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#Goals release video for “Squishy Anthem”

Los Angeles punk supergroup #Goalswho feature ex-members of Bad Religion (Greg Hetson) and Circle Jerks (Lucky Lehrer, Earl Liberty), have released a video for “Squishy Anthem”, taken from the band’s debut EP, which was released last month.

You can watch the video below.

#Goals release video for “Dirge”

Los Angeles punk supergroup #Goalswho feature ex-members of Bad Religion (Greg Hetson) and Circle Jerks (Lucky Lehrer, Earl Liberty), have released a video for “Dirge”, taken from the band’s debut EP, which was released last month.

You can watch the video below.

#Goals (punk, ex members of Bad Religion, Circle Jerks) announce debut EP

Los Angeles punk supergroup #Goals have announced that they have officially signed on with the DC-Jam Records family and will be releasing their first EP in December. The band, which features ex-members of Bad Religion (Greg Hetson) and Circle Jerks (Lucky Lehrer, Earl Liberty), started as a fun project that turned in to a serious effort to showcase different styles of punk – from fast skate style to slower and heavier.

Originally called Squishy (credit to Hetson’s rescue basset hound), the band set out to record 5 original tracks under the new name of #Goals. On the topic of recording, Hetson says, “I tour regularly, but I put a little something extra in this one and I think people will love hearing it recorded and dig what we’re going to bring live. It’s going to be a good punch to the face!

We will keep you updated as details surrounding this release come to light.


Luicidal announce “Canadian Invasion 2017” tour

Luicidal ― a project featuring former members of Suicidal Tendencies ― have announced a Canadian tour, titled “Canadian Invasion 2017”, which will begin on the last day of this month. The dates and locations can be seen in the poster above.

Luicidal last released their self-titled debut album in 2014 on DC-Jam Records. Back in January 2015, the band announced that they were writing new material for their second album. We’ll keep you posted as more details on the new Luicidal record come to light.

T.S.O.L. sign to Rise Records, stream new song “I Wanted To See You” from upcoming album “The Trigger Complex”

So Cal punk legends T.S.O.L. have announced plans for their long-awaited 11th studio album. It’s called  “The Trigger Complex,” and it’ll mark not only their first release since 2009’s “Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Free Downloads,” but their first-ever release on their new label home, Rise Records. Here’s iconic frontman Jack Grisham on the album, rather apropos of recent political events:

“It’s a great time to be making music; to have a voice that can be heard. I’m glad that things look bleak. Political turmoil breeds strength as well as strife. This record allows us to remind people that they aren’t alone. We’re here.”

“The Trigger Complex” will hit the streets on January 29th, but you can pre-order it right here. To whet your appetite, you can take a listen to the brand-new track “I Wanted To See You” below!

Down By Law working on new album?

Southern California punk veterans Down By Law were recently asked on Facebook if they have been working on the follow-up to 2012’s Champions at Heart (the band’s first studio album in 9 years) yet. The band did not reveal any information about a new album, but stated, “We hope to have an announcement of some new recordings, soon.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details on a new Down By Law album come to light. The band last released an EP Revolution Time in 2014, followed a year later by the split EP with End of Pipe Equators.

The Adicts announce North American tour

U.K. punk legends The Adicts have announced an upcoming tour of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada this June.  You can find all of the dates below.

The Adicts last released All the Young Droogs in 2012 through DC-Jam Records.

TSOL on tour with The Scandals

TSOL and The Scandals have just embarked on a tour that started yesterday. At least, The Scandals have; TSOL joins the tour tomorrow. You can check out all of the dates below.

TSOL’s last release was 2009’s “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Free Downloads” and the Scandals’ last release was 2014’s “The Sound Of Your Stereo” which was recently put out on vinyl for the first time by Say-10 Records.

FREE Music: Onward, Etc.’s “Son of Neptune”

South Dakota acoustic-punk act Onward, etc is offering a free download of the song “Son of Neptune,” which is the good news.  The lousy news is that Rosco Wuestewald is taking some much-needed time off from touring, and essentially putting himself on a bit of a hiatus.  The prolifically touring musician has decided to take the summer off, but he reassures fans that the project is “far from over.”

You can read Rosco’s full statement, which appeared today on his Facebook page, below.

DS Photo Gallery: TSOL, Left Alone, The Croissants at Thee Parkside SF (1.16.16)

The past couple of weeks has been quite busy on the concert front, as bands are coming off the holidays rested and ready to hit the road. While I was unable to attend the first string of shows featuring Rancid, I made it up two weeks later with a little TSOL action. The band was headlining at the favorite local punk dive bar, Thee Parkside, and had Left Alone and The Croissants as crowd warm-up duty.

The Croissants is garage punk at its finest. The Sacramento-based trio plays a distorted, simple, melodic style of punk mixed with 90’s garage/indie, with a classic NorCal sound. The band is riding the heels of their latest 7-inch “We’re In The Basement”, and was a great warm-up to what was to come. Tracks like “Things Have Changed” and “Don’t Wanna Live” definitely got feet moving and hearts beating, ready for Left Alone.

I always enjoy seeing Left Alone because they mix several styles into one set. Punk, ska, a little blues and folk – the band spreads its love all over so everyone in attendance is sure to hear something they like. I became a fan of the band a whole decade ago with their release of “Dead American Radio”, and the band has solidified songs from that album as part of their most popular repertoire. Some of my favorites include “Done Wrong”, “City to City”, and of course (my favorite shirt as well) “I Hate Emo”. The band also sampled heavily off their latest album, “Harbor Area”, which came out last year through Hellcat and the band’s own Smelvis Records.

The air was ripe with sweat and beer, the room a cozy 95 degrees, and the crowd well lubricated as the SoCal legends TSOL took the stage. Quite the small stage for Jack & co. but they made do, at points sharing the space with exuberant fans. A TSOL set has become a little predictable (as the band hasn’t released much of any new material as of late), and you can bet you’ll hear a little “Love Story”, “Wasted”, “Property Is Theft”, and if you’re lucky, the fan favorite “Code Blue”. It’s incredible and a little hilarious that one of the band’s most popular song deals with the taboo subject of necrophilia – but hey, the crowd eats it up (and so do I (who can forget Punk-O-Rama II).

A great night was had – and you can view all the photos from the night’s sets below.

As always, big thanks to all the guys at Thee Parkside for a good time.

The Adicts announce Californian and South American tour dates

Legendary U.K. punks The Adicts have announced Californian and South American tour dates.

You can check out the tour dates and locations below.

The Adicts last released All the Young Droogs in 2012 through DC-Jam Records.

The Adicts announce European Tour dates

Legendary U.K. punks The Adicts have announced a run of European tour dates over the next few weeks that will be their last shows of the year.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

The Adicts last released All the Young Droogs in 2012 through DC-Jam Records.

Live Video: Luicidal performing at Hallow’s Eve Metal Fest

Luicidal – featuring former Suicidal Tendencies bassist Louiche Mayorga and and drummer R.J. Herrera – performed live at Hallow’s Eve Metal Fest in Gardena, California last Saturday, which was Halloween. You can watch the performance below.

Luicidal last released their self-titled debut album a year ago on DC-Jam Records. The band announced last January that they had begun writing new songs for what appears to be their next record.

DS Photo Gallery: Hi-Fi Rock Fest at Queen Mary’s Park (pt. 3 of 4) – Richie Ramone, The Sonics, Naked Raygun

This next portion of Hi-Fi Rock Fest was somewhat similar to adult swim. No, not the channel, more like that time when you were a kid and you were kicked out for an hour so the adults could get drunk and spill beer in the pool.

Richie Ramone followed SoCal thrashers, Luicidal, and he proved after all these years he’s still got it. Yep, still got that bottle in his hand and as sloppy as ever, yet somehow it manifests itself into a great stage performance, alternating between both drummer and vocal duties. In an attempt to get intimate with the front-row fans, Richie slipped on the sound monitor but kept on rocking. Unfortunately, as the photo crew hoisted him back to the stage, my lens was knocked off my camera, so I was out of the game for the rest of the set – tending to my wounded equipment.

The Sonics were next up – and may have seemed to be an odd pairing for this festival (even though these guys were punk before punk even knew what punk was), but these guys have been rocking for decades and show no signs of stopping. You can have a look at their entire set here.

It seemed the space was filling up properly in anticipation for Naked Raygun‘s appearance at Hi-Fi. The band had been ‘less-than-active’ up until recently, so it was exciting to finally see these guys live.

You can have a look at photos from the band’s performances below, and check back tomorrow for Street Dogs and Dead Kennedys.

DS Photo Gallery: Hi-Fi Rockfest at Queen Mary’s Park (pt. 2 of 4) – Year of The Dragon, Dirty Filthy Mugs, Luicidal

words by anarchopunk, photos (and some words) by milhouse

Round two of the day-long Hi-Fi Rockfest in Long Beach the last Saturday in September is on display for curious eyes. After LA-based punk band True Rivals was another SoCal product, Year of The Dragon. This political hardcore five piece took the stage with alacrity and a definite purpose. I love hardworking bands that just come ready to work, lunch packed. The “A Wilhelm Scream work ethic”, if you will. While the music may have more metal and funk influences, the lyrics were 100% anger and angst punk, probably best compared to System of a Down or Tool. The songs were longer and a bit more meandering than true punk songs but that didn’t keep it from being a fantastic performance. The entire set was furious and the pace was frenetic, but between sets the lead singer, Dirty Walt would tell stories that settled things down a little and opened them up to the audience a little more. The best one was about his first girlfriend dragging him, against his will to his first punk rock show. Dead Kennedys/DOA/SIN at Longshoremen’s Memorial Hall in Wilmington, California back in ‘82. This show would end up putting its mark on the history of the punk rock scene, more for the events at the end of the show than for the talent that performed on the stage. The police, in full riot gear showed up and proceeded to gas the concert goers in an effort to battle the scourge that was punk rock music. Their rude arrival was not welcome and caused what amounted to a riot with multiple accounts of police brutality against the kids at the show. History lesson over. He continued, “As we left the show, I looked at her and said I’m in love!”. She replied “What? No, it’s way too early!” to which he retorted, “No, bitch! I’m talking about Punk Rock!” This guy is a total badass.

Following a little liquid therapy and some much needed rest in the shade came Dirty Filthy Mugs. This quintet also hails from Los Angeles, but their sound could just as easily have been bred on the streets of Boston. It’s drunken, brutal, hard as fuck hooligan street punk. I grew up on Social Distortion and Bad Religion but this is the music I was bred for. The only kind of music that can get you hyped up enough to voluntarily jump into the whirling violent abyss that is a pit at a street punk show, knowing full well that you can’t afford ObamaCare. When it comes to street punk, I’m from the camp that if the singer isn’t spitting all over the audience, the vocals aren’t aggressive enough. Lead singer Matt Wedgley looked to be a pretty angry vocalist. Only one way to find out for sure if he’s “spit legit” though, so I grabbed a beer and started my trek towards the stage. The horde had finally started to fill in a little although they were still mingling, tentatively back away from the action at the various tents so, my approach was unimpeded. I walked straight up to the guardrail which separated the riff raff from the crowd and took my position. Not long after I settled in, the furry frontman started slowly easing his way towards the apron where I was standing. I white knuckled the warm metal rail, locked eyes with him as he kept moving my way and started indignantly parroting what lyrics I could remember from earlier in the song right back at him. He came down even closer, off of the stage, at this point and knelt on top of the sound monitors a foot away maybe and screamed right back, directly in my face. Yup, sufficient enough spittle. It’s a beautiful thing! These guys were not even a blip on my radar and after their live show, I’m off to pay my penance on their website. They are the real deal, gang. Don’t wait to be blown away like I was.

Luicidal – featuring former Suicidal Tendencies bassist Louiche Mayorga and and drummer R.J. Herrera – was next on the bill, and there was definite curiosity in the air for the unacquainted. I was excited to see what was in store as this band has been on my radar since their debut self-titled release last year, and the guys sourced heavily from the debut, while shedding some light on a couple new songs slated for an upcoming album. With Mayorga driving much of the strings, it’s no doubt Luicidal shares some similar qualities as Suicidal Tendencies, blaring and ripping guitar riffs, hardcore/street blended with classic rough and gritty vocals. Indeed, the band opened their set with the classic ST song “War Inside My Head”. Someone was actually gracious enough to film part of the band’s set, and put it on YouTube for the entire world to see! Check it out here. Additionally, you can have a look at the band’s music video for their song “Kumbaya” here.

Have a look at all of the photos from Year of The Dragon, Dirty Filthy Mugs, and Luicidal’s performances below, and check back soon for part three!