A Day In The Studio with Bum City Saints

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excerpt from upcoming track

This past Saturday, as all you lovebugs were waking up after a hopefully successful Valentine’s Day, I headed out across the bridge for a day in the studio with Bum City Saints. A couple weeks beforehand, the guys had laid down tracks for the guitars and drums, and today was to be a day of vocals. Hot tea, honey, and whiskey flowed freely as the boys prepared for the day ahead.

Before vocals could start, the guys tweeked some of the bass lines and drum hits, which sounded awesome. Fast, energetic, with great breaks and some killer riff lines. The attention to detail that was taken was really exciting to see, and those tiny little changes really make the difference.

Guitarist /vocalist Jesper Klinghed was first to the mic, belting out pure grit with a little tinge of his (Northern) Swedish accent (don’t say Southern, whatever you do). During one especially difficult part of a song, Klinghed reminded himself that you gotta try and “be a little more Whitney Houston with it.” Now we know who he looks to for guidance.

After spending the first couple hours making tiny lyrical changes, bassist / vocalist Travis Burns was next to lay down some lines. Travis is a perfectionist and he will re-do a part over and over if he isn’t happy with it. This is an amazingly patient and tedious task; add to it the opinions of the other members of the band, and you have quite the lively session.

After a little vegan lunch break we were back at it – this time recording gang and guest vocals. The band had invited a couple of fellow band friends to aide in the endeavor including Brian Lucchesi (singer of Bloodshot and Dilated) and Alessandro Pulisci (singer of At Our Heels and owner of Ugly Owl Films). In addition to shooting video of the recording process, Pulisci also contributed individual guest vocals for a few songs.

The three of us non-band members then got together with BCS to all scream some gang vocals, which we performed with flying colors! The session began simply, with only a few ideas but as the band saw the quality of stock they were working with, they quickly expanded to gang vocals on every song, including the band’s cover of “Eye of The Tiger”. That shit was roaring, booming through the entire studio.

The band was happy, the engineer was happy, everyone was well satiated. A successful day at the studio.

Recording took place at Shark Bite Studios in Oakland, CA, with mixing duties headed by Zack Ohren. The studio is owned by Ryan Massey of American Steel and has recorded acts including Heartsounds, Civil War Rust, Hounds and Harlots, Old Firm Casuals, and more.

This upcoming work is set to be released through Pirates Press Records in the next couple months, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates surrounding album name/artwork, specific release date, and track list as they become available.

You can view the complete photo gallery of studio shots below.

Bum City Saints last released their “New Beginnings” EP last year through Pirates Press Records.

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