A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (5/12/14)


Some weeks are just better than others when it comes to great new music discoveries.  This last week was one of the better ones.  I don’t typically fancy myself much of a hardcore fan, usually leaning more towards the skate and pop punk side of things, but a couple bands outside my usual proclivities really caught my attention.  First is Quebec’s Get The Shot who sound to me like a thrashier version of Raised Fist and if that sounds intriguing you should listen to their latest album.  Next is Chicago’s Step Right Up for fans of the more 80s hardcore aesthetic.  These guys just put out a really fun little EP called “Brassknuckle Lullabies” and if you dig it you can download that bad boy for free.  Jumping back into the more mainstream bands I gotta say I am SERIOUSLY enjoying the new Me First And The Gimme Gimme album.  Best release since “Are A Drag” in my opinion – we’ve got a review for that one coming out this week.  I’ve got another band I’ve got my eye on for a potential release on DS Records but I need another few days of absorption before I know for sure.  They don’t even know they’re being considered so I can’t tell you who it is at the moment but if this record stays as good sounding as it does at the moment I’ll be able to share it soon!

– Johnny X


Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. Here’s a live video of The Offspring preforming Smash in its entirety at this year’s Groezrock Festival.

2. Speaking of Groezrock, Here’s Descendents’ Milo Auckerman helping NOFX out “Quart In Session.”

3. After a year-long break, Greg Hetson has officially left Bad Religion.

4. Drama Bomb! Glenn Danzig is suing Jerry Only for being a total copyright hound. And Jerry Only’s version of the Misfits think that’s bullshit.

5. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes streamed a cover of “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.

6. Riot Fest announced their Toronto lineup.

7. Guttermouth’s Mark Adkins talked about a whole bunch of stuff.

8. Flogging Molly are having something called a “Salty Dog Cruise” with Frank Turner and Mariachi El Bronx. Sign me up right now.

9. Bad ass drummer, Bill Stevenson talked about the future of his ten thousand music projects.

10. Hold on to your ski masks! There’s a new Masked Intruder song.


Frank White – “Fade Away”

“Fade Away,” features a guest appearance from The Swellers guitarist Ryan Collins.

Dead Weights – Dead Ends and Closed Doors

Pavones Records will be releasing Ottawa punk act Dead Weights‘ new album Dead Ends & Closed Doors on May 13th (digital) / August 5th (vinyl) but you don’t have to wait another second to hear it!


Pears – …In Diapers EP

…In Diapers is only three songs long, so it’s hard to truly get an accurate feel for PEARS. However, these three songs are all strong tunes and they certainly don’t cast a shadow of doubt for what’s to come from these NOLA natives.”

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