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30FootFall is a punk band from Houston, Texas. The band formed in 1993, and has released albums through Fearless and Nitro Records.

A Wilhelm Scream

The pride of New Bedford, Massachusetts, AWS has made a name for themselves playing fast, hard melodic punk for nearly two decades.


“Milwaukee’s ACES make no apologies for being a rock n’ roll band. Once every few generations, the kids rediscover the power of making noise, humming a catchy tune, spending the summer with the windows rolled down and their middle fingers up. There’s no replacement for standing in front of air-pushing speaker cabinets, blasting drums, and telling the truth about how the world works until some old bummer tells you to turn it down. ACES write hooks that stick in your head for days, riffs that kids would steal guitar magazines to learn, and songs that will stand the tests of time. Don’t overthink Rock n’ Roll. Listen to ACES.”


The Adolescents are a punk band from Fullerton, California. The band played an important role in the SoCal punk movement in the early 1980s.