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…And We All Die

…And We All Die formed to make dark music with friends and other artists. To date, …And We All Die has collaborated members of One-Eyed Doll, Knifight, One Against Many, and Skatenigs. …And We All Die songs have been remixed by: Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers), Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets), Rodney Anonymous (The Dead Milkmen), Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicidal Tendencies), Frantic Mantis, Eleventh Hour, and others.  

simple black and white silhouette of a person standing on a box with their arms raised, and a pole next to them getting struck by red lightning

20 Bulls Each

Hardcore punk band from Dublin, Ireland. Taking inspiration from bands such as Sick Of It All, Misfits, Black Flag, Blood For Blood, Pennywise and Biohazard, the band are known for their driving choruses and singalong melodies.

21 Again

Pop punk band from Marseille, France

29th Street Disciples

We are the result of hard living and bad luck. Eli and Justin, the only original members, met via myspace after Justin put in an ad “Drummer looking for band”. After a series of line up changes, the band got their shit together and recorded their first album in 2009. The album is a mixture of Eli’s Hardcore punk, Justin’s Westcoast punk, Ben’s Eastcoast Hardcore influences. Since the album’s birth the line up has changed yet again and the new songs that we’re writing are starting to take a more positive approach to life.


30FootFall is a punk band from Houston, Texas. The band formed in 1993, and has released albums through Fearless and Nitro Records.

30FootFall – “Maybe You Could Be The One”

Maybe You Could Be The One - 30FootFall

Release Date: May 05, 2023 Record Label: People of Punk Rock Records Release Type: SingleBandcamp Link: Listen on Bandcamp

After signing to People of Punk Rock Records late last year, Houston punk veterans 30footFall have given us a taste of what they have in store for 2023.

The band’s new single “Maybe You Could Be The One” is their first new music in six years. Check out the new track below and stay tuned for more to come.

In related news, 30footFall will be playing their 30th Anniversary show tonight (May 6th) at Houston’s Heights Theater. More info on that can be found here.

Upcoming Releases

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“July 1960”