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DS Photo Gallery: Old Firm Casuals, Suede Razors, Roadside Bombs at The Night Light, Oakland (1.30.16)

This past Saturday I nearly missed an incredible show featuring local favorites Old Firm Casuals, Suede Razors, and Roadside Bombs. I was supposed to work, and once I got the night off I found it terribly difficult to find tickets to the sold-out event. Alas, a ticket materialized and I headed across the Bay Bridge to the sauna that is The Night Light. If the previous week’s show’s theme was youthful energy, this show’s theme was ‘old punks’. Indeed, all the bands have been around in the scene for quite awhile, and at 30, I found myself as one of the younger attendees.

Roadside Bombs opened the night in classic fashion with some great sounds of the street. The band is punk-driven, but definitely has a melodic side that shines through. There’s plenty of opportunities to sing along with some gang vocals too, especially with songs like “Not Everybody Knows a Good Thing”, “My Side Of Town”, “Tax Revolution”, “Bring ‘Em Home”, and more just to name a few. Definitely the perfect fit for the lineup, and a great opener for the night. The band most recently released “My Side Of Town” back in 2014, which you can listen to here.

Things got a little more intense as Darrel, Mike and crew took to the stage for Suede Razors, featuring members of Harrington Saints, Sydney Ducks, Hounds & Harlots, and more, these guys are no strangers to the scene. A Suede Razors show is like a trip to your local bar, singing along to pub songs with your mates – just with a punk/skinhead tinge to it. In fact, the intro to “Bovver Boys” sounds like something you would hear in an English pub after a soccer match. The band has really done well creating a unique sound that builds off all the guys’ collective experience. “Here She Comes” gets you off your barstool and maybe not dancing, but definitely nodding your head along to the beat. One of my favorites is “Longshot Kid”, which builds up and will have you throwing fists in the air by the end.

I don’t know what it is, but it has proven to be a challenge of entry for every band Lars is in. I hear he is a fan of dyingscene, however it seems our press requests always fall on deaf ears. Persistence and perseverance are the names of the game, and I managed to be up front and center as Old Firm Casuals took the stage. I’ve seen the band several times over the years, and it amazes me that photos from their set at The Blank Club nearly 6 years ago still remain at the top of Google image searches. It’s great to see Lars’ voice shine through in a new light outside of the Rancid sound we’ve all become accustomed to. He’s got the perfect amount of grit and melody – no frills vocals at its best. It was definitely a treat to see “Skinhead” performed live, among other favorites.

You can view set photos below.

Huge thanks to Ian, Ben, Darrel, Skip, and Chelsea for helping out, and cheers to all the Pirates and Chapter 11 crew! It’s always great seeing you all.

DS Photo Gallery: The Adicts, La Plebe, Screaming Bloody Marys at The Fillmore SF (1.24.16)

I wrapped up my string of shows last weekend in proper fashion, with performances by two of my favorite bands, The Adicts and La Plebe. Opening the night was local rock ‘n’ roll/punk band Screaming Bloody Marys.

I had never heard of the openers before, however they put on a pretty good set, with frontwoman Angelique X Stacy bellowing to the crowd. The stage presence was on point – energetic, intense, with a little tinge of burlseque (without all the risque).

The reason I was really here was for the next two bands. I am lucky enough to live in San Francisco and to be able to have an incredible number of extremely talented musicians living closeby. Indeed, I just saw Joey Cape having lunch by my house yesterday. But I digress. A band that I have grown to know and love over the years is La Plebe (who really needs no introduction). The guys are always on point with their songs, and never cease to draw huge numbers of crowds to their shows. It’s almost as if a bus of La Plebe fans gets dropped off right before their set, because as the boys take to the stage, the dancehall always fills up with eager and energetic Plebians, who dance and sing the whole night long. And with tracks like “Guerra Sucia”, “Jaulas”, “Campesino”, “Brazo en Brazo”, “Bella Ciao”, and so many more, it’s no wonder why. La Plebe is one of those bands of which I need no refresher. In fact, I’ve been privileged to see them five times in the last two months, and I would do another five if given the opportunity. New work is coming slowly for the quintet, but you can be sure that when it is, it will rock. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

Headliners for the night were The Adicts, another one of those bands that puts on an amazing live show. Costumes, confetti, and carnival-feelings define these guys, and Monkey’s outlandish ensembles always trump the last one he wore. This time would be no different, taking to the stage looking like a punk peacock of some sort. An Adicts show is truly a party, and it seems there is never a frown in the house, until the last song. “Chinese Takeaway”, “Steamroller”, “Smart Alex”, “Ode to Joy”, “Joker In The Pack”, and many more have become part of the staple Adicts’ set, but they never get old. With their latest material out nearly four years ago, The Adicts have kind of become that predictable band with predictable set – but in this case this is not a bad thing at all. You know what you’re getting into, so get on the floor and dance!

Have a look at photos from all three sets below.

Huge thanks to Mark and the guys for helping with entry, and everyone else who made this night epic.

DS Photo Gallery: Mustard Plug, Dan P & The Bricks, Monkey at Thee Parkside SF (1.23.16)

Last weekend was a crazy busy concert weekend in San Francisco, and it actually involved picking and choosing which bands to see, and which to reluctantly shelf for next time. When I saw that Mustard Plug, Dan P & The Bricks, and Monkey were sharing the same bill though, there was at least one easy decision. ‘Twas to be a night of ska and horns, skanking and slipping, and a visit to one of my favorite venues in the city, Thee Parkside.

San Jose-based Monkey took to the stage first and played to a still-warming-up crowd. The band brings classic ska with a voice that reververates through the whole dance hall. I say that because the band has this old-school classiness supported by powerful organs, driving horns, and that traditional ska stroke we all love (and of course Curtis’ voice). The guys most recently released “Bananarchy” last April through Asian Man Records and it has become a major staple of their set. With tracks like “Blind Faith”, “Bicycle”, and “Bad Neighbor” (to name a few), the band has once again proven why they have remained a cemented force in Bay Area ska.

Next up was local supergroup of sorts Dan P & The Bricks, featuring members of Slow Gherkin and of course frontman Dan Potthast from MU330. Dan is legitimately one of the consistently nicest and genuinely positive, upbeat individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and that positivism resonates through his music, which always gets the crowd bouncing. The way the ska is sped up, slowed down, and can maintain and energy to delight the crowd is a great moment of which to be a part. Besides the actual set of course, is the obligatory opening freak-out session to get all the jitters out (so says Dan). With “Mess It Up” and “Watch Where You Walk” topping the list, there’s no wonder why I always leave a Dan P show with cheeks hurting from smiling and legs weak from dancing.

The set from headliners Mustard Plug was definitely a pleasant surprise and left me wondering why these guys have fallen off my radar. I remember seeing them last year or so and thinking that the set lacked something – some energy, or je ne sais quoi. This night was more of the Mustard Plug that I remember loving as a teenager, and indeed the band sampled from all of their albums, but played my favorites including “You”, “Lolita”, and “The Beer Song” to name a few. It had the energy almost of like a Voodoo Glow Skulls or old school Blue Meanies set and it was an amazing way to spend a Saturday night. Not a frown in the house.

Have a look at all of the photos from the night’s sets below.

Thank you to Curtis, Jordan, and Audra for a great horn-filled, skarrific night at Thee Parkside.

DS Photo Gallery: Agent Orange, Atom Age, Civil War Rust at DNA Lounge, SF (1.22.16)

I began last weekend’s string of shows Friday night with a band I had never seen before, and was extremely excited to do so – Agent Orange. The band first came into my consciousness when I started playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and the band’s famous “Bloodstains” was part of the soundtrack. Those games were as influential as Punk-O-Rama, Mailorder Is Fun, Fat comps, or any other large collection of punk, in forming my love for the music I hold so dear.

DNA Lounge owner Barry Synoground is not just a business owner, he’s also a rad dude with an affinity for good music – specifically punk. The line-up last Friday epitomized that sentiment, with local Civil War Rust opening the night to a relatively full and eager crowd. I had seen the band a couple months ago with Dying Scene’s Yankee Brutal, and was excited for another raucous night. I love bands that exude passion on their sleeve, that show the drive and energy through their live performance, and Civil War Rust is just that band. The band is touring on the heels of their latest release “Help Wanted” which just came out last November (you can listen to it here). The guys really have it all – melody, grit, drops, breaks, bridges, gang vocals, and a fan-base that isn’t afraid to get their feet moving, and keep them moving, the entire set. I’m a huge fan of these guys and look forward to seeing more success from the quartet.

Keeping the energy flowing, and the local blood playing, next to the stage was Oakland-based The Atom Age (whom DNA owner Barry is a huge fan). The band released their latest album “Hot Shame” last summer and of course played their hit song “It’s A Mess”. I first saw the band six years ago, and since then I have witnessed a true development as the guys have really come into their own. Rocky, punky, funky, with a saxophone that reverberates through the entire venue. Guitarist/vocalist Peter Niven has become somewhat of a punk heartthrob it seems, as female fans woo over his every move.

The main event had finally arrived – Agent Orange. I was so excited to see the band and as they took to stage and opened with “Miserlou”, I know I was in for one treat of a set. If you could pick a handful of albums that really defined and drove punk back in the day, and have remained influential to this day, “Living In Darkness” is one of those albums. The band knows it, and samples heavily off the 1981 release, including “Too Young To Die”, “Everything Turns Grey”, “No Such Thing”, and of course “Bloodstains” to name a few. The band is timeless and sounds just as good today as they did 35 years ago. Seeing these guys was a real treat and definitely an early highlight to the year.

Have a look at the night’s photos below.

Thank you to Barry, Peter, Alan, and everyone else who contributed to this awesome night.

DS Photo Gallery: TSOL, Left Alone, The Croissants at Thee Parkside SF (1.16.16)

The past couple of weeks has been quite busy on the concert front, as bands are coming off the holidays rested and ready to hit the road. While I was unable to attend the first string of shows featuring Rancid, I made it up two weeks later with a little TSOL action. The band was headlining at the favorite local punk dive bar, Thee Parkside, and had Left Alone and The Croissants as crowd warm-up duty.

The Croissants is garage punk at its finest. The Sacramento-based trio plays a distorted, simple, melodic style of punk mixed with 90′s garage/indie, with a classic NorCal sound. The band is riding the heels of their latest 7-inch “We’re In The Basement”, and was a great warm-up to what was to come. Tracks like “Things Have Changed” and “Don’t Wanna Live” definitely got feet moving and hearts beating, ready for Left Alone.

I always enjoy seeing Left Alone because they mix several styles into one set. Punk, ska, a little blues and folk – the band spreads its love all over so everyone in attendance is sure to hear something they like. I became a fan of the band a whole decade ago with their release of “Dead American Radio”, and the band has solidified songs from that album as part of their most popular repertoire. Some of my favorites include “Done Wrong”, “City to City”, and of course (my favorite shirt as well) “I Hate Emo”. The band also sampled heavily off their latest album, “Harbor Area”, which came out last year through Hellcat and the band’s own Smelvis Records.

The air was ripe with sweat and beer, the room a cozy 95 degrees, and the crowd well lubricated as the SoCal legends TSOL took the stage. Quite the small stage for Jack & co. but they made do, at points sharing the space with exuberant fans. A TSOL set has become a little predictable (as the band hasn’t released much of any new material as of late), and you can bet you’ll hear a little “Love Story”, “Wasted”, “Property Is Theft”, and if you’re lucky, the fan favorite “Code Blue”. It’s incredible and a little hilarious that one of the band’s most popular song deals with the taboo subject of necrophilia – but hey, the crowd eats it up (and so do I (who can forget Punk-O-Rama II).

A great night was had – and you can view all the photos from the night’s sets below.

As always, big thanks to all the guys at Thee Parkside for a good time.

January’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

Endzweck & Friends

Holy shit, you guys, 2015 was an absolute cluster! If for no other reason, we’re excited to ring in the new year just to send 2015 packing. Fortunately for us, there’s a ton of other things to get excited about this year besides watching the year that was saunter off into the sunset. There’s a ton of new albums coming out this year (including one from Face to Face!), PRB has added all new East Coast dates and the growing guest list just keeps getting better and better, on top of all of  that there’s also new bands that we’ll discover and kick ass shows we’ll attend as the 2016 trudges along. But, just because we’re celebrating all of the new and shiny things we have in store for us, it doesn’t mean that we’ve completely forsaken the old. Because you demanded it, our monthly Hidden Gems of Bandcamp feature has been renewed for another year! So, despite our best efforts to fire our entire Original Content Team, your insatiable desire for new and undiscovered punk bands has forced us to keep them around for another year. To show their derision, they have produced the shortest list in the history of the feature this month. Nothing like a little hebetude to set the tone for a new year! Enjoy the first list of 2016 below!

DS Photo Gallery: Brian Fallon and the Crowes w/Cory Branan, Fox Theater, Ledyard, CT

It’s been a scant four months since New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem announced that they’d played their last shows for the time being and would thus begin a disappointing-yet-not-entirely-unexpected indefinite hiatus. If you’re at all familiar with the occasional stir-crazy, restless nature of the band’s frontman, Brian Fallon, however, you probably assumed you wouldn’t have to wait all that long before his voice would pop up again. Still, four months seems awfully quick…

And yet, here we are, not two full weeks into 2016 and we’re not only on the doorstep of Fallon’s first true solo album, Painkillers, (due out in March 11th on Island Records), but right at the beginning of what’s shaping up to be a fairly lengthy tour in support of his new project, Brian Fallon and The Crowes, an obvious play on the name of the Horrible Crowes side project Fallon started with Gaslight’s guitar tech-turned-touring-guitarist Ian Perkins a few years back. The third night of said tour found itself in the historic Fox Theater (if a 23-year-old theater can be historic, this one is, at least according to the baby-faced bouncer guarding the stage left area. But seriously, though, Frank Sinatra did open the place, so that counts for something…) at Foxwoods Resort Casino in rural Connecticut.

The setting is admittedly a bit of a strange one when compared to the sweaty punk clubs that The Gaslight Anthem cut their early teeth on, or even some of the larger venues the band played in more recent years. To try to paint a brief picture, envision a glorified high school auditorium (cap. 1400), but with pristine sound and lighting and immaculate carpets and movie theater seats. Now envision that false, brick-and-mortar facade of that auditorium exists across the high-end mall hallway from a Fuddruckers burger joint and acres of one-armed bandits flashing and sirening in total sensory overload cacophony, and that’s about what you’ve got. Strange place for a group of on-the-other-side-of-thirty lapsed punkers to convene, but I digress.

From the moment that Fallon and his five-piece band (Perkins on guitar, fellow Gaslighters Alex Rosamilia on keys and guitar, The Scandals‘ Jared Hart primarily on acoustic 12-string, the inimitable Cat Popper on bass, and Wes Kleinknecht on drums) hit the stage and fired up the opening track “Red Lights,” which those of you familiar with Fallon/Popper’s Molly And The Zombies project will no-doubt remember, the evening had a special sort of a feel. At no point in what realistically could have been a marathon of a nineteen-song setlist did showgoers really get the sense that this band had only played two collective shows together in their history.

Fallon’s stage banter was its typical jovial, off-the-cuff self, which helped provide a little levity to a setlist that included, at times, some fairly dark themes, particularly those surrounding lost love. It has become rather taboo in some circles to premier music before an album’s release in this YouTube era, yet Fallon and the gang played all dozen of the tracks slated to appear on Painkillers in bold fashion. The audience, comprised largely of visible (and at times vocal) Gaslight Anthem fans, were noticeably polite and respectful for the duration of the set, eager to grasp the new stories that Fallon had to share. Aside from the lead single, “A Wonderful Life,” the general feeling is a bit mid-tempo, a more layered, at times alt-country bookend to the smokier, blusier The Horrible Crowes Elsie full-length (from which about a half-dozen tracks were performed here). While it obviously remains to be seen what happens to The Gaslight Anthem going forward, fans of Fallon’s songwriting and storytelling have little to fear, as The Crowes are the real deal.

Cory Branan provided direct support on this evening, as he will for the band’s entire first tour out of the chute. Having seen Branan play sweaty basement clubs and backroom bars in the past, this setting had a much different vibe, but one that really highlighted Branan’s role as an artist and a storyteller. Perhaps it was the seated nature of the show, but gone was the occasional need for an acoustic performer to battle to pull in listeners from above the din of the vocally inattentive bar patrons, allowing instead for the humor and wit that pepper Branan’s lyrics (not to mention his criminally-underrated guitar playing) to really shine. He’ll be back in this neck of the woods next month with Chuck Ragan; go see him, damnit!

Check out our full photo gallery from the rather stellar evening below.

DS Staff Picks – Ben’s Top Ten Albums of 2015

I write reviews and features for Dying Scene when I’m able to (which isn’t often). I put a Christmas album on my top 10. I won’t apologize for it.

You can find my list below.

DS Staff Picks – Drea’s Top 10 of 2015

I live in a city where you have to actively try to not be exposed to an abundance of music. On any given day that are a handful of amazing DIY shows going on, and concerts at bars or large venues. And sometimes you have to pass up going to all of them to feign adulthood. Simply put, this list was ridiculously hard to narrow down and features almost east coast acts exclusively.

My album of the year list should be called ”Top 10 Albums of 2015 For People With Short Attention Spans” or just “For Punks That Like EP’s”. Most tend to stray away from citing Eps in their album of the year list, somehow thinking that it is in some way cutting corners or cheating. Well, I for one enjoy taking the easy way out and am not afraid to admit it. But honestly, my record collection consists of mainly 7”s. Listening to new music is more or less what I do in order to pay my bills, and I am in no way complaining about it, but when I listen for pleasure I tend to gravitate to familiar records, or the impossibly short.

With that being said, I am not entirely dismissive of records that have over five songs and there were some amazing full-lengths released this year so I have broken my list into two easy-to-distinguish sections.

DS Exclusive: 2015 – A Year In Concert Pictures (Meredith)


2016 is upon us, but before we flip the calendar, let’s take a moment to reflect on all the great music of 2015 (you can check out my “best of 2015″ list here). Great music and great albums lead to great live shows, and 2015 was no exception. Living in LA allows me to check out live music whenever my little heart desires, and my husband and I attended our fair share of shows and festivals this past year. Punk Rock Bowling was a highlight, as usual, and I also had the privilege of attending both the inaugural It’s Not Dead Fest and the Fat Wreck 25th Anniversary show here in Southern California. I had the pleasure to see many of my favorite bands as well as discover some new ones, both in and out of the photo pit.

In terms of photography, I had the opportunity to shoot Bad Cop/Bad Cop (multiple times, including some of their promo shots for their debut album, Not Sorry), The Bombpops, Good Riddance, A Wilhelm Scream, Bombshell Rocks, Anti-Flag, TSOL, Sick Of It All, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Rancid, Laura Jane Grace (of Against Me!), Frank Turner, Avenues, Pulley, 88 Fingers Louie, Strung Out, Ten Foot Pole, Unwritten Law, Decent Criminal, toyGuitar, PEARS, Masked IntruderThe Flatliners, Swingin’ Utters, Lagwagon, Face To Face, NOFX, Success, Millencolin, Social Distortion, GuttermouthTsunami Bomb, and The Vandals.

Narrowing down these shots for this gallery proved to be difficult, but you can see some of my favorites below! See you in 2016!

December’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp: Part II

The Rotten Blue Menace

As promised, we’re back with our second installment of December’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp! Our website combers have been duly punished for bringing back such expensive offerings for our first list. As penance, they were sent back to scour the site again for more wallet friendly selections. Needless to say, they weren’t too pleased with having to do additional work this close to the holidays and that frustration shows a little in their choices (Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!). This bonus list is probably the hardest, dirtiest, punk-est, grittiest list so far. Pretty much exactly what we wanted to round out our inaugural year of Hidden Gems! So….guess the joke’s on them!

From all of us here at Dying Scene, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Jubilant Kwanzaa/Fantastic Festivus/Brilliant Boxing Day and safe and Happy New Year. Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to see you in the pit in 2016! Enjoy our bonus edition of December’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp below!

DS Exclusive: 2015 – A Year in Concert Pictures (Jay Stone)

One of the areas that I’ve taken the most pride in as an elder statesman at Dying Scene over the last couple of years has been our increased presence out and about at shows, documenting the scene from various sweaty, beer-soaked pits across the country. Those of us who’ve been lucky enough to cover shows with any regularity do put our hearts in to chronicaling what we see, and I hope that shows.

Anyway, I decided at essentially the last minute to put together a gallery of some of my favorite show moments from the last year. Included here are events that ranged from the Rebuilder record release party at a small, sold-out Boston neighborhood bar, to the Pixies, Tenacious D and Gerard Way at the sprawling Boston Calling concert festival. There’s a couple of Frank Turner shows, a couple of Interrupters shows, a couple Gaslight Anthem shows, a Spring Heeled Jack show (!!!!), and plenty of Boston-area heavyweights like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Street Dogs and Darkbuster (fuckin’ Dahkbustah!!!) to go around.

Also, I think I saw The Scandals’ Jared Hart more times this year in one form or another than I’ve seen anybody else in a given year. Oh, and of course there are ample moments from the Rancid …And Out Come The Wolves show and the Fat Wreck extravaganza.

Anyway, check out the gallery below, and stay tuned for more cool concert moments in 2016!

DS Staff Picks – AnarchoPunk’s Top 10 Albums of 2015

AnarchoPunk & AnarchoCat

DyingScene’s resident molotov cocktail waiter, AnarchoPunk here with my Top Ten Albums of the Year! Before subjecting you to my woefully myopic and biased opinions, I’ll give you the skinny on what I do around here. When not attempting to destroy the system from within, I write for the Original Content team. You may have read some of my inebriated ramblings in our monthly Hidden Gems of Bandcamp lists. From time to time, I also chip in with album and show reviews as well as the occasional band interview. All of these things I do, I do poorly. I’m a jack of all trades and master of jack shit but, I’m a warm body who can piece words together to form semi-coherent sentences so they keep me around. Now that we’re properly acquainted, onward and upwards! While there were a number of releases from more established bands this past year, we knew that there would be a bit of a lull due to the amount of stellar albums that were released in 2014. Lucky for me, my main job function here at the ‘Scene is uncovering newer, up and coming acts and lesser known bands, so the lack of output from the more seasoned, well known acts didn’t hinder my search at all! If you were one of those that thought there weren’t many great album released this past year, you just didn’t dig deep enough! Check out my Top Ten Countdown to the Best Album of 2015 below.

December’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp: Part I

Math the Band… the Band.

Welcome, valued readers, to another month of our esteemed Hidden Gems of Bandcamp feature. You may have noticed that it’s arrived a little early this year, and you would most certainly be correct in noticing that! In the spirit of giving, we’ve decided that this December we would treat you to not one, but TWO collections of wonderful new music to share with you, and, subsequently, for you to share with your loved ones.

So hold on to your butts, kids, and prepare yourselves for a thrill ride full of sad and energetic music to help get you through the holiday season. You can check out part I of our best December finds below.

P.S. In a twist for this half of our December list, a handful of these gems cost more than the usual $Free.99. We’ve punished our Bandcamp diggers accordingly, but you might want to dip into your holiday bonus this time around. (Just kidding, we know you didn’t a bonus this year.)

DS Staff Picks – The Torchbearer’s Top 10 Albums of 2015

Well hello there.  I’m Jerry, and I’ve been writing stories for Dying Scene for the past couple years.  You may have also seen some of my album reviews pop up from time to time this year.  2015 has been an awesome year in music.  I discovered so many new bands that I’ve given up trying to keep count.  Old and new favorites put out new albums this year, and the shows I went to were incredible (FEST FEST FEST!)  Somehow I managed to take the 75 or so potential albums I’ve liked this year and narrow that down to my 10 favorites.  Take a gander below!