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Royal Psalms (members Crime In Stereo, Daytrader) stream debut EP “I Could Have Been Anything”

Royal Psalms, the Brooklyn-based quartet made up of members of Daytrader , Crime In Stereo, and Aficionado, are streaming their debut EP “I Could Have Been Anything” below.

The EP was released today through Rise Records.

Teenage Bottlerocket, The Smith Street Band, The Exploited & more added to Punk Rock Holiday lineup

The latest lineup announcement for Punk Rock Holiday 1.5 has been made! Joining the likes of Satanic Surfers, Less Than Jake, Guttermouth, and more are Teenage Bottlerocket, The Smith Street Band, The Exploited, Raised Fist, Jaya The Cat, and Venerea.

The 2015 edition of the Slovenian festival will be taking place on August 4-7th. Check out their website for more info.

Teenage Time Killers stream new song “Hung Out To Dry”

Teenage Time Killers, a supergroup led by members of metal legends Corrosion of Conformity, are streaming a new song called “Hung Out To Dry,” which comes from their debut album Teenage Time Killers – Greatest Hits Vol. 1 that is set to be released on July 31st via Rise Records.

You can check out the song, which features vocals from Lamb Of God vocalist Randy Blythe, below.

The brainchild of COC drummer Reed Mullin (COC), guitarist Mick Murphy (My Ruin/Chevy Metal/Birds of Satan) and producer John ‘Lou” Lousteau, Teenage Time Killers also features a lineup comprised of alternative/metal/punk titans such as Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters/Nirvana), Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour), Neil Fallon (Clutch), Jello Biafra (Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, Dead Kennedys), Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), Brian Baker (Minor Threat/Bad Religion), Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), Lee Ving (Fear), Pat Smear (Foo Fighters/Nirvana/Germs), Nick Oliveri (Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age) and many others.

All of the LP’s instrumental parts were recorded at Grohl’s Studio 606 in Los Angeles, CA, using his famed Sound City mixing board. Grohl also plays on 12 tracks.

Teenage Time Killers – Greatest Hits Vol. 1 was mastered by Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag, Only Crime).

DS Photo Gallery: Teenage Bottlerocket, Lipstick Homicide, Rational Anthem, The Blendours in Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa isn’t exactly a “hotbed” of punk music, but still, some of my favorite punk bands hail from the Hawkeye State (quality over quantity, right?).

In March, some of the best bands Iowa has to offer came together for a show on a Wednesday night at a little bar in Des Moines. Oh yeah, they also let some band from Wyoming play a few songs. Check out my gallery from Teenage Bottlerocket, Lipstick Homicide, Rational Anthem, and The Blendours, at the Gas Lamp on March 18th, below.

The show opened with the catchy-as-shit acoustic power-pop/pop-punk stylings of The Blendours. I’ve been getting their songs stuck in my head almost weekly for the past few years, but this was my first chance to catch them live. It was a surprising treat to see former band member Bre jump up on stage and sing a few songs with the boys. Their latest album (along with about a billion other songs) is available on their Bandcamp page, right here.

Rational Anthem left Florida to come to Iowa. I don’t know what they were thinking, but I’m glad they did it. I’ve seen them two or three times now, and it seems each time is better than the previous. They put out a pretty sweet album last year on Bloated Kat Records, called Emotionally Unavailable. Get that, and/or their two previous full-lengths on vinyl here.

I’ve seen Lipstick Homicide probably 10+ times in the last two years, and I have yet to be disappointed by a performance. Not only is the music fast and catchy, but they always seem to be having so much fun and truly enjoying playing, and the crowd can definitely feel that. Not to mention the band members always seem to be right up front when the other bands are playing, and it’s always cool to see that support. Their latest full-length, 2013′s Out Utero, is available on Bloated Kat Records, and it’s one of my favorite albums from the past few years. I still listen to at least part of it almost every day. You should do the same, and you can make that happen by getting it here.

Teenage Bottlerocket are one of my all-time top 10 favorite bands. They always put on a kick-ass live show, and this time was no different. High energy, a few stupid jokes, and a lot of fast fun. This show was just before they put out their new album, Tales From Wyoming, on Rise Records. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy here.

New Video: Of Mice & Men – “Another You”

Southern California screamo act Of Mice and Men have premiered a music video for their song ”Another You”, taken from their latest album Restoring Force: Full Circle. You can watch the video below.

Restoring Force: Full Circle was released on February 24, 2015 via Rise Records. The standard edition of the album was released on January 28, 2014, also on Rise.

No Idea Records announce a bunch of new releases (Hot Water Music/Small Brown Bike reissues, new Ship Thieves and more)

Var and the kind folks at No Idea Records spilled the beans on what can only be referred to as a crap ton of new releases for the ’15 today. While there are no firm release dates attached to any of these (stupid resurgence in vinyl popularity), the fact that these all may get released over the course of the next bunch of months is pretty awesome.

Perhaps most noteworthy are a couple of Hot Water Music reissues. The band are obviously celebrating their 20th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Var reports that No Idea will be “cleaning up, re-mastering, and adding art to many of their records.” First out of the chute will be a remastered version “Finding the Rhythms” on CD and double LP, and featuring artwork that isn’t in the original vinyl packaging. Following that will be a re-mastered version of their 1999 release “Live at the Hardback,” a live recording of what was, at the time, supposed to be their final show. We all know how that turned out.

In related news, No Idea will also be releasing the third studio album from Ship Thieves, whom you probably remember as Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves. Chris Wollard is still in the band, just not in the name. Should be out late summer, which is rad (because I still listen to “Canyons” on a weekly basis at the very least).

Also coming from No Idea this year: a new album from Billy No Mates (featuring Joey Cape and Sergie Loobkoff!?!), reissues of Small Brown Bike‘s “The River Bed,” and Palatka’s “End Of The Irony,” an I Hate Myself discography triple-album, a new album from Germany’s No Weather Talks, Black Tower‘s “The Secret Fire,” and a couple of splits that include Radon (one with Shallow Cuts, one with Japan’s Worthwhile Way).

There may be some additional goodies along the way. You can read Var’s whole rundown here. Check in down in the comment section with some of your favorite No Idea releases.


Dance Gavin Dance stream new album Instant Gratification

Sacremento based screamo group Dance Gavin Dance are steaming their new album Instant Gratification in it’s entirety, and you can check it out below.

Instant Gratification is due for release on April 14th, 2015 via Rise Records and will serve as the follow-up to 2013′s Acceptance Speech.

The Early November stream new song “Circulation”

New Jersey emo veterans The Early November are streaming a new song called “Circulation,” and you can give it it a listen here.

The song comes from the bands’ upcoming album Imbue, which will be released on May 12th via Rise Records.

The Early November reissued their debut album The Rooms Too Cold in honor of it’s ten-year anniversary in December 2013 on Rise Records.  Their latest full-length In Currents was released in 2012.

Secrets streaming “Forever And Never” off ‘Renditions EP’

San Diego screamo/post-hardcore group Secrets are now streaming a new song off their upcoming EP. Give a listen to “Forever And Never” below.

The song is an acoustic take on the band’s third track from their 2013 full-length, Fragile Failures. This version is on the new EP, Renditions, which features three acoustic versions of songs from the full-length, along with a new song. You can check out the new song, “What’s Left Of Us” here, and pre-order the EP here. It’s due out April 7th on Velocity Records and Rise Records.

Secrets are currently on a US/Canada tour with The Devil Wears Prada. You can see the remaining dates/locations for that tour here.

DS Photo Gallery: Teenage Bottlerocket & PEARS at Local 662 in St. Pete, FL

It had been over a year since I last broke out my camera and made my way down to St. Pete to cover a show for Dying Scene, but when I heard Teenage Bottlerocket and PEARS were coming to town, I just knew I had to dust off the ol’ camera and pretend to be an actual photographer once again. And I’m sure glad I did, because this was one hell of a show.

PEARS blasted through roughly a dozen songs with ferocious speed, taking very few breaks along the way. And though there were quite a few people who weren’t familiar the New Orleans hardcore punk act, it wasn’t long before everyone in the room became hooked on PEARS.

To put it as simply as possible, these guys are natural performers. They write great songs that sound awesome on the record, and sound even more fucking awesome live. There aren’t too many bands who can put on a show with as much intensity as this 4-piece.

But luckily for me and everyone else in attendance, Teenage Bottlerocket is one of those bands. The Wyoming pop-punk veterans played an hour-long set of fan favorites like “Skate or Die,” “So Far Away,” “Bigger Than Kiss,” “Radio,” and “Stupid Games,” as well as a handful of songs from their brand new record Tales From Wyoming.

Usually when I see a band after they have just released a new album, there aren’t too many people who know the songs, which leads to a lot of blank stares/cell phone checking, and not a lot of singing, dancing, or just having fun.

That was not the case with Teenage Bottlerocket. The level of excitement while they played new tracks like “Dead Saturday,” “Nothing Else Matters (When I’m With You),” “Haunted House,” and “TV Set” was just as high as it was during the old fan favorites. A true testament to this band’s ability to continually write awesome music.

Teenage Bottlerocket and PEARS will be playing shows all across the south over the course of the next week. I highly recommend heading over here to see if the two bands are stopping near you, because it would be a shame if you missed such a great show!

All my shots from the show at the Local 662 in St. Pete can be seen below.

Album Review: Teenage Bottlerocket – “Tales From Wyoming”

Teenage Bottlerocket are back with their 6th full length album and their first since amicably leaving previous label Fat Wreck. The band’s new home is the more eclectic Rise Records and everything seems all the more fresh for the move. The album was, like previous efforts, recorded at The Blasting Rooms and engineered by Jason Livermore and Andrew Berlin, but was this time produced by the living legend that is Bill Stevenson (Blag Flag/ Descendents/ All).

Of the 14 tracks on Tales From Wyoming there were a few already available to fans before the official release. ‘TV Set’, which was originally available on last year’s Red Scare Industries anniversary compilation 10 Years Of Your Dumb Bullshit, makes a very welcome re-recorded appearance. In the run up to the release date several songs were drip fed to various media outlets, namely ‘Nothing Else Matters (When I’m With You)’, ‘They Call Me Steve’ and ‘Haunted House’, and all three songs possessed enough light-heated catchy hooks to keep the average Bottlerocket fan foaming at the mouth anticipating the album’s release.

On Tales From Wyoming, Teenage Bottlerocket as ever, cover a myriad of topics; From the beginning of a relationship (‘I Found The One’), to the end of one (‘Last Time’), from Minecraft (‘They Call Me Steve’) to junk food (‘Too Much La Collina’) and from Haunted Houses (eh….’Haunted House’) to disagreeing about Metallica (‘Nothing Else Matters, When I’m With You’). Teenage Bottlerocket manage to keep everything pretty diverse and interesting, while keeping it all ticking over with the usual pop punk down stroking, dual vocal roles and infectious melodies. Other highlights come thick and fast. ‘In My Head’, the album’s opener, will do as it says on the tin and will swim around your consciousness long after you have stopped listening. ‘Dead Saturday’ belts out the speakers at an aggressive pace as does the minute and a half blast of ‘Bullshit’. With the band slowing things down somewhat with ‘Cockroach Strikes Again’, the band’s longest song to date at nearly 4 minutes in length.

No one wants or really expects Teenage Bottlerocket to find a new sound or direction. Fans of the band know and love the way the band operates and just want more of it but there are a couple of noticeable departures with Tales From Wyoming. Firstly, as fans of the band will already know all of the album covers adorn the same artwork with the only difference being the colour to the background and Bottlerocket logo. Tales From Wyoming changes things up slightly by giving the artwork a multi-colour red, white and blue background, paying homage to the Wyoming flag, with the logo appearing as white. This may not seem like much but is a distinctly noticeable difference to super fans. Perhaps the biggest surprise comes with the final and aforementioned song ‘Last Time’. ‘Last Time’ is essentially a ballad where Ray Carlisle plays with a violin accompanied acoustic guitar, which is a massive departure from anything the band has done before! This will turn some heads, maybe all the way around Exorcist style, but is a refreshing end to the album and is perhaps an indication to what a Ray Carlisle solo album might sound like were he to ever follow that path.

Teenage Bottlerocket say they strive to make every album like the last one but just a little bit better and while Tales From Wyoming doesn’t quite better 2012′s brilliant Freak Out, it does however stand shoulder to shoulder with it, which is in itself highly commendable. The new relationship with Rise Records has given them a new found impetus and the fact the label reached out to Bill Stevenson to produce Tales From Wyoming has proven to be a bit of a masterstroke. Naysayers will claim Tales From Wyoming is just more of the same from the leather clad Ramones loving four piece, while fans of Teenage Bottlerocket will thank their lucky stars that remains the case!

4/5 Stars

Music video: Dance Gavin Dance – “Stroke God, Millionaire”

Sacremento based screamo group Dance Gavin Dance have premiered the video for their song “Stroke God, Millionaire”.

You can check it out below.

Instant Gratification is due for release on April 14th, 2015 via Rise Records, and will serve as the follow-up to 2013′s Acceptance Speech.

Teenage Bottlerocket stream entire new album “Tales From Wyoming”

Teenage Bottlerocket‘s eagerly-awaited new album Tales from Wyoming doesn’t come out until next week but you don’t have to wait until then to hear it.  Give the entire album a listen below!

Tales From Wyoming will drop on March 31 through Rise Records.

Man Overboard announce UK tour with Smile and Burn, ROAM & Moose Blood

New Jersey pop-punk act Man Overboard will be touring the UK with Smile and Burn, ROAM, and Moose Blood later this spring. You can check out the full tour itinerary down below.

Man Overboard last released a split 7-inch with Senses Fail on March 3rd through Rise Records and Pure Noise Records. Prior to that, they put out an acoustic EP titled Passing Ends in 2014 via their own Lost Tape Collective.

Teenage Bottlerocket stream new song “In My Head”

Teenage Bottlerocket have released another new song from their highly-anticipated upcoming album Tales From Wyoming. You can listen to “In My Head” below.

Tales From Wyoming is set to be released on March 31, 2015 through Rise Records. The album will serve as a follow-up to Teenage Bottlerocket’s last full-length, Freak Out!, which was released in 2012 on Fat Wreck Chords.