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Matt Skiba says he hopes to become permanent member of Blink-182

In a recent interview, Matt Skiba talked about the possibility of becoming a permanent member of Blink-182, stating that he thinks recording a new album with the band would “seal the deal.” Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Alternative Nation:

When I spoke to Travis last month, he described the process as very positive and even considered writing an album with this new lineup. What are your thoughts on that idea?

I think that’s a great idea and it’s something we have discussed. I’m pleasantly surprised to see Travis mention it to you guys. It’s something I would be very excited to do and I’ve known the Blink guys for about fifteen years and we’ve become good friends. Playing songs I haven’t written with Mark and Travis is a blast, so to go in and create music with them would be amazing.

As of now, do you view yourself as a permanent member of the band?

I think it’s too soon to know. I’m about to go on an Alkaline Trio tour for a couple months. There’s some time and some things that those guys need to figure out before we can start saying I’m a permanent member. But that is a hope of mine. If we’re discussing recording an album, I think that seals the deal. But, we shall see, only time can tell.

In case you’re wondering why Matt Skiba is involved in Blink-182, it’s because the band parted ways with longtime guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge on not-so-amicable terms earlier this year. Those out of the loop can find more info on the situation here, here, and here.

DS Interview: Skinny Lister on “Down on Deptford Broadway,” the US/UK folk punk scene, and much more

It probably goes without saying that one of the gigantic perks of a “job” like amateur punk music journalist is getting to discover brand new bands. Typically this happens by way of emails of links to Soundcloud or Bandcamp or Youtube pages, but bands tend to make the most impact when you can discover them live. Such is the case for Skinny Lister. Admittedly unfamiliar with them prior to their opening slot on Flogging Molly‘s Green 17 tour a couple of years ago, they were quick to win the audience (myself included) over with a captivating performance and an infectious energy (particularly on the part of co-frontpersons(?) Daniel Heptinstall and Lorna Thomas and the latter’s brother, Maxwell) that damn near matched the evening’s headliners. The sing-along heavy set (which featured some rather memorable crowd-surfing by the double bass player Michael Camino) ranks on the short list of best live performances I’ve had the privilege of witnessing.

The two years that have passed since that installment of Green 17 wrapped have featured the English pub rockers perform successful stints at SXSW and on the Vans Warped Tour, as well as a high profile opening slot on the road with Dropkick Murphys. Their sophomore album, Down on Deptford Broadway, is due out tomorrow (April 21st) on Xtra Mile Recordings, and is an enjoyable step forward from their debut, Forge & Flagon. We traded emails with singer/guitarist Daniel Heptinstall to chat about the new album, and the experiences entailed in making a fairly quick leap from English pub band to big-time, international tour life. Check our chat out below!

Bad Religion’s Jay Bentley on the 25th anniversary of “Against the Grain”

Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley recently spoke to Yahoo! about the upcoming 25th anniversary of the band’s iconic record Against the Grain. He states:

“We were literally doing a new album a year back then. When Suffer turned 25 in 2013, I thought, “Man, that’s amazing.’ Then No Control turned 25 and we didn’t even talk about it. I thought that was kind of sad. And now, Against the Grain’s going to be 25. It’s kind of weird.”

Then Jay added, “Everybody has their own idea of what was the most important album. I think Suffer, No Control, and Against the Grain all seem to be sort of this package deal for a lot of people. Those three records came out within three years and I think they illustrated who we were and what we were doing as a band. Against the Grain turning 25 is sort of an indication of the end of that era.”

Against the Grain was originally released on November 23rd, 1990 through Epitaph Records, and became Bad Religion’s biggest selling record, selling more than 100,000 copies. It is also notable for the inclusion of “21st Century (Digital Boy)”, which would be re-recorded for the band’s 1994 breakthrough album Stranger Than Fiction; it was that version that became a hit and made Bad Religion famous.

Bad Religion recently announced that they will enter the studio around this fall to begin work on a new album, which will be their first since 2013′s True North, and their first with Mike Dimkich, who replaced longtime guitarist Greg Hetson last year.

Mike Ness talks about his upcoming book and new Social Distortion album

In a recent interview, Social Distortion founder and singer Mike Ness revealed that he has a few projects in the works, such as a new Social D album, his next solo album and an autobiography. About his upcoming book, Ness stated:

“When the book does come out, it’s not [gonna be] your stereotypical rock book. It’s more about my struggle to become a man at 52 years old , and I am still trying to figure that out. So much of your adult life is shaped and defined by the time you are 12 years old. You bring stuff with you that you don’t even know you have. You don’t have a lot of tools in your tool box, and so I have had to learn along the way. Fortunately I have a family and we are close, and we can talk about things.”

Ness also talked about the musical direction of the long-awaited new Social Distortion album, explaining, “I am still kind of figuring that out myself. I’ve written some great root songs that could very easily have been on the last record. But I wouldn’t say I’ve gone back to the punk roots so much. Part of me wants to play around with some primitive garage, dirty grooves, like early Sonics or Kinks, because I love that style of music and there are good melodies, so I don’t know.”

Social Distortion last released Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes through Epitaph Records in 2011. The band will tour Europe next month by celebrating the 25th anniversary of their classic self-titled third album.

Kurt Brecht talks about new D.R.I. EP

In a recent interview, D.R.I. frontman Kurt Brecht offered some details regarding the band’s anticipated new EP, which is due for release this year on Beer City Records and will be their first release with new drummer Brandon Karns, who replaced longtime member Rob Rampy last year. Brecht states:

“We just recorded a new EP that has three new songs and two re-recorded ones from years ago. We don’t have a name for it yet and still no release date planned, but it will be released on Beer City records. We also have a few other new songs, and we’ve been working in our new drummer, Brandon Karns, who joined us last summer.”

D.R.I.’s last full-length studio album, Full Speed Ahead, was released in 1995. Starting this Wednesday, the band will be touring the U.S., and then they will spend the summer embarking on a European tour.

DS Interview: Svetlanas’ Olga discusses their exile from Russia

As of September 2014, the Russian hardcore punk act Svetlanas have been banned in their homeland due to their anti-government stance and political commentary, not to mention their ever growing popularity…not only is the sale or possession of their music unlawful in Russia, they are also now no longer allowed to return to their country and are considered enemies of the state.

I was recently able to have a brief conversation with Olga of Svetlanas, who was kind enough to answer a few questions on the subject. The full interview can be read below.

Blink-182 discuss possible album, tour with A Day to Remember

Blink-182 are supposedly talking about a new album in the works as well as a tour with A Day to Remember. Travis Barker recently sat down with Billboard Magazine for an interview where he said, “There are talks of all sorts of things,” and “There’s talk of maybe recording an album, there are talks of doing a tour with A Day To Remember, so we’ll see what happens.” A Day to Remember just opened up for Blink-182′s very first show with Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) and the very first Blink show since Tom Delonge’s “departure.” You can read some more of the interview with Travis Barker below.

Interview: Dwarves’ frontman Blag Dahlia talks DIY, band nicknames, Islamic Fundamentalism and more

I’m not the greatest interviewer in the world; not by a long shot. My Dying Scene Radio co-host, Bob Noxious, is far superior. Constantly talking over people and trampling guests with my idiotic blather, I am still learning how to deliver the question and then shut the heck up. I’m definitely aware of my own idiocy. Still, there’s some good that comes with being a good talker. For instance, I managed to talk my way into a press pass and an interview with Dwarves’ frontman Blag Dahlia, last Friday, (the 13th, coincidentally), prior to the first stop on the band’s east coast tour at The Bowery Electric in New York City.

I asked Blag about his band’s excessive use of nicknames, the extent of their DIY operation (“Why not hire a lowly assistant to respond back and forth to assholes like me?), and whatever happened to his now defunct punk rock podcast, Radio Like You Want. Without breaking character, Blag quips about his band being somehow linked to Islamic Fundamentalism, while boasting about being tall and having a large penis. So, whatever your opinion of my bumbling style – I do somehow manage to elicit interesting banter. Well, you tell me.

Checkout the full video interview below.

DS Interview: PEARS discuss their next record, inspiration, substance abuse, New Orleans and more

New Orleans hardcore punk act PEARS released their critically acclaimed debut album “Go To Prion” in 2014 and hit the ground running.  Since their inception, they’ve toured extensively and have been hammering away at new songs. They took a break from world domination to answer some of my questions. In the interview we discussed their next release, inspiration, substance abuse, New Orleans and more.

You can read the interview below.

PEARS released Go To Prison last year, with the vinyl release being handled by Anxious and Angry. They are currently touring the U.S.

Brian Baker hopes Bad Religion will begin recording new album this fall

Yesterday we reported that Bad Religion had already started writing new material for their next album. In a recent interview, guitarist Brian Baker stated that he hopes the band will be back in the studio recording the album, which will not only be their first since 2013′s True North, but their first with Mike Dimkich, who replaced longtime guitarist Greg Hetson last year. Baker states:

“Brett and Greg are writing and we’re going to work this year, but hopefully we’ll be able to record in the fall, which I’m excited about.”

Bad Religion band last released Christmas Songs on October 29th, 2013 through Epitaph Records, and will be on tour this summer.

Bad Religion begin writing new album

In a recent interview, Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley confirmed that the band has begun writing new material for their next album, which will be their first since 2013′s True North and their first with new guitarist Mike Dimkich; however, he didn’t offer a timetable for the record.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on new music from Bad Religion come to light. The band last released Christmas Songs on October 29th, 2013 through Epitaph Records, and will be on tour this April and June.

Video: Pulling Punches talk about live shows, writing new songs

Pulling Punches recently posted a video giving us an inside look at their writing process, most of which is coherent.

You can watch it below.

The band plans to enter the studio in late April to record a new EP and their latest EP, Lighten Up, Burn It Down, was released in September of last year.

Interview: Blood or Whiskey discusses St. Patrick’s Day, crowd-funding, musical progression, and more

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. Worldwide, this day is celebrated with mass consumption of whiskey, beer (sometimes green), and boiled food (corned beef, cabbage, etc). Besides the boiled food, it sounds like just another day to me.

To commemorate the day, we have for you a little interview with Irish punk band Blood or Whiskey, where we discuss crowd-funding, songwriting, St. Patrick’s Day and more.

The band is performing over in Dublin today, and we wish them the best of luck!

You can read the entire interview below.

Blood or Whiskey last released “Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil” last year, and you can check out a video for their ska song “Gone and Forgotten” below.

DS Interview: Face To Face’s Trever Keith on the “Triple Crown” shows … and new music!

In case you missed it, SoCal punk legends Face To Face played a string of shows in California just after Christmas, their first US dates in quite a while. But these weren’t just any shows. Instead, they were billed the “Triple Crown” shows, and they featured the band performing their first three full-lengths (1992′s Don’t Turn Away, 1994′s Big Choice and 1996′s Face to Face) in their entirety over the course of three nights in the same venue.

Inspired by the success of those shows, the band announced a mini-tour of sorts, in which they’ll be playing the three “Triple Crown” albums over three nights in four select cities: New York, Denver, Chicago and Dallas. For the third time in his Dying Scene career, your favorite resident Face To Face fanboy traded emails with frontman Trever Keith, this time to discuss the importance of the “Triple Crown” dates, and how revisiting the old material is helping the band shape what comes next. Head below to check it out.

Face To Face released their last album, Three Chords and a Half Truth, back in 2013 on Rise Records. There are details in our interview about when you may expect to hear something new…and as always, we’ll keep you posted!

Video: Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Darius Koski (Swingin’ Utters) answer fans’ questions

Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape and Swingin’ Utters guitarist Darius Koski sat down together recently for a joint interview on Exclaim TV.  In the video, they read and answer questions that were submitted by the bands’ fans.  Check it out below.

Darius recently announced he will be releasing his first solo album on April 7th through Fat Wreck Chords.