A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (4/13/2014)


Is anybody else having a hard time differentiating between the music of Only Crime and Good Riddance?  It might be that I just don’t have a discerning enough ear but to me it feels like you could take any Only Crime song, sneak it into a Good Riddance album and nobody would be the wiser.  Don’t get me wrong, its not that I’m complaining.  I f’ing love Good Riddance, which to me is the same thing as saying I love Only Crime.  Which is why I was stoked to hear a song from the band’s upcoming album on Rise Records last week and doubly stoked to hear that Good Riddance will be recording again this Fall.

In other news, did anybody notice we started a Dying Scene Podcast?!  We snuck the first episode out earlier today.  It’s a little rough around the edges and a bit awkward at times but it doesn’t completely suck and they’re only going to get better as we do more.  I tasked Dying Scene writer Ben King with putting it together and I think he did a fine job.  He’s got a voice that’s perfect for NPR and ironically awesome for a punk rock podcast.  We’ve got some cool segments planned for future episodes and are open to your brilliant ideas too.  Email us!


Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. We slapped together some tasty facts about Less Than Jake. Knowledge is power!

2. So Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying released a crazy-ass statement on behalf of the band. And then the actual band released an actual statement. This is a real shit show.

3. In other legal news, Steve Klein, formerly of New Found Glory is a disgusting dirtbag who should be set on fire.

4. The Holophonics recorded a rad ska cover of Lagwagon’s “Island of Shame.” You can pick it up, pick it up, pick it up for free. HAH!

5. Punk Rock super group, Only Crime, are streaming a new song.

6. Time Timebomb is back and is streaming a new song. And you thought you’d heard the last of him.

7. Green Day are streaming a formerly unreleased b-side, “State of Shock.”

8. This week your trusty DS editors dreamed up their own Punk Rock Super Groups.

9. Kill Matilda released the video for their song, “I Want Revenge.”

10. The Gaslight Anthem have finished recording their new album, no word on a release date.


Sit On It – This Breakneck Pace Is Killing Us All

This is some rad snot-nosed melodic punk, reminiscent of Warped Tours past when no one knew who the fuck Blood on the Dancefloor was. There are also gang vocals galore, if you’re into that kind of thing.

For fans of NOFX, Guttermouth and Screeching Weasel.


Fireworks – Oh, Common Life

By tossing in blues riffs in favor of gang vocal breakdowns, and writing songs inspired by the 1967 Detroit Riot over singing about not being sad anymore, Fireworks have still made one of the more memorable albums in its genre. I might be unfairly biased and think it’s not as good as Gospel, but Oh, Common Life is still worth the time of day for anyone who’s like them in the past.

Nightmares For A Week/Banquets – Split

Overall, both bands step up to the plate and knock it out the park. There’s quantity yes, but so much quality also. For all rock fans, take this in and chalk one more down in the win column. Look for both bands to be making bigger strides in 2014. If this record is an indicator or a litmus test, it gauges them pretty well.
The Used – Imaginary Enemy

Overall, The Used stick to the basics and these fundamentals, as simple as they are, play off a melodic spine more than anything else. There are throwbacks to the older material but in small doses. What they did here is a step up from the last couple records but it waits to be seen if they can rekindle old magic from their first two. One can hope.

Donor – Ache Through My Bones
It’s another warm course for fans of The Hotelier and so many other emo-twinkly lovers to ingest. With each syllable, you sense the rawness and passion of what Donor wants to do and that in itself, makes it worth your while.

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