A-F Records releases details for 2016 Record Club

Pittsburgh label A-F Records has announced the details for its 2016 Record Club. Members of this kind of exclusive vinyl subscription series (limited to 125 people) get a copy of all of the label’s 2016 releases, plus a special live album by the label’s founders, Anti-Flag and some other perks.

You can find all the details below, and if you’re interested in joining, get more info here.

A-F Records 2016 Record Club includes:
–5 LPs
–1 10-inch record
–3 7-inch records
–Subscribers CHOOSE THE SONGS, tracklisting, and pick the photos for a NEW Anti-Flag live LP coming out this year!
–A-F Records club button pack
–Each subscriber receives a TEST PRESSING! All subscribers are guaranteed to receive one!
–Special subscriber exclusive color variants limited to subscribers only
–Download all 2016 A-F Records releases early: 1 week BEFORE street date

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