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No Problem (punk) streaming new EP “Let God Sort ‘Em Out”

Edmonton punks No Problem are streaming a new two song EP Let God Sort ‘Em Out. Though only two songs they are two very impressive songs, fast, hard, punk.

Give them a listen below.

This is the first new music from No Problem since the 2015 release of Kid Killer. If you’re a fan of Pennywise you’ll likely enjoy No Problem.

Tickets still available for Dead Rhythm Easter Fest

Some of the best hardcore punk bands from around the world will decend upon Sweden this March for the ridiculously good Dead Rhythm Easter Festival. I can already garantee that this will be the best festival of the year and I thought I must of been dreaming when I first saw the announcement! The line up is unbelievable with loads of heavy hitters such as Infest, Career Suicide, Death Side, Citizens Arrest, Wolfbrigade and more! I like many other punks will be desperatley trying to book time off and save enough cash for the trip! Over half the tickets have gone already so don’t hang about!

You can check updates and find more information here.

Tarantula (Punk, Chicago) stream new EP “Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate”

Chicago dark punk/hardcore act Tarantula are streaming their new EP Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate.

You can give it a listen below.

Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate was released today, November 7th, via Deranged Records.

Deranged records stream new album “City of Fear” by Flowers Of Evil (Punk)

Deranged Records are streaming “City of Fear” which is the new album from New York punk band Flowers of Evil. It is pretty great and I highly recommend giving it a listen below.

“City of Fear” came out on July 6th and is the band’s second full length release following their 2015 self titled debut album.

Career Suicide (hardcore punk) stream new album “Machine Response”

Toronto hardcore band Career Suicide are streaming their upcoming album “Machine Response” in its entirety below.

Machine Response is set to release on February 24th through Deranged Records and Static Shock Records. It will be the band’s first album in a decade, following 2006’s Attempted Suicide.

Career Suicide streaming new song “Tighten the Screws”

Toronto hardcore band Career Suicide have premiered another song from their upcoming album Machine Response. The track’s called “Tighten the Screws,” and you can check it out below.

Machine Response is set to release on February 24th through Deranged Records and Static Shock Records. It will be the band’s first album in a decade, following 2006’s Attempted Suicide.

Career Suicide stream two new songs

Toronto’s Career Suicide are streaming two new songs from their upcoming album Machine Response.

You can listen to “Suffocate” and “Distractions” below.

Machine Response is set to be released on February 24th through Deranged Records and Static Shock Records.  It will be Career Suicide’s first full-length album in 10 years, serving as the follow-up to 2006’s Attempted Suicide.

Career Suicide announce releasing new album & EP, announce UK winter tour

Toronto’s Career Suicide will be releasing a new album titled Machine Response in February, 2017 through Deranged Records and Static Shock Records. The band will also be putting out a 7″ of the same title, which will be available on their UK tour.

You can check out the cover art and tracklist for the LP, stream two songs from the EP, and find more details on the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

Machine Response will be Career Suicide’s first full-length album in 10 years, serving as the follow-up to 2006’s Attempted Suicide.

Music Video: White Lung – “Sister”

Vancouver punk act White Lung have released a new video for the song “Sister.” You can check it out below.

“Sister” comes from the band’s latest full length, “Paradise,” which was released on May 6th, 2016 via Domino Recording Company.

Music Video: Daylight Robbery – “Rememoration”

Chicago post-punk act Daylight Robbery have released a new video for their song “Rememoration”

Check it out below.

“Rememoration” comes from the bands’ latest full length album Accumulated Error, which was released on February 15th via Deranged Records.

Cult Values (punk) stream new self-titled debut full-length

German underground punk act Cult Values has just released their debut self-titled full-length through Deranged Records and you can stream the entire thing below. If you’re down with the grittier, raw sounding punk rock with equal parts aggression and speed then its worth your time to give this a spin.

White Lung stream new album, “Paradise”

Good news for White Lung fans. The Vancouver band are streaming their upcoming full-length, “Paradise,” in its entirety. You can check it out here.

“Paradise” is due out in a couple days (May 6th, to be exact) on Domino Recording Company. Pre-orders in digital, cassette, and LP format are available right here.

White Lung announce new album “Paradise” stream new song “Hungry”

Vancouver’s White Lung have announced the follow up to 2014’s much-loved “Deep Fantasy” in their upcoming release “Paradise.” It will be released on May 6th, but until then they have released a new song from it called “Hungry.”

You can stream “Hungry” below and pre-order the album at their bandcamp.

Daylight Robbery (post-punk) stream new album “Accumulated Error”

Chicago post-punk act Daylight Robbery are streaming their newly released full length album Accumulated Error.

Check it out below.

Accumulated Error was released on February 15th via Deranged Records.

Album Review: TV Freaks – “Bad Luck Charms”

Hamilton, Ontario’s TV Freaks are back with Bad Luck Charms, their third full length album to date, and first for the wonderful Deranged Records.  Their new label home is the perfect place for their brand of dark and manic garage punk.  They manage to hit all the best parts of this little subgenre while also making a statement as to why they are one of the most unique bands to come out of the burgeoning scene.

TV Freaks play frantic garage punk, peppered with touches of hardcore and dark undertones throughout.  The guitar has a somewhat hollow and tinny tone to it, but with a bit more distortion than what is found in a typical garage act.  The bass is crunchy and the drums compliment the music at whatever speed the band is playing at.  They go from slow crawlers like “Forget You” to barn burners like “Pick My Brain,” and everywhere in between.  Most songs hang around a nice driving speed, but the band will sometimes stop on a dime and change things up out of nowhere.  Never does it feel forced though, and they are great at crafting interesting songs that can keep your attention.

The vocals probably give the band most of their unique flavor.  They are jangly and manic, often with some kind of reverb effect which leads to the vocals sounding more like another instrument added to the mix, rather than the driving force of a song.  They also match up perfectly with the tempo and feel of the songs.  If the song is slower or a mid-tempo driver, the vocals will be pulled back or equally as driving, and when the music lets loose into its more hardcore moments, the vocals are wailed and screamed.

Overall, Bad Luck Charms is a well-crafted album that is a great listen from start to finish.  Though, even after a dozen or so listens, not many songs are stand outs.  This is an album that you will pretty much always listen to as a whole piece, rather than picking out a few songs as favorites.  But if you already like or find yourself interested in the dark garage punk boom going on in Canada and the Northwest, do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

4 / 5 Stars