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The Ghost Inside’s tour bus involved in fatal crash

Sad news to report this morning. California hardcore act The Ghost Inside‘s tour bus was involved in a head-on collision with a semi-tractor trailer in El Paso, Texas late last week. All members of the band and crew survived and are being treated for their injuries. Tragically, both the driver of the bus and the driver of the truck died in the accident. Our thoughts go out to everyone involved and their families.

The band has set up a GoFundMe account to help with medical expenses and you can donate right here. The band was on their Fall tour when the accident occurred. Their last album was 2014′s Dear Youth, which came out on Epitaph Records.


With the Punches reunite, announce first show in three years

After going on hiatus back in 2013With the Punches have announced that they are back together, and will play their first show in three years at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey on January 23rd, 2016. That show is a celebration of the 7th anniversary of Panic State Records, where Catch 22 will headline and perform their 2000 album Alone in a Crowd in its entirety. Tickets are available here.

With the Punches currently have no plans for any more shows or to release any new material, but we’ll keep you posted as more details on their reunion come to light. The band’s only proper album Seams & Stitches was released in 2012 on Doghouse Records.

Underoath guitarist fundraises for father’s cancer treatment

Tim McTague, the guitarist for Tampa metalcore/screamo band  Underoath has launched a fundraising campaign to help out his dad, who is battling cancer.  McTague credits the support of both of his parents to Underoath’s formation and success as a band, and is asking fans to help his family pay for his dad’s chemotherapy and other treatments.  You can learn more about the campaign and donate here.

Underoath reunited this year after a 3-year hiatus, and they plan to tour again in 2016.

Our Last Night raises funds for victims of Paris terror attacks

New Hampshire post hardcore group Our Last Night is releasing a limited edition t-shirt to raise funds for the victims of the Paris terrorist acts which took place a week ago today.  Proceeds from the sale of the shirt, which reads “We need to break the cycle of hate,” will benefit the French Red Cross.  The message comes from the lyrics of Our Last Night’s single, “A World Divided” off their latest record, Younger Dreams.

The band expanded on what the song means to them and how it relates to the recent attacks:

“When we wrote “A World Divided” we wanted to shed light on how important it is to accept and understand each other. For some reason it has turned into a common human instinct to feel hatred toward an idea we don’t understand. We feel that this lack of perspective is the root of most problems in our world. It saddens us deeply that an amazing city such as Paris has been the most recent target of this ignorant hatred. Paris has shown us so much love every time we’ve ever played there and we will help them in any way we possibly can. All of our thoughts are with those people in Paris, and anyone around the world that was affected by this tragedy. We love you. “

You can pick one up for yourself here.

Bowling for Soup’s Jared Reddick to hold StageIt concert tonight

Bowling for Soup frontman Jared Reddick is holding a live concert on StageIt tonight.  You can check out the ticket info (only about $3!) here.  The show, which will be broadcast from the UK, will start at 5:15 p.m. EST.  Jared will be playing some Bowling for Soup favorites, as well as tunes from his other projects People on Vacation and Jarinus.

Jared and the band will be touring with The Dollyrots this fall, and heading to the UK over the winter. You can find more details on that tour here.

The Menzingers to release beer

The Menzingers will be teaming up with Neshaminy Creek to create Menzinger, a hoppy imperial American-style kolsch style beer. The beer will be available on December 12, 2015, when The Menzingers will play a free show at the Neshaminy Creek brewery in Croyon, PA. Also playing the show will be Broadcaster and one yet-to-be-announced special guest.

The Menzingers are currently on tour with mewithoutYouPianos Become The Teeth and Restorations. You can check out the remaining dates below.

Anti-Flag announces new album “Cease Fires”

Punk icons Anti-Flag have announced a new album! It is called “Cease Fires” and is made up of b-sides and rerecorded material.

The album is coming via A-F Records and is due to be released December 18th; we will keep you posted as the date nears.

You can check out the tracklist for the album and some upcoming tour dates below.

Anti-Flag’s latest full-length album, American Spring, came out in May on Spinefarm Records.

ISIS Fuck You

Paris, we are shocked, saddened and enraged at what has been done to you. The punk rock community supports you.

Tweets from Punks:

Rats in the Walls announce West Coast tour dates

California Punk/Hardcore act Rats in the Walls announced a run of shows on the West Coast that will begin next week and continue on through the middle of December. You can check out the full list of dates and locations below.

Brad Logan of Leftover Crack and F-Minus plays guitar for the band while Eva Hall from the hardcore outfit Gather screams viciously into the mic. The band last released their debut LP “Dead End” through Blacknoise Records in 2014.

Bad Brains post update on Dr. Know’s condition

It’s been a week since we reported that Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know was in the hospital and put on life support. This time, the band released a statement stating that Dr. Know’s condition is no longer critical and it seems as though his condition is improving. The band writes:

“The Family of Gary (Dr. Know) Miller and the entire Bad Brains family would like to thank everyone for their well wishes. We are happy to say that Dr. Know’s condition is no longer considered critical.
He still remains under the close care and watch of doctors at this time so please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

We continue to ask that you honor our privacy during this time.

Positive vibes and PMA!”

Bad Brains recorded a new EP in New York last May, with frontman H.R. not participating, and over a year ago, they were in the studio working on what appears to be the follow-up to 2012′s Into the Future. We’ll keep you posted as new music from Bad Brains come to light.

Bassist Steve “Youth” Marvelli (7Seconds) battling alcoholism, GoFundMe set up for medical costs and treatment

Bassist Steve “Youth” Marvelli of the legendary hardcore punk act 7Seconds is in trouble and needs all of the love and assistance we can offer. He is suffering from alcoholism and is trying to come clean through treatment. Along with his noble effort of trying to come clean, he is also battling other health issue whilst raising children on his own. A GoFundMe has been set up to aid in the cost for treatment. You can read singer Kevin Second’s heartfelt statement below:

 This is an extremely difficult thing for me to do but it’s important enough to me to at least try. If I could visualize any other possible option(s), I’d try them. Right now, and because time is of the absolute essence, I’m going about it in this way and asking for your help.

My little brother Steve (most of you know him as Steve Youth, bassist for 7Seconds) is having quite possibly the worst time of his life at the moment. 

He’s been struggling with a couple of personal and medical issues for awhile now but over the past couple of weeks or so, it has reached a sad and terrible point and in all honesty, I don’t really know what else I can do to help.

First of all and up until recently, Steve had been raising his 2 sons (Jordan and Simon) all on his own while eke-ing out a living with 7Seconds and with a couple of full-time low wage jobs he’s been able to pick up in between tours. Simon is now living with his mother but Jordan is still at home with his dad and preparing to start college.


My little brother certainly has his quirks and flaws (we all do) but when it comes to being a father, he’s always been there for his boys and has done an amazing job at raising them into 2 very cool kids. No matter what he has to do, he has always made sure that they were his priority.


Unfortunately, over the last couple of weeks, he’s showing signs of severe depression and has expressed to me and a few loved ones on a number of occasions that he has given up hope and doesn’t feel like he can overcome any more obstacles.
 At the moment, Steve is struggling with a couple of major things in his personal life. 

First of all, he has a good size sore on the inside of his mouth that has lingered for several months now. His doctor has looked at it and has described it as some sort of “soft tumor”. On Wednesday, November 11th, Steve has an appointment with his doc to have a biopsy done on the sore. At that time, we will know whether it is benign or not and what actions to next take. The doctor seems to feel that surgery, in all likelihood, will be necessary.


Unfortunately, Steve does not have health care coverage right now. He had Medicare coverage but when he accepted a recent in between tour job, he was deemed ineligible and lost it. As many of you know, many of us musician and artist-types have struggled to gain any sort of effective health care coverage due to the erratic nature of our employment/unemployment.  

Without any sort of health care coverage, Steve cannot afford the costs of serious medical treatment, medication and whatever surgery costs he would incur in dealing with the soft tumor in his mouth. 

Let me make something perfectly clear here. My brother Steve is a worker bee. Unlike me, he has always been able to suck it up and take jobs, good ones or otherwise, and accept whatever wages offered to make ends meet, whenever necessary. I’ve seen this kid go from working great paying job (with full benefits and retirement options) to busting ass as a minimum wage-making keno person in a Reno casino. He’s not too proud to take a job if/when 7Seconds isn’t active, not if it means keeping a roof over his sons’ heads, clothes on their backs and food in their stomachs. 

Unfortunately, because of his love and obligation to being a member of 7Seconds and with all the touring we’ve done these past couple of years, it’a been tough for him to hold down a regular job in between gigs and tours and this has led to much financial instability.

The second major health issue my brother Steve is facing, and this one seems just as big and insurmountable to him, is his alcoholism. He has recently admitted to me, Troy and Bobby that he has had an extremely serious alcohol problem for quite awhile now and that he now feels that it’s out of his control to stop. He has tried quitting on his own with prescribed anti-alcohol meds but so far, nothing has worked. 

In my experience, I’ve never seen any of my alcoholic friends or family members kick the alcohol habit/disease/addiction/whatever on their own. They have needed advice from experienced people, support, nurturing, etc. etc. I think Steve has known this himself deep down but was either too weak, proud or maybe just too stubborn to reach out for help.

 He now knows that he cannot beat this disease on his own and he is extremely frightened about losing his life over it. He told me this within the last couple of days and it has been on my mind non-stop. There’s nothing worse than a loved one telling you that they fear that they are dying. If Steve is telling me that he’s scared about his alcohol problem and wants to get into a recovery/rehab program, i know that it’s worse than even he believes it is and that it is time for him to take serious action to try and recover. 

Steve’s drinking has never gotten in the way if his immense talent as a bassist or performer. Those of you who have seen 7Seconds play recently, can attest to this but I won’t lie or bullshit you, behind the scenes, things have gotten dark, sketchy and a little scary. I won’t go into details because I do not wish to share private things relating to my family, friends and bandmates but it hasn’t been pretty or easy. 

I love my little brother. He is a highly intelligent, thoughtful, funny, talented man with an enormous heart and I fear that he will just succumb to his many problems and just disappear and the thought of that nearly cripples me. We both overcame tremendous obstacles together as poverty-stricken kids and music – and most notably – punk rock – saved our young lives and gave us the strength and courage to try and turn a negative into a positive. In a nutshell, this and mostly this, is what 7Seconds has always been about.

In closing, i’ll just be blunt… 7Seconds hasn’t made any of us rich. We’ve made a pretty nice living playing the music that we love for the people that we love playing it for but on a financial level, I cannot think of a time when it wasn’t a struggle. 

Ultimately, we pay our rent and/or mortgages, take care of our basic needs and keep the cell phone bills paid so that we can keep the machine running and rolling along but that’s about it. After 35 years, we all still don’t quite make enough money to cover the costs of things that most of don’t expect to face – poor health, addiction, mental issues, etc. etc., let alone have a nest egg for those “rainy days” that sometimes come along in our lives. That’s just our reality and, right or wrong, it’s what we live with. 

The goal is to get Steve checked into a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Orange County on Dec. 1st.  He has contacted this particular facility on his own and has spoken with people there who tell him they will admit him. He will have to be in treatment for 90 day. If he leaves early, he’s on his own and will have to find a way back home to Reno himself. He knows this and has expressed his seriousness on rolling through with his attempt to get clean and sober and healthy. 

This will be the first time he has made a SERIOUS move to try and kick his alcohol problem with real help and support and not just attempt it on his own. It is a HUGE step and my family and I are very encouraged and proud of him for wanting to take this first step in what will surely be, a long road to recovery and getting well.

I spoke with Steve and his oldest son Jordan and told them that I thought this GoFundMe campaign might be our only option for raising some funds to A.) get him the treatment he needs for his alcoholism and B.) see to it that he can afford quality medical attention and have this soft tumor mouth problem treated and taken care of.

 Steve has read what I have written here and has given me his approval to share it with you, despite how personal it is. He knows that pride and stubbornness will not help him in any way and he is bound and determined to kick this alcohol problem, get healthy again and start a new chapter of his life and he wants to do this openly, without worries about judgement or criticism. I applaud him for this. 

Jordan will be managing this campaign and working closely with me to try and make out fund goal. 

We are asking for financial help on my little brother and his family’s behalf because he won’t or can’t ask himself and I understand why. 

We don’t seek a free handout but instead, would like to offer those who contribute funds towards helping get my little brother Steve Youth the help that he needs, a little something fun in return. 

Over the past 10 years or so, I have been quietly working on salvaging some of the earliest music of 7Seconds. I’m referring to the previously unreleased (commercially, at least) songs from our first 2 cassette releases, from 1980 and 1981 – Socially Fucked Up and 3 Chord Politics. Some of the songs have been cleaned-up.  Some have been re-done. Our aim has always been to release the material for some sort of anniversary type thing but we think that this is bigger and more important that a celebration of our band history. 

If you can only donate $1, you will have our eternal thanks and gratitude. 

For anyone who donates $5 you will receive an 5 songs from these longtime-planned sessions. 


These are DIGITAL versions (mp3s) of the songs, delivered from me directly to the e-mail account of your choice. You will not receive a physical copy  (CD, vinyl or cassette) of these songs. 

Obviously, we understand if you’re not in a position to contribute anything to this fund. Not everyone reading this can but if you are in a position to do so, please do. 

Every dollar helps and will be used to help Steve get the medical and recovery treatment he needs and is very humbly asking for. 

Thank you so very much for reading this mini-novel and for your donation consideration. It means everything to me, Steve, our families, his kids, our bandmates and friends and fans worldwide to see to it that Steve gets back to being healthy and happy again. 

Much love & thanks,

Kevin Seconds, Jordan Marvelli and the Marvelli/7Seconds family

We here at Dying Scene wish Steve and his family the best in their journey. Please help if you can!

Plan 37 begin recording debut full length album

Toronto outfit Plan 37 have started recording 13 songs for their upcoming full length debut. The album is being produced by Jon Drew, who has worked with bands like Fucked Up, Alexisonfire, and Career Suicide. No word yet on the proposed release date, but we will keep you posted as more details come to light.

This album will be a follow up to their last EP, Space Junk, which was released back in June via My Fingers! My Brain! Records.

Skipjack sign to Felony Records, plan to release new album

San Diego punk act Skipjack have officially signed to Felony Records and have plans to release their new album, Soundtrack To A Eulogy, soon. You can check out the first track off the album, titled “Something to Believe In” on the Hope: A Compilation for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention album, curated by DyingScene’s own Lauren Mills. Check out the full album on bandcamp here.

This new album will be the follow up to 2011′s Kill American Radio.

Rest In Peace: Brandon Carlisle (Teenage Bottlerocket)

Since it was announced a few days ago that Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle had been found unresponsive at his home and was subsequently in a medically-induced coma, this little scene of ours pulled together in heart-warming fashion to support one of its all-around good guys. The unfortunate moment that we’ve been collectively hoping wouldn’t come is sadly, devastatingly here. From the official TBR statement:

“It is with the heaviest hearts that we have to report our beloved drummer Brandon didn’t make it. The doctors did everything they could to save him, but the MRI showed he is no longer with us. His family and loved ones are with him as they prepare to take him off life support and let him gently move on.”

There are going to be far more personal tributes and memorials pouring in over the coming hours and days than I’ll ever be privileged to write. It’s been alternatingly heart-warming and heart-breaking to read the ongoing stream of messages on various social media accounts over the last few days. From those of us that had only limited interactions with him a few times to those that spent weeks on the road with him to longtime veterans of scores of TBR shows across the globe, it seems the one thing that’s universally agreed upon is just how rad and sweet and caring Brandon was.

Keep Ray and Milo and the Carlisle clan as well as Miguel and Kody and the whole extended TBR family in your thoughts this weekend, kids. The GoFundMe page started to help whatever expenses came up is still active and kicking ass; check it out here. There’s also a pretty gnarly Brandon-inspired t-shirt being sold to support the GoFundMe, so go snag one!

Rest in peace, Brandon.

Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle in hospital, GoFundMe set up to pay medical bills

As I’m sure you know,Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle is currently in the hospital in serious condition. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched in order to help with his medical bills. In addition to this campaign, an application has been utilized that complies all of the Twitter and Instagram posts with the hashtag #hopeforbrandon and sends the feed to his hospital room. Please send him your love and well wishes during this time of need. It’s also worth noting that a t-shirt is being sold to support the GoFundMe, so go snag one!

Here’s the  original statement from Ray on November 4th:

Hi friends and family. This is a tough one. Here goes. My brother Brandon Carlisle is in a coma. His roommate found him yesterday around 11 am and he was unresponsive. The paramedics showed up at his house shortly after and his heart wasn’t beating. They got it going and it gave out again in the ambulance. They got his heart started again and it stopped beating in the icu unit where the doctors were able to get his heart going again a third time. The scary part is the swelling to Brandon’s brain due to lack of oxygen and blood flow. His body temperature was 88 degrees when he arrived at the icu. I’m pretty sure that means my brother was without oxygen for quite a long time. He is currently in a coma and the doctors are keeping him at about 93 degrees. They will start to bring him back up to a normal temperature for the next 12-16 hours. Then they will ween him off of his sedatives and the neurologists will be able to determine whether or not Brandon is still with us. All prayers and thoughts for my brother are greatly appreciated. I know Brandon didn’t want this to happen. He’s tough as nails and we are hoping for the best. Looks like we need a miracle. Love to all.

We at Dying Scene will be keeping Brandon, his family and friends, and his bandmates in our thoughts, and we wish him a safe recovery.