A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (6/23/13)

As shameful as it is some of you readers don’t actually check Dying Scene every hour of every day.  For you slackers we’ve put together a list of last week’s biggest stories to help you stay in the loop and maintain your punk cred.  You’re welcome.

1. Here’s a list of ten punks who are way richer than you think. How’s that minimum wage job treating you?

2. Andrew W. K. attempted to break a world record by drumming for 24 consecutive hours and succeeded. Andrew W. K.: The world’s most motivated musician.

3. Itching to know more about dearly departed Sublime frontman Brad Nowell? Here you go!

4. Cozy up to this interview with Boston badass Lenny Lashley.

5. We reviewed this year’s Warped Tour compilation. Spoiler alert: It’s terrible.

6. A Wilhelm Scream is pumping out some new music. “Number One,” a single off of their upcoming album,  Partycrasher, dropped this week.

7. Triana Figueroa (previously credited as “some chick”) put out some top notch ukulele covers of some classic Lagwagon songs. A+!

8. Here are the very last shows Streetlight Manifesto will play for a very long time.

9. Elway are revving their engines in anticipation of their new album, Leavetaking, on July 2. First, listen to their new song, “Someday, Sea Wolf.”

10. Former Against Me! drummer, Warren Oakes, has started a  new band, Sunshine State. Looks like someone got tired of hanging out in his Mexican restaurant all day.

Those were just some of the most read stories from last week, but there were plenty more little gems covered.  Let us know what what you loved, what you hated and what your personal favorite story was in the comments. If you just can’t get enough of us, follow Dying Scene on Twitter, kick it with us on Facebook and join the Dying Scene mailing list

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