10 Punk Songs To Jumpstart Your Week (curated by DS founder Dave Buck)

Ever wonder what the folks who run Dying Scene have been listening to lately?  We’re going to pretend you said “yes” to that question and feature a curated playlist from a different DS editor each week with the intent of exposing you to some new kickass punk bands.  This week we’re kicking things off with Dying Scene founder and head honcho Dave Buck.

Discover some great new tunes, and find out what makes him tick by streaming Dave’s personal picks below.

1.  Davey Dynamite – “Holy Shot”

I’m a sucker for a song with a good slow build and great transitions. “Holy Shit”, the opening and title track from Davey Dynamite’s debut record on Dying Scene Records has both. Davey’s angry voice is one of the absolute best in punk rock today and his ability to toggle it on and off in a single song is reminiscent of Thomas’s vocals from Strike Anywhere. Not that I’d compare Davey’s music to Strike Anywhere…

2.  La Vasa – “Forgive and Forget”

This song has been around for a bit but I’m sure it’s unknown by 99% of you. It’s got a serious pump you up effect which I feel kicks things off nicely for the rest of the playlist. Fun fact: An old DS editor plays bass in this band!

3.  Drones. – “Raise The Stakes”

This song appeared on the band’s final EP release “Free Marked Kid” which was an absolute kickass release. Drones had been on my radar already but this EP, and the single that followed it, saw the band growing into greatness. The lead singer seemed to really find a place for his unique voice in “Free Marked Kid” and then he inexplicably left the band. I was devastated. The band has apparently carried on with a new singer who is female. She’s great but its just not nearly the same.

4.  Bitter Grounds – “Radio Silience”

Fantastic song by a Dutch punk act. Nothing else they’ve recorded resonates with me quite as much as this track, but they’re still active so I’ll remain hopeful.

5.  The Fourth Estate – “Scheduling Conflict”

Fans of Strike Anywhere will dig the track. By the time I discovered these dudes they had already disbanded but they left a really solid legacy behind of under the radar hits.

6.  Stabbed In Back – “Missing Pieces”

My favorite track from an entire album of favorite tracks. If AC/DC’s singer had gone punk rock instead of hard rock, Stabbed In Back is what we would have ended up with.

7.  Giants – “Four Wheels”

I’m realizing now that this is the 5th defunct band in my list so far. Depressing. Anyway, for you fans of melodic hardcore a la Comeback Kid, this song should tickle your fancy.

8.  Ate Bit – “Pointlessly Constant”

This to me feels like a great example of where the new wave of pop-punk is headed.

9.  Distral – “Steve”

Finnish melodic hardcore at its finest. Not that I can name a lot of Finnish melodic hardcore bands, but still. This particular track is a favorite for getting me amped up. If I’m not running while listening to it I’m likely to start smashing my own furniture.

10.  Problem Daughter – “Like A Dog”

Poppy. Harmonious. Punk. Different. This track will forever be one of my favorite pop-punk songs of all time, and even then it was hard to decide on what track to play from Problem Daughter’s latest album “Fits Of Disorganized Boredom”. They’re all so damn good!

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