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The Sidekicks premiere video for “Don’t Feel Like Dancing”, announce East Coast tour dates

The Sidekicks have premiered a video for their single “Don’t Feel Like Dancing’ off of their upcoming album ‘Happiness Hours’, due out May 18 on Epitaph.

The Sidekicks are also playing a string of East Coast shows this Summer with Swim Team. You can check out the new record and tour dates below.

Three years in the making, the new record is produced by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile) and follows up 2015’s ‘Runners in the Nerved World’. 

DS Exclusive: “There’s Nothing I Love More Than Seeing If I Can Pull Something Off!” – Brendan Kelly on The Lawrence Arms, punk rock Champions Of The World

When last we chatted with the inimitable Brendan Kelly – at an upstairs table at a firehouse-turned-swingers-club-turned-music-venue in a sketchy Providence, Rhode Island, neighborhood – his The Falcon project was winding down its year-long revival and there was talk of working on a new Wandering Birds album and firing the engines of the USS Lawrence Arms up again. It may have taken a tad longer than expected, but last Wednesday in the Boston area (see our photos and review of that show here), The Lawrence Arms kicked off the first of three scheduled twelve-day tours in the  in support of their latest album, We Are The Champions Of The World.

If you’re not familiar with WATCOTW, it’s a Fat Wreck Chords-released 29-song retrospective culled from the band’s nearly twenty years in the game. We caught up with Kelly again on release day (March 30), to discuss how a band without any bona fide “hits” – at least in the traditional sense – could pull together a “greatest hits” album. The idea, believe it or not, came from their Fat Wreck Chords boss himself.  “I would love — LOVE — to take credit for masterminding this,” explains Kelly, “but as with everything in punk rock, Fat Mike came up with the idea!” As you may have noticed, Fat Wreck has gotten in the “greatest hits” game in recent years, with bands like Swingin’ Utters and Me First And The Gimme Gimmes and No Use For A Name getting the treatment. According to Kelly, Fat Mike reached out directly with the proposal. “He hit me up and he was like “hey, we like you guys, I seem to recall you guys liking us a lot. We’d love to do a greatest hits record.” I was like “that seems like an odd thing to do!” Like, really? When No Use For A Name puts out a greatest hits record or NOFX puts out a greatest hits record, I get that. But we’re the fucking Lawrence Arms…it seems like an odd thing.” Ever the businessman, Fat Mike of course had a method to his madness. Says Kelly: “He made a good point, or at least I’m attributing this point to him. (He said) ‘the way people consume music these days is that they just go on Spotify and check something out. Wouldn’t you like to have a bunch of good songs in one place so everybody can just go there and you can make sure they’re not getting something that’s not that representative of your band? A greatest hits record is a great way to do that!

With that, Kelly and his longtime TLA comrades Chris McCaughan and Neil Hennessy set to figuring out exactly what songs to include on such a retrospective. Individual fans might take issue with a particular favorite of theirs not making the cut, but the album is largely representative from the best parts of each of the band’s albums. Well…almost the best parts. Never one to pine wistfully on the olden days, Kelly isn’t the kind of guy who listens to his own catalog with any regularity. “I didn’t go back and revisit the old recordings at all, which MAYBE kinda bit us in the dick a little bit on this release, because there is a song on the record, that’s not supposed to be on there.” If you’re one of the lucky ones who already obtained one of the first pressings of the album, you may have already caught the mistake. While it is listed on the album’s official tracklist, the song “The Northside, L & L, and Any Number Of Crappy Apartments” does not actually appear on the record. In its place is “Someday We’re All Gonna Weigh 400 Lbs,” the track immediately before “Northside…” on the band’s debut album, Guided Tour Of Chicago. The mistake’s roots trace back nearly twenty years, as when Guided Tour… was being put together, not only did Kelly pull the album’s artwork and layout together, but he and an old engineer did the digital markings for the tracks as well. “This is so boring…” laughs Kelly without realizing exactly how big a dork I and many of the band’s rabid fans are. “We both didn’t know what we were doing, which is why there’s that five seconds at the beginning of Guided Tour Of Chicago that’s Track 1. So all the tracklisting is pushed as a result, and so when whoever either at Asian Man or at Fat was sending the .WAV files, I looked at them and said “oh, Track 6 is “Northside…” and it was labelled as “Northside…”when they sent it over, but it was actually “Someday We’re All Gonna Weigh 400 Lbs” instead. If you’re lucky enough to get a physical copy that has that song on it, hold on to it, because someday nerds will be fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on it!:

While We Are The Champions Of The World contains snapshots from each of the band’s studio albums – full-length and EP – it also contains five previously unreleased songs, all culled from the recording sessions for what would be their highly-regarded 2006 full-length, Oh! Calcutta!. Curiously enough, they also represent the only real unreleased music from the band’s vault’s, save for one song that the only existed on cassette tape. “(Oh! Calcutta!) was a unique record for us,” says Kelly. “We were in the studio for like three months. We were writing like crazy. I had a broken kneecap, so I was in a full leg cast. My songs kept getting angrier and angrier at the time…because I was fucking angry from being in a cast for six months! We just had this huge amount of material, and at the same time, as the record started coming together, we started to see a real vision of what it was becoming and how it was cohesing (sic).

As you’re reading this, the band’s first twelve day run in support of WATCOTW is about halfway over; after a two-week break, the second leg fires up in Seattle on April 27th and runs through May 6th in Denver. Both runs feature the likes of highly-regarded Red Scare Industries acts Red City Radio and Sincere Engineer. Both put out stellar releases within the past couple of months. And while most readers here are well versed on the likes of Oklahoma’s Red City Radio, the buzz behind Sincere Engineer’s Deanna Belos is intense and still growing. “Deanna is awesome, man,” states Kelly with the tone of a proud older brother. “She’s just like this weird kid from Chicago that grew up listening to all the bands that played with us and she really did her own thing, man. It’s really neat. I balk at taking credit for things that turn out well! But she’s been influenced by a lot of the things that a lot of my friends and peers have done, and she’s really synthesized it into something very cool and unique. I’m really happy to be part of Red Scare to give her a platform and I’m really happy that we’re taking her out on tour!”

Head below to check out our full Good Friday (the punkest of holidays!) chat with the always entertaining Brendan Kelly. There’s also more than a little bit of information on that aforementioned still-in-the-works Wandering Birds record!

Save Face signs to Epitaph, premieres new song “Bad”

Made official on April 4, New Jersey band Save Face has signed to become part of the Epitaph Records family. The band immediately made their label debut as well with the release of their new single “Bad”.

The band is also on tour this Spring with Boston Manor. You can check out the song, tour dates, and more information on the signing below.

Save Face last released “Folly: On the Rocks”, a stripped down and more intimate rendition of a previous release, in late 2017.

Pennywise stream “Won’t Give Up the Fight” off upcoming coming album

Pennywise is streaming “Won’t Give Up the Fight” off their upcoming album, “Never Gonna Die.” It will be their first album with original vocalist Jim Lindberg since 2008’s “Reason to Believe.”

Check out “Won’t Give Up the Fight” below!

The Lawrence Arms stream “We Are the Champions of the World” best of

There goes my night. The Lawrence Arms are streaming their massive twenty-nine track “We Are the Champions of the World” best of collection.

You can stream it below and buy it for $12 at bandcamp while I sit here and relive the soundtrack to the last fifteen years of my life.

New Bad Religion album coming this summer?

According to a German website, California punk icons Bad Religion will release their long-awaited new album this summer, which they began work on last February. The release of the follow-up to 2013’s True North coincides with the band’s summer European tour.

No further more information has been given, but we’ll keep you posted when more details surface. In addition to being the first album from Bad Religion in five years, the record will be their first with Mike Dimkich (replacing Greg Hetson) on guitar and Jamie Miller (replacing Brooks Wackerman) on drums.

Social Distortion announce tour this summer, and album for release this year

SoCal punks Social Distortion are heading out on tour this summer! Pack your bags and get excited.

The guys also have said that they are currently in the porcess of recording a new album which will hopefully make it’s release later this year on Epitaph Records. This new album will follow up their last release of Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes which made it’s debut in 2011.

Check out the tour dates below!

The Lawrence Arms premiere previously unreleased “Black Snow” ahead of upcoming compilation album

The Lawrence Arms have released “Black Snow,” one of five unreleased tracks from the “Oh! Calcutta” sessions. All five will be on their upcoming compilation album, “We Are the Champions of the World.” Check out “Black Snow” below!

Pennywise streams new song “Live While You Can” off upcoming album “Never Gonna Die” (it’s good!)

I have to admit, I was a little “meh” when I listened to the first single Pennywise streamed from their upcoming come-back album “Never Gonna Die.” Being the first new Lindberg fronted Pennywise material in over a decade I had high hopes but the track just didn’t do much for me. I’m happy to say, however, that with this second single, they’ve completely redeemed themselves! “Live While You Can” is the Lindberg Pennywise track I’ve been waiting to hear for over ten years and I recommend you give it a listen at peek volume below.

“Never Gonna Die” will be released April 20th via longtime home Epitaph Records.

“Never Gonna Die” will serve as a follow-up to 2014’s retrospective album Yesterdays. Before that the band had released “All Or Nothing” with Zoli Teglas on vocal duty during a temporary rift with Lindberg.

Pennywise and Strung Out announce Ontario and Quebec tourdates

Tuesday morning Canadianity check in. Pennywise and Strung Out have announced a string of shows in Ontario and Québec. It’s not often Pennywise or Strung Out make the trek to this part of Canada so move quick on tickets or be left wondering what could have been.

Check out below for a full list of dates.

Pennywise recently announced they will be releasing a new album Never Gonna Die, out April 20th. Strung Out have recorded an acoustic album Black Out the Sky, out May 11th. 

Pennywise announce new album “Never Gonna Die”, streams title track

Aaaaand, it’s finally here. The first new Jim Lindberg fronted Pennywise album to be released in 10 years! The band has just announced that on April 20th they will be releasing “Never Gonna Dia” via longtime home Epitaph Records. Get yourself fired up by streaming the album’s title track while you read through the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

“The goal of the song is to try and get young people to finally say enough, and that the system isn’t working,” Lindberg states. “It’s going to take a massive evolutionary shift in consciousness to change it, starting with the youth, because unless we do, we’ll just have more of the same carnage we’ve seen happening all over the world reincarnated with every new generation.”

“Never Gonna Die” will serve as a follow-up to 2014’s retrospective album Yesterdays. Before that the band had released “All Or Nothing” with Zoli Teglas on vocal duty during a temporary rift with Lindberg.

Bad Religion tease new album

It’s been five years since Bad Religion last released any new material, but a tweet from frontman Greg Graffin suggests that he and guitarist Brett Gurewitz are in the studio working on songs for the band’s next record. The tweet simply says, “New songs in the pipeline….”

The new Bad Religion album will be their full-length studio album since 2013’s True North as well as their first with Mike Dimkich (replacing Greg Hetson) on guitar and Jamie Miller (replacing Brooks Wackerman) on drums. The band last released the EP Christmas Songs, which also came out in 2013.

When the record will be released is unknown, but we’ll keep you updated as details arise.

Turnstile, Touche Amore and Culture Abuse detail tour

Turnstile, Touché Amoré and Culture Abuse are have announced a lengthy US tour. The tour will begin April 9th in Cleveland, OH and wrap May 7th in Boston, MA.

Full details of the tour and ticket links are below.

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls announce Australia and New Zealand tour

Singer songwriter Frank Turner (and his band The Sleeping Souls) have just announced that they’ll be hitting the road down under in Australia and New Zealand in November and December of 2018. Pre sale tickets start today, and official sales open on Friday, February 2nd. You can pick up a pair of tickets here.

Check out the dates below!

The Lawrence Arms announce best-of album and tour

To celebrate their 19th year, The Lawrence Arms have announced a best-of album, with unreleased tracks!

“We Are the Champions of the World”, a 29 song retrospective collecting the band’s most popular works, is due out March 30th on Fat Wreck Chords.

The band took a unique approach to crafting the compilation record. Rather than just a smattering of commercially successful singles, they attempted to capture the band’s evolution throughout their career.  “I think you have to have hits to make a greatest hits,” says bassist/vocalist Brandon Kelly, “of which, frankly, there are none.” The album will feature material from all of their releases, and include 5 unheard songs recorded during the “Oh, Calcutta” sessions. 

This spring, The Lawrence Arms will set out on tour to support the record starting April 4th in Boston and winding down May 6th in Denver, CO. Check out additional details on the dates below!