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Founded by members of pop punk veterans THE BARBECUTIES (Monster Zero Records) and SPYHOLE (Yo-Yo Records) in late 2018, ASTRONUTS dropped their debut EP ‘SPACEMENT MISSION’ in summer 2019. Their first full-length album ‘DARK MATTERS’ was released in September 2021 and is available on CD and digitally on any common streaming platform. Go check out the brand-new videos from Dark Matters on the bands YouTube channel.

Stylistically, ASTRONUTS play melodic Punk Rock in the vein of bands like Good Riddance or No Use for a Name, and blend it with poppy influences that remind of acts like The Menzingers, Ataris or Red City Radio. It is the wide spectrum of musical influences that makes up the band’s very own trademark sound, ranging from fast and melodic hardcore sing-alongs to melancholic downtempo anthems with a punky edge. By teaming up with new guitar player and Co-frontman Chris, who also fronts Ska-Punk powerhouse TEQUILA TERMINATORS, the quartet ultimately perfected their polyphonic vocal style, which amalgamates with crisp guitar harmonies, rolling bass and a powerful drumming.

With all four band members being deeply rooted in the punk scene since the nineteen nineties, ASTRONUTS lyrics clearly identify with the ethos of anti -racism, anti-discrimination and anti-capitalism. Their songs tell intimate stories of loss and despair in an ever-changing world full of injustice and segregation, meant to take heart and not to resign.

Beatnik Termites

Cleveland power pop-punk veterans. Said to have been one of Kurt Cobain’s favorite bands.

Bottle Rat

Fast, abrasive, don’t give a shit punk rock from Pittsburgh


Bracket is an American punk band from Forestville, California formed in 1992. Their sound mixes power pop and punk rock with a strong focus on vocal harmonies.

Charlotte Sands delivers an emphatic dose of empower-pop with ‘Alright’

<p>One of our highlights of last year was witnessing Charlotte Sands hold court at Boston Calling, a short marathon run from her hometown of Hopkinton. This week, the Nashville-based alt-pop artist flips the switch and brings Massachusetts to the masses, hitting the road with PVRIS for a UK and European tour that stretches into next month. And she’s doing with with a healthy dose of empower-pop via an emphatic new single called “Alright.” The track is said to chronicle a […]</p>
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Dancing On Tables spin power-pop bliss on ‘How Do I Get Back To Her’

<p>We love it when indie rock asks a question, even if we don’t know the answer. Fresh off The Wombats warmly asking “Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This?” earlier today, Scottish power-pop powderkeg Dancing On Tables are off their feet and head over heels with an infectious new single called “How Do I Get Back To Her,” turning the tables of a failed relationship and emerging with a total fucking earworm. How to get back to […]</p>
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Love struck power-pop from the Granite State.

DS Album Review: Hayley & The Crushers – “Modern Adult Kicks”

It’s summer in 2002 and it’s about to be golden hour while you lay on your bed staring at the ceiling. You are dwelling on some fight you had with your mom. Every friend you have is out having fun or on vacation- unreachable by phone and you’re swearing off each and every one of […]

It’s summer in 2002 and it’s about to be golden hour while you lay on your bed staring at the ceiling. You are dwelling on some fight you had with your mom. Every friend you have is out having fun or on vacation- unreachable by phone and you’re swearing off each and every one of them. Your last ditch effort of hope points to a Walkman and a bike while you ride the familiar streets of some suburban Midwestern town with headphones filled with relief.

Flash forward to 2022 after a pandemic and a half has washed over you and you’re still sitting with the same feeling of being grated by life, but you have time to step into the Crushverse and kick it with Hayley & the Crushers. Modern Adult Kicks is an album that houses singles released from 2021 and some fresh new tunes from the band and most have adult themes paired with power pop fun that are sure to ride with you from your morning coffee to a late-night vinyl dance sesh. By the way, this album comes in a limited edition blue raspberry for those vinyl aficionados.

Modern Adult Kicks starts off strong with the single “Taboo” which offers this hefty guitar riff as Hayley’s dark and devious voice coaxes you melodiously to the stranger side of power pop. You’re gonna follow her and you’re gonna love where it’s headed. In the 2nd verse, the first four lines are delivered such a mood of heavy desperation and need. You hear it in the annunciation of T’s and the beaks in guitar. “Taboo” connects this memory of that feeling while looking out of the window in The Lockdown of 2020. You wanted to go out, but you know it was taboo.

The album goes on to carry The Crushers’ more polished sound for your tender punk heart. The band has described this album as an example of “how to grow up without growing jaded.” Nothing could be more rightly said about it. The death of the ego really prevails in the sound of Hayley’s sharp guitar playing, lyrics, and titles of songs in this album. Songs like “She Drives”, “California Sober”, and “Overexposed” bring out this perfect mixture of sunny pop-tempo painting this scene of punks enjoying life knowing full well everything around them is burning (this is fine). Which is just the kind of macabre sense of fun that most of us who survived the past few years may need right now. Don’t worry for all you tough guys out there the album still houses the familiar punk sound echoing the frustration and need to thrash around that resides in most of us.

In her own words on Sound Digest, Hayley has written a little year in review which gives insight into what this album may mean to her. It is in this touching honesty as she writes about being a musician during the pandemic, getting her shit together, and driving to really refine her career as a musician. All the touring she wanted to do for the band’s last album which was released in 2020 never got to come to fruition. All that hard work and self-reflection came to be in March of 2021 when the band was signed by Josie Cotton to her record label Kitten Robot Records. The band got to work with Paul Roessler remotely as well as in person for Modern Adult Kicks and the album was mastered by Mass Giorgini (Squirtgun). The band is gearing up for a tour that begins September 23rs, 2022 and it is one that you may not want to miss out on.

Modern Adult Kicks is available for purchase

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