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Surprise! Crash Romeo (pop punk) to play special 10 year anniversary show, working on new album

It has been many years since we’ve heard anything from Crash Romeo, but that looks like it is about to change as the band is eyeing a new studio album to be recorded later in 2016. Along with the new record, the band is announcing a special 10 year anniversary show, where they will play their debut album “Minutes to Miles” in its entirety.

As far as those of you pop punk fans, you won’t want to miss this reunion! The show will be August 27th 2016 at the Crossrooads in Garwood New Jersey.. $10.00 advance tickets (can be purchased through, $12.00 at the door.

Interview: Mike Park of Asian Man Records talks label origins, 20 Year Anniversary Show, and more

I remember buying Big D & The Kids Table’s “Good Luck” from a local record store at age 15 and finding inside the ten year anniversary Asian Man Records mail order catalog. In this catalog there was a letter from label founder Mike Park explaining that they were not a big label. He said he ran it out of his parents’ garage, had one phone line with no call waiting, one computer, and two employees (his mom being one of them). This blew my mind and was my simple little introduction to DIY ethics. So when I got the chance to interview the man behind the label himself, it was no small deal to me.

I got to sit on a couch and drink a beer while Mr. Park walked his dog around his neighborhood on a very windy day in San Jose, California. While there were several moments in our interview that I could barely hear him due to the weather, this was still the best interview I’ve ever done and a dream come true for me. Read it below.

Bum City Saints premiere new track “Do You Remember” off upcoming self-titled album; record release show with Total Chaos

Last week, San Francisco punks Bum City Saints premiered the first material from their upcoming new self-titled album in the form of a music video for their song “Bullets Not Bailouts”.

Today, DyingScene is happy to announce the exclusive stream of a new track from the upcoming work.

The song is entitled “Do You Remember” and you can check it out below.

“Bum City Saints” is set to be released June 3rd through Pirates Press Records and serves as follow-up to the band’s 2014 EP “Ride The Storm”, also released through Pirates Press.

Additionally, the guys have just solidified their record release show party – which is set for June 17th at the Oakland Metro Operahouse, alongside punk legends Total Chaos.

The band will be releasing some other tracks from the new album in the following weeks so be sure to check back as updates develop.

May’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp


Hey, hey! Whaddaya say! It looks like we all made it to the month of May! With 2016 incessantly kicking us in the proverbial nuts, we’ve found ourselves celebrating the mundane things in life more often these days. Simply surviving from month to month has become a noteworthy accomplishment. But regardless of how tough things get, faithful readers, rest assured that we’ll be here to provide new hears for your ears every month for as long as we are drawing breath. So, pop your headphones in, forget about the real world for a few minutes and enjoy these six, slick bands that we’re betting you haven’t heard of in this month’s edition of (to be read in an epic, movie trailer voice) Hidden Gems of Bandcamp below!

DS Interview: Louise Distras on the eve of her first headline US tour

UK-based folk-punk singer/songwriter, and Dying Scene favorite, Louise Distras is headed out on her first string of headline shows in the US in the very near future…as in, she plays her first such gig today in Los Angeles. We caught up with Distras for an impromptu interview late last night and spun it around for publication this morning in preparation for tonight’s show. Check out our conversation below; never quite done one like this before, but we think it came out pretty entertaining!

Distras is still touring in support of her debut full length album, Dreams From The Factory Floor, which came out in the US via Pirates Press just about a year ago. You can check out her tour dates below as well, just underneath our Q&A!

DS Exclusive Stream: Andrew Cream – ‘Violent Minds’

Leeds based folk-punk Andrew Cream is getting ready to release his anticipated debut album Self-Portrait on the 8th of June through his own label ‘Scene Better Days‘ and in support of this is releasing a new single ‘Violent Minds’.

To support his new album, Cream will also be hitting the road in support of Self-Portrait. 

You can hear an exclusive stream of Violent Minds, and check out the tour dates and locations below. You can pre-order Self-Portrait here.

US Video Premiere: No Fun – “Cheesecake” from 4-way split with Such Gold, Walk The Plank and Harker

German garage/punk rock act No Fun have premiered a music video for their song ”Cheesecake.” It’s available to watch in the Western Hemisphere for the first time today, exclusively on Dying Scene. Check it out below!

“Cheesecake” appears as No Fun’s contribution to  four-way split entitled Great Thieves Escape (cover rt is above). The split also features Such Gold, Walk The Plank, and Harker. The seven-inch will be released next Friday (May 27th) via Flix Records and No Panic! Records; get your copy here.

No Fun’s last album, How I Spent My Bummer Vacation, was released on September 18th, 2015 via Concrete Jungle Records.

Like Mike (pop-punk) premiere music video for “BFTR”

Georgian pop punks Like Mike have premiered a music video for their song “BFTR” off their new EP “If I Had A Say…” and you can check it out below.

The band cites influence from the older generation of alternative front-runners such as Senses Fail and Taking Back Sunday to the current crop of usual suspects including Set Your Goals and The Story So Far. This melting pot of inspiration is evident with their combination of hook heavy breakdowns and raw, unwavering delivery.

“If I Had A Say…” was released in January and available to stream and download on bandcamp.

Epic Problem premiere action packed MMA music video for new song “Skin Crawl”

UK street punks Epic Problem have premiered an MMA infused music video for their song “Skin Crawl” and you can check it out in all its ass-kicking glory below.

“Skin Crawl” is a new tune that appears on a split that the band put out with Minneapolis punk act The Slow Death through Rad Girlfriend Records (purchase) and Brassneck Records (purchase).

Donots (punk) premiere music video for “I Will Deny”

Today we’re stoked to bring you guys a premiere of a new music video from German punk rock veterans Donots. It’s for their tune “I Will Deny” off their new album ¡CARAJO!, and you can check out that bad boy below.

“I Will Deny” is the Donots song that totally sums up the current sound of our band AND our ideology: A complete no gods, no masters, no conservative structures, no right-wingers roundhouse kick. In a way it’s sort of the Donots manifesto since we’ve always been a band interested in communication, positivity and that open minded spirit the punk community has always promoted. I’d rather believe and take pride in myself and the things I have achieved than to follow blindly or accept any given standards. The original video and song has German lyrics but we found it a great idea to translate the whole album, re-record it in English and put out another video to the very opening track of both the album and our current live shows. I hope the energy of the song speaks for itself and the video adds a little something on top visually. Thanks for checking it out and thanks for listening to our album ¡CARAJO!, too!

-Ingo Donot

¡CARAJO! was re-recorded with English language vocals and clearly stands out as the band’s most political album to date. You can snag it digitally in the United States via OK!Good Records.

DS Interview: Jim Lindberg on Wraths debut LP, new Pennywise, and remaining a punk rock dad

There comes a time in the life of many, if not most, a punk rock frontman when the tempo starts to slow a little bit, both personally and musically. The midsection starts to expand, the hair starts to grey, the beard moves beyond three-day stubble, and the shirts turn infinitely more flannel. It happens to the best of them, and the best of them do it damn well. Longtime Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg has got other intentions.

On his latest side project, Wraths, Lindberg teamed up with 1208′s Steve McCall and Chris Kranes (also of The Darlings) and Kranes’ Darlings bandmate Andrew Tyler Murphy for a dozen of the most raw, aggressive tracks he’s been a part of in years. The sound hearkens back to the early days of LA or DC hardcore; seminal bands like Dag Nasty and Scream and Dead Kennedys and, of course, Black Flag, have been bandied about in articles and press releases surrounding the Wraths project. “That was a conscious effort,” says Lindberg “We really wanted to be very raw…I think punk rock was meant to be just mic’d up and blasted out. Forget about all the after effects.” The sound is raw, aggressive…and not for everybody, as Lindberg says half-jokingly “my wife is…I wouldn’t say she’s not a fan, but I think she’s ready for me to do my acoustic record!”

Wraths hits hard and fast, as you might expect from a release fronted by Lindberg. But in a style that’s much different than the recording process in his “day job,” Wraths was recorded in effectively two one-day sessions. And yes, that was strictly by design. “It’s basically a live record, and I thought that was a really cool way to do it,” explains Lindberg. Like a lot of bands that helped usher in the glory days of the skate punk era, Pennywise spent a great deal of time crafting and fine-tuning a sound that would become extremely influential in its own right. That fine-tuning has its downside, however. “It really sucks out the immediacy and the realness of the music when you have to do it a hundred times,” says Lindberg, though he’s careful to not step on the toes of his peers. “A lot of people like that, but I just absolutely hate it…Everyone has a way they want to do things, and mine is definitely the exception to the rule.”

Lindberg’s last project, The Black Pacific, came at a time when Lindberg had stepped away from Pennywise after more than two decades fronting the pioneering skate punk band. Wraths, however, is Lindberg’s first side project after rejoining Pennywise, and came about almost by accident. As Lindberg explains: “Steve and Chris played in 1208 together and had been friends for a long time and they hooked up with Drew (Murphy) on the drums, and they probably demoed six or seven songs and asked me if I knew of any singers. When I heard it, I said I’d love to do it, so they graciously accepted my offer.”

Prior to his initial split with Pennywise, the decision to partake in a side project like Wraths may not, necessarily, have gone over well inside the band. “There’s a certain thing that can happen to bands after you’ve been doing it for about twenty years, or eight or nine or ten albums, where you just get in to this thing where it becomes automatic,” explains Lindberg. However, a quarter-century of working together and a vastly different musical landscape have combined to allow Lindberg and his Pennywise bandmates a little more in the way of creative freedom. “Fletcher (Dragge, Pennywise guitarist) did Chaos Delivery Machine, which is a great record…he did that with Jason (Page) and Justin (Thirsk), which is awesome, and he played bass on it, which is out of his wheelhouse…as long as people can be there for (Pennywise) and play shows, why not” do a side project that might breath new life into their main band, Lindberg suggests.

Pennywise will remain busy on the road for the bulk of the remainder of the year, and Lindberg will squeeze a few smaller runs with Wraths into the cracks that his chaotic schedule allows. And while Wraths might be a more aggressive album than Lindberg has been involved with in years, that doesn’t mean the acoustic record isn’t coming down the ‘pike. “I’m glad to have a little reprieve from that before I do that. But I guarantee you that the next time we talk, I’ll be in a flannel with a beard and an acoustic. I’ll just try not to make it suck!”

Check out our full interview with the great Jim Lindberg below, and pick up your copy of Wraths’ debut LP here!

Darko premiere music video for new single “In The Company Of Wolves”

UK skate-punk act Darko have premiered their brand new single “In The Company Of Wolves” in the form of an epic new music video in which the five-piece thwarts the efforts of evil outer space forces attempting to destroy their local town of Guildford.

‘We were just harmlessly performing our righteous new track and this creepy bloke came from no where and started getting all up in our grills.’, explained guitarist Rob Piper.

Darko banded together and decided that enough was enough. They used their combined forces to bring about the ‘Darko WolfBot’, and eventually stopped Space Emperor Lord Sithulu.

‘It’s all in a day’s work really. We are happy that the city can get on with it daily business.’, added singer Dan Smith.

Check out the video (and epic battle) below.

“In The Company Of Wolves” is exclusively available on the “No Guts No Glory” charity compilation that is raising funds in aid of Crohn’s & Colitis UK. The tribute is available now through Lockjaw Records.

DS Photo Gallery: Bob Mould w/Ted Leo, Boston, MA (5/1/16)

Now that the debut Ramones album has officially celebrated its fortieth birthday, the little corner of the world that we refer to as the punk rock scene as now officially entered its fifth decade. Perhaps more than most subcultures, ours has obviously had its fair share of artists burn out quickly and catastrophically. Some of those that held on did so for a hair (or a decade) too long, continuing to tour as sad or comical shells of their former anarchic selves. But we’ve also got a small-but-growing list of artist whose influence and importance has reached iconic status AND who are still putting out music and performing at such a high level that they’re arguable as vital now as they’ve ever been. If you’re mentally compiling that list in your head and you get through half a dozen names without reaching Bob Mould, you’ve undoubtedly got some serious reevaluating to do.

Mould is presently touring in support of his latest release, Patch The Sky, which marks not just his twelfth solo album since the late-80′s breakup of Husker Du, but the third album in what’s been billed as a bit of a late-season resurgence for Mould and his career. Following 2012′s Silver Age and 2014′s Beauty & Ruin, all released on Merge Records, Patch The Sky features Mould and his current power trio lineup (Jason Nardusky on bass, Jon Wurster on drums) firing on all cylinders for the third time with another dozen blistering, emotionally charged anthems that have been Mould’s trademark for more than a quarter-century.

The Patch The Sky tour came through Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on May 1st and found Mould and company somehow able to blitz through close to two dozen songs (twenty-three, to be precise) in just a hair over 70 minutes. Aside from introducing the band, there was very little stage banter involved, meaning that the songs followed each other in rapid-fire succession, with barely a tuning or water break to be had. Half of the setlist (which you can see here) came from Mould’s three most recent releases, with three-quarters of Patch The Sky making appearances. A handful of Sugar songs naturally made the setlist, and the main set naturally finished with four Husker Du songs. While the tracks from Mould’s previous bands may qualify as the “crowd favorites,” there really isn’t much of a dropoff, as his solo material fits in quite seamlessly in both musical and lyrical intensity.

A quick break brought the band back out to the stage, accompanied by show-opener Ted Leo manning the drumkit, moving Wurster to frontman status for a rousing rendition of the Ramones’ classic “Beat On The Brat,” in honor of the aforementioned 40th anniversary of Ramones. The evening closed with the Husker Du rendition of “Love is All Around You,” perhaps better known as “the theme from Mary Tyler Moore,” and, of course, “Makes No Sense At All.” Catching Bob Mould live circa 2016 is a bit of a surreal experience on some levels. While there is a bit of well-earned “living legend” status bandied about by fans of Mould’s, the man himself seems to be nowhere near ready, willing or able to rest on his laurels, instead opting to play just as loud and frantic as ever.

As mentioned above, support on this night came from Ted Leo, performing solo on this particular run. Leo, primarily through is Ted Leo And The Pharmacists project, has always been one of those indie darlings that been just a hair below the mainstream radar for whatever reason. Leo is no doubt best known for his Pharmacists or, more recently, The Both projects (the latter with Aimee Mann), so it was fun to watch him perform as a one-man act, filling the instrumental voids with his own vastly underrated guitar abilities.

Check out our photo gallery below.

DS Photo Gallery: NOFX, Direct Hit! and Mephiskapheles, Boston, MA (4/28/16)

We’ve all no-doubt heard the news that circa 2016, bands can’t rely on album sales to comprise more  than a sliver of their total earnings, and are this relegated to earning the bulk of their collective paychecks from the road. When a band has career longevity that stretches north of thirty years and isn’t actively plugging a new album, that can make for interesting decisions when it comes time to tour; take the easy way out and sleepwalk through a greatest hits set? Take a night…or two…or three… in each city and play your “best” (read as: best selling) album…or two…or three… in order each night? Join forces with a couple other aging bands that also don’t have new albums out for a national summertime touring nostalgia-fest?

NOFX obviously, and thankfully, chose a bit of a different option. Alongside former Dead Kennedy’s frontman Jeff “Penalty” Alulis, the band (including former members) penned The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, a captivating collection of tales from their entire career-to-date –funny, serious, sad, fucked up, heart-wrenching, and all things in between. (Editor’s note: full review to follow in the coming days.) In support of the book, the band hit the road for a joint book-signing/club show tour that featured stops at the Harvard Book Store and Paradise Rock Club in Boston, respectively. Dying Scene wasn’t in attendance at the former (stupid day job and stupid traffic), but was at the sold-out latter for a performance that can really only be described as “stellar”…and not just “stellar for a punk show.”

It’s no secret that part of the allure of a NOFX show is that there’s always the realistic chance that things careen dangerously off the rails. This particular evening, however, say the band rip through more than two dozen songs (I won’t bore you, just check the setlist here) and, in the process, sounds probably the tightest that yours truly has ever seen them play. Inimitable frontman Fat Mike seemed to take notice of how just how solid the band were, joking that he was going to take a drink every time he made a mistake, and getting through four or five songs in a row without needing to drink, only to ask the band to play a harder song so that there was a chance he’d screw up so he could finally drink. Hyperbolic stage banter, perhaps, but the band and current touring keyboard player/backup vocalist Karina Denike (whom you should be familiar with) seemed especially engaged (not always a given) and in good spirits.

Well, until the fight, that is. Toward the end of the evening, a fight broke out in the crowd on guitarist/tromboner/occasional vocalist El Hefe’s side of the stage. While fights are not entirely rare at punk shows by any stretch of the imagination (seriously, read The Hepatitis Bathtub…), and while the details of what exactly happened remain a bit fuzzy (though it does appear it was a “long-haired dude versus a skinhead”), it’s worth nothing that not only had yours truly not experienced a “band stops and takes their instruments off” kind of donnybrook for a quite a while, even Fat Mike noted that that he hadn’t seen such a thing in quite some time. Still, the band were able to regroup and finish out the show in fairly epic fashion, as Mike took his bass back off and sang most of his parts in “Kill All The White Man” from the crowd. While the show and the setlist did a pretty solid job of spanning the duration of NOFX’s career, it also did a pretty solid job of avoiding “greatest hits setlist” territory, and even featured a few tracks from their upcoming full-length, the as-yet-publicly-untitled album due out on Fat Wreck this summer.

Direct support on this run was provided by none other than recent Fat Wreck signees Direct Hit!. The Milwaukee-area four-piece were on-point, leading the crowd through a blistering set that included songs from their own upcoming Fat Wreck release, “Wasted Mind” (due July 24th). Direct Hit! don’t present as a band that takes themselves too seriously, however they do appear to take seriously the fact that they’ve become the latest signing to Fat Wreck and the honor that comes with not only sharing a label but sharing a stage with an act that they’ve looked up with for years and years. Made for a particularly fun and inspiring set.

The album’s first act, Mephiskapheles, kicked things off in throwback fashion. Their trademark NYC Satanic ska-core sound certainly isn’t like anything that’s come since, and may have presented as a bit sonically overwhelming for those that aren’t familiar with their place in the genre.

Check out our full photo gallery below.

DS Interview: Rob Taxpayer (The Taxpayers) on new album, punk ethos, and dream gig

The Taxpayers were the first band to ever convert me live. I saw them with Bomb the Music Industry! and the Sidekicks at the now defunct Backspace many years ago. It was a night to remember. The band ripped through their set, but also taught us dances and threw blow-up animals into the pit to be knocked around. They showed me what a good live band was supposed to be, while proving that serious and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The Taxpayers can have it both ways, and seeing them do it so successfully has made me a lifelong fan. The night, the stage, the show is for fun. The album is for art. A band can have both– and the Taxpayers regularly do.

Big Delusion Factory is their latest in a long series of wonderfully intricate punk albums and I was lucky enough to sit down with vocalist/guitarist Rob Taxpayer to discuss that and much more.

Click here for full interview.