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I first caught on to Boston’s OC45 when I saw them play the Middle East upstairs a couple years ago, and I was instantly hooked.  They play catchy songs with an edge, and they don’t take themselves too seriously despite gaining increased recognition as a touring punk band.  Lucky for me, I get to say I knew them before they were famous, as they may very well be someday, and I got to sit down with the foursome for an interview before they leave for a tour that will take them to Montreal’s Pouzza Fest and Punk Rock Bowling.  Keep on reading below to find out how they got started, how they stay friends on the road, and maybe something about that band name…

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AFI’s Davey Havok talks about “Burials”

Posted by ChrisDude on Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 7:23 PM (PST)

Last weekend, AFI frontman Davey Havok talked to Fuse’s Jack Osbourne about the making of their latest album Burials, which was released last October, and how he channels its themes of panic and anxiety on stage. Havok states:

“I encounter [those feelings] on the regular basis as a human. At the time of the creation of our record Burials, those themes and emotions were very present in my life, unfortunately. Before going on stage, it’s more of a calm and a focus. A lot of those emotions are what we’re creating on stage. Though it may be a bleak sentiment, the unification of people expressing that catharsis has a positive result at times.”

You can watch the interview here.

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Teenage Bottlerocket writing new album, hope to record in the fall

Posted by Lauren Mills on Monday, April 14, 2014 at 7:23 PM (PST)

In a recent interview with The Grind, Ray Carlisle revealed he and the rest of the guys in Teenage Bottlerocket are currently writing a new album and hope to hit the studio to record this fall after they get back from their run on the Warped Tour.

The interview starts at the 0:56:41 mark and you can listen to it here.

The band’s “American Deutsch Bag” 7-ich was released on November 26, 2013 through Fat Wreck Chords, who put out their latest album “Freak Out!” on July 3, 2012.

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The Menzingers recently sat down for an interview about the punk community’s reaction to success and the pressure (if any) that comes with releasing a follow up to a highly memorable album. In this case, the band is talking about their new album, Rented World, which is a follow up to 2012′s On The Impossible Past. You can check out the interview here.

Rented World is set to be released on April 22nd via Epitaph Records.

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On Friday night’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time” two members of Pussy Riot chatted with Bill Maher about their controversial actions against the Russian government.

You can watch the interview below.

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Intruder Blue of  Masked Intruder was recently interviewed for the Australian podcast, Jackknife Music. In the interview Blue discusses getting past Australian immigration laws, profiteering from crime, Fat Mike’s bondage dungeon and competing with The Wiggles.

You can listen to the interview below.

Masked Intruder’s upcoming album M.I., which is set to be released on May 27th through Fat Wreck Chords. M.I. will serve as a follow-up to Masked Intruder’s 2012 self-titled album, which was re-released last year through Fat Wreck, who also put out the band’s Under The Mistletoe 7-inch on December 10th.

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Good Riddance to begin recording first album in eight years in September

Posted by ChrisDude on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 9:53 PM (PST)

In an interviewRuss Rankin revealed that Good Riddance have been working on new songs, and will enter the studio around September to begin recording a new album, which will be their first since 2006′s My Republic. Russ stated:

“We have a pretty good amount of material written. About three years ago…four years ago, when I was writing stuff for my solo album (Farewell Catalonia), I ended up writing these punk songs. Good Riddance wasn’t playing at the time and they weren’t like fucked enough for Only Crime. So I went into the studio with a drummer and laid them down – I did all the guitar and bass and vocals. I ended up playing those songs for the guys in Good Riddance and they all dug them so a few of those will probably be on the record. Luke (Pabich) is working on some stuff and I’m writing when I have time so we’ll have plenty of material by September.”

Good Riddance reunited in early 2012. Their last release was a b-sides album entitled Capricorn One, which came out in 2010 on Fat Wreck Chords.

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Social Distortion guitarist Jonny “Two Bags” Wickersham was recently interviewed by San Francisco Bay Guardian, where he talked about his debut solo album Salvation Town, which was released last week on Isotone Records. Asked how long it took to make the album, Jonny replied:

“I worked on it really sporadically over the past couple of years — Social D was very busy after we put out Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, and we were constantly on the road for two and a half years. On breaks in between tour runs I’d go in the studio and work on it a little bit. It’s actually been finished for over a year, aside from the artwork, and this is a pretty good time to put it out because Social D has been on a break for while.”

Social Distortion are currently on hiatus from touring. For a while, the band has been working on a new album, which will be their first since 2011′s Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.

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Yesterday marked exactly 20 years since The Offspring released Smash. On the day of its anniversary, The Offspring members Dexter Holland and Noodles, along with Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz, spoke with Rolling Stone and shared what they remembered about the recording sessions and unexpected success of Smash, which has sold approximately 20 million copies worldwide. Former Didjits singer and guitarist Rick Sims also appeared in the interview, talking about about The Offspring’s cover version of “Killboy Powerhead”, which is the tenth track on Smash.

You can read the interview here.

As previously reported, The Offspring will release a special edition of Smash in mid-August on their former label Epitaph Records. More details are available here, and you can pre-order the reissue on The Offspring’s official website.

The Offspring, who are now unsigned, released their last album Days Go By in June 2012. Since last summer, the band has been working on new material with producer Bob Rock.

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Chuck Robertson, the vocalist of the long running Santa Barbara Ska band, Mad Caddies stopped by the Mostly Harmless Podcast this week while on tour in Denver, Colorado. Host, Damian Burford, and Chuck sit back and talk about the band’s new album, “Dirty Rice”, out May 13th on Fat Wreck Chords.

Other topics include: musical origins, summer camp, tour life and lessons and being chosen to teach those lessons to others, musical growth and more.  You can listen to the interview here.

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Interview: Zatopeks discuss song lyrics, musical influences and more

Posted by Lauren Mills on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 12:46 PM (PST)

U.K. punk act, Zatopeks, were recently interviewed by Keep Track of the Time. During the interview they discussed song lyrics, musical influences and more.

You can read the interview here.

The band released “About Bloody Time” in 2013 through It’s Alive Records.

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On March 19th, at the Upstate Concert Hall (outside of Albany, NY), I had a chance to hang backstage with Reel Big Fish and do a lil’ Q & A. I specifically talked with Aaron Barrett (Vocals/Guitar) and Johnny Christmas (Trumpet/Backing Vox). These guys as you know are always a barrel of fun to be around.

We discussed touring, the recent retirement of long-time trombone player Dan Regan and his successor Billy Kottage. We also got some great footage and the interview is very entertaining as you would expect. Check it out below, as we discuss professionalism vs. well the opposite of be professional and how that keeps Reel Big Fish going. Don’t Stop Skankin!

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The Offspring’s Dexter Holland on the making of “Smash”

Posted by ChrisDude on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 7:34 PM (PST)

Next Tuesday (April 8th) will mark the 20th anniversary of The Offspring‘s iconic album Smash. On the eve of this anniversary, frontman Dexter Holland spoke with OC Weekly and shared what he remembered about making the album that broke The Offspring into the mainstream. On the making of Smash, Dexter said:

“A lot of the bands were great back then and made great songs but didn’t necessarily have a lot of melody, and that’s what we were trying to do, combine those two things.”

Dexter also talked about recording the album at Track Record Studios in West Hollywood during the Northridge Earthquake, “The next day, the ceiling was, like, drooping. Track Record was in the center of North Hollywood, so it got hit really hard.”

The Offspring last released Days Go By in June 2012. The band, which is currently unsignedbegan working on new material with producer Bob Rock last summer.

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When last we caught up with Chuck Ragan, he was in the midst of a grueling run of thirty-seven shows in thirty-seven days on last year’s Revival Tour. While things on the tour seemed to be firing on all cylinders, there was at least some amount of trepidation about the amount of constant balancing that needed to be done in order to keep such a hectic schedule going: “I’ve got a ton of plates spinning, and I either need to start carefully taking them off those points, or they’re all gonna start crashing.”

Fast-forward a year, and though still busy, a more-relaxed Ragan was able to carve out some downtime and recharge the batteries. “ I feel it revived me in a lot of ways. I’ve had a lot of time at home the past six, seven months.” As we’ve discussed here previously, that more relaxed, hopeful attitude of gratitude translates loud and clear on Till Midnight (SideOneDummy Records), Ragan’s fourth solo studio album.

Forgoing his typical Revival Tour plans, 2014 finds Ragan and his Camaraderie lineup (longtime collaborators Joe Ginsburg and Jon Gaunt, plus David Hidalgo Jr. on drums and Todd Beene on pedal steel) co-headlining a tour with The White Buffalo (Jake Smith). Touring ” a little smarter rather than harder” is the name of the game this time out. Despite the amount of work that needs to be done before tour kicks off later this week, Ragan was able to carve some time out of his schedule for a chat about his partners (the White Buffalo and Social Distortion‘s Jonny Two Bags) for the upcoming tour, the differences in the writing and recording processes between Covering Ground (Ragan’s last album) and Till Midgnight, and maybe a hint at an acknowledgement of Hot Water Music‘s twenty-year anniversary. Check out our full interview below.

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The Lawrence Arms frontman Brendan Kelly was interviewed on the Terrified podcast. In the interview he discussed self-loathing, raising children and more.

You can listen to the interview here.

The Lawrence Arms released “Metropole,” their first album in 8 years, January 28th via Epitaph Records.

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