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Dying Scene Radio – (*both laugh*) Episode 57: The Return of Dave Hause!

At long last (longer than it should have been because…well because time is a social construct really) Dave Hause returns for his second appearance on (*both laugh*)! When last we spoke (Episode 25 if you're keeping score at home), Dave had just self-released a double EP of Patty Griffin and Paddy Costello/Dillinger Four covers. We were still in Pandemic Year One and that project served as a fun and unique way to stay productive and creative and to dip his toes into navigating through the "new normal" waters.
Fast-forward eighteen months (yes, really…18 months, almost to the day…remember when I said time was a social construct) and it was time for round two! The centerpiece of this installment was Dave's latest solo album, "Blood Harmony." It was released last October on his own record label, but because the vinyl is still trickling its way out, I don't feel QUITE so bad about catching up at the six month post-release mark. "Blood Harmony" found Dave and his brother Tim working together again, this time in Nashville. The duo and producer Will Hoge (himself not only a brilliant songwriter and masterful producer but a veteran of this show as well – see Episode 12) holed up at Sound Emporium with a slew of heavy-hitting studio musicians (Sadler Vaden, Tom Bukovac, Garry Tallent!!?!?!). "Blood Harmony" finds Hause running headlong down the Americana path that he'd been at least tip-toeing down for the last decade.
We talked about the album, and the recording, and Will Hoge's greatness, and the idea of "chasing the song." We also talked about his ongoing partnership with Tim (including work on Tim's own upcoming debut solo album) and about therapy and about touring in a never-ending pandemic and a lot more, as we are want to do.
Check out "Blood Harmony" here: (
While you're at it, check out the rest of Dave's bandcamp releases – lots of live shows and some newer B-sides and more: (
Get more Dave goodies and tour dates and whatnot here: (
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Kayleigh Goldsworthy

Kayleigh Goldsworthy has spent over a decade in the music industry, working from the ground up in all respects. A classically trained violinist of 23 years, she attended SUNY Fredonia and received a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, Music Business, as well as a BA in Business Administration in 2008. She additionally plays guitar, piano, voice, and a vast array of other stringed instruments.

Starting in 2000, her and her sister formed the Syracuse indie rock group The Scarlet Ending, and went on to tour all over the world with USO and Armed Forces Entertainment, as well as several independent headlining and supporting tours of the US. She acquired a publishing deal with Cherry Lane Music, MTV, Wonderlous Music Publishing, and a management contract with Sunshine, Sachs, and Associates through the band’s life cycle, where they announced a hiatus in 2012.

Kayleigh continued to perform solo, and in November of 2013 released her debut solo record, “Burrower,”​ to rave reviews. She performed alongside Chuck Ragan, Dave Hause, Dan Andriano, Laura Jane Grace, Cory Branan, and several more on “The Revival Tour,”​ and has joined Ragan onstage at Warped Tour, and The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA. Described by Cory Branan as “Gillian Welch meets Loretta Lynn,”​ her first effort was a departure from the indie rock sound of The Scarlet Ending, and delved more into her personal life with bluegrass undertones.

She has also joined the likes of Dave Hause, Frank Iero, Kevin Devine and more as a touring multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, and most recently, put out a brand new solo studio album, Learning To Be Happy, in May 2022!