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Dead Alright – “Parasites”

Parasites - Dead Alright

Release Date: February 17, 2023 Record Label: Thousand Islands Records Release Type: Single

Montreal one-man melodic punk band Dead Alright has released a new song titled “Parasites”, featuring guest vocals from Debt Cemetary singer Davey Knight. Like their first two singles “Smoke & Mirrors” and “Strong Enough To Fail“, this track delivers another shot of fast and furious skate punk. Check it out below.

Dead Alright is a project started by Brand New Lungs singer Louis-Charles Berthiaume. He’ll be regularly releasing singles throughout 2023, eventually culminating in a full-length album on Thousand Islands Records.

DS Record Radar: This Week in Punk Vinyl (Green Day “Dookie” 30th Anniversary, The Living End, Parasites & More)

Greetings, and welcome to the Dying Scene Record Radar. If it’s your first time here, thank you for joining us! This is the weekly* column where we cover all things punk rock vinyl; new releases, reissues… you name it, we’ve probably got it. Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, crack open a cold […]

Greetings, and welcome to the Dying Scene Record Radar. If it’s your first time here, thank you for joining us! This is the weekly* column where we cover all things punk rock vinyl; new releases, reissues… you name it, we’ve probably got it. Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, crack open a cold one, and break out those wallets, because it’s go time. Let’s get into it!

Check out the video edition of this week’s Record Radar, presented by our friends at Punk Rock Radar:

I’ll acknowledge I’m late to the party on this one but I can’t just not mention it. Green Day is releasing a 30th Anniversary Dookie box set, with bonus tracks, demos, live recordings, etc. spread across 6 LPs. If you don’t need all that, they’re reissuing just the LP on baby blue colored vinyl as well. Our friends at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records have the best prices I’ve seen on these, so head over to their webstore if you wanna grab ’em.

The Wonder Years frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell’s side project Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties are reissuing their two studio albums. We Don’t Have Each Other and Routine Maintenance are back in print on some cool pinwheel color variants. Get them both here.

It’s been a while since the Parasites put out some new music, but the wait is over. We’ll, kinda sorta. Their new 7″ EP-onymous features 5 songs they supposedly wrote for Sweet Baby 30+ years ago. So they’re old, but new to you. Anyway, the Parasites rule, get the 7″ here.

Continuing to play catch up on all the shit I missed last week, The Menzingers announced a new record. It’s called Some of it Was True and it’s coming out October 13th on Epitaph Records. Check out the first single below and pre-order the album here.

Good Charlotte’s The Young and the Hopeless gets its 2nd repress of the year. The last one was “limited” to 10,000 (still in stock here btw) while this one is limited to 500 though, so I suppose that’s notable. The black w/ lime green splatter LP comes with a copy of Alternative Press Magazine which somehow makes it worth $50. Buy it here if you’d like.

Rad Girlfriend Records‘ latest release comes from Pale Angels, a band with members in the US and UK. Their new record Plastic Legacy releases on September 8th. Check out the first single below and pre-order the LP here.

The pride of Australia, The Living End’s debut album turns 25 this year, and it’s getting reissued to mark the occasion. There’s a standard LP reissue available on red or white vinyl, and a 2xLP deluxe edition with a full live set on the second record. Jeffrey Bezos’ is the cheapest place to get both. There’s a black & red splatter variant of the Double LP available from Bullmoose as well; not sure if that’s the same as the one on Amazon or not.

Useless ID‘s Yotam Ben Horin and Old Man Markley’s John Edward Carey Jr. released their first album as Tommy and June in 2019. Now they’re back with a new 5-song EP called Monfalcone, produced by Fat Mike and out now on Fat Wreck imprint Bottles To The Ground. Check out one of the tracks below and get the record here.

Well, that’s all, folks. Another Record Radar in the books. As always, thank you for tuning in. If there’s anything we missed (highly likely), or if you want to let everyone know about a new/upcoming vinyl release you’re excited about, leave us a comment below, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll look into it. Enjoy your weekend, and don’t blow too much money on spinny discs (or do, I’m not your father). See ya next week!

Wanna catch up on all of our Record Radar posts? Click here and you’ll be taken to a page with all the past entries in the column. Magic!

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DS Staff Picks: Dylan’s Favorite Punk Albums, EPs & Things of February, 2023 (Presented by Punk Rock Radar)

Hello, and welcome to the February, 2023 edition of Dylan’s Favorite Punk Albums, EPs & Things! This is the column where I, Dylan (otherwise known as Screeching Bottlerocket), tell you what new punk rock albums, EPs, singles, etc. I enjoyed the most this month. I’m happy to announce that starting this month, this will be […]

Hello, and welcome to the February, 2023 edition of Dylan’s Favorite Punk Albums, EPs & Things! This is the column where I, Dylan (otherwise known as Screeching Bottlerocket), tell you what new punk rock albums, EPs, singles, etc. I enjoyed the most this month. I’m happy to announce that starting this month, this will be a collaborative effort with our friends at Punk Rock Radar. If you like discovering awesome new punk bands as much as I do, I highly recommend following them on Instagram and YouTube.

All that’s changing (aside from the spiffy new few graphics) is John from Punk Rock Radar and I will be doing a podcast-style video where we’ll talk about all my picks included in the written column, as well as his favorite releases every month. In other words, that means even more awesome new punk rock for all you awesome people to enjoy!

Here’s our video for February (let us know what your favorite releases of the month were in the YouTube comments):

Rocket to Rimtown

I’m a sucker for a good Ramonescore record, and this debut LP from Sydney, Australia’s Rimmingtons is a really fucking good Ramonescore record. Check out Rocket to Rimtown below and grab it on beautiful colored vinyl here (US) or here (AUS).

Crumble and Rise

I learned a long time ago not to judge a band by its name, folks. Ontario’s Hellaphant is the latest awesome band I discovered thanks to my strict adherence to that rule. If you’re into hooky pop-punk, their new album Crumble and Rise is required listening. Hit ’em up on Bandcamp to get the album on LP, cassette, etc.

Self-Titled LP

I’m a longtime fan of Fraser Murderburger’s work and his latest project Wrong Life is absolutely not an exception. I really enjoyed the band’s first two EPs that culminated in 2022’s Early Workings of an Idea. This new self-titled is another step up when it comes to songwriting and production quality. These are some of the most sincere songs Fraser has ever put out. “The Quartermile” is probably my favorite track, but “Living in the Key of Hope” is a close second since we got to host the exclusive premiere for its music video. Listen below, buy the record here (US) or here (UK) / CD, cassette & digital available here.

I’m Out

Our next stop on this punk rock trip around the globe is Germany, where we are greeted by Empire Me. These guys have been around for a decade, but this is the first time I’m hearing of them. The band brings the heat on their debut full-length I’m Out. This is an excellent melodic punk album; it reminds me a lot of another great band whose name I can’t remember right now. Download it for $5 on Bandcamp.

Trash Life

So I guess Fat Heaven‘s new record isn’t really a “new record”, it’s a compilation album of previously released EP tracks… but there’s four new songs, too! Anyway, I hadn’t heard of these guys before their music video for “Quarter Life Crisis” caught my eye while doom scrolling Instagram at 3am. Trash Life is a great introduction to this super fun Brooklyn pop-punk band. Listen below and get it on colored vinyl here.

Build Back Better

When The Walls Fell is one of many bands John from Punk Rock Radar introduced me to this month. Perhaps you saw our Band Spotlight on them? Build Back Better is the second full-length album from this “transatlantic punk band” with members in New York and Poole, England. It’s very good! The guitar playing is great (actually, it’s very intimidating to me as a mediocre guitar player). Name your price for this one on Bandcamp.

Anthem for a New Tomorrow (30th Anniversary Reissue)

Alright this one probably don’t count, but I don’t give a fuck, I’m counting it. Anthem for a New Tomorrow is my favorite Screeching Weasel album (and one of the greatest pop-punk records of all time in my humble opinion). Mike Kennerty and the gang put a shiny new coat of paint on this beast and, though it may seem sacrilegious, I like it a lot. Check out my review.

Waiting for so Long

I’m letting my Floridian bias show here, but I can’t help it. There’s something about Florida and ska that just works. The songs on Fort Myers ska-punks Bargain Bin Heroes‘ new EP Waiting for so Long are their best yet. If you’re a Less Than Jake enjoyer, you’ll like these guys. They actually just played with LTJ at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale; hopefully everyone showed up early and skanked it up for Bargain Bin Heroes!

Can’t Fix Everything

It’s awesome when music grabs you right from the get-go. Something about this debut EP from Peterborough, England’s Sprainer just clicked with me. I love it and can’t wait to hear more from these guys (blokes?). Listen below, buy it here.

Trial and Error

Mixing skate punk and ska is something you’ve gotta be real fucking good to pull off. Finland’s Strum 101 is real fucking good. Their new EP Trial and Error is excellent and inspired me to go back and check out their back catalog, and you know what? That stuff’s real fucking good, too! Check ’em out, all their shit’s on Bandcamp.

“Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids”

Frenzal Rhomb is coming off two of the best albums in their illustrious career. Does The Cup of Pestilence have what it takes to top those records? Of course it does! How dare you question Frenzal’s excellence. This lead single is killer, I can’t wait to hear more.

“Rise & Fall”

Before we leave Australia, let’s take a moment to appreciate this new song from Frenzal Rhomb’s countrymen in Fake News. These guys are a great up-and-coming band that needs to be on your radar if you like skate punk as much as I do. “Rise & Fall” is the second single from their upcoming EP Take Me Away. Check out the music video below and keep an eye out for that EP.

“Kill Em Dead”

This list needs some more ska, and our Bri’ish friends Faintest Idea are the right band for the job. “Kill Em Dead” is from their long-awaited new album The Road to Sedition, due out March 31st on TNS Records and Jump Start Records. Recommended listening if you’re into harder edged ska-punk like the Suicide Machines.

“Road Less Traveled” & “Over The Target”

February saw the release of two new singles from the hottest new band in skate punk: Bridge The Gap. Their highly anticipated debut LP Secret Kombinations was recorded with Bill Stevenson at The Blasting Room. All the singles have been top notch; the hype is deserved. Check out the tracks below and pre-order the record here.

“Left for Dead”

And back to Australia we go! Newcastle’s Long Distance make a very good first impression with their debut single “Left for Dead”. These skate punk (are you sensing a theme here?) newcomers have a bit of a poppy slant that I enjoy. Check ’em out and stay tuned for their second single “What You Want” and eventual debut EP.

“Against the Rest”

Skate punk and ska: that’s apparently all I fucking listen to. Anyway, here’s another ska song. It’s the first single off Omnigone‘s new album Against the Rest, which is due out March 31st on the ska powerhouse that is Bad Time Records. Two former members of Link 80 are in this East Bay ska-core band, and if you like Link 80 (or Against All Authority, Voodoo Glow Skulls, or any other hardcore-infused ska bands), I can say with full confidence you will like these guys. Music video down there, pre-order over here.


Alright, now that our monthly ska quota has been met, time for some more skate punk! I’ve been pimping this (one man) band out for a few months now and I’m not stopping any time soon. Montreal’s Dead Alright is dropping new singles all the time. The latest one “Parasites” is a great song. Listen to it below and stay tuned for more on their debut album; release date TBA on Thousand Islands Records.

“Let’s Murderlize ‘Em!”

Look, it’s another Canadian skate punk band on Thousand Islands Records! I promise they’re not paying me to heap praise on their bands, that label just puts out really good shit. Debt Cemetary‘s new single is awesome! I think it’s time these guys released an album, eh? Fun fact: the singer from this band makes a guest appearance on that Dead Alright song I just talked about.

“Reaching Out”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Red Atlanta reminds me a lot of early 2000’s pop-punk but faster and with really cool lead guitar parts. Their new single “Reaching Out” has a kinda Slick Shoes-ish vibe. Check it out and if you like it, go back and listen to the band’s 2019 debut album Unsettled. Also keep an eye out for a next album coming soon.

“Damage Control”

Brighton, England’s Making Friends are either named after a No Use For A Name album or a Lagwagon song, so that should give you a good idea of what their music sounds like. They just put out a great new single called “Damage Control”. Check out the music video for it below and stay tuned for more on the band’s upcoming album.

In case you didn’t already see it (and actually give a shit), I posted a list of my Top 10 favorite punk albums of all time. It’s hardly a definitive list, most of the shit’s from the 90’s and later. I guess if you want a better idea of the kinda shit I’m into, this is a good way to find out! Check out my list here.

February was a busy month for the Dying Scene Record Radar! The biggest announcement in the world of punk rock vinyl was probably the 25th Anniversary reissue of ALL‘s Mass Nerder. I got my copy (actually I bought two variants because I have no self control), did you? Go here for more info on where to send your money.

Have you checked out the awesome interview Dying Scene’s Jason Stone did with Jason White of Green Day, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Influents & a million other bands??? Stop what you’re doing and check that shit out, it’s awesome! Read the interview here.

That concludes the February installment of the column. Thanks for checking it out! Keep your eyes glued to Dying Scene for all things punk rock and follow our friends Punk Rock Radar on Instagram, YouTube, etc. And be sure to join us again for the March edition; it’s already shaping up to be a killer month for new releases!

Here’s a Spotify playlist with songs from all the releases featured in Dying Scene & Punk Rock Radar’s Best of 2023 series so far:

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Parasites are an American pop-punk band. They were formed in the late 1980s by guitarist/singer Dave Parasite and bassist Ron Nole in New Jersey. Dave later relocated to Berkeley, California, and continued with a new lineup during the heyday of Lookout! Records and the Bay Area pop-punk revival. After taking a break in 2003, the band reunited in 2006 to release Retro-Pop Remasters, a “Best Of” compilation, on Go Kart Records. They have since released new albums Solitary (2009) and Non Stop Power Pop Volume 1 (2012).

Parasites to release EP of material from 1989 intended for Sweet Baby

Veteran American pop punkers the Parasites have announced a new, archival 7-inch composed of material recorded before the band released their first LP. The five tracks EP-onomous were originally recorded by Ronnie Parasite and Dave Parasite in 1989 on a 4-track cassette in Ronnie’s basement. The tunes were orignally intended to be songs for the second Sweet Baby album (which never materialized). The tracks have been remixed and remastered for the release. The track list is: "Perfect Girl"," Fool For You," "I Got A Crush On Donna," Love Me Too, "I Love Her, But She Don’t Surf." That's out via Otitis media.

Ten More Underrated Punk Bands You Need To Check Out Right Now

A few weeks ago, we presented you with a list of underrated punk bands you probably, maybe, potentially hadn’t heard of before. Well, it seemed like you people may have enjoyed that, so we thought to ourselves, “What the heck? Let’s do a part two!” So, without any further ado, Dying Scene presents: Ten MORE […]

A few weeks ago, we presented you with a list of underrated punk bands you probably, maybe, potentially hadn’t heard of before. Well, it seemed like you people may have enjoyed that, so we thought to ourselves, “What the heck? Let’s do a part two!” So, without any further ado, Dying Scene presents: Ten MORE underrated punk bands you need to check out right fuckin’ now!


Ottawa’s Riptides have spent 20+ years producing some of the best pop-punk to ever come out of Canada. These guys are right up there with Chixdiggit in my book. They’ve never put out a bad record, and their latest album Canadian Graffiti is pop-punk perfection. Every song on this thing is great, and it’s an absolute steal for $11 on vinyl.


San Jose’s Point of View has been around a while, and their sound has changed pretty drastically over the years. Their first album Sideshow Years is just awesome. It’s a blazing fast ska infused skate punk masterpiece that stayed in my car’s CD player for a few months when I first got it 10 years ago. Their new stuff is good, too, and is definitely worth checking out, but this is without a doubt Point of View’s magnum opus.


Hailing from Seattle, The Subjunctives are a pop-punk band fronted by Ean Hernandez from Sicko (speaking of underrated bands…). If you like The Mr. T Experience or old school pop-punk in general, you’ll like these guys. Check out their album Sunshine and Rainbows below. Grab it on vinyl from their Bandcamp page.


Kurt Baker makes fun power pop music with rock ‘n’ roll flair and punk rock energy. His 2012 album Brand New Beat reminds me a lot of my favorite Billy Joel record Glass Houses. This just got reissued with a bunch of bonus tracks for its 10th anniversary. Highly recommended listening for anyone who’s not too punk to admit they like pop.


There was a time when I was absolutely obsessed with The Murderburgers. I first stumbled upon the Scottish pop-punk band when they released How to Ruin Your Life, which quickly reeled in with fast, melodic songs about being an unemployed degenerate. I was devastated when they called it quits in 2019, but happy to hear frontman Fraser quickly started a new project called Wrong Life. He’s released two great EPs that match the more serious tone of the Murderburgers’ later output, and supposedly has a full-length album coming soon. Be on the lookout for that!


Anyone who’s read any of the bullshit I’ve posted since Dying Scene came back from the dead knows of my infatuation with Dutch pop-punk band Giant Eagles. The Windowsill is basically the same band (seriously, 3/4 of the members are in Giant Eagles) sans synthesizers. Their 2017 album Make Your Own Kind Of Music shows off their uncanny knack for writing some of the coolest, most laid back pop-punk tunes I’ve ever head. Crack open a beer and give this one a spin.


During my original stint with Dying Scene, one of my greatest discoveries was Civil War Rust. Death To False Hope Records used to have a shitload of music on their website that was free to download. That’s where I came across an EP from these East Bay punks. I loved it and I didn’t waste any time ordering their record The Fun & The Lonely that the songs on that free EP were pulled from. It’s been ten years, but I can still put this record on and enjoy it as much as my first listen. These guys are still making new music; they released a new single called “Heart of Gold” earlier this year. Civil War Rust deserves your attention.


If you’re in the mood for some unapologetically poppy punk, might I suggest The Yum Yums? This delightful Norwegian band has been churning out ultra catchy bubblegum punk for almost 30 years. Their 2020 record For Those About to Pop is some of their best work to date. Stop reading these words and listen to this awesome album already!


Denver’s Record Thieves, featuring members of Authority Zero and Allout Helter, released an excellent record in 2020. There was some other stuff going on at the time, so these guys seem to have flown under a lot of radars. If you like punk with melodic sensibility, this band is right up your alley. Listen to their full-length below, and grab it on vinyl here. Make sure to check out their brand new single “Fault Lines” as well.


When people say there’s no justice in this world, they ain’t lying! Dave Parasite rarely gets the recognition he’s due as one of 90’s pop-punk’s most clever songwriters. I’d challenge you to show me a bad song this man has written, but that’s an impossible task so I won’t waste your time. If you aren’t listening to the Parasites, what the fuck are you even doing? Start with Retro Pop Remasters – this record compiles the best of the band’s catalog. And be sure to grab the LP from here while you’re at it.

  1. Triple Deke… not on this list… should be on all lists.

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