10 Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Punk (La Armada)

We recently caught up with the fellas in La Armada to get their take on the songs that got them in to punk rock.  Check out their list here.

 1. AFI – Total Immortal

loved the combination of punk, breakdowns and screaming, and we used to love the way they would write songs, how the structures flowed together. Forget whatever they may be doing today, this was an angry band, finding its way, giving a fuck and just rocking hard.

2. La Polla Records – Come Mierda

One of the most popular punk bands from Spain, The lyrics particularly spoke to me because of their political message and its sarcastic and kinda gory way to make music and lyrics. it was one of our main inspirations to play pissed off music. Very simple song but very meaningful.

 3. Minor Threat – I dont Wanna hear it

Minor threat was one of the first hardcore punk bands we ever heard. The energy, the rawness of it all was something very appealing to us much like to young punk or hardcore fans around the world.

 4. Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck off

the first time we heard this song was the live video, and we were amazed by Jello Biafra’s energy on stage, and the energy of the music. Also liked the fact they had a black drummer, something we hadn’t seen in punk rock.

 5. Union 13 – Never connected

Even though it sounds strange since we were already living in a spanish speaking country, this band was the reason some of us got into a lot of spanish punk bands like la polla and los crudos; bands that influenced us both politically and musically. We’d been listening to epitaph bands and when we heard this song as an introduction to union 13, we realized that maybe just maybe some people were listening to spanish influenced punk rock out in California.

6. Tropiezo – Monopolizar el saber

Tropiezo is a hardcore punk band from the sister island of puerto rico, this was probably our first encounter with a Caribbean hardcore other than the bands we played with back in the Dominican Republic. It was a band that had already been playing for a long time and had toured the world by the time we were pretty much just starting, so they were a big inspiration to tour and leave the island.

7. 88 Fingers Louie – State


A great example of Chicago hardcore, very in your face parts, straight up no bullshit hardcore punk while still somehow being “catchy”. Makes you wanna sing along, jump off a stage, hug your friends and smash something all at the same time.

8. Propagandhi – Mate ka ukin rasik an

Musically this song was everything we wanted to hear at the time, punk enough to be punk trash enough to be trashy, absolutely amazing lyrics and for the year 2000 this record is way ahead of its time. it could come out today and be up to date. Theres just something about the intro to this song that makes you know your about to hear something really special, great album opener as well.

9. Strung Out – Firecracker

It was fast, fast and fast, pissed off and technical, completely groundbreaking for to hear at the tender age of 15,16 and/or 17. The lyrics were rebellious, the main lead was catchy, the bass was ripping, just a great introduction to the band and the genre they pioneered.

10. Death By Stereo – Looking out for #1


If the opening drum fill doesn’t make you wanna toss the tv out the window and if the build up towards the middle doesn’t make you wanna jump like a maniac then you shouldn’t listen to this type of music. This record is Death by stereo doing pure crossover greatness and this song is a great example of how a band can be technical, raw, simple and angry all at once, definitely took a page or two out of this book.

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