10 Punk Songs to Jumpstart Your Week (Curated by DS Editor Daron)

Ever wonder what the folks who run Dying Scene have been listening to lately?  We’re going to pretend you said “yes” to that question and feature a curated playlist from a different DS editor each week with the intent of exposing you to some new kickass punk bands. This week we go to Minnesota, the land of 10,000 ways to pass off passive/aggressiveness as “being nice,” with Daron.

Discover some great new tunes, and find out what makes him tick by streaming Daron’s personal picks below.

1.  Iron Chic – “To Shreds, You Say?”

This song is setting the tone. Songs about feeling like shit make me feel better when I feel like shit. I love Iron Chic’s sound, and their lyrics even more. This is one of my favorite songs by them off of easily one of my favorite albums of 2017.

2.  Starter Jackets – “Grandview Cleanup”

Top tier power pop/pop punk from Springfield, IL. It’s a shame their newest album isn’t on Spotify, so I went with my favorite track from their Preffered Stock EP. Their sounds is as close to “cheery” as I’m gonna get on most days. You should definitely check out their album, Decisions.

3.  Banner Pilot – “Hold Fast”

This is one of my favorite songs. Banner Pilot might be the closest thing to the epitome of my ideal sound for a band, if you happen to be asking me right this minute (it may different in a few more). Nick’s vocals with Nate’s guitar and bass are always a great mix. This song is about persevering in spite of things. This is my most-played song on Google Play.

4.  Off With Their Heads – “Nightlife”

I’ve seen these guys live more than any other band. Ryan Young is one of my favorite lyricists. OWTH has always been great at capturing what it feels like to be screwed up but still trying.

5.  Gateway District – “New Hands”

I like the bare-bones intro and how the song builds. It probably goes without saying at this point that I’m big on lyrics more than anything else. Gateway District has great stories in a lot of their songs. I like songs about feeling cut down but trying to move on.

6.  The Murderburgers – “December Ruined Everything”

I fucking hate December and fucking love The Murderburgers. One of the most under-rated pop punk bands ever.

7.  Dead to Me – “Comforting the Disturbed and Disturbing the Comfortable”

I will follow any band that has Jack Dalrymple to the end of the earth. I’m a fan of the drum machine sound that kicks in about twenty seconds in. This song meanders all over the place, and I love it.

8.  Arms Aloft – “A Psalm for Our Jobs and Apartments”

This album is my perfect capture of the disenfranchised upper-midwestern working class punk rock kids of my generation. It was really difficult to pick one song from What a Time to be Barely Alive. Palm mutes and gravelly vocals made edged this song over.

9.  The Von Tramps – “My Mom Told Me Life Would Suck (But Not This Much)”

This one’s brand new and is so far my favorite off The Von Tramps’ The Future is Female. “14b” and “Queen of Sabotage,” and “Beg Your Parton” were close runners up. Some day I’m going to crawl out of my apartment and see The Von Tramps. But that requires interacting with humans, and that’s just the worst, so we’ll see.

10.  Diarrhea Planet – “Ghost With a Boner”

This is way catchier than a song called “Ghost With a Boner” by a band called “Diarrhea Planet” has any right to be, but here we are. This song makes me smile every time. It’s great to sing along to, especially if you live in an apartment with thin walls.

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