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Rebuilder announce EP “Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike”, stream track “Mile Or An Inch”

Boston punk veterans Rebuilder have just announced their EP “Sounds From the Massachusetts Turnpike” which is set to release on September 1, 2017 through Panic State Records.

In the meantime, you can check out a track from the EP “Mile or An Inch” which they are streaming here.

The last release from these guys was 2015’s Rock & Roll in America through Panic State Records.

Rebuilder announce exclusive “Rock And Roll In America” release; comment on Euro tour cancellation

The music industry, and the punk scene specifically, are notoriously fickle beasts. With very few exceptions (looking at you, Blink-182), money isn’t the primary motivator. Most bands, promoters, small labels and the like are lucky to break even, or at best eek out a meager profit, in most music-related endeavors. And so, when something unexpected happens, the results can be catastrophic, as the seemingly endless stories of bands having their gear stolen outside venues will attest to.
But it’s not always the old smash-and-grab that can set a band back. Just ask Boston punk band Rebuilder. As we told you recently, the five-piece were forced to cancel what was slated to be their first-ever European tour. The band and their US label, Panic State Records, had teamed up with German-based Fond Of Life Records, for a European exclusive pressing of the band’s debut full-length, Rock And Roll In America. The release will still see the light of day, and you can get your own copy here.
Rebuilder have also opened up their merch vault to try to help recoup some of the losses they’re on the hook for due to the cancellation of their European run; it’s like a Kickstarter campaign only…not using Kickstarter! Get your hands on some Rebuilder merch here, and check out the band’s full statement on their Euro tour and their merch sale below.

DS Photo Gallery: The Scandals’ “Lucky Seven” Record Release Show w/Gates, Dead Swords, Nine Eighteen and D’Arcy – Garwood, NJ

The Scandals

When we caught up with Jared Hart, frontman for New Jersey punk band The Scandals, about a year-and-a-half ago, one of the things we chatted about was that the band’s then-long-finished EP was finally hopefully due for release in the upcoming months. As should be readily apparent given the tone of that run-on first sentence, the slow-moving wheels of an increasingly bogged-down music industry had other plans for the Bayonne-based quartet. At long last, the Brian Fallon-produced five-song EP, entitled Lucky Seven, officially found itself with an April 28, 2017, street date, a split release from the good folks at New Jersey’s Panic State Records and Richmond, Virginia’s Say-10 Records. The following day brought the official record release show, an Andy Diamond-booked barn-burner of an affair at The Crossroads in Garwood that was equal parts party and punk show. The night’s heavy emphasis on the unity and the camaraderie in the North Jersey scene was palpable, so much so that other scenes should take note.

The Scandals

The Scandals had a bit of a tumultuous go of it a handful of years ago (maybe someone will tell that story someday in greater detail), but with founding member Hart at the helm, the current lineup (Sean Carney on bass/vocals, Anthony Iarossi on guitar, Paulie Yaremko on drums) has been in tact for somewhere around four or five years now, and the band have never sounded better live. The band’s hour-long headlining set was high-energy from the word “go.” With the addition of his solo career and his more recent spot as a member of Brian Fallon’s touring band The Crowes, Hart has been on a bit of an upward trajectory of late. Still, The Scandals have long been Hart’s baby, and he repeatedly displayed his appreciation for the names and faces that have helped and supported the music along the way. The crowd seemed to reciprocate that appreciation as an endless barrage of crowd surfers made their respective ways toward the stage, met on multiple occasions by Hart himself mid stage-dive. There may have been a couple of technical malfunctions along the way — not the least of which was the untimely demise met by the on-stage margarita machine — but that did little to hamper the positive, extended-family-like vibe that was present really from the time the doors opened.

Nine Eighteen

The support lineup on this show was deep and very much Jersey-centric. d’arcy and Nine Eighteen kicked things off in that order, each one a high-energy trio offering a slightly different but no less uptempo and throwback sort of sound. The former band play a feedback-heavy brand of rock heavily influenced by the good parts of the alternative scene two decades ago (think Smashing Pumpkins before Billy Corgan became…well…Billy Corgan). As a native of the greater Boston area, I couldn’t help but notice sonic similarities between Nine Eighteen and another band of The Scandals’ frequent showmates (from my neck of the woods) Burning Streets. Scandals’ bassist Carney joined the trio on stage for a well-received, and pitch perfect, cover of the Hot Water Music staple “Wayfarer” (pictured above).

Dead Swords

Dead Swords followed and served as a compelling change of pace, albeit one that may have seemed a bit confusing to the more mainstream punks in attendance. The duo is comprised of Alex Rosamilia (The Gaslight Anthem/Brian Fallon and the Crowes)  and Corey Perez (Bottomfeeder, ex-I Am The Avalance and Let Me Run), and they were making their first US appearance on this particular evening. Rosamilia handles main vocal duties in the band, with Perez providing the occasional backing harmony, but the real emphasis in Dead Swords is, as you might imagine, guitars. Heavy guitars. Loopy, distorted, swirling, gloom-and-doomy, plodding guitars. The set featured minimal stage lighting, allowing even more of the focus to be on the sludgy sonic experience. They aren’t really like anything I’ve seen live, at least not in a long time, though there are moments that are vaguely reminiscent of Face To Face bass player Scott Shiflett’s side project, Viva Death, at least in my frame of reference.


Gates proved direct support and, if you’re not overly familiar with Gates’s live show (as I’ll admit, rather embarassingly enough, I wasn’t) and you have a chance to catch them live in a club like Crossroads…get off your ass and go! The five-piece are difficult to pigeon-hole into even a small handful of genres. They’re a dynamic rock band that plays and performs to the very back of the room, and are more than capable of filling rooms many times larger with their sonic landscapes. They’re at times delicate, at times swirling, at times explosive and at times, frankly, beautiful. Seriously, check out their summer tour dates here and make it a point to go.

While you’re at it, pick up Lucky Seven here, and check out our full photo gallery below.

Stay Wild announce West Coast dates

Apple Valley hardcore punks Stay Wild have announced a run of West Coast dates next month. The band’s newest EP “livelearnlove” was released last June on Panic State Records.

You can see the full list of dates below.

The Scandals stream new EP “Lucky Seven”

New Jersey punks The Scandals have made their new EP Lucky Seven available to stream. You can give the 5-song release a listen below.

Lucky Seven is set to release on April 28th through Panic State and Say-10 Records. The EP was produced by The Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon.

Rebuilder cancel EU tour, announce new East Coast dates including Pouzza Fest

Ah, the touring business can be such a cruel mistress at times. Boston punks Rebuilder had been slated to head across the pond next month, embarking on their first European tour, but due to a number of booking snafus, those plans have been officially scrapped.

Europe’s loss is the Northeast’s gain, however. The band announced a few shows Stateside that’ll fill in some of the gaps that were left by the EU dates falling through, and included is a spot at this year’s Pouzza Fest in Montreal.  Head below for the full rundown.

Rebuilder released their debut full-length, Rock And Roll In America, back in 2015 on Panic State Records. They’ve got a new EP, Songs From The Massachusetts Turnpike, slated for release on Panic State in a couple months…stay tuned for details!

The Scandals (punk) stream new track “Hostage” from upcoming EP “Lucky Seven” (Prod. by Brian Fallon)

New Jersey punk rockers The Scandals have released a new song entitled “Hostage” in which you can listen to below. “Hostage” will be featured on their upcoming EP “Lucky Seven” which will be released April 28th via Panic State/Say-10 Records.

“Lucky Seven” was produced by Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem fame. The Scandals released a previous single entitled “Lucky Seven” last June. You can stream that track here.

DS Debut: Feral Ponies launch new track, “Trump Palace Uber Alles”

Today might mark the beginning of the end of the United States of America as we know them, but at least we’ve got a good soundtrack in the works while we watch it all burn. In “honor” of today’s inauguration, Newark, Delaware’s Feral Ponies have unveiled a brand new track, and we’re stocked to debut it for you here at Dying Scene. It’s called “Trump Palace Uber Alles,” and as you might imagine, it’s a reworked and updated cover of the Dead Kennedys‘ classic “California Uber Alles.” Check it out below!

To mark the release, the band have also teamed up with their record label, Panic State, to release an exclusive Donald Trump “Not My President” t-shirt. The shirt features the artwork seen above, and was designed by Feral Ponies’ own bassist, Pat Higgins. You can check out the t-shirt here. Proceeds from sales of the shirt and from downloads of “Trump Palace Uber Alles” will be split between several different charitable organizations, including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Border Angels and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Feral Ponies’ latest album,“Blame It On The Classics” was released December 10th on Panic State Records.

DS Exclusive: Feral Ponies debut title track from upcoming “Blame It On The Classics” full-length

Dying Scene are stoked to debut a brand new track from Newark, Delaware’s Feral Ponies! The track is called “Blame It On The Classics,” and it serves as the title track to the band’s upcoming full length album. Check it out below.

“Blame It On The Classics” is due out December 10th on Panic State Records. Like what you hear? You can pre-order the album on vinyl right here or at the link on the player down below if you’re in to that sort of thing (and you are). The album artwork (pictured above) was designed by the band’s bass player, Pat Higgins, and comes with 3-D glasses!

Rebuilder and Ramona team up for West Coast tour

Hard-working Boston punk band Rebuilder are headed out west for their first-ever tour of the left coast. The tour kicks off October 4th in Seattle and wraps up 11 days later in Vegas (livers be damned). Along for the ride will be Seattle-based punk band Ramona. In spite of making their hometowns on opposite sides of the country, the two bands actually share a family tree branch: Rebuilder’s Sal Medrano and Ramona’s Diego Medrano are, as you might imagine, brothers.

Anyway, check out the full rundown below. No word yet on new music from Rebuilder or Ramona camps, but stay tuned. Rebuilder’s last album, “Rock and Roll in America,” was released last year on Panic State.

Music Video: We Were Sharks – “How To Lose Your Cool”

Ottawa pop-punks We Were Sharks have released a video for their song “How To Lose Your Cool.”

You can check it out here.

“How To Lose Your Cool” comes from the bands latest EP, Not a Chance, which came out in December on Panic State Records.

Stay Wild stream new EP “livelearnlove” in full

California hardcore punks Stay Wild are streaming their brand new EP livelearnlove, which was released last Friday, and you can check it out below.

livelearnlove is the follow up to Stay Wild’s last EP, Pacemaker.

Stay Wild (hardcore) and Panic State records to donate proceeds to Orlando victims

California hardcore punks Stay Wild and their label Panic State records have announced their intentions to donate to the victims of the recent Orlando massacre. Stay Wild will be selling their latest track “Blossom” from a forthcoming record, priced as “pay-what-you-want”. Along with this generous offer the label itself will donate $10 from every Stay Wild “Feminist” t-shirt sold in the month of June.

If you want to purchase the track, a t-shirt or simply donate then you can do so from the label’s Bandcamp page.

Guitarist and vocalist in Stay Wild, Nick Riggs, comments on the incident and the band’s decision to help the cause below.

DS Exclusive: Stay Wild premier video for “Victim/Champion” for upcoming EP “livelearnlove”

As you should already be aware of by now, Southern California-based hardcore punks Stay Wild are three weeks away from releasing a brand new EP, livelearnlove, through Panic State Records (street date: June 24th).

Today, we’re stoked to premier the a brand new video from that very album. It’s for a track called “Victim/Champion,” and you can check the video out below.

Here’s what the band has to say about the song:

“It’s strange how often I personally think of this song. Not in a conceited manner, but as reassurement for myself. It reminds me that I have control over my life, helps me stay motivated and keeps me from getting hung up on my mistakes and uncertainty.  Everyone experiences their own hardships in life. Failure, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, stress and so on. Sometimes it’s hard to live without understanding who you are, why you’re here, why you do what you do and what you will go on to do.
Victim/Champion is about positivity and hope, enduring those tribulations and adapting to what you’re left with. If an experience completely shatters you, try to build a better you with the pieces and let it remind you that can always overcome adversity. It’s not always easy, but what options do you have?”

The livelearnlove EP is the follow up to Stay Wild’s last EP, Pacemaker. If you like what you hear, stay tuned for livelearnlove pre-order details as they become available, and check out the band’s upcoming tour dates below the video.

Rebuilder release new music video “La Grand Fromage”

Boston punk act Rebuilder have released the music video for their song “La Grand Frommage.” The video depicts the band being subjected to seemingly every hardship that an up-and-comming act could face. According to vocalist Sal Mardelo, this bitter tone was intentional. Mardelo explained;

“On one of our first tours as a band, we played Atlantic City, New Jersey at a venue called Le Grand Fromage. It was a pretty awful show for a number of reasons. The promoter went to another show in town rather than this one; they tried polling the door, and the local opener was a jam funk band from Virginia that left right after they played. No one was there to even witness it other than The Record Collection who was on tour with us. Our set was also a disaster and Daniel almost quit the band. He wrote this song because at that moment he wanted to be anywhere but New Jersey.

In actuality, all of our Jersey shows after that have been great and we signed to Panic State Records based out of Jersey.

We went back to Jersey to shoot this video and try to recapture how much it sucked, but you definitely had to be there to really know.”

Check it out below.

“La Grand Frommage” comes from the groups upcomming album “Rock & Roll America” which is set for a release through Panic State Records.