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Introducing Speedy Pop-Punk Act: No End In Sight (full album stream)

Quebec’s No End In Sight have been around for a couple years but I hadn’t heard of them until today.  Four songs into their new album “Happy Never After” I’ve decided they’re my favorite pop-punk discovery of the month.  Somewhere between Squirtgun and Strike Twelve these guys play a Lookout! Records variety of pop-punk with the speed ingenuity of some of the more contemporary skate-punk acts.  But I often pull these lame descriptions completely out of my ass so just do yourself a favor and stream their album below (I think “Mausoleum” is my favorite track).

Introducing new noise punk band: Legendary Divorce (members of The Starting Line and more)

Here’s a new punk band to check out if you like a little noise and experimentation to go along with your typical 3 chord rock.  Philly act Legendary Divorce features members of The Starting Line, Ladder Devils, Wives, and The Minor Times and play loud, grungy, and noisy punk.  Check out their debut EP Make Me below, and let us know what you think.

Introducing Street Punk Band: Radical Failure

If you like your skate and street punk with a dash of hardcore influenced vocals I’ve got a fantastic new band for you to check out.  Radical Failure hails from France but after listening to them they could just as believably be from Texas.  They claim influences from a variety of Epitaph and Fat bands but the ones that make the most sense to me are Good Riddance and Vision.  The foursome has a new EP coming out in May and they’ve just released a teaser for it in the form of a music video for a new song titled “Unbreakable”.  Check it out along with their debut EP below.

New Pop-Punk Band Alert: The Red Owls (featuring members of The Ataris and Nightmares For A Week)

Pop-punk fans, here’s a new band you’ll want to check out.  Especially if you fancy The Ataris or Nightmares For A Week.  The Red Owls features members from both aforementioned bands and they’ve recently finished tracking their debut EP “Do You Feel Any Better?”.  Mixed at The Blasting Room, you can get your first taste of the pending release by streaming it’s title track below.

No release date yet but we’ll keep you posted on that as well as some upcoming shows.  Stay tuned!

Introducing New Emotional Punk Act: Spanish Love Songs (full album stream)

If you dig the melancholy themes and emotionally charged vocals of bands like Run, Forever and Elway (but mostly Run, Forever) then you’re going to love Los Angeles 4 piece Spanish Love Songs.  The band just released their debut full-length “Giant Sings The Blues” and I recommend you stream it below (don’t miss the song “Concrete”). ———————————-

Introducing New Punk Act: Knockin Bones (free EP download)

If you’re a fan of that “…And Out Come The Wolves” punk meets rock ‘n roll sound, and dig the vocal stylings of Lars Frederiksen you’re going to want to check out Knockin Bones.  The three piece is a new band out of Austin, Texas formed by Bass Line Bums’ Marc Alan and they’ve just released their debut EP “Saved My Soul” as a free download.  Give it a listen below.

Introducing New Punk Act: Youngest and Only (free song download)

London, Ontario’s Youngest And Only remind me of the type of punk act you’d find on one of those fantastic punk comps from the mid 90′s.  Think “Punk Sucks” or “Punk Bites”.  It’s fast, its snotty, its catchy, and the recording quality is just DIY enough to keep it feeling raw, while still sounding awesome at full blast in your car stereo.  The band will be releasing their debut EP “Baboons” on March 18th through Implicit Records and you can stream “Deighton”, one of the tracks below.  Very much looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

Introducing Lousiana ‘jungle punks’ Bill Mountain; stream new song “Let’s Get It Started”

I’d like to introduce a new band by the name of Bill Mountain. The band formed in the summer of 2013 in Houma, Louisiana and plays a self-described ‘jungle punk’, characterized by distorted guitar riffs, psycho saxophone, cowbell, and an overall dizziness.

Members of the band were previously playing in a band called Secret Society in Smaller Lies before the formation of Bill Mountain. Following the sudden departure of their singer, the remaining members quickly formed a new band with one of their guitarists taking over lead vocals. The new band began writing new songs and embarked on a West Coast tour followed shortly by the addition of a saxophonist/percussionist to the line up. Bill Mountain is putting the final touches on their debut release, and you can check out one song from the album.

It’s entitled “Let’s Get It Started” and you can have a listen below.

Introducing New Hardcore Act: One Last Round (full EP stream)

If you’re on the prowel for a new hardcore band to check out we’ve got a tasty nugget for you.  One Last Round hail from Greece and on April 9th they’ll release their debut, self-titled EP on Czech label Lonewolf Productions.  But you don’t have to wait until then to hear it.  Stream the entire thing below.

Introducing New Wave Punk Act: Creepozoid (free EP download)

If you dig new wave punk rock in the vein of The Epoxies or Phenomenauts then we have a treat for you!  Buffalo’s Creepozoid is a new band formed by the singer and drummer of Seven Thirty Seven (another band we did a band spotlight on) and a couple other dudes from other bands.  In their own words, “all members wanted to record, experiment and try something new, this is the result.”  “This” being their debut 3 song EP “Invasion Of The Brains” which you can stream in full and download for free on their bandcamp.

Introducing New Pop-Punk Act: State Line Syndicate

Here’s a new band for you to check out if you dig pop-punk and the pop-rock of the 90′s.  State Line Syndicate come to us from Los Angeles and the title of their upcoming debut is a very good indication of what you can expect from their sound.  “Go Back To The 90′s” will be released on April 1st and you can stream 2 tracks from it (“The Temptress” and “Loves Me So”) below.

Introducing New Skate Punk Act: Fold The Nuts (full EP stream)

Normally when a band emails DS asking us to check out their debut album recorded at their friend’s “home studio” I prepare myself for an obligatory 30 second listen of a horribly produced screech fest before I move on to the next email.  Let me tell you, in the case of Athens’ Fold The Nuts I’m extremely glad I make a point of listening to every single band that emails us, even those with names as bad as “Fold The Nuts”.  What I discovered was a 6 song gem of a skate punk release.  Fantastic guitar solos, great speed, melodic vocals with just enough angst and clearly this friend with a home studio knows what he’s doing behind the knobs.  Do yourself a favor and check out the band’s self-titled debut below. You can thank me later.


Members of Ten Foot Pole, DC Fallout, Implants & more form new band Fairvale

Fairvale is a new punk super-group of sorts from Los Angeles, California, featuring Paul Lapinsky of Static Fiction, as well as DC Fallout‘s Scott Hallquist (who is also a touring guitarist for Ten Foot Pole), Chris Del Rio of Ten Foot Pole (formerly of Implants), and A.J. Condosta, who has played drums for Voodoo Glow Skulls and Jughead’s Revenge.

The band hasn’t put out any tunes yet, but they’re planning on doing so sometime soon. Be sure to follow them on their Facebook and/or Twitter pages, and stay tuned for updates on what they have in store.

Introducing New Hardcore Punk Act: Mid Rats (full EP stream)

If you’re growing a little weary of the watered down, over produced punk rock coming at you from all angles lately, we’ve got a band that may put the angst back into your circle pit stomp.  Lancaster, PA’s Mid Rats (who pull their influences from Black Flag, FEAR, Dead Kennedys, NOFX, Germs and OFF!) have just released their debut EP “Vandalize You” through Tiger Hawk Records and you can stream the release below.

Introducing pop-punks Take Care; video “1/2/09″

New to Dying Scene, Maryland pop-punks Take Care have released a video for their song “1/2/09” below.

The band independently released it’s first full-length album, All This Time I’ve Felt Like Nothing, in October 2014. Check back for more from these guys soon!