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Disaster Strikes release new ‘anti-Trump, anti-Bannon’ track, “The Vow To Resist”

Boston political hardcore punks Disaster Strikes have released a brand new track called “The Vow To Resist.” The four-piece holed up in the studio with Converge’s Kurt Ballou to record the “anti-Trump, anti-Bannon” track, and released it just in time for their spot on the “Now Or Never” tour with Thulsa Doom and La Armada. You can stream the track below, or you can head here to see where you can grab a physical copy of the track as part of a limited run, three-way split with their current tourmates!


Disaster Strikes’ last album, “In The Age Of Corporate Personhood,” was released last July on Alternative Tentacles.

Disaster Strikes release video for “In the Age of Corporate Personhood”

Boston political hardcore punks Disaster Strikes have released a video for “In The Age Of Corporate Personhood” – a track from their new album of the same name. The song features Jello Biafra on guest vocals – and all formats can be ordered from Alternative Tentacles now.

You can watch the video below.

Pansy Division streaming new album “Quite Contrary” in its entirety

Pansy Division have made their new album Quite Contrary available to stream ahead of its September 9th release through Alternative Tentacles. You can listen to the entire record below.

Quite Contrary is the band’s first album in 7 years, following 2009’s That’s So Gay.

Pansy Division talk queerness and punk, past and present

Queercore legends Pansy Division are back at it again! With their highly anticipated upcoming album “Quite Contrary” coming out in a few days, the band’s frontman Jon Ginoli  had a chat with Alt Press and Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce from up and coming Brooklyn queercore group PWR BTTM to discuss queerness in punk. You can read the transcription below.

The band has already released two songs, “He’s Trouble” and “Blame the Bible” which you can listen to here.

“Quite Contrary” will be Pansy Division’s first full-length album in 7 years, serving as a follow-up to 2009′s “That’s So Gay”.

Album Review: Culture Shock – ‘Attention Span’

Culture Shock haven’t released any new music since 1989. But that statement is only partially true; although the name “Culture Shock” hasn’t been used in nearly three decades, the band’s members have been actively involved in various punk bands together- most notably Citizen Fish and the Subhumans. Since they’ve been playing together for so many years, it makes the band’s return all the easier to digest, and helps Attention Span, their fourth studio album, to avoid any of the pitfalls that generally plague reunion albums.

As a matter of fact, Attention Span hardly sounds like a reunion album at all. It hardly sounds like Culture Shock has even taken any kind of extended break- there are no awkward compositions that sound like the messy result of members not wanting to hurt each other’s feelings by telling them their new ideas are bad, nor are there any over-bloated “we’re back!” sentiments throughout the album. Instead, Attention Span is 10 straight-forward anarcho ska-punk jams, rallying against the upper class and modern apathy and comfort.

When punk rock is done right, there really isn’t much else to say about it. Dick Lucas and company have been composing some of the finest political ska-punk anthems for years and Attention Span is the latest addition to their legacy, helping to prove that it doesn’t matter what name the songs are released under.

4 / 5 – Stream it below.

RIYL: Citizen Fish, The Clash, Leftover Crack

Brooklyn Folks Come Out in Force to Say Goodbye to Erik Petersen

The same thing that makes a memorial show for Erik Petersen in Brooklyn more intimate and beautiful than one for someone like David Bowie or Lemmy also makes it far more heartbreaking. Far be it from me to say that all those who went out to dance for the Star Man or have a Jack and Coke for Lemmy were not experiencing a personal tragedy. But most of those people never shared a moment, a conversation, or a drink with their hero.

When it came to Mischief Brew’s poetic front-man, it seemed like every punk who showed up to pay tribute to him on Sunday night had had a more personal encounter with the folk punk icon.

“I absolutely hate the reason we are all here tonight” said Brook Pridemore, the evening’s third performer just before he began his set. Then after he’d broken just about half the strings on his guitar he told a story about a time he had spent at Erik and Denise Petersen’s home in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania when he saw Erik squeeze the poop out of one of the more seasoned of the Petersen’s beloved pugs. He followed that story with a singalong rendition of “Old Tyme Mem’ry.”

Christy Road seemed to be working hard to hold it together during her set at the Erik Petersen tribute show.

Before Pridemore, Early Riser, Cristy Road, and two members of Teenage Halloween had performed short somewhat somber solo acoustic sets. During this time the crowd was rather small and subdued, and when it shouted words at the stage they were encouraging. An audience member called out “But it’s beautiful!” to Road when she pointed out a slight mistake in her rendition of Mischief Brew classic “Every Town Will Celebrate.”

At no point did the show ever feel like anything but a celebration of an inspiring man’s life, but until Pridemore, things felt a bit more like a remembrance. After he flooded the stage with his energy and anger it started to feel like a party. The crowd started forming, the mosh pit opened up, and the evening’s pent-up frustration and rage rose to the surface.

If there was one thing that Brook Pridemore had no problem doing it was showing emotion on stage.

Then Out of System Transfer took the stage, and while the Brooklynites definitely represented the more folk side of folk punk — which toward the latter part of their run Mischief Brew expressly shied away from — the people in attendance didn’t slam dance any more subtly for it. The trombone-toting four-piece played a few covers, and their lead singer waxed poetic about his and Petersen’s shared affinity for obscure folk tunes in a set that included tracks like “The Preacher and the Slave” by Joe Hill, “Pancho and Lefty” by Townes Van Zandt, and “Mary Ellen Carter” by Stan Rogers, a track Mischief Brew had released as a single. They also hit Mischief Brew’s “Lowly Carpenter” along with some Out of System Transfer originals.

By the time the folk punk collective Comrades took the stage the venue seemed so packed it was about to burst, and it wouldn’t have mattered whether it was the loud, angsty, and abrasive sounds of Comrades or another solo acoustic act getting on stage; the audience was ready to lose their minds. The melee ensued the moment Comrades struck their first note and the pushing and shoving didn’t end until after their last. Though Comrades didn’t play any Mischief Brew covers, their track “Give Me Coffee or Give Me Meth” is a clear homage to Mischief Brew’s “Gimme Coffee Or Death.”

It was during their set that the show really started to feel like the sort of shindig that Mischief Brew would have headlined. It felt as though at any second Erik might just come through the door from the merch booth or back from the bar after a glass of whisky.

But in the absence of ghosts, Israeli composer and musician Yula Beeri was no consolation prize. Her three-piece band was one of the most exciting and musically proficient acts of the evening; Yula spent most of their set on a stool and still managed to keep the crowd in a frenzy. She also split part of the set with World Inferno/Friendship Society frontman Jack Terricloth. They did two tracks together, one with Yula’s full band and the other a haunting rendition of “Friend to the Friendless.”

Jack Terricloth’s appearance really put the cap on a night that was already as beautiful as it could have been.

“It is one of life’s absurd jokes that I am playing a memorial for Mr. Petersen, rather than Mr. Petersen playing a memorial for me,” said Terricloth. “Comedy is part of the grieving process, take it from me,” he added before raising a toast to the fallen.

After the official performances wrapped up, Out of System Transfer led a rousing singalong of Mischief Brew songs — among others, “Roll Me Through the Gates of Hell” and “Thanks, Bastards” — before the stage was opened up to anyone who wished to jump up and sing a song in tribute to Erik Petersen.

Out of System Transfer leading rousing renditions of some of Mischief Brew’s biggest hits along with the crowd.

While fans of Petersen’s took their turn on the mic and the crowd sang along, the real sadness of the event started to take hold of many in attendance. Terricloth stood stoic in the back of the venue surveying the thinning group, while others sat down on the concrete floor.

As people stumbled over lyrics and pulled out cell phones for quick refreshers on tunes, we all realized that this was it. Denise Petersen watched the clumsy, loving efforts to keep things going for one more song. “It’s a beautiful shit-show,” she said, “like my life.”

Pansy Division announce new album “Quite Contrary,” premiere 2 songs

Currently celebrating their 25th anniversary, Pansy Division have announced they will be releasing a new album titled Quite Contrary on September 9th through Alternative Tentacles. Following the record’s release, the band will play shows on the east and west coasts.

You can listen to the first 2 songs premiered from the album – “He’s Trouble” and “Blame the Bible” – and find more info on the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

Quite Contrary will be Pansy Division’s first full-length album in 7 years, serving as a follow-up to 2009’s That’s So Gay.

New Video: Disaster Strikes Launches “The Fighting Path”

Boston hardcore act Disaster Strikes brings their political ire to the (small) screen with a new video for their latest track “The Fighting Path”.

The new single is just a small taste of what is to be expected on the band’s upcoming record “In The Age of Corporate Personhood”, to be released through Alternative Tentacles on July 28th; and in even better news, you can pre-order the album here, now!

In support of their new album, you can see Disaster Strikes on tour this summer along with fellow Boston hardcore friends Opposition Rising.

In the meantime, check out the new video for “The Fighting Path” and full tour dates below.

Culture Shock stream new album “Attention Span”, prepare for first ever US tour

UK Ska punks Culture Shock are excited to share their newest album Attention Span, as they prepare for their first ever US tour this July.

You can find the album and dates here. Attention Span was released via Alternative Tentacles June 15.

Free Music: Mischief Brew – “Folkadelphia Session”

Folkadelphia is giving you a free download of their session with Philly folk-punk group Mischief Brew. Listen and/or download below.

The six-song acoustic set was recorded at the WXPN Performance Studio on December 20, 2015. If you’re not familiar with Folkadelphia, it’s a folk music organization and radio show, obviously in Philadelphia. Find out more here.

Mischief Brew last released a compilation album Bacchanal ‘n’ Philadelphia in January through Square of Opposition Records.

Their latest studio album was This Is Not For Children, which came out in June of 2015 via Alternative Tentacles.

DS Exclusive: Feral Ohms stream cover of The Damned’s “I Fall”

Oakland’s heavy hitters Feral Ohms recently released their new 7-inch single “I Fall” / “Sweetbreads” through Alternative Tentacles Records. And in case you haven’t heard the tunes yet, we’re premiering a stream of the A-side, a cover of The Damned’s “I Fall” which you can listen to below.

“I Fall” b/t “Sweetbreads” can be purchased here.

Mischief Brew release music video for “Squatter Envy”

Mischief Brew have released the music video for their song  “Squatter Envy.”

You can check out the video below.

Mischief Brew released their last album “This Is Not For Children” via Alternative Tentacles last June.

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine added to Punk Rock Bowling club show lineup

Just when you thought the lineup for Punk Rock Bowling was all set in stone, the organizers went and made a pretty cool addition. Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine have been added to the lineup of club shows, as they’ll be taking the stage at the Las Vegas Country Saloon on Thursday, May 26th. Check out the full club show rundown right here.

Leftöver Crack announce 2016 Australian tour

Leftöver Crack have announced that they will be embarking on an Australian tour this spring. Beginning March 26th in Brisbane, they will play 6 dates in Australia concluding the tour on April 2nd in Hobart. You can get all the information you need on the tour, including venue details and tickets here.

Leftover Crack last released Constructs of the State on November 27th via Fat Wreck Chords.

Leftover Crack announce 2015 Cracktoberfest tour dates

Anarcho-ska-punk band Leftover Crack have announced the dates and locations for their annual Cracktoberfest tour. Check out the full list below. The tour will feature support from Days N Daze and All Torn Up.

LC’s new album, Constructs Of The State, is set to be released on October 30th. It will serve as a follow up to 2014’s Fuck World Trade, which was released through Fat Wreck Chords.