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New Music: Ratboys debut “Control” from upcoming full-length, “GN”

Chicago-based post-country/indie-rock (?!?) duo Ratboys, who are delightfully awesome, have got a new full-length coming out in a couple of months. It’s called GN, and it’ll be released through Topshelf Records. And while it’s not due out until June 30th, the band have debuted the lead single, a wonderland of sonic goodness that they call “Control,” and you can check it out below.

Pre-orders for GN are available in myriad formats by clicking right here.

Music Video: Slingshot Dakota – “You”

Pennsylvania indie-punk duo Slingshot Dakota have premiered a music video for their track “You.” You can give it a watch below.

“You” comes from the band’s latest album, titled “Break,” which was released on March 11, 2016. Since the release of the album, Slingshot Dakota have also released a 2 song EP titled “Broken” on February 24. You can find the stream of this release below the video.

DS Photo Gallery: Slingshot Dakota with Ratboys, Lilith and Pushflowers (Boston, MA)

Slingshot Dakota

The dynamic duo that is Slingshot Dakota have teamed up with Chicago’s Ratboys for a three-week-ish tour that’ll take the two bands to and from the annual SXSW festival in Austin. The second night of the aforementioned tour was a sold out (in advance!!) stop at Boston’s O’Brien’s Bar, where the Topshelf Records labelmates teamed up with local bands Lilith and Pushflowers for one of the more positive and musically diverse and inspiring bills that yours truly has had the good fortune to take in in quite some time.


Pushflowers got things rolling on the evening, and while yours truly had not previously heard the four-piece, that was for good reason: this particular occasion marked their first ever show. In point of fact, knowing that it’s a band’s debut show can, at times, make showgoers almost as nervous as the actual band who’s playing said show. After a very brief first song false-start, any and all fears were quickly laid to rest, as co-front-women Rocio Del Mar and Justine DeFeo led the band through a groove-heavy half-hour danceable set of synth-pop-infused rock tunes. So groove-heavy and danceable, in fact, that crowd-members and fellow bands alike were left with the impression that the band were lying about it being their first show. Not your textbook Dying Scene band, for sure, but a hell of a lot of fun nonetheless.


Allston-based three-piece Lilith were up next. Like Pushflowers, they’re also not your textbook Dying Scene band, but as I said a few paragraphs ago, this was a fun and diverse lineup. Lilith are raw and more than a little show-gazey in style and substance, with a slightly stripped-down version of a sound that would have been a perfect fit in the college radio scene in the Northeast or the Pacific Northwest two decades ago. Thankfully, we have them here now.



Ratboys are serving as direct support on this tour, though they could certainly be headlining venues like O’Brien’s in their own right. Ratboys are a garage band with serious chops (honestly — watch David Sagan play guitar for half a song and you’ll get it), who thankfully have a knack for seemingly not taking themselves too seriously (let’s just say there were Crocs involved). Frontwoman Julia Steiner has a bit of an unassuming presence about her yet she has a voice and a playing style that is truly captivating. Ratboys are one of the catchier bands that I’ve had come down the digital ‘pike in the last small handful of years, and their live sound is a few notches above their recorded sound, which is a wonderful, welcome sign.


Slingshot Dakota

And speaking of bands whose live presence blows the proverbial doors off their recorded sound…Slingshot Dakota turned in a next-level intense performance, the likes of which have become their trademark. I’ll state rather simply and directly that if you haven’t seen Slingshot Dakota live, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The wife-husband combo of vocalist/keyboardist Carly Comando and her partner-in-crime Tom Patterson are easily one of the more dynamic live bands going. Comando’s voice and playing show range as she quiets things down and forces you to pay attention before the duo drop the intensity hammer down and beat you into submission. Where some drummers in such a situation would be content to serve simply as the sonic backbone to the band, Patterson plays loud and heavy, and is a constant ball of percussive energy. You sometimes forget that you’re watching a two-piece band, until one of them pauses between songs to steal a playful kiss from the other. That the two of them have chemistry probably goes without saying, but they seem to continually be genuinely in awe of getting to play with and inspire each other personally and creatively.

Check out our full photo gallery below, and seriously, go here to find out where you can catch Slingshot Dakota and Ratboys in concert over the next couple weeks. It’ll be well worth the trip.

Have Mercy announce new album “Make The Best Of It,” premiere video for new track “Coexist”

Baltimore rockers Have Mercy have announced a new album, which is titled “Make The Best Of It.” The artwork is to the left, the album is set to be released April 21st.

In addition to this announcement, the band has premiered a music video for the first single from the upcoming album, which is titled “Coexist.” You can watch the video below, as well as see a larger version of the cover art.

Slingshot Dakota and Ratboys announce March US tour dates

Pennsylvania indie-punk duo Slingshot Dakota are teaming up with their Topshelf Records labelmates Ratboys for three weeks of tour dates around the eastern half of the United States. The pair of pairs hit the road March 3rd in New Paltz, New York, and wrap things up March 23rd in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a few shows at Austin’s SXSW festival thrown in the mix as well.

Check out the full rundown below!

You Blew It! announce headlining US tour in support of new album “Abendrot”

Florida progressive/emo/whatever band You Blew It! has announced a headlining US tour in support of their new album, “Abendrot,” which was released on November 11 through Triple Crown Records. The tour begins February 3rd, 2017, you can find tour dates and locations below.

You Blew It! will be supported by Nashville emo punks Free Throw and SC emocore group All Get Out. You Blew It! are also streaming their entire new album, “Abendrot,” which you can listen to below the tour dates.

You Blew It! stream new song “Greenwood”

Florida progressive/emo/whatever band You Blew It! is streaming the second single from their upcoming album “Abendrot.” The track is titled “Greenwood,” and you can give it a listen below.

The EP is set to be released November 11th through Triple Crown Records, and follows their last release, EP “Pioneer of Nothing” which came out January 27, 2015.

The Saddest Landscape premieres new track “Kissed By Strangers”

Boston act The Saddest Landscape has just released a brand new song entitled “Kissed By Strangers”, which you can listen to here.

The track will appear on the band’s upcoming vinyl box set entitled “Declaring War On Nostalgia”, which will be released November 11th.

The Saddest Landscape last released “Darkness Forgives” on October 23, 2015 through Topshelf Records.

Dangers streaming “Kiss With Spit” from upcoming album “The Bend In The Break”

California hardcore act Dangers announced last month plans for a new album entitled “The Bend in the Break” set to be released this October through Topshelf Records.

Today, the band has made a new track from the album available to stream. The song is entitled “Kiss With Spit” and you can have a listen here.

“The Bend in the Break” has an October 14th release date and follows the band’s 2014 album “Five O’Clock Shadows At The Edge Of The Western World”.



Dangers announce new LP, ‘The Bend in the Break’

California hardcore act Dangers have announced a new album titled The Bend in the Break. The album will be released on October 14, 2016 through Topshelf Records.

The band’s latest released was 2014’s Five O’Clock Shadows At The Edge Of The Western World.

You Blew It! release Pulse shooting benefit EP

In response to Sunday’s horrific tradgedy, Florida progressive/emo/whatever band You Blew It! have just released a new EP Pulse. The EP is a collection of B-sides and other unused tracks, and all proceeds will go towards The Centre, Orlando’s largest LGBT centre, which is currently providing support to survivors of the terrible night. Check it out below, and show your support on Bandcamp.

Nai Harvest stream “Just Like You” from upcoming two-song EP

UK emo group Nai Harvest are currently streaming their new full-length single for your ears to enjoy. It’s called “Just Like You,” and you can check it out here.

“Just Like You” is slated to appear on the band’s upcoming two-song EP, which will be backed by the song “Jelly.” A slew of pre-order options are available here from Topshelf Records.

Nai Harvest’s last release was their 2015 full-length “Hairball,” which also came out on Topshelf.

Sorority Noise streaming new song “Either Way” off upcoming EP “It Kindly Stopped For Me”

 Sorority Noise are streaming a new song called “Either Way.”

You can check it out here.

Their new EP “It Kindly Stopped For Me” will be released on April 22nd through Topshelf Records. Sorority Noise released their sophomore album, Joy, Departed, on June 16, 2015.

EP Review: Suis La Lune – “Distance / Closure”

With the internet how it is, all types of music (including every subgenre of punk and hardcore) have become easily accessible to anyone with a computer. However, it’s also made room for our music scene, and all music scenes, to be oversaturated by band after band lacking creativity. JADEDPUNKHULK put it best when he hilariously tweeted “ANY TIME YOU BLAZE TRAIL, YOU SPAWN LOTS OF BAD VERSION OF YOU BAND. ASK YOUSELF BEFORE RECORD GO TO PRESS IF IT REALLY WORTH IT.” Real screamo is one of those genres that’s never really been too commercially successful, but with the internet how it is, the chances “bad versions” of trail-blazer bands showing up get more and more likely.

Originally, I was going to write off Sias La Lune as one of those “bad version” bands, although the band has been around for a while and had successful, well-regarded records previously. A Facebook friend then posted a song from Distance / Closure on my timeline, noting this particular song (“Within”) was one of the more “epic” songs from the genre this year. I thus decided maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to cynically write Suis La Lune off, and maybe there’s something I’m missing. Thus, I give you my review of Distance / Closure.

The EP, recorded in guitarist Henning’s basement, begins with a long, soft, drawn out introduction to the opening track, “Different Perspective”. Singer/bass player Andy (the press pack only had the band members’ first names) starts to set the mood differently by screaming “How dare you go on,” between lines of a simple guitar solo, frankly making the beginning of this release a bit too cheesy for my taste. Eventually, the song evolves from this corniness to an aggressive post hardcore tune, and ends in a breakdown-y throwback to the cheesy intro, with the same solo and lyrics being repeated, but this time loud and heavy. It’s a great way to complete the track from how it started.

The second song, “Endless Cycle”, also starts off soft and ends aggressive, however it’s not as slow moving as “Different Perspectives” and keeps the listener’s attention a bit easier. Similar to the first song on the EP, it showcases the band’s ability to write technical music and tweak every part of a song to make it to distinct from all other parts, however still sound like a cohesive track. This is something I personally love about screamo music, and Suis La Lune does it well.

The EP’s third track, “Better Parts”, is possibly the best, as well as the shortest track on the entire EP. It’s the most uptempo track and easy to follow while still holding true to the band’s technicality. Personally, this was the song I heard that helped me realize how tight Suiz La Lune is as a band and musicians. They are on the same page as each other and don’t play as sloppy as the wider majority of screamo bands I’ve seen do.

The final track, “Within”, is the longest track on the release, running almost twelve minutes. It has heavy parts, it has soft parts, and it ends all atomsphere-ish to add to the mood of the EP. While I personally believe things like this are overdone, I appreciate the variety this track (and all the tracks) bring to the release. And possibly to my discredit, other people (like my Facebook friend) seem to find this song pretty unique and contributing something good to the genre that is screamo, post hardcore, or whatever else you want to call it.

Overall, Distance / Closure is a really great release. It sounds raw production-wise which is always good, because it brings out the talent of the band all that much more by making you listen more closely. Apart from a few cheesy moments, it’s a solid piece of work from a good band, and if you’re really into screamo then you may find something special. For people who are a bit less invested in their screamo or post hardcore, I would say check this out, but it’s not necessarily as accessible as genre leaders like Loma Prietta or older Pianos Become the Teeth.

For this Distance / Closure, I’m giving Suis La Lune a 4 out of 5 and I’m excited to hear what this band’s next full-length sounds like.

Frameworks announce EP and stream new track “Time Spent”

Gainesville based post-hardcore act Frameworks have just announced a new EP titled “Time Spent” and you can stream a song of the same name below.

The EP is set to be released via Top Shelf Records, a dollar from every pre-order of the Clear with Black Smoke variant will be donated to UN referee agency to help with the crisis in Syria. You can order the EP here.

Framesworks released their last album Loom in April 2014, also on Top Shelf Records