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Acoustic duo Coffee Project announce release of 7 inch vinyl for EP “Wasted Love”

Hailing from Gainesville, FL, Coffee Project are blending punk elements into acoustic chill.

Comprised of Jake Crown (Savage Brewtality) and Buddy Schaub (Less Than Jake), the pair are set to release a vinyl EP. Self described as, “at the core being upbeat acoustic pop songs,” the project takes on a more personal and relatable touch to the softer side of punk.

The EP will be out on June 16th, 2017 from A-F Records and is already available for pre-order here.

The Homeless Gospel Choir announce new 7″, “Normal”

Pittsburgh’s The Homeless Gospel Choir have a new 7″ coming on June 9th on A-F Records. You can preorder the single at A-F Records.

The single comes ahead of an LP due out fall 2017.

You can check out tour dates below, starting today in Cambridge, MA.

A-F Records announce their 2017 Record Club

A-F Records have detailed their annual Record Club deal. The subscription, covering summer this year till summer 2018, includes a vinyl copy of the new Anti-Flag album, along with a ton of bonus stuff – with the added twist that you can choose your own color variants, vote on upcoming artwork and various other, hands on label stuff.

Full details are up on the label store now.

DS Exclusive: Nightmarathons (Punk) Premiere New Music Video For “Arrogance”

Steel City punks, Nightmarathons sure have been busy during their formative months! Shortly after forming in late 2016, the four piece released their debut, self-titled EP via Pittsburgh purveyors of punk A-F Records. Now, just a few weeks later, the boys are back with a new music video to celebrate the release of special vinyl pressings of the freshman effort (pre-order here). Melding varying punk genres like post punk, first-wave emo they create their own unique take on melodic punk rock music. But, don’t take our word for it, belly up to the bar and get to know the guys for yourselves in the exclusive premiere of “Arrogance”, below!

Remainders (punk, PA) stream latest EP “We’re Partying In Here”

Pennsylvania melodic punks Remainders are allowing fans to stream their latest EP. We’re Partying in Here features two full studio tracks, and a couple of demos, and is the first release from the band since their 2016 self-titled effort.

You can check out the EP in its entirety below.

Nightmarathons (Punk) stream self titled EP

Pittsburgh punk rock four piece, Nightmarathons, are streaming their self titled EP via New Noise here.

The release will be available May 5th, through A-F Records.

Pittsburgh Punks Nightmarathons stream new track “Seeping” from upcoming EP

Nightmarathons have released a second track from their upcoming debut EP on A-F Records.

You can stream the new track here, and also check out “Damascus” at their bandcamp page.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing these guys at the Fest.

Homeless Gospel Choir announce new album, “Misunderstood And Sweaty”

Well here’s a fun and weird little story. Derek Zanetti, who’s better known as the one-man show that is The Homeless Gospel Choir  has uncovered what he reports is a hard drive containing thousands of off little songs and snippets that he’s determined equate to about six hours of usable, listenable material. He’s going to release them in a series of limited cassette tape releases, and the first of them, called “Misunderstood and Sweaty,” is now available. You can pick up yours here, but they’re limited to 200, so maybe act fast?


Anti-Flag debut new music video for “Death Of A Nation”

Anti-Flag have just released a new music video for their song, “Death Of A Nation.” Watch the video below.

Also below, read a message from the band about why they chose this song as the first release off their upcoming album, Live Volume 1. The album is due out on January 20th. Pre-order your copy here (North America, Australia, Asia), or here (UK/EU).

Anti-Flag’s latest studio album, American Spring, was released in 2015 through Spinefarm Records.

Anti-Flag announce 2-volume Live LP

Anti-Flag are not slowing down at all this year! The band has announced that they will be releasing a double volume live LP in 2017. The release was recorded over the span of 3 nights in Los Angeles with the songs spanning the length of their career – oldies and new ones for everyone.

Live Vol. 1 is scheduled for release on January 20th (coincidentally, the date Trump is set to take office), with Live Vol. 2 coming later in the year. The band will also be touring extensively in support of the release

You can view the track listing for the first volume below.

North American LP pre-order is available from A-F Records here and UK / EU LP pre-order is available from Little Rocket Records here.

Anti-Flag’s latest album American Spring was released in 2015 through Spinefarm Records.

Anti-Flag announce limited edition “Live Vol. 1” LP, featuring bits of burnt American flag

Well here’s a story that’s sure to not piss anybody off…

Pittsburgh punk veterans Anti-Flag have announced plans for a very — and we mean VERY — limited edition vinyl pressing of their upcoming “Live Vol. 1” LP. They’ve teamed up with Wax Mage Records for a special red, white and blue pressing that has bits of burnt American flag pressed into the vinyl itself. Only ten of these albums exist, and they’re being auctioned off periodically to benefit charities that the band and label see fit. Here’s what A-F had to say:

In times of bigotry and injustice, the artist community has always stood on the side of marginalized people. With the election of Donald Trump bigotry and injustice now stand center stage. When Donald Trump, his inevitable cabinet of political and corporate Washington insiders, and the rest of the Alt-Right burn the constitution, we burn the American Flag.

While symbols and fabric feel no pain, people do.

The forth coming administration will hurt the poor and their inclusion of the Alt-Right will hurt the LGBTQ community.

100% of the proceeds from this auction will go to a LGBTQ advocacy center in Pittsburgh, PA and a homeless advocacy center in Northeast Ohio.

“No One Is Free When Others Are Oppressed.”
Check out the first two auction items right here, and stay tuned for more information.

Remainders streaming entire upcoming self-titled debut album

Pittsburgh punks Remainders are now streaming their upcoming self-titled debut album in its entirety.

You can give it a listen below.

The band’s self-titled LP releases on October 21st through A-F Records. Pre-orders are available here.

Remainders stream new song “Two Twenty Two” from upcoming self-titled LP

Pittsburgh punks Remainders are streaming a new song from their upcoming self-titled debut album.

Head over here to give “Two Twenty Two” a listen.

The band’s self-titled LP releases on October 21st through A-F Records. Pre-orders are available here.

Remainders announce debut album

Pittsburgh punks Remainders were recently signed to A-F Records, and will release their self-titled debut album on October 21st.

You can pre-order a copy of the album here, and view its track listing below.

Antillectual release music video for ‘I wrote this song’

Dutch skatepunkers Antillectual have released a video for a song from forthcoming album ‘Engage’ due for release later this month.

The track is somewhat poppier than we may be used to from Antillectual and the group had the following to say about their latest release:

 ‘I Wrote This Song is one of the most catchy songs on the album, sorry about the earworm!’

You can watch the video and view Antillectual’s busy tour schedule below.