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Green Day to headline NiFi music festival

Green Day has announced that they will be headlining the NiFi music festival in Kentucky. The will be joined by acts such as Flogging MollyWeezer, and Built To Spill.

You can grab tickets here.

Set It Off boot bassist Austin Kerr for sexual assault allegations; Kerr issues response

Interesting news day from the Set It Off camp.

Earlier today, the Tampa, Florida-based band and Equal Vison Records recording artists had announced that they’ve gone from a five-piece to a four-piece because bassist Austin Kerr had been ousted from the band due to recent allegations of sexual assault that had surfaced against him. In case you missed it, here’s their statement:

Recently we have been made aware of the statements made about our bassist, Austin Kerr. We are taking the situation seriously and have decided that the best thing for the band is to part ways with Austin. We send our deepest apologies to anyone who has ever been affected negatively by his actions. Our fans mean the absolute world to us and their safety and happiness will always be our top priority. We are so grateful for their ongoing support over the years and will do everything we can to make this up to them and move forward from this.

Fast-forward to late this afternoon, and  Kerr responded with a lengthy, detailed statement of his own through his Facebook page, which you can read right here. However, we took the liberty of cutting-and-pasting said statement below. It’s an interesting read, to say the least.

As of two days ago I became aware of some serious allegations against me. There are two sides of every story and then there’s the truth. Fact is, I’m a guy who hasn’t always considered the way people may perceive my actions and while never forceful, there’s situations where I’ve been too pushy in several matters. I am taking full responsibility for my actions and behavior. I am so sorry for the effects of my actions and I apologize to anyone who has ever been made to feel uncomfortable by me in any capacity. I promise you it was NEVER my intention and I never thought I was entitled to anything.

I will carry myself differently in every matter I’m a part of from this day on. Upon first hearing of these matters, I immediately stopped drinking anywhere near shows, and stopped doing anything that might make someone uncomfortable (i.e. hugging them, picking them up, etc.). I will continue for the rest of my life being fully observant of other people’s feelings. After talking with the band, we have all agreed that I should part ways as nothing in this this should be attached to them in any way. I got to live my dream for years. For all the times, lessons and memories, I am so grateful.

Unfortunately attached to these allegations are half stories, exaggerations and untruthful statements. Since the tumblr post was released I have been approached by multiple people by their own accord who were there and can varify that some statements made are fictional or have proof of their falsehoods.

The truth is I’ve made people feel uncomfortable and I’m sorry. I encourage everyone to read into things before they believe them or make judgements. In often cases a lack of proof means something.

Moving forward, I am actively working on improving and making better decisions so that I will never make anyone feel like this again.

Stay tuned for information on this one. Not to editorialize or anything, but something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this situation…

Ramshackle Glory launch GoFundMe page to replace stolen van

As you may be aware already, Arizona-based anarcho/folk-punkers Ramshackle Glory just recently had their tour van stolen right out from underneath them…almost literally. The band had parked the van in front of the place they live since last summer, and had no problems until now…right as their about to go on tour with Mischief Brew. Here’s what the band had to say:

Some more background on the van theft, err, liberation. So, it got stolen from in front of one of our houses where it had been parked since last summer. Of course it got stolen at the worst possible time, as opposed to say, six months ago.

We did begrudgingly try to file a police report for insurance reasons and in case it turns up anywhere, but the cop didn’t want to let us report it as stolen without agreeing to assist in the prosecution if someone gets caught. Since we refuse to do this, the cop put it down as “suspicious activity.” So, we don’t really expect to hear from them if the van does get found. But, you know, what would we do without them?

To help them cover the costs of purchasing a new van and embarking on tour, the band launched a GoFundMe page. You can help them out by clicking and donating here. If all goes according to plan, tour is slated to kick off June 4th in Phoenix. Click here for the tour rundown.

Ramshackle Glory last released Live The Dream in 2012 via Plan-It-X Records.

Beat the Red Light break-up

British skacore band Beat The Red Light have announced that they are calling it a day and are disbanding. The band posted a statement on their Facebook, which can be read below.

Beat the Red Light last released their full-length Salt the Lands back in 2011 through TNS Records.

Jawbreaker announces documentary in the works

Long-defunct California punk legends Jawbreaker just announced the title of their upcoming documentary. In a recent tweet, Jawbreaker stated that they,

just met with Keith Schieron about the Jawbreaker documentary. We’re interviewing editors to take it from here.

The documentary will be entitled “Don’t Back Down”. Be sure to check back for more updates and information as they become available.

Louise Distras to team with Justice Now to benefit women in prison; get a test-press copy of new album “Dreams From The Factory Floor”

Wakefield, UK punk singer/songwriter Louise Distras just released her brand new, debut full-length album “Dreams From The Factory Floor”, this past Tuesday through Pirates Press Records, and is getting ready to embark on a June/July US tour (view dates here).

Distras recently teamed up with Oakland-based Justice Now, which is coordinating an art project with women in prison, who will create illustrations for her songs “The Hand You Hold” and “Love Me The Way I Am”. The artwork will be displayed at various events throughout the year, and Distras has given up 10 ‘test press’ copies of her new album to benefit the cause. The copies can be yours during a silent auction on eBay – details of which will be announced soon on Justice Now’s and Distra’s websites and Facebook pages. Here’s what Louise had to say about the partnership,

I am proud to support Justice Now in the fight against the systemic abuses of women, and look forward to promoting their message of equality, security, liberty, integrity, and dignity for all on my upcoming US tour.

Justice Now partners with people in women’s prisons and local communities harmed by policing and imprisonment, to challenge violence and human rights abuses. They partner with people in women’s prisons because they understand state and interpersonal violence – often being survivors of both. Their work highlights ideas and strategies of women in prison to challenge the current reliance on policing and prisons, using popular education, training, theatre, music, art, and community organizing to create a vision of a safe, compassionate world without prisons.

Off With Their Heads cancel European tour

Crappy news for overseas Off With Their Heads fans.

According to a recent post to the band’s Facebook page, the band have been forced to cancel all dates on their upcoming European tour. Here’s the statement:

 We are incredibly sorry to have to cancel our entire run of the United Kingdom and Europe in August. Circumstances at home have changed, and right now it is going to be impossible to be away. None of us like the idea of abandoning plans to play and see all of the people that make this band fun to do, but there is nothing more important to me than family and loved ones. They need me right now. So if you were planning on waiting for an August UK show, try and make one this week. If not, we will see you next year.

We’ll keep you posted if more news from Ryan and the gang comes down the ‘pike. Off With Their Heads released their latest full-length album Home in April, 2013 through Epitaph Records.

Less Than Jake take to Instagram for t-shirt project

Photo credit – Jodie Cunningham

In addition to upcoming U.S. and European tours, Less Than Jake has been busy on social media, particularly Instagram.  The band’s handle is LTJVINYLOGRAPHY, and you can currently see a curated list of 100 past band t-shirts.  You can also vote for which shirt design will get resurrected and sold again, so go check it out!

If you want to rock your Less Than Jake merch at one of their shows, check out our post about their upcoming tour dates here.

Andrew W.K. to get his radio show “America W.K.”

Glenn Beck has given Party guru Andrew W.K. his own weekend radio show on his channel TheBlaze Radio Network, which will be called America W.K. and will premiere on Saturday, May 2nd.

“America W.K. is a weekly two hour program and debuts on Saturday, May 2, 2015. Andrew will host a raw and penetrating discussion of what it is to be alive – meaning, motivation, mindset, and making dreams come true, all included in a celebration of life itself – and all with a positive and honest outlook. Andrew will also field questions and input from the audience, adding an engaging interactive component.”

Andrew W.K. hasn’t been releasing much music lately, his last album being the Japan-only release, The “Party All Goddamn Night” EP, released in 2011.

Panic State Records raise money for relief in Nepal

Panic State Records has just announced that they will be selling $10 shirts and donating 100% of the profits to relief efforts in Nepal. Check it out here. On the fundraising, the company commented:

This is the first shirt we ever printed in the traditional colors of the Tibetan Monks – Burgundy and Gold – coming back to help raise money for the people of Nepal and Tibet – just like we did for the Students for a Free Tibet 6 years ago!

The logo mentioned is displayed above.

The team will also be including every digital release the label has produced (14 records in total) as a “thank-you” for the donation.

The Hotelier may be recording new music

Massachusetts’s The Hotelier have just made a suggestion that they may be recording. While their vague 4-word tweet left no information on what they are working on, fans are getting pretty hyped up. Should they be producing something new, it would serve as a follow-up to the band’s sophomore album Home, Like No Place Is There, which was released on February 25 via Tiny Engines.

Citizen announce new album titled “Everybody is Going to Heaven”

Midwestern punks Citizen have announced that their sophomore release, Everybody is Going to Heaven, will be released on June 23rd via Run For Cover Records. Check out the cover art above! The band will also appear on this year’s edition of Warped Tour.

Everybody is Going to Heaven will serve as a follow up to 2013′s Youth.

Noisey release first episode of documentary series “Under the Influence”

Noisey has just launched their brand new series called “Under the Influence” and the first episode is an exposé on New York hardcore. You can check it out below and be sure to stay tuned for more.

The documentary delves into some of the most important genres and traces their influence to present day, and this episode features interviews with Cro-Mags, Title Fight, Texas is the Reason, Agnostic Front, Trash Talk, and many more while Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Operation Ivy, Transplants) narrates. 

Jack Grisham (TSOL) and Susan Dynner (Punk’s Not Dead) start film Kickstarter

Jack Grisham from California punk band T.S.O.L. and Susan Dynner from Punk’s Not Dead have teamed up to make a short film based on the song “Code Blue” from T.S.O.L.’s album Dance With Me. The film is being funded on Kickstarter, and the band has some awesome ideas to give back to those who donate, which you can do here.

Cartel announce that upcoming shows in the United Kingdom will be their last UK shows

Atlanta pop punk act Cartel have just announced that their upcoming shows in the United Kingdom will be their last shows in the UK – ever. Although the band notes that they will continue to tour elsewhere and that this does not indicate a breakup, they do cite financial concerns when touring in Europe which have contributed to this difficult decision. The band’s official announcement on the matter is as follows:

A note to our UK fans: we’re incredibly excited for the opportunity to play in the UK again this year, both in London for our Chroma show and at the Slam Dunk Festival shows (which are standard Cartel sets). We always have a great time in the UK, we love the energy of the fans and it’s always a great hang. We wanted to mention that while planning this year of Chroma shows, we decided that there is likely not much international touring in the cards left for the band, and these will be the band’s last UK shows. Though we would love to keep traveling the world and playing shows, it’s a wildly expensive endeavor to cart ourselves and our gear around the world, and we aren’t really banging out new tunes left and right which would necessitate us promoting it worldwide. While all this may be a bummer, that’s not to say the band is over by any means, we will still play shows in the US. We’re very grateful and excited that we get another shot at playing for everyone and that we can hang out with our UK fans. All that aside, we hope that you understand and we can’t wait to see you all again!

Cartel latest release was the March 2013 launch of Collider.