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10 Kickass Female Fronted Punk Acts You Should Be Listening To

Female fronted bands have been making a resurgence in recent years. Even though there are more and more leading ladies in punk bands lately, there are always quality acts that get overlooked for one reason or another. Sure, you got your Bad Cop/Bad Cops and your RVIVRs, but there are so many, equally talented bands are out there tearing it up with little to no recognition. Check out my list of just a few of these often overlooked Female Fronted punk bands below.

10 Up And Coming International Punk Bands You Should Be Listening To

The American Punk scene is so dense that sometimes we forget that there’s a whole world out there brimming with music that’s just as good, if not better than some of our “Domestic Products”. It’s time to shed those myopic American spectacles and look beyond our borders for some fresh musical perspective! The list is comprised of new, up and coming bands to keep an eye on as well as some more well established bands that may just be getting overlooked due to their geography. I tried to include something and somewhere for everyone. Take a gander, below!

10 Punk Songs to Get You Through Your Week – Amnesia Rockfest Edition (by DS writer VivaLaLexy)

Ever wonder what the folks who run Dying Scene have been listening to lately? We’re going to pretend you said “yes” to that question and feature a curated playlist from a different DS editor each week with the intent of exposing you to some new kickass punk bands. This week we’re featuring Dying Scene feature writer, VivaLaLexy.

Check out what makes her tick in his playlist below!

Damn Mondays streaming “Accept/Ignore” off upcoming “Detours” EP

Salzberg female fronted punk act Damn Mondays has just released a new song available to stream entitled “Accept/Ignore”.

The track is set to appear on the band’s upcoming EP “Detours” which is scheduled to be released later. brand new EP titled “Losing Years” and are streaming it in its entirety below.

“Losing Years” is a follow up to their 2 song EP “Hit It Till It Works” released last September.

11 Punk Songs That Will Make Your Week (Curated by Dying Scene editor Ben Van Nelson)

Ever wonder what the folks who run Dying Scene have been listening to lately?  We’re going to pretend you said “yes” to that question and feature a curated playlist from a different DS editor each week with the intent of exposing you to some new kickass punk bands. This week’s installment comes to you courtesy of editor Ben Van Nelson (Midwest Punk).

Check out the list (and see if you can figure out the two patterns) below.

DS Photo Gallery: Teenage Bottlerocket & PEARS at Local 662 in St. Pete, FL

It had been over a year since I last broke out my camera and made my way down to St. Pete to cover a show for Dying Scene, but when I heard Teenage Bottlerocket and PEARS were coming to town, I just knew I had to dust off the ol’ camera and pretend to be an actual photographer once again. And I’m sure glad I did, because this was one hell of a show.

PEARS blasted through roughly a dozen songs with ferocious speed, taking very few breaks along the way. And though there were quite a few people who weren’t familiar the New Orleans hardcore punk act, it wasn’t long before everyone in the room became hooked on PEARS.

To put it as simply as possible, these guys are natural performers. They write great songs that sound awesome on the record, and sound even more fucking awesome live. There aren’t too many bands who can put on a show with as much intensity as this 4-piece.

But luckily for me and everyone else in attendance, Teenage Bottlerocket is one of those bands. The Wyoming pop-punk veterans played an hour-long set of fan favorites like “Skate or Die,” “So Far Away,” “Bigger Than Kiss,” “Radio,” and “Stupid Games,” as well as a handful of songs from their brand new record Tales From Wyoming.

Usually when I see a band after they have just released a new album, there aren’t too many people who know the songs, which leads to a lot of blank stares/cell phone checking, and not a lot of singing, dancing, or just having fun.

That was not the case with Teenage Bottlerocket. The level of excitement while they played new tracks like “Dead Saturday,” “Nothing Else Matters (When I’m With You),” “Haunted House,” and “TV Set” was just as high as it was during the old fan favorites. A true testament to this band’s ability to continually write awesome music.

Teenage Bottlerocket and PEARS will be playing shows all across the south over the course of the next week. I highly recommend heading over here to see if the two bands are stopping near you, because it would be a shame if you missed such a great show!

All my shots from the show at the Local 662 in St. Pete can be seen below.

The best punk-related releases of Record Store Day 2015 (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Social Distortion, Dave Hause, OFF! and more)

As you’re probably aware given the recent barrage of Record Store Day release posts here on the pages of Dying Scene, April 18th marks the eighth annual installment of every music lover’s favorite holiday!

The official US list of Record Store Day releases have officially been published. While 2014 was, in my opinion,  bit of a down year comparatively, 2015 seems to be anything but. As always, your friendly Dying Scene staffers took the time to highlight the best of this year’s punk-related releases so you don’t have to (though I stress to you that “punk-related” is applied a bit liberally here). We’ve got everything from new Dave Hause material to reissues of a classic 101ers album (featuring Joe Strummer) and Social Distortion’s self-titled album and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Question The Answers to Cory Branan covering the one-and-only Prince to live sessions from OFF! and Cobra Skulls. Check out our list below, and chime in on the comment section to let us know what you’re most looking forward to.

If you care to peruse the full, official Record Store Day release list, you can do so right here.

The Year’s 10 Best Punk Rock Love Songs (for Valentines Day 2015)

Whether you’re planning on making sweet, sweet love to your significant other, drinking alone in your basement, or just ignoring the holiday completely, we thought we’d compile a playlist of some of the year’s best punk rock love songs to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy below.

10 Punk Songs Influenced by George Orwell’s “1984″

George Orwell’s “1984” is one of the most widely-read and influential books in pop culture today, but perhaps nowhere has it held more sway than in our beloved punk scene.  You’ll see it recommended in the liner notes of bands like Rise Against and Propagandhi and there’s almost no end to the number of punk acts with lyrics influenced by the famous novel.  Below are just 10 punk songs that reference “1984″. Thanks George.

10 Great Punk Songs About Hockey!

Anyone who knows me knows I like my sports history. Hell, I’m trying to get a doctorate in the subject. I love all sports and their long histories: rugby, football, soccer, baseball, cricket–even the biathlon speaks to me with its beautiful mixture of skiing and guns.

Above them all is a special place in my heart reserved for hockey. My first sporting event was at the good ol’ Brendan Byrne Arena to watch the New Jersey Devils take on The New York Rangers in ’93. My heart skipped a beat when I heard the Devils won the cup in ’95 while living in the not-so-frozen landscape of Arizona at age 8. Would you believe me if I told you a woman got me back into the game after the lockout in 2005? It has sparked intense friendships, intense rivalries and led to challenges of my honor. Most people in the US of A could care less about hockey, and yet punk bands love singing about them!

Punk bands love hockey! They love the hits! They love the regionalism! They modify logos of their favorite teams for merch! Read on ya hoosiers, here are some punk puck-centric songs.

Check it out below.

Side Two: “Zen Arcade” by Hüsker Dü

Side Two is an ongoing column that engages the personal experience of listening to an album for the first time. It is less about the original intentions of the author(s) that created these aural invasions and more about the individual experience of engagement at the ground level. Take the album away from its point in punk rock history and what does it mean to you?

Check it out below

Sweet Disasters: The 17 Side Projects of Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music has had a long and varied career, spanning over 20 years, 7 studio albums, 3 compilation records, and 2 live albums. But that wasn’t enough for Chuck Ragan (co-vocalist/guitar), Chris Wollard (co-vocalist/guitar), Jason Black (bass) and George Rebelo (drums), who all have had illustrious careers with varied side projects as well. Here, we try to catalog all the members various side projects once and for all, if for no other reason than to expand the purist record nerd’s never-ending search for the Baroque 7” that Chris Wollard may or may not have played on in 1997.

Check out a comprehensive list of all the various Hot Water Music member side projects below and let us know if we missed any.

The 25 Best Punk Albums of 2014 (Dying Scene Readers Choice)

After nearly 1,000 submissions, a crap load of tedious data entry, and a crash course on using pivot tables in excel, the results are officially in for your choices of the 25 best punk albums released in 2014.

Check out the list and discover some great new albums here.

DS Staff Picks – Screeching Bottlerocket’s Top 10 Albums of 2014

I usually write some long, drawn out paragraph about how a lot of good stuff was released in the past year when I make one of these top 10 lists, but I don’t really feel like doing that right now. If you wanna check out my list, you can do so below.

DS Staff Picks – Best Albums of 2014 (Rob Smittix)

Here you have it, a list of my top ten “punk” albums from 2014. Coming up with this list was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do, this week. Unfortunately I probably haven’t listened to every single punk album in its entirety that was released this year, although I tried. The order of these favorites are in the order in which they were released. 2014 proved to be a resurgence for punk rock music.

Click here for my top 10 picks of the year.