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6131 Records

We are an independent record label, started in Huntington Beach, California and currently operating from various locations across the U.S. We are dedicated to releasing great music by people we like, spanning a wide range of styles.

88 Fingers Louie

Chicago, IL

88 Fingers Louie (named after a shady piano salesman from the Flintstones cartoon) got their official start in 1993, where they quickly started writing, playing shows and released three 7” records during their first year as a band. The band’s sound was unique and a combination of all the things they loved about punk rock, drawing influences from 80’s California punk, east coast hardcore as well as midwestern hometown heroes The Bollweevils, Naked Raygun and Pegboy.”


The Adolescents are a punk band from Fullerton, California. The band played an important role in the SoCal punk movement in the early 1980s.

Bad Religion

Bad Religion is an American punk rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1980. The band’s lyrics cover topics related to religion, politics, society, the media and science. Musically, they are noted for their melodic sensibilities and extensive use of three-part vocal harmonies. The band has experienced multiple line-up changes, with singer Greg Graffin being the band’s only constant member, though fellow founding members Jay Bentley and Brett Gurewitz have also been with the band for most of their history while guitarist Brian Baker has been a member of the group since 1994. Guitarist Mike Dimkich and drummer Jamie Miller have been members of the band since 2013 and 2015 respectively.


Blink-182 is an American rock band formed in Poway, California, in 1992. Their lineup was Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Scott Raynor for their initial rise to fame and then Mark, Tom and Travis Barker during their explosion into the zeitgeist and then they hit the “PAUSE” button from 2005 until 2009 and then it was Mark, Tom and Travis again for a minute and then Tom left to study aliens so it was Mark and Travis and Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio from 2015 until recently and now, as of October 2022, it’s Mark, Tom and Travis again.