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School Drugs – “Disposition”

"Disposition" - School Drugs

Release Date: June 14, 2024 Record Label: Indecision Records Bandcamp Link: Listen on Bandcamp

One of the most interesting release collections of the last couple of years is scheduled for its final chapter next month.

Back in July of 2021, NJ hardcore band School Drugs released an EP called Visitation. Although, calling it an EP is a bit of an understatement, as it was really the first part of a four-EP arc. The plan was that the four releases would, when collectively assembled full Voltron style, result in a full LP called Funeral Arrangements. The second installment, Absolution, was released in August 2022, and was followed by September 2023’s Procession. June 14th of this year brings us to a close with Disposition. Here’s what the band’s dynamic vocalist Josh Jurk had to say about the title’s inspiration:

“I called a local funeral home to ask if the term “disposition” was commonly used in the industry. The director was a little surprised by the question. He said “yes” with some reservation. When I asked him why, he noted that it’s more of an insider term and derives its meaning from disposal, and the bereaved most likely wouldn’t be thrilled by the insinuation.”

Disposition is due out June 14th, and as is the case with the first three chapters, it’s due out on Indecision Records. Pre-orders are now up, and you can check out the lead single, “Feel Like Shit,” down below.