10 Punk Songs That Will Make Your Week (Curated by DS Reviewer Brian Lawrence)

Ever wonder what the folks who run Dying Scene have been listening to lately?  We’re going to pretend you said “yes” to that question and feature a curated playlist from a different DS editor each week with the intent of exposing you to some new kickass punk bands. This week we’re featuring Dying Scene editor, and self described argonaut, Brian Lawrence.

Discover some new tunes, and think “that band has better songs” below.

1. 30footFALL – “Don’t Open the Door”
30footFALL is one of the 90’s most underrated pop punk bands. Lyrically “Don’t Open the Door” highlights the quirky irreverance and earnest self awareness that make Butch Klotz such a great song writer.

2. The Weakerthans – “Watermark”
Sometimes it takes one of the quirkiest bands around to write the perfect pop song, and that’s precisely what the Weakerthans did with “Watermark”. I find myself forgetting and rediscovering the Weakerthans over and over, and it’s always the best surprise possible when I remember how great they are.

3. A Wilhelm Scream – “The Rip”
Fuck genius, what’s an artist? “The Rip” is an accomplishment of a song by one of the best bands out there.

4. Red City Radio – “You’re Poison, I’m Well”
No playlist of what I’m listening to right now would be complete without a song by Red City Radio. I chose this song because I think it’s one of the best songs of the Paul Pendley era, and really features the cool vocal interactions. I can’t wait for the new self titled album in May, being a huge Nothington fan as well.

5. After The Fall – “Back and Forth”
After the Fall is one of the most under appreciated punk bands out there. Unkind struck a chord with me as an angry, bitter hardcore punk record that was somehow cathartic in the bitterness. Their new album Dedication on Bridge Nine records is another of my most anticipated albums of 2015.

6. The Scandals – “Avalanche”
My list has been pretty east coast heavy and this offering from NJ’s the Scandals is no exception. Say-10 Records will be rereleasing the Sound of Your Stereo on vinyl in June, I honestly couldn’t suggest it more highly.

7. Hot Water Music – “Trusty Chords”
There is no song or band I love more than Hot Water Music and “Trusty Chords”. It’s that simple.

8. Spraynard – “Little Green Ghouls”
As a lifer punk rock guy, not too many bands I listen to are enthusiastically optimistic. I consider Spraynard’s enthusiastic optimism as an oasis that is relevant to my interests. One of my favorite bands, it was hard to pick one song from these guys. I settled on “Little Green Ghouls” because I thought the bass intro sounded cool after Trusty Chords

9. Paint It Black – “Invisible”
Paint it Black is one of those bands I couldn’t live without. As much as I love CVA, the 7″s they’ve released have been some of my favorites, Invisible the 7″ and “Invisible” the song specifically are great.

10. Iron Chic – “Every Town has an Elm St.”
Few bands will ever release an album as good as Iron Chic did when they released Not Like This. Flawless album with a flawless closer in “Every Town Has an Elm St”.


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