

You can view the dates and a full list of bands included in next year’s Soundwave below.

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The Dirty Nil (Fat Wreck Chords) stream new 7-inch

Posted by Johnny X on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 3:37 PM (PST)

The Dirty Nil, a grimy rock band out of Canada, have just released a 2 song 7-inch on Fat Wreck Chords and if you’re itching to hear what the latest Fat signing sounds like you’re in luck.  You can give the EP a listen below.

You can purchase the 7-inch on Fat’s webstore.

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Masked Intruder announce Midwest tour with Foxy Shazam

Posted by Lauren Mills on Friday, August 15, 2014 at 11:33 AM (PST)

Pop-punk criminals Masked Intruder have announced Midwest tour dates with Foxy Shazam.

You can view the dates and locations below.

Masked Intruder’s new album M.I. was released on May 27th through Fat Wreck Chords.

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The full schedule for the 2014 edition of The Fest’s little brother Big Pre-Fest In Little Ybor has been posted, and Less Than Jake have announced they will be playing Losing Streak front-to-back when they hit the stage on the 2nd night!!

A handful of other bands will be playing ‘special sets’ as well – A Wilhelm Scream will be playing nothing but songs requested via Twitter, Broadway Calls are gonna try to play ‘at least most of’ their 2008 self-titled album, ASTPAI will be playing their new album Burden Calls in its entirety, and Banquets will play their debut album Top Button, Bottom Shelf front-to-back.

The full schedule for Big Pre-Fest In Little Ybor 2 can be found over here, along with links to where you can buy tickets for the shows going on at each individual venue. The full schedule for The Fest 13 is apparently coming soon, so stay tuned for that!

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The Dirty Nil and Greys post covers of each other

Posted by Jonathan Lyte on Thursday, August 14, 2014 at 3:11 PM (PST)

Canadian punk rock bands The Dirty Nil and Greys each recently posted covers of each others songs. The videos feature The Dirty Nil playing Greys’ “Guy Picciotto” and Greys playing The Dirty Nil’s “Nicotine.” The two groups are currently on a Canada/US tour together that starts today and ends in September. You can check out the covers and tour dates below.

The Dirty Nil released their debut full-length Smite in February, with a follow-up 7″ EP soon after called Cinnamon/Guided By Vices via Fat Wreck Chords . Greys debuted their full-length If Anything in June via Buzz Records and Carpark Worldwide.

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Lagwagon stream clip of new song from upcoming album “Hang”

Posted by Screeching Bottlerocket on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 3:03 PM (PST)

California punk veterans Lagwagon are streaming a 15-second clip of a new song from their highly-anticipated upcoming album Hang. You can check it out below.

Hang is set to be released on October 28th through Fat Wreck Chords. It will be their first full-length in nearly a decade, serving a follow-up to 2005′s Resolve.

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Jordan Burns of Strung Out and Erik “Smelly” Sandin of NOFX recently sat down for a lengthy interview with about their motocross company Moto XXX. The two discussed their former team and how it and the company changed over the years and why.

Reflecting on the end of the Moto XXX team in 2008 Burns had this to say:

“I had this whole dream that I wanted to go out with rolling into the pits with a semi truck and then while we’re partying in the pits, we dump gas everywhere, light a match and we catch the rig on fire. And it burns down in the pits and that’s how we’d go out. That would be the Moto XXX way, everyone would remember that.”

You can check out the full article here and the official website of Moto XXX here.

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Former Ramones bassist CJ Ramone has signed to Fat Wreck Chords with plans to release a new 7-inch titled Understand Me? on September 30th. You can give the title track a listen and find details on CJ’s upcoming Brazilian tour below.

The 7-inch’s b-side is a cover of Black Flag’s classic song “Rise Above,” featuring guitar and background vocals by Dez Cadena himself. Head over here to get your pre-orders in.

CJ’s upcoming full-length Last Chance To Dance is said to be coming out this year, but we’re not entirely sure if Fat’s handling that release. We’ll keep you posted as more details on the record, which will serve as a follow-up to 2012′s Reconquista, come to light.

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Singer-songwriter Jenn Fiorentino recently posted a video of herself playing an acoustic cover of The Flatliners‘ “Monumental.”

You can watch the performance below.

Jenn has done a number of other acoustic covers including tunes from Against Me!, Smoke or Fire, and Propagandhi, just to name a few. She also released an album of original material titled From Darkness to Light last June.

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Album Review: Anti-Flag – “A Document of Dissent: 1993-2013″

Posted by Bizarro Dustin on Friday, August 8, 2014 at 3:42 PM (PST)

Depending on where you hang out around the internet, you may or may not be familiar with the running joke that Anti-Flag is your fifteen-year-old self’s favorite band. The accessibility of their music combined with the (generally) non-specific politically charged lyrics are often cited as “evidence” that Anti-Flag is a “beginner punk band”, so to speak, and that they are an act to be dismissed by veteran punks. And yet, even in the face of these criticisms, Anti-Flag has stuck it out and has been going on strong for 21 years with plenty of punk fans, old and new. So what better way to acknowledge this achievement than to release a comprehensive greatest hits collection? That’s where A Document of Dissent: 1993-2013 comes in.

Boasting twenty-six songs taken from nine different albums that have been put out on six different labels, (For those who aren’t keeping track: New Red Archives, Go-Kart Records, Fat Wreck, RCA, SideOneDummy, and, of course, the band’s own A-F Records), A Document of Dissent is one hell of a compilation. Collecting everything between singles like “Turncoat” and “One Trillion Dollar$” and old classics like “Die for the Government” and “That’s Youth” to newer tracks like “Broken Bones” and “The Economy Is Suffering”, and even the fan-favorite “Spaz’s House Destruction Party”, A Document of Dissent  mostly lives up to its name by documenting every major album that Anti-Flag has put out since their earliest days. One could argue that tracks from their early singles and splits should have been included as well, to give a full documentation of exactly how far the band has come, but alas… listeners will just have to make do with these twenty-six tracks.

However, as impressive as the tracklist is, A Document of Dissent doesn’t really offer much incentive for longtime fans to pick it up. Most greatest hits packages include one or two brand new songs, or at the very least new recordings of old songs, but none of that makes it on here. Sure, it’s said that every track has been given a remastering courtesy of Mass Giorgini, but by the time you make it to the tracks pulled from The Terror State (roughly a third of the way into the album) there really isn’t much of a sonic difference. In this respect, A Document of Dissent pales in comparison to the 20 Years of Hell singles series (y’know, the other 20th anniversary celebration that Anti-Flag has been putting out), which is chock-full of new recordings of old tracks, and even a brand new song… not to mention songs by six up-and-coming bands that may just become your new favorite act. While there isn’t much here for hardcore Anti-Flag followers, A Document of Dissent is still a treat for any newcomers or casual fans of the band who have an interest in checking them out but didn’t know where to begin.

3/5 Stars

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