10 Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Punk – DYS

We recently caught up with different members of Boston hardcore legends, DYS, to get their take on the songs that got them into punk rock.  Check it out here.

1. Franz Stahl: “Bad Brains – “Sail’n on”

The fastest soul music ever heard… I wanted more!


2. Adam Porris: The Clash – “Clampdown”

If you don’t like the Clash, then you should be punched in the mouth. There, I said it.


3. Jonathan Anastas: The Clash – “Guns of Brixton”


4. Adam Porris: Rancid – “Radio”

This was the first Rancid song I’d ever heard, right as I was really getting into music, so it spoke right to me. Being an ignored kid, finding the love of music, this shit stuck with me forever.


5. Jonathan Anastas: SS Decontrol – “How Much Art”

With their first demo, SSD fired a shot not out at the mainstream world, but back back into the “established” punk community: your days of self-indulgent behavior are over. There was a new sheriff in town.


6. Adam Porris: Negative Approach – “Ready to Fight”

Being a snot nosed, sarcastic, nihilistic punk, this song was my fucking anthem.


7. Franz Stahl: The Damned – “Smash it Up”

Not only did they make it cool to be punk, but cool to play smoking guitar at the same time.


8. Jonathan Anastas and Al Pahanish Jr.: Black Flag – “Rise Above”

Before Henry Rollins, Black Flag was good; with the Damaged line-up of Dez on second guitar, Robo, Chuck, Greg and Henry singing, they were great. If you were angry, if you were alienated, if life and people let you down, this was your musical bible.


9. Franz Stahl: Sham 69 – “Tell us the Truth”

Killer groove, and a statement all in one.


10. Jonathan Anastas and Al Pahanish Jr: Fear – Al: “Let’s have a War”

When Fear was on SNL for Halloween, it was the first time Hardcore made the mainstream media. And, in classic Fear style, they fully take on the audience and destroy everything in sight. While these are not my favorite Fear songs, this is an iconic Fear moment worth watching.


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