A Skylit Drive elaborate on member departure; announce “RISE: ASCENSION” acoustic LP

For those of you still needing solace after the sudden departure of bassist/vocalist Brian White and drummer/vocalist Corey LaQuay from the lineup of A Skylit Drive, we bring you now at least a little closure.

The remaining sixty percent of the California screamo band’s lineup issued a lengthy statement today. An excerpt:
We’d like to apologize for the manner in which yesterday’s abrupt & unplanned announcement of Cory and Brian’s departure from A Skylit Drive was. We had known for quite some time that both members were becoming increasingly less happy in the band. Both for their own reasons. We knew their time in ASD was coming to an end. Some of the separation was even mutual, but for you, the fans, ASD as a whole should have been able to create an announcement together regarding the separation…

As for the future of ASD, We will continue on. ASD is about more than one or two people. It’s about the music & the fans. Where the music comes from is safely intact. That we can promise you. As for our fans, there are none better, and we know you’ll be right there by our sides till the end. Knowing that, we have all we need to carry on.

You can read the full statement here.

Also, the band have already announced the first step in their plan toward “carrying on.” As part of the above-listed statement, the band announced plans for a new full-length. It’s called “RISE: ASCENSION,” and it’s a stripped-down, acoustic reworking of their September 2013 release, “RISE.” It’s due out in January 2015, and will be followed by a new full-length over the summer. Stay tuned!

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