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‘We Are The League’ Anti-Nowhere League’s notorious Punk Classic gets re-pressed in January!

<p>Up for a much needed Captain Oi! re-press on 5th January 2018,  we’ve got ‘We Are The League’ – one of Punk’s most notorious albums…</p>
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Spunge (often typeset as [spunge] – lead singer Alex Copeland has joked that the brackets are in the name so that the letters do not fall out) are a ska punk band from Tewkesbury, England. Through many years of touring, Spunge have toured with or played alongside a number of UK bands; and several American bands such as Green Day, Dropkick Murphys and Reel Big Fish; and been supported on a UK tour by Bowling for Soup; the latter of whom contributed backing vocals to the song “Centerfold” on the That Should Cover It! album.

10 To Go

10 To Go is a 4-stroke punk rock engine from Larissa, Greece. This machine has been running since the mid-2011 having the pleasure playing punk-rock tunes with a touch of some reggae vibes!! We like touring and support the underground-independent scene, in any way its appears….So, there is nothing else to say! Less Talk, More Rock!! Check in, listen our tunes and bring us to your hometown…See ya in the pit!!

1000 Degrees

1000 Degrees is a Punk band from Genova, Italy. They have released 2 Albums “Back to a New Way” (2014) and “Has Already Past” (2011) for their label, IndieBox, and one EP, “A Little Beat Faster” (2009). They have toured all over Europe and are about to start a new Russian/Scandinavian tour to promote their new album. Check out the brand new video for “Sayonara”!