7 Patriotic Punk Songs To Blast At Full Volume On 4th of July

Alright America, it’s time to celebrate your heritage.  Political squabbling aside, and for all its shortcomings, let’s face it, the good ole’ U.S. of A. ain’t such a bad place in the end.  After all, I’m pretty sure we’re the country that invented fireworks, beer, bikinis and rock and roll, which everybody knows is why we celebrate July 4th.

As folks around the world gather together for this momentous Global Holiday I encourage you pessimistic political punks to put aside your misgivings for a day, be glad you don’t live in Harare, and blast these 7 Patriotic Punk songs* that make you proud to be an American.

1. Flatfoot 56 – “Amazing Grace”


2. Far From Finished – “Seasonal Patriot”


3. Murphys Law – “America Rules”


4. Circle Jerks – “American Heavy Metal Weekend”


5. Dropkick Murphys – “Boys On The Docks”


 6. Five Iron Frenzy – “Beautiful America” (West Side Story cover)


7. Patriot – “Proudly We Stand”



*Originally this list was supposed to have 10 songs but, no joke, this is the most complete set we could come up with, and, yes, we’ll admit its a stretch.  Turns out a pro-America punk songs is about as common as an anti-American country song.  I challenge you readers to find one we missed.


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