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Burning Heart Records is back! New releases planned for Bombshell Rocks, etc

Posted by Johnny X on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 3:31 PM (PST)

Four years after its final breath in 2010 Peter Ahlqvist’s genre defining punk-rock and metal/hardcore label Burning Heart Records appears on the scene again. With a new business model, a new artist roster and a new passion on the side of its navigator.

Once a Swedish powerhouse for discovering some of the world’s most talented bands, Burning Heart Records helped give rise to legendary acts like Refused, The Hives, Millencolin, Turbonegro and Nasum throughout the 90’s and early 00’s. Halfway through the last decade the label was hit hard financially as a result of declining album sales and had to shutter its doors.

In 2006 Epitaph Records, majority-owner since 1998, imbibed Burning Heart completely and relocated the label to Amsterdam while Ahlqvist continued work as an A&R from Sweden, signing bands like Parkway Drive, Gallows (for US) or The Ghost Of A Thousand for Epitaph and Burning Heart. After four more years of massive sales decline, the heart stopped beating completely.

Four years later, Ahlqvist has retained full rights to the name and trademark for Burning Heart Records and is proud to announce the resurrection of the label and immediate plans to restore it to its former glory.

“I’ve had some time to think it over,” says Ahlqvist. “Now is really the right time to go for it again. I had a few tough years but now its’ all coming back. Sweden was hit hard early, but it’s all there again, thanks to Spotify.”

Ahlqvist enthuses about his newfound inspiration and vision, which goes far beyond just running a rehashed record label as he explains.

“The new Burning Heart is more than a label, it’s a hybrid company that also provides management for the bands. We’re doing a different financial model with the bands, and joint ventures on the record side. It’s not a record label as it used to be, it’s a brand, and a music company that is starting to climb with new found ambitions on new roads.”

That new perspective came to Ahlqvist after he left Burning Heart in 2009 and started working at Panic & Action Management where he was inspired by a new generation of bands and fans and a new approach to doing business with them both.

Ahlqvist is about to take things to the next level with the renaissance of Burning Heart. Starting with the existing Panic & Action bands, who will be “transferred” to Burning Heart, this new and enhanced incarnation of Sweden’s groundbreaking label is embracing the digital age and ready to evolve within its ever changing landscape.

“I’m Looking forward to getting out there and releasing different kinds of music, be it metal or metalcore or punk rock or whatever, adds Ahlqvist. “Burning Heart had everything from Refused to more standard hardcore, metal oriented to skate-punk to garage or whatever rock. Music that will always be close to me. ”

Burning Heart will start with a well-rounded crew of bands which includes post-hardcore band Adept, who will release a new album in the spring of 2015, punk rockers Bombshell Rocks, who recently reunited with original singer Mårten Cedergran to release a new album Generation Tranquilized in November, anthemic rock band Her Bright Skies, who will release their next album next year, hardcore newcomers Walking With Strangers, who are also gearing up for an album next year and finally the legendary punk band Asta Kask, who originally formed in 1978 and went on to influence bands like Refused, Millencolin, Nasum and The Hives.

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Sledding With Tigers back in the studio

Posted by Kaylee McNeil on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 8:02 PM (PST)

California folk-punk group Sledding With Tigers has just announced that they are back in the studio and working on an upcoming EP which will serve as a follow-up to their last release, A Necessary Bummer, which was launched in April via Antique Records.

On the pending EP, Sledding With Tigers creator, Dan Faughnder, commented:

It looks like it’s going to be a couple of folk songs about my feelings, about heartbreak, and about not being very good at either of those things! Also, there should be some saxophone on this one, which is very exciting and also very alarming to people who hate the saxophone. A lot of people will be disappointed that this album is not about Space Jam, and ya know what? So am I.

That’s all we know about the release for now, but we will keep you updated as always as more details come to light!

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Wringer announce hiatus

Posted by vdubowner on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 4:26 PM (PST)

Well it looks like we’ll have to wait before hearing Wringer‘s upcoming album…In fact, the Indiana pop-punk trio have announced that they’ll be going on hiatus for an unknown period of time after they’re done with their ongoing tour. But rest assured, they’re not breaking up.

Here’s what they had to say:

Hey friends. After Monday, we’re not gonna be playing any shows or proceeding to record any new songs or anything for the foreseeable future. We’re not “breaking up”. We’re just taking an indefinite break… So if you were on the fence about seeing us over the weekend, or buying a record or a shirt or whatever, because you figured you’d see us play at some point in the near future, you’d be wrong. We’re not doing this to be dramatic or get attention, just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who might care. Not trying to see any “RIP WRINGER” BS online. We’ve just got different ideas and things brewing and they simply don’t involve playing together as Wringer right now. We’ve had a ton of fun giving this everything we’ve got and maybe we’ll get back to it in a while. Who knows? Never say never again.

-Anthony, Jake, & Jared

PS – Here’s the shows we have coming up!

10/29 – Greenville, SC @ Makeout Manor w/ Rubrics, The Sidekicks, All Dogs, Caulfield Cult
10/30 – Orlando, FL @ The Geek Easy w/ Two Hand Fools, Caffiends, Among Giants
11/1 – Gainesville, FL @ Loosey’s (FEST 13!!!)
11/3 – Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot w/ Arms Aloft, Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band, Seagulls, Anchor Bends

PPS – Again, this is by no means a “final” decision, but nevertheless I do wanna say A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported our band. There are too many of you to begin to name but Smellhound Records and The Headies get special mentions. You all rule.”

Wringer last released “Bullfighter” back in 2013, through Smellhound Records. You can stream/download it for free on their Bandcamp and read our review of the album right here.

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Have Mercy release “A Place Of Our Own”

Posted by Kaylee McNeil on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 5:26 PM (PST)

Baltimore, Maryland rock quartet Have Mercy have officially released their album A Place Of Our Own today via Hopeless Records. It can be purchased on iTunes.

A Place Of Our Own serves as a follow-up to the group’s EP My Oldest Friend which was released in August.

The group has a full tour lined up to support the album’s release, so if you like what you hear, you can check out the dates and locations for the tour below.

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PMX back in the studio working on “Dark Days”

Posted by Kaylee McNeil on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 4:24 PM (PST)

Scottish skate-punkers PMX have just announced that they are back in the studio at the moment and are working on an upcoming release titled Dark Days which will be launched sometime in 2015. They also posted a promotional video for the album, which you can view below.

This will serve as a follow-up to PMX’s The Ballad of Tony Montana, which was released in May 2013 and tells the story of the main character from the movie Scarface, from his arrival in the U.S. to his shoot-out death. It should be interesting to see whether or not Dark Days reflects a similar theme.

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Washington, DC based hardcore band Give have announced that their debut LP, The Electric Flower Circus, will be available for order tomorrow, October 28th, and that it will also be available to stream at that time via Noisey.

To promote the launch, the group will be going on a European tour throughout November. You can get more information about the dates and locations of their European gigs on the flyer above.

This follows the news that the group has recently been signed to Revelation Records, although The Electric Flower Circus will be released via Moonflower Records in the US and via Adagio 830 in Europe.

Give previously released several 7″ records, two 12″ records, and a cassette, most of which can be streamed on Bandcamp.

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Bostonian-turned-Californian folk-punk singer-songwriter Bryan McPherson has once again been tabbed (along with Blood Or Whiskey) as an opener for Dropkick Murphys on their upcoming eleven-date tour that runs from California to Oklahoma. Thanks to the long arm of the law that is The Walt Disney Company, McPherson will only be playing ten of the eleven dates. McPherson took to Facebook to explain:

BANNED by Disney!!! Well holy fucking shit people, I just got Banned from playing the Anaheim show (editor’s note: show date is November 5th) by Disney since the venue is in their complex. The reason? My “Anti-political police views and drug insinuation”. Well I’m honored they actually listened to the words. I’m floored. What an honor!!!

We’ve reached out to Disney, LiveNation and the House of Blues in Anaheim for comment (seriously…we have!). As of this writing, it’s been all radio silence, but we’ll keep you posted. Head below for the full tour rundown.

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Well here’s a crazy story…

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing have been on a tour through our nation’s heartland, eventually leading them to and from Gainesville for some Fest shows in a little over a week. Like many touring bands, they ran into van/bus troubles along the way (that’s their bus on the back of a flatbed posted above). That’s where (pardon my French) shit got real. I’ll let the band take it from here (via their Facebook page):

Last evening our mini buses engine puttered out just 40 miles outside of Little Rock. After being towed into town we were greeted and treated by the band Oh Cathy who picked us up from Pep Boys and brought us over to the show. We had an absolute blast at the Hollow House and we thought maybe things aren’t so bad and that everything would be sorted out with the bus today and we’d make it to our Texas dates. 

Well, then this happened…

In addition to our van repairs, we also were part of a home invasion / armed robbery that took place where we are staying in Little Rock. We are extremely overwhelmed by the turn of events that have happened in the past 24 hours, but looking on the bright side of it all. We all are alive, unharmed, with minimal belongings and cash stolen. All our band money, gear, and dignity are still here. What lousy robbers…

As it stands right now, the band’s Fort Worth and Houston shows are off. They’re looking to fill a couple Louisiana dates on or around the 23rd before hopefully getting their van situation sorted out. Stay tuned; go to a show and buy some merch to help the dudes out. Check out their tour rundown here.


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Dead To Me reunite with Jack Dalrymple (Swingin Utters), plan new full-length

Posted by jaystone on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 4:22 PM (PST)

Well here’s something I didn’t expect to write today…

According to a series of posts on their official Twitter feed, San Francisco’s Dead To Me have apparently reunited with original member Jack Dalrymple (also of Swingin Utters and One Man Army fame). They’ll move forward as a five-piece, with Dalrymple sharing vocal and guitar-playing duties, and will record a brand new album, evidently named American Son of Cholo early next year. As you may recall, Dalrymple left Dead To Me after 2008′s “Little Brother” EP. Stay tuned for info, kids!

Dead To Me’s album “Moscow Penny Ante” was released in October 2011 via Fat Wreck Chords. The Utters, of course, have a new album entitled “Fistful Of Hollow” due out November 11th on Fat Wreck.

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Farse announce reunion shows

Posted by ChrisDude on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 6:41 PM (PST)

Brummie ska punks Farse have reformed again, and will be playing at least two shows. They will be supporting Mad Caddies at the Birmingham Academy on the 22nd of November, and then headline a show in Birmingham in January 2015. The band currently does not have any more shows scheduled, but we’ll keep you posted as more details on their reunion come to light.

Farse, who broke up in 2004, briefly reunited in 2009 for a few shows in the UK before disappearing once again. Their last studio album, Boxing Clever, was released in 2003 on Moon Ska Europe.

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Former Scary Kids Scaring Kids frontman has reportedly passed away

Posted by Shawn-Ray Dalinsky on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 5:24 PM (PST)

Tyson Stevens, former vocalist of post-hardcore band Scary Kids Scaring Kids, reportedly passed away last night in his sleep at the age of 29. No official statement has been made, but we’ll keep you updated as new information comes by.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids disbanded back in 2010, but Stevens had been at work recording an album with melodic hardcore band Coma Prevail. We wish his family and friends the best during this trying time.

UPDATE: Stevens’ current band Coma Prevail has confirmed his passing via their Facebook page, stating, “Unfortunately the rumors are true. Out of respect for family we will post details soon. Thank you.”

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Record Store Day announces Black Friday releases

Posted by Midwest Punk on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7:39 AM (PST)

As the popularity of vinyl continues to increase, so too does the list of exclusive releases for Record Store Day’s Black Friday. Check out the entire list of releases here.

Some of the more notable releases include the 7-inch, The Daytrotter Sessions from Against Me!, a re-release of The Dead Milkmen‘s Big Lizard In My Backyard on colored vinyl, Tune In, Tokyo… from Green Day, and a release from the Ramones, called Morrissey Curates The Ramones.

Record Store Day Black Friday is, as you probably guessed, on Black Friday, which this year falls on Friday, November 28th. Again, check out the full list here, or grab a PDF file of the list here.

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Say-10 Records has put up the Static Scene’s self-titled EP in exchange for donations. All proceeds will go to the family of the band’s bassist, Daniel Maher, who tragically passed away.

You can check it out here.


Descendents to host Reddit AMA this Monday, October 20th

Posted by Screeching Bottlerocket on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 2:28 PM (PST)

California punk veterans the Descendents have announced they will be hosting an ‘ask-me-anything’ session on Reddit this Monday, October 20th at 5:30pm EST (that’s 2:30pm for you west coasters). So if you’ve got a question to ask the band, this is the place and time to do so!

Descendents’ latest album Cool to Be You was released way back in 2004 through Fat Wreck Chords. They are currently working on a new record, and will be releasing their documentary Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL on Blu-Ray/DVD this December 2nd.

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According to a recent post on the band’s Facebook page, Joe Nolte of The Last is currently in the hospital recovering from a stroke he suffered last Friday, October 10th. If you would like to wish Joe well, we recommend heading over to their Facebook page and doing so.

The Last’s latest album Danger was released on November 5th, 2013 through End Sounds. Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson of Descendents / ALL fame make up the band’s rhythm section on the album.

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