10 things you probably didn’t know about Bad Religion singer Greg Graffin

Alright, you all should know who Greg Graffin is.  As the lead singer of Bad Religion its hard not to have some cursory knowledge of the dude but I guarantee there is plenty you still don’t know.  To help educate you we’ve put together a list of 10 things you probably didn’t know about Greg. Expand your knowledge below.

1. Greg is the only band member to appear on all of Bad Religion’s releases up to date as well as the only member who has not left the band at one point or another.

2. Greg published his book “Anarchy Evolution” in 2010, the same day Bad Religion released their 15th album “The Dissent of Man”. He is currently writing another book, entitled “The Population Wars”.

3. He has released two solo albums.  “American Lesion” in 1997, and then “Cold as the Clay” 9 years later.

4. Greg earned a master’s degree in geology from UCLA and received his Ph.D. from Cornell University.

5. Greg was a Life Science 1 teacher at UCLA.

6. Along with his Bad Religion bandmate Brett Gurewitz, Greg made a guest appearance as a backing vocalist on NOFX’s 1989 album “S&M Airlines”. On that album, he sang on the final track “Go Your Own Way”, a Fleetwood Mac cover.

7. He produced Unwritten Law’s 1996 album “Oz Factor”.

8. He filmed and co-produced the television pilot “Punk Professor”.

9. Greg reportedly discovered punk rock by listening to Rodney on the ROQ on Los Angeles radio station KROQ.

10. Greg was 15 years old when he formed Bad Religion with a few high school classmates.

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